Media, Arts, Technology, Commerce, and Politics have today converged in an all-encompassing and all-consuming power which is hard to escape from. In contemporary society it fills every aspect of our world and forces us to blindly respect a culture of celebrity created by a media-kakistocracy.

We need to stop worshipping celebrity. We need to question what is truly worthy of praise in order to halt the dull and conventional. Not every piece of mainstream entertainment is a “Classic” and not everybody is a “Genius”. Be selective in who we deem talented or artistic. Stop believing the hype the media hypnotize you with.

Remember that doing a certain job does not automatically make you a “Hero”. Wearing a suit does not warrant respect and having a title or wealth does not make you important. Living in a certain country does not make you special and nobody is irrefutable or infallible. Question everybody and everything and stop consuming what the establishment force-feed you.

The only form of retaliation we have against the ever-growing corrupt media and the rise of celebrity adulation is ridicule, satire, and mockery.

In this modern world where the media is God, it’s time for an Iconoclast.



I acknowledge that this description above which was written in 2012 doesn’t always apply to the articles contained within this site.

whatwentwrongwith.com was created to outline all the things that went from good to bad, innovative to mediocre, and to call attention to celebrities that had sold out. But, over the years it has evolved into a place to diss all the lame, uninteresting, overrated people, to slate ideas that are incorrect – things that were never “right” in the first place – it’s now more of a “What Is Wrong With…?” rather than a “What Went Wrong With…?”.

So ignore the sometimes incorrect phrasing of the article titles, and continue to enjoy the concept of ridiculing mediocrity. stupidity, and vapidity.



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