What Went Wrong With… Bill Gates?

A caricature of Bill GatesPublish anything online about the Coronavirus these days, and you’ll most likely be relegated to the arse-end of search engine hell, especially if you disagree with the status quo. That’s perfectly fine, because this article is about Bill Gates and I’m as qualified to write about his life and career as he is to talk about vaccines and vaccinations. It’s funny that the public always say “listen to the experts” when it comes to something we lay-persons have no “authority” on, and yet this gazillionaire who is described as a “business magnate, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist” on Wikipedia, waxes lyrical about vaccines on an almost daily basis but nowhere in his resume do I see “virologist”, “microbiologist”, “infectious disease physician” or even “immunologist” or “biologist”. So why does Gates harp-on about those pointy, vile saviours when he’s merely a rich computer nerd and failed Woody Allen lookalike?

Let’s not forget that Billy boy is most famous for creating Windows, an operating system that was so prone to being infected with viruses, that we had to buy separate software to fix flaws in his shitting code. Allowing this dick anyway near the current virus is ironic to say the least. We should probably get the CEO of Symantec to tell us what he thinks would end this pandemic rather than listen to this Seattle-dwelling, sweater-wearing codger.

Describing himself as “kinda science-oriented” on Late Night With Seth Meyers recently, this tinkerer of computers is now a self-appointed climate change expert and vaccine specialist because whatever a rich bloke says he is, he is. Let’s face it: most people, if they had a problem with, let’s say their hips, wouldn’t ask the opinion of a psychologist, and people worried about the environment wouldn’t ask the opinion of a plastic surgeon. Because no matter how “science-oriented” someone is, specialisms are specialisms for a frigging reason. So where the flying syringe are Bill Gates’ relevant qualifications? On Seth Meyers’ show he called vaccines “miracles” and said “thank god” which is the antithesis of science; because a real scientist plays god, they don’t believe in one. 😆 In this same interview, when asked about face masks, Professor Gates PhD MSc MMedSc MPharm MD 🧑‍🔬 said “I just don’t think of wearing a mask as such a deep inconvenience… I mean, we ask people to wear pants”. Woah there Einstein! Your complex analogies are making my tiny brain hurt (don’t you wish there was a sarcastic emoji?). The big difference is that trousers or any other leg covering is worn at people’s discretion, it’s worn because of the weather and/or style, not to protect others from rogue leg hair. Most importantly, trousers don’t adversely effect certain wearers such as asthma sufferers, and most importantly: masks don’t drastically prevent the spread of the disease, otherwise even asthmatics would be asked to wear them.

This wasn’t the worst Bill Gates interview on TV; that award goes to James “Bustopher Jones” Corden. It’s so vexing watching celebrity sycophants like Corden kissing Gates’ arse, almost puckering-up and running quaffed-head-first into the flat-screen in front of him when he “interviewed” Bill recently on The Late Late Show. I don’t know whether it’s because Bill Gates looks like most white folk’s grandad (or more accurately your grandma who’s just come out) but people, mainly in the media, see his wrinkled, geeky appearance and hear his Micro-soft-spoken voice and they assume he’s all sweetness and light.

Gates Foundation Twitter bio from 2018Back in 2018, the Twitter bio of the Gates Foundation read: “We work to help all people lead healthy, productive lives, focused on health, poverty, and opportunity”. Surely this was a mistake? Or do they genuinely want everyone to be healthy but poor? Either way, how can anyone trust an organisation that can’t do something as simple as construct a grammatically correct sentence, with vaccinating the fucking world?

Before the current Coronavirus pandemic, you could hear Bill Gates routinely say he wants to “vaccinate” everyone, but against what exactly? This kind of vague talk only fans the flames of misinformation. When you read a post that Gates was “ran out of African and Asian countries” or was “experimenting on African children”, where do you go for the actual truth? Just type in “Bill Gates Africa” or “Bill Gates India” into Google and be inundated with fact-checking and debunking sites, even though that’s technically not what you’ve searched for. It’s always dodgy-looking when positive P.R. is a little too easy to find whereas the negative is hardly ever there. So what are these types of articles worried about? That someone with a net worth of $132 billion is teased a bit on social media and thus drastically damaging his non-public-consumable brand (sarcasm again) or that normal working class and middle class people are scrutinising their billionaire overlord and innocently checking what someone with a disproportionate level of wealth and power, is doing to us regular folk across the globe?

Whether it’s an out-of-context quote which can be seen as pro-eugenics or a father who was chair to an organisation which was incepted by a confirmed eugenicist racist, it’s not inherently wrong to look at the powers that be with a critical and cynical eye. Hell, if all billionaire philanthropists and charities were saints, wouldn’t the world be fixed by now? Buying 500,000 shares in Monsanto, a company that’s somehow been allowed to copyright nature in the form of seeds and thereby increase the cost of food production for developing nations including those Bill is apparently trying to “fix”, is hypocritical to say the least. GMO or GM food which the west constantly try and prevent from entering our food chain, is apparently the best thing for African countries, despite genetically modified maize and Monsanto’s weed killer RoundUp shown by some scientists to give mice tumours. If you want to be seen as purely altruistic, maybe don’t try and profit from people’s well-being or more accurately ill-health and financial misery, especially when you’re an investor in a company that created Agent Orange.

It’s not wrong for members of the public to be concerned when someone with this level of power in a field they have no experience in (not to mention a distinct lack of criticism from the mainstream media) is pushed to the fore. And yet they’re labelled with disparaging and dismissive terms like “anti-vaxxers” by the media when all they’re doing is questioning things like Gates’ qualifications, long-term health effects, interactions with drugs or any adverse effects when vaccines are taken with certain chronic illnesses or compromised immune systems, all of which haven’t been convincingly tested by any of the current COVID-19 vaccine producers otherwise they wouldn’t be excluded from liability and lawsuits. The fact that the science behind these vaccines is completely new, is it not completely rational and normal to ask questions? It’s called informed consent; upon being told about any side-effects, everyone has the right to refuse medication and surgery but do that with what is essentially, an experimental vaccine, and you’re now teased and called a “conspiracy nut”. 🙄

Whether you want to take a specific branded vaccine or no vaccine at all, this kind of conversation is kind of pointless because Bill Gates is not personally creating them. That being said, the fact that his name and public persona is a little tarnished, you’d think that Gates would back away and let the actual scientists who work for AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Sputnik V speak about each vaccine’s efficacy and their positives. The media wouldn’t put someone accused (but not charged) with sexual assault in front of a relationship advice P.S.A. but with a similarly besmirched yet not-sentenced reputation, so much so that FullFact and Snopes have to spring to his defence even with unconnected online searches, it makes you wonder why he can’t just remain behind the scenes if he has to be anywhere at all? The fact that a large number of people are growing concerned about his involvement in the current pandemic, surely constantly asking his unqualified opinion on mainstream television (since it’s targeted to us non-expert plebs) is as harmful to the vaccine roll-out as all the so-called disinformation, especially given that the twat is no more knowledgeable than a bloke burning-down a 5G tower. Maybe put the scientists who actually made the bloody things on the news and talk-shows instead of this bent-necked git, or are they not enough of a “celebrity”?

With his snide, duping delight smirk and “if Hitler got old and grey”, almost wig-like hair, William Henry Gates III looks like the end result of Margaret Sanger fucking Theodore Roosevelt and the offspring being cast and then fired from Sniffles And The Bookworm. The fact that this pale-skinned, wrinkled fucker looks like he’s suffering from Jaundice and several other mystery diseases, why on god’s green-ish earth would you listen to what he has to say on the topic of health? Remember that he’s younger than Christie Brinkley and yet he looks like her dad. Whatever decisions he’s made in his life in order to look the way he does, we don’t need to emulate them. I’ll also add that shipping computer towers, screens, servers, and laptops to stores worldwide, not to mention the peripherals and physical software they require, and the electricity needed to power them, the creation of Microsoft and the monopoly that Windows once had, has done untold damage to the planet’s climate. So fuck this so-called climate philanthropist trying to fix shit he had a hand in ruining. I’d be more comfortable and more convinced by what Trevor Baylis has to say (someone get a Ouija board quick). And hey, good, bad, or misunderstood, it’s Bill Gates’ own fault for not doing his good-deeds or bad-deeds quietly like a proper megalomaniac. Narcissism always keeps these numpties from doing their (allegedly) dastardly shite successfully. You don’t need to be the literal face of a cause when you’re bank-rolling it. If someone is too dumb to realise that, do we want their input in something as important as immunising the globe? People can say “fuck vaccines” all they want but to me, Bill Gates is the real prick.

At The Gates Of Hell.

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  1. Motherfucker stole Windows from a trash can…prolly why it’s so “trash” if you catch my drift…

  2. Oh a new article!

    Anyway Bill Gates is a bastard

    One of those classic ruthless businessmen.

    Everyone knows Microsoft was trash back then. Where I got to know is by following one guy JWZ a legend programmer. He was one of the creators of Netscape Navigator which was destroyed by Microsoft by clear anti-trust things. Too bad, by the time they were guilty in court, they also ruined their competitor. How very convenient.
    Also, that which made jwz hate them most, was they subpoenaed his “whine cellar”- type group of Netscape employees emails to build up ammo for their case

    This was their motto: Embrace, Extend, Extinguish

    In this world, money can buy you anything.

    On the subject of anti-vaxxers, there’s a lot of them which are pukka nuts, but people can be sceptical, especially if they are at no real risk.

    I do believe masks are important, because they enforce the idea that you’re not safe. That’s good. Because the second people think they’re safe, they start behaving in the most egregious ways. And the cases rise. I have seen it with my own eyes

    That’s my personal experience, I think its almost universally applicable.

  3. I’m glad you finally covered this jerk off I used to like and admire thus guy but I guess like all wealthy people their egos get to them.Why would he pushed vaccines on people when you don’t see him taking that shot so what does that tell you.

    • Haha. This is getting way off topic but I hated the outrage/uproar over his Satan Nikes. The same art collective responsible made some Jesus shoes and nobody gave a fuck. No freedom of religion for devil worshipers I guess, even fake ones. 😈

    • Yeah I meant his music. I have no problem with him being gay. He’s the latest pop star that’s annoying me.

  4. Very thorough roast, my friend.
    Still, even with all his dough, I wonder who pulls his strings.
    Bill Gates is a self serving opportunist. I understand he didn’t even invent DOS. He just kind of pilfered it from a friend, changed the name and eventually teamed up with IBM to launch his rocket ride to fame and fortune. Yes the world would be a better place if Billy would stop making it a better place for him.

  5. I’m not sure where you’ve been misinformed that part of a scientists role is to play God but maybe you can look it up on Google and find the part in the definition of a scientist where it says “does not believe in a God”. Also, Bill Gates may not be a virologist, biologist or whateverologist but he is incredibly smart and probably reads about this shit. Basically everything we know can be found on this internet and I’m not saying Bill is an expert but you don’t need to have a credential to be an expert in a branch of science.

    • Err… what? 🤨

      1. You don’t know the very common phrase/idiom “Playing God”

      2. You therefore miss the joke about scientists

      3. You end your comment with the sentence “You don’t need to have a credential to be an expert in a branch of science” which makes your whole pro-Gates stance not only stupid but suspect

      4. If an “anti-vaxxer” said they’re “not a virologist or whateverologist… but they’ve read about this shit on the internet” you’d be the first fucker calling them a non-expert

      I now see what kind of morons listen to this wanker.

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