Welcome to whatwentwrongwith.com a website with alternative views on popular culture. This site reviews and satirises movies, albums, and TV shows. It mocks hollow art and ideas, and it caricatures celebrities.

This site has zero-tolerance for mediocre and overrated film, television, and music, hack celebrities, nepotism, bullies, racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, warmongers, militarists, royalists, classists, propagandists, not to mention celebrity fawners, attention-seekers, sellouts, bigot sympathisers and apologists, and mainstream opinions. If you’re wondering why your comment was deleted or why you’ve been blocked it’s most likely because you fall into these latter categories.


  • We need to stop worshipping celebrities, politicians, royals, and forefathers

  • We need to question what is truly worthy of praise in order to halt the dull and conventional

  • Not every piece of mainstream entertainment is a “classic”

  • Not everybody is a “genius”

  • Doing a certain job does not automatically make someone a “hero”

  • Nobody (dead or alive) is infallible regardless of their level of fame, class, rank, job, race, gender, generation etc.

  • Wearing a suit does not warrant respect and wearing tattered clothes doesn’t warrant disrespect

  • Having a title or wealth does not make someone important

  • Profit isn’t an indication of quality

  • Living in a certain country does not make its people special

  • Exceptionalism should be halted, equality should be achieved

  • People should always stick up for the people being oppressed, even if that’s not your demographic

  • An equivalent reaction is sometimes needed. Being bigoted to a bigot is an appropriate response

The only form of retaliation we have against the ever-growing corrupt media, a mundane mainstream, and celebrity sycophancy is ridicule, satire, and mockery.

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THE W.W.W.O.R.W. RATING SYSTEM (For Films, Music, & Television):0 to 5 = WWWW 5 to 10 = WWRW