What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Suella Braverman?

Suella Braverman in white face makeup to show that she is a sellout

Did Margaret Thatcher or Theresa May do anything to benefit British women? Did Barack Obama do anything positive for black Americans? Most people would say no, and yet numerous wankers in the mainstream media are currently bragging about Liz Truss’ cabinet which apparently doesn’t feature “white men” in the four most senior posts. Having two twats and two dicks in the “top” positions (one of which is black, one brown, one mixed-race and one overweight) may look like diversity to some nitwits, but in my opinion it’s a faux-diverse distraction. In our oh-so-modern, fake-woke world, shoving the closest minority forward to repeat the exact same thing that an old white man would normally do, is promoted as change but it pissing-well isn’t. Appointing people of colour to continue with the usual Conservative bullshit is like draping an ethnic-patterned shawl over a Swastika; it’s what’s behind the fucking facade that matters.

Speaking of swastikas, we now have Home Secretary Suella Braverman, the daughter-of-a-Hindu-immigrant who replaces daughter-of-a-Hindu-immigrant Priti Patel. Will Braverman be any different than Patel? Well, it’s only been a day but I have a feeling our situation is the opposite of that famous Sam Cooke song; change is not gonna come. With Braverman’s documented support of the racist Rwanda deportation policy (which seems to only apply to non-white refugees) Suella is familiar Tory fare. If you immigrated to Britain last century just in time to give birth to a future Conservative wanker you can stay, but you can fuck-off back to where you came from if you’re searching for a better life in the present day (unless of course, you’re Ukranian, then the red, white, blue and yellow carpet is rolled out for you).

If you take a gander at this Tory tosser’s Wikipedia page, you’ll see a host of similarities to her predecessor…

  • Is she married to a white person? Check.
  • Is she the daughter of Indian immigrants (by way of Africa)? Check.
  • Has she made a few arguably bigoted comments? Check.
  • Has she attacked the liberal left and so-called wokeness? Check.
  • Does she desire our withdrawal from the European Convention On Human Rights? Check.

Plus there’s an added bonus this time around…

  • Has she got a Caucasian-esque name that sounds like a reject character from Dallas? Check mate!

Sue-Ellen Braverman strikes me as Priti Patel 2.0 (or Sajid Javid 3.0), a brown face which can be used to defend all the prejudiced white policies to come. The Tory’s recent hiring policy for Home Secretary seems to be clear; find a dark-skinned sellout to enact the most racist and xenophobic shite so the party can hide behind them and say with a straight face; “no, it’s not racist because one of you lot are doing it”.

On a side-note, I have to point out that the right, in case you weren’t aware, are hypocrites of the highest order. Take Winston Churchill, their totally-not-racist, favourite white leader. His “Charter Of Human Rights” eventually became the E.C.H.R. (the European Court of Human Rights). Right-leaning dickheads were fuming when Churchill’s mere effigy was graffitied a few years back, but when it suits them, certain Conservatives want to turn their back on things their own “infallible” P.M. essentially signed-up for. Keep being angry at a provable fact being spray-painted onto a statue, but look away when someone attempts to take your actual human rights away. These blue-coloured bastards really do put the “con” into conservative and inconsistency.

It’s obvious that two decades of Islamophobia has society despising a certain hue of brown. We’ve been incessantly told that “they hate our freedom!” since September 2001. This brainwashing has led to folk being so afraid of Muslims that they’re a-okay with making one stateless rather than putting her through the rigours of what’s supposed to be a faultless British justice system. A brown person in a suit rather than a hijab on the other hand – one that goes to a Hindu temple or Buddhist shrine instead of a Mosque – is free to slowly erode our freedoms via the power of politics because they’re doing it under the union jack rather than the ISIS flag. Unlike the Islamic State logo, racism isn’t black and white any more.

Speaking of black and white, it’s funny that the right usually have a meltdown when people of colour or women or some other minority are cast in a film or TV show. Whenever this happens, social media is awash with gammon yelling “woke!” or “diversity hire!”, and yet by these red-flushed-faced-fucker’s own remit, Liz Truss’ cabinet is the most “woke” thing to happen to our great white government. So where’s the outcry now? There isn’t any because these minorities are right-wing sell outs. As long as you find the “right kind” of black person who’ll do the white establishment’s bidding in black-white-black-face, everything’s honkey-dory. It looks like coconut goes real well with pork.

Looking like a tanned witch who’s been fed through a meat grinder with the resulting mince reconstructed over the skull of a dead troll, Suella Braverman is basically Priti Patel without the looks. Oh wait, is that sentence offensive? Is it misogynist, sexist or racist? Calm down there, snowflake! It’s the “woke brigade” that are ruining comedy and halting free speech remember. It’s those people over there on the other side of the political divide who are taking away your freedoms, not the Conservative Party and certainly not Sue-Ellen Cassiana “Suella” Braverman QC.

It Takes A Braver Man.

From The Vaults Of

Back in 2019 after Suella Braverman made the comment about fighting against “Cultural Marxism” and when Sajid Javid cancelled Shamima Begum’s citizenship, I made white-face illustrations of both. I didn’t get around to writing either article but since we’re going to hell in a W.E.F.-branded handbasket I thought I might as well have a rant about Braverman (since the recent news got me riled) in order to publish the satirical image at the top of this page: Official portrait of Suella Braverman MP” (3×2 portrait of Suella Braverman), by David Woolfall, licensed under CC By 3.0, with added web address and white-face to original

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