What Went Wrong With… Covid Passes & Covid Passports?

A parody of September 11th attacks for the covid pandemicI was all for living a quiet life, being a small-time film critic and keeping shtum about politics, but since the literal arse-end of the entertainment industry are fucking with my reviews, I may as well have an old-school, What Went Wrong With rant…

Remember when Islamic terror was every scaremonger’s flavour of the month? After 9/11 and then 7/7, neo-liberal, fake-Labour, Tony “Real Butcher Of Baghdad” Blair began calling for ID cards as though being a guilty terrorist or an innocent civilian could somehow be verified by a laminated photo card. Along with spying on the public’s emails and calls, and locking people up indefinitely without a fair trail, terrorism, whether exploited or staged, was used to usher-in draconian laws that have yet to be overturned. This took place only two decades ago, and aside from the very young, most people around today were witnesses to disproportionate laws which infringed on human freedom. I cannot believe therefore, that people who lived through this relatively recent bullshit are once again falling for the governments’ cowcrap.

In case you’re a yout’ or you’re suffering from amnesia, I’ll remind you about what happened back in the day: because 19 hijackers and a handful of other co-conspirators flew 4 planes into 3 buildings, 6.2 billion people around the globe had to suddenly be body-scanned at airports, told to remove their shoes and socks, eat with plastic cutlery, and limit the amount of liquid they could take onto a flight. And of course, once this worldwide overreaction was enacted, it never went away. I recall that anyone calling attention to this had to contend with scaredy-cat morons who said daft shit like “If you haven’t got anything to hide why are you worried about [insert unreasonable response to terror here]?”. These twats even had the nerve to exclaim “those terrorists are afraid of our freedom!” as they had a TSA agent’s digits up their arse looking for box-cutters and explosives. Any human with an ounce of sense could see this wasn’t about whether a person had anything to hide, or even protecting society from terror, it was about those in power chipping-away at regular folk’s freedom, due to, let’s face it, an extremely uncommon event.

Today, Coronavirus is the governments’ latest scare-tactic to usher-in laws and ideas that would have sounded like a really shit sci-fi film only last century. Deep-throating a swab to be allowed into work is as stupid as it sounds (especially when cola and lemon can result in a false positive) and holding a proof of vaccination in order to gain entry into a concert or sports event is so discriminatory that I’m surprised it’s going ahead in most “free” countries. Of course like the War On Terror, morons the world over have come out in defence of these latest disproportionate laws, yelling things like “I don’t want to catch your disease”. But these twats are obviously misinformed. If a fully-vaccinated person can both spread and catch the virus, as was proven thanks to the Conservative’s latest balls-up with Sajid Javid and Boris Johnson both isolating after contracting Covid-19, what’s so special about double-jabbed folk other than being double-pricked pricks? I guess nobody cares that people with immune problems or certain illnesses (or pregnant women at one point) can’t take the vaccine and therefore would be discriminated against like Muslims after September 11th. Red, pudgy-faced, faux-minister wanker Michael Gove recently called those who refuse a vaccine “selfish” and said barring them from “major activities” (which could be anything) was “right”, adding “some form of certification is the right way to go”. So everyone is okay with a person suffering from Thrombophilia not being able to go to a nightclub? You’re okay with someone who may get anaphylaxis no longer being able to attend a concert? Or a person who is immunocompromised (such as people with HIV, people going through certain Cancer treatments or someone who’s had a transplant) unable to go to a pub or shop in a busy mall? Piss off!

The day that it was reported that anyone who’s taken the Indian-made AstraZeneca jab (which hasn’t been approved in the EU) may be barred from going on their jollies to Europe, folk on Twitter said this was discriminatory! They failed to recognise that the whole concept of a two-tier society with certain “privileges” afforded to certain people was unfair and prejudiced. I also saw a Sky News report recently which attempted to use the story about fans who forced their way into Wembley Stadium for EURO 2020 as a reason to have the Covid Passport which made no frigging sense at all! True journalism is deader than victims of the Coronavirus; which by the way, includes people who’ve been fully vaccinated. With the news media trying to twist people’s arm alongside another segment of the media trying to shame us into confirming, this is very much 9/11 Part II. Taking the Covid jab looks to me like it’s today’s pledging of allegiance and wearing red, white, and blue clobber. Waving your country’s flag apparently meant you were a patriot and couldn’t possibly be planning an act of terror, and taking the Coronavirus vaccine (whilst presumably saluting or clapping the NHS) is yet another way of showing loyalty and obedience to the state. It’s not about saving people’s lives. Taking a vaccine because you don’t want to be refused entry into a stadium or because that’s the only way they’ll let you go on holiday is the very definition of blackmail. And being indirectly forced into taking medication is the antithesis of informed consent. Is it surprising that Tony flipping Blair is all for the brand-spanking-new Covid Passport? He was probably creaming his nut-warmers at the prospect of this post-9/11 idea finally coming to fruition.

And just to point out (because people love to assume) I’m merely pro-freedom like I was after 9/11; that didn’t mean I was anti-US or anti-UK 20 years ago and it doesn’t mean I’m anti-vax today. Wanna take the vaccine? Fine. Don’t wanna take it? That’s your choice. But regardless of your choice, your medical history is nobody’s business but yours and your doctor’s. A private business such as a pub or club has no business asking what your “vaccine status” is. Set the precedent for this today and see where it gets you in the future.

You can spin this any way you want or defend this issue with any kind of excuse you wish, but the bottom line is: freedom is once again being eroded and it will continue to unless the public call out bullshit when they see it. If you don’t, we will soon be presenting ID cards (and probably being swabbed and strip-searched) in order to buy bread from our local supermarket. Is that the kind of place you want to live? Do you want to be herded and barcoded and told what to do just because some people died? Just because we’re once again told this is the biggest problem, is creating a Nazi-lite world where you carry a card to prove you’re the right kind of citizen, not another overreaction? Although, god-forbid we evoke the Nazis these days, because mentioning any similarity between what they did and anything happening in the present day is apparently “anti-Semitism” rather than an apt satirical comparison. I may as well also add that the powers that be seem to love irony as much as oppression, given that one of the first countries to adopt a passport scheme (the “Green Pass”) was Israel. If anybody should’ve been against a Coronavirus certificate, it should have been the descendants of Nazi persecution. But I digress.

Without sounding callous, one thing there isn’t a shortage of is humans but one thing that’s fast becoming scarce is freedom. People are purposely goaded into having this kind of “controversial” response but it really isn’t; freedom is and will always be more important than whatever the current big-issue is. I don’t care about the percentages and death counts, freedom for the living outweighs the number of deaths they try to scare us with, because laws enacted from fear affect every human born from this point onward. So whether it’s a foreign terrorist or a foreign virus, your latest xenophobic narrative isn’t going to turn me into a flag-shagging, ID card-clutching, government boot-licking dick who’ll sell their own rights for the chance not to catch a cough (and possibly die, which we’re all going to anyway).

Let Me See Your Papers… Thank You Come Again.

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  1. Looks much worse in France. I just watched a iTV news report and they called Macron’s policies ‘Draconian’ but acted like what he’s doing is oK. Forcing people to take vaccine or no entry to cinemas, museums and any venue gathering more than 50 people. NO MENTION OF CIVIL LIBERTIES. Journalism is definitely dead.

  2. What blows my mind is that the same people that supposedly want a classless society, blame the government for everything and hate the rich are bowing down to ‘experts’, doctors and certain politicians saying things like ‘this person has a PhD and is therefore an expert’ and the opposition is uneducated (ie working class) and moronic . The hypocrisy and total lack of backbone and direction is unbelievable.

    PS you are not a small time critic!

    • Haven’t heard from you for ages! Hope you’re doing well and thanks for the encouraging words. Gotta say, even when there is an expert such as doctor with a differing opinion on this situation, they’re mocked and shunned from the conversation. It’s like being unable to get a second opinion when there’s a medical diagnosis.

  3. I’m still reading it all, just try to abstain from making pointless comments. Yep, ‘misinformation’. Total madness

  4. Canadian Law 101 “Immunization is NOT a law in Canada. Unfortunately Justin Trudeau the prime minister of Canada started rolling out Covid mandate in Federal employes and allocated $1B total divided to provinces who will follow the Covid Passport Mandate barring citizens to some facilities that has no passport. Meaning to say, one has to vaccinated. Freedom is gradually eroding and we seem to backwards in disguise of caring but it’s a totalitarian system government changing a totalitarian society. Purely political and involves lots of money. I say, follow the money.

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