What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Camila Cabello?

A satirical image of Camila Cabello in a red KKK hood

Would a celeb apologise for being a hate-filled bigot if they weren’t famous? From Mark Wahlberg to Leigh Francis, public apologies come thick and fast when a celebrity wants to come across as ashamed, but if they were a regular Joe, they’d most likely continue in their prejudiced ways. The only reason these twats are sorry is because the public buys and consumes whatever they make. These apologies therefore, aren’t at all sincere, but they have to be made so their bank balance doesn’t dwindle. This brings me to shite, ex-girl-band singer and wannabe actor Camila Cabello who is currently starring in Cinderella, a wholesome movie for kids, but in real life she’s anything but wholesome. In case you don’t know, Cabello used to have a Tumblr account in which she continually posted racist “jokes” and memes. Camila re-posted insulting stereotypes of black people and fried chicken, watermelon, and other offensive and racist photos which included the word “nigga”. She also joked about domestic abuse and included the Chinese in her wall of hate. Now, some people may say these were merely jokes, but there were also a few screenshots of her messages that surfaced in which she and her friend used the word “nigger”. This is why I have a problem with the N-word, including people who use the term “nigga” as a so-called term of endearment, like changing a letter cancels-out the word’s origins. What people (including lots of black enablers like A$AP Rocky) need to acknowledge is; if you know a white or brown person who wants to call you the “N word with an A” to your face, they most likely use the hard-R variant when you’re not around. And let’s be honest, until it’s written down, who the fuck can tell the difference?

It’s extremely easy to be racist and it’s real easy to make racist jokes. As a Cuban-born American, I could easily mention all the stereotypes about Camila. So is she a cigar-rolling and smoking, Miami-living, boat-arriving, loud-mouthed, conservative or communist immigrant? With a surname that means “hair”, I could also make a joke about Cabello being hairy but it’s disrespectful, incorrect, and dumb, like her Tumblr page.

Camila Cabello's racist Tumblr john 3:16

On a side note, it’s quite surprising how many celebrity bigots are outed on an almost daily basis. In a world filled with over 7.6 billion people, surely the entertainment sector could locate the pleasant people to be actors and singers? It’s not like they’re looking for talent, because if they were, girl-group Fifth Harmony would never have existed and Camila Cabello’s mediocre arse wouldn’t be on the top of my Prime Video app right now.

Screengrab of Camila Cabello using the N word in messagesSo should someone be judged on their past mistakes? Maybe not, but like I said, if a celebrity’s “past” remained private, they’d never apologise so how genuine are they? In Camila’s case, she rushed to support Black Lives Matter, which just seemed like an obvious and conveniently very public gesture in order to quickly fix her image. But, judging by her antiquated stereotyping of “watermelon and chicken”, her belief system and opinions are deep-rooted in her psyche, they weren’t in my opinion, fleeting “mistakes”. As I stated, there’s plenty of non-prejudiced people out there but the entertainment world and society in general love a redemptive story arc. Nothing like hiring a load of dicks and trying to convince us they’re not pricks any more instead of making nice people famous.

Making tracks with the racist and transphobic Cardi B and presumably screwing Shawn Mendes who was also casually racist on Twitter, it seems that bigots like to hang around with other bigots. Ironically, Camila wouldn’t have the career she has without the help of black people like Young Thug and DaBaby (who by the way, if they knew she was a racist are sellouts).

With a lacklustre, indistinct singing voice and an forgettably average face, Camila ain’t shit compared to the Aretha Franklins or Roberta Flacks of the music world. She isn’t as vocally distinctive as Diana Ross, Macy Gray, or Skunk Anansie, she can’t hit the notes of Whitney Houston, and she’s nowhere near as attractive as Tammi Terrell. So what’s the point in this hateful stunt mocking an entire race that according to stereotyping is automatically better than her at her chosen profession simply because of their skin-tone? Like the Cuban flag, Camila Cabello is the tiny, little, insignificant white star that despite being in a red, white, and blue surrounding, is a minority and a foreigner in both the US and in the music business.


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  1. I think if the tumblr profile had not surfaced, she wouldn’t have made any apology. Also, her apology didn’t directly acknowledge what she did wrong–she gave a vague description that “she used language she’s ashamed of”, and there was also no acknowledgement to whom she was apologizing. It was a generic apology that can be applied to anybody really. The apology came across as phony to me. I chuckle at celebrity-worshipping fanatics who venerate these celebrities as gods or whatever. That edited picture you used is hilariously clever btw

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