What Went Wrong With… Frankie Boyle?

A caricature of Frankie Boyle created with found objects

It’s sad as fuck to see what’s become of ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s comedians. Just look at Ade Edmondson, Eddie Izzard, Noel Fielding, and Frankie Boyle, a bunch of old-arse dullards either moralising, presenting middle-of-the-road shows or pandering to the mainstream. In their prime, they were all hilarious (with the exception of Fielding) but now they’re all shells of their former selves. Boyle in particular, fancied himself as a controversial comic and as a wannabe Jerry Sadowitz, he spewed his comedic venom to lager louts in tiny venues. Frankie, now middle-aged, has transformed into a fake-woke grandad on his shite BBC Two show New World Order, which comes across as Daily Politics for faux-liberal, upper-middle-class hipster wankers or more accurately, a waiting room in an oncology ward in Bearsden. In this show, Boyle is surrounded by sycophants and one minority guest per episode whilst white Miles Jupp and whiter Sara Pascoe remain by his ginger white side for each and every white series.

Boyle’s guest fawners include some post-Weinstein, fake feminists who couldn’t help but get doe-eyed at the sight of Armando Iannucci on the off chance there’d be a job in it. Then there’s the posh, nepotist Victoria Coren Mitchell condescendingly telling us robots can never have consciousness, reminiscent of a deep-south plantation owner’s wife sipping iced tea and watching over her non-human black slaves. We also have bland Sophie Duker who said on 8 Out Of 10 Cats that Harry and Meghan are “the most relatable royals because neither of them has been accused of being a racist”. Because Harry‘s “paki” & “raghead” comments mean nothing to this sellout black celeb. Boyle’s round table of two-faced twats also includes Jamali Maddix and the only reason you watch him speak is to marvel at his under-bite and wait for him to point out his “I’m-not-a-Muslim” beard. Basically, Frankie has surrounded himself with lame, unfunny, yes-men (and women) in order to feel good about his metamorphosis into a mundane, middle-aged, misery guts. His minuscule pre-covid audience was also there to look in awe as the camera cut to them; visually “shocked” at his watered-down, hackneyed comedy. Boyle’s jokes now come across as Jimmy Carr-esque “insert offensive buzzword into the punchline” punchline… rape, ISIS, paedo… yawn.

Frankie Boyle has transitioned from edge-lord to woke-lord in one toss of the caber; morals and mediocrity are now his unwritten motto. And speaking of transitioning, he recently said that he finds Ricky Gervais’ jokes about transexuals, more specifically Caitlyn Jenner, lazy. I’d prefer both of these has-been comedians to piss off but at least Ricky has remained consistent with his crappy Fox News-impressing gags. Sanctimoniously speaking about lazy, transphobic comedy is odd given Boyle’s past, in which he’s joked: “Venus Williams has brought something different to the women’s game… male genitalia”. He also tweeted “Imagining spinning Jessie J round on her Voice chair so fast that she looked like a tranny in a kaleidoscope”. What a trans ally that man is, or maybe he’s just a misogynist, either way it begs the question why he surrounds himself with female comedians, comedians who would never co-host a show with Roy Chubby Brown but it’s fine because Boyle has learned from his mistakes, or is propped-up by the BBC as their example of liberalism, or he yearns for the backing of those he once mocked, or a mixture of the above.

Boyle’s trans-based hypocrisy was covered in the Daily Mail of all places, and of course their readership, the right, normally denounce the uncovering of old tweets. It’s also the right who say people should be allowed to learn from their mistakes (Prince ahem Harry) but they’re now happy playing dig-up-the-dirt on Frankie. It’s strange that the Daily Mail, a newspaper who said Boyle had gone “too far” in a Comic Relief set about the Queen (and therefore implying comedy should be censored) are now revelling in Frankie being an arbiter of comedy topics.

The fact that the Twitter-right were in full force to call attention to his hypocrisy, highlights that Boyle’s past fans included masses of right-leaning bigots who were all too happy watching him attacking ethnic minorities, the disabled, and women… because “that’s when he was funny” (which translates to I’m okay with these targets but not these targets because they include a demographic I know or am affiliated with). Of course, Boyle would probably say his one-time luring of the right was unintentional (how very Al Murray) but I don’t buy it for one second. Remember that Frankie Boyle once “joked” about Katie Price’s disabled, mixed-race child, saying “Apparently Jordan and Peter Andre are fighting each other over custody of Harvey – well eventually one of them ‘ll lose and have to keep him. I have a theory that Jordan married a cage fighter ’cause she needed someone strong enough to stop Harvey from fucking her”. This joke felt very racist, not to mention ableist back when I first heard it and it served no satirical purpose whatsoever. It’s odd how fans can say Boyle is a leftist when, given his quips about Venus Williams and Harvey Price, he wouldn’t feel out of place on The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club. Boyle once sued The Daily Mirror for calling him a “racist comedian” and I agree, he’s not a racist comedian, he’s something altogether more confused, contemptible, and cunty. He’s an anti-sexist misogynist, an anti-racist racist, an anti-transphobic transphobe, and an anti-Israeli, pro-Palestine anti-anti-Semite. Basically, he’s a contradicting cock; he’s overly woke yet utterly wank. This beer bellied bastard wants Scotland to leave the UK but the UK to remain in the EU because that fits into his confused, faux-liberal, mainstream media agenda.

The corrupt entertainment and media sectors love to offer-up choices to entice certain demographics but similar to political elections, they give us a right-wing outsider like Andrew Lawrence and a supposed lefty crusader like Frankie Boyle but go through their career and you’ll find hypocrisy and selling out on a grand scale. Going from a Bernard Manning masquerading as Alexei Sayle to a Fred Rogers dressed as a Glaswegian hipster, every incarnation of Boyle has been a disguise. This superficial socialist went from making anti-Israel jokes to towing the BBC line in discrediting the allegedly anti-Semitic Jeremy Corbyn. The only time there was an opportunity to get a socialist government in and Boyle mocked it along with his ex-chums on Mock The Week until we ended up with Boris Johnson and his cabinet of prejudiced pricks, who’ve been accused of being Islamophobic but nobody gives a flying fuck, especially everyone on the BBC. And now, surprise, surprise, Boyle, Ó Briain, et al make jokes about the Conservatives too. What do these fuckers actually want other than perpetual conflict, unworthy fame and an undeserved pay cheque?

Let’s not forget that this wannabe left, comedy activist has also written for newspapers known to peddle right-wing propaganda. Boyle’s career in journalism meant he worked for The Sun until 2012… yes, you read that right… the Scum. Oh what a real left-winger he must be. Just ’cause he’s read Noam Chomsky and owns a boxset of abridged philosophy books, doesn’t make his shite career and even shittier televisual output magically liberal or miraculously intelligent. This specky twat in a brown suit who looks like the discharge from Avid Merrion’s Bear, is a 180, U-turning sellout like Bill Burr but less funny. His current output is less watchable than Channel 4‘s Tramadol Nights or his programme on alcoholism or the one about Russia. Actually, he’s never made any series worth watching.

Like Gervais and Burr, Boyle is also one of those “I hate people” fake-misanthropes who’ve procreated. It’s like Greta Thunberg moaning about how shitty our world is on an almost daily basis, but if at some point in her life she fucks someone and has kids, some real apocalyptic, misanthropic, anti-natalist should kick her in her priggish pussy. And that’s the kind of joke Boyle will no longer tell because there’s certain infallible figureheads we all must respect in this fake-left modern world, as well as certain targets we all must denigrate because they don’t fit into their warped agenda. Establishment supporting, bigoted, beer-gutted, fake-liberal, gingy-beardy, breeder cunt.

Off The Boyle.

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  1. My problem with Boyle is he throws a hissy fit if one of his targets bites back. He complained that there wouldn’t be a problem if people didn’t repeat what he said clubs and tell the person he mocked about his joke.

    If he wants to be the bad boy of comedy, he needs to own his material. He wants to go after targets like Katy Price’s down syndrome son? Then he needs to have the balls to live with the consequences.

  2. I’ve come to realise at the almost age of fifty, that most of these panel shows are filled with people who remind me of teachers that I hated. And I’d know, since I’ve been one for over twenty years. Two-faced, moralising cunts, the lot of them.

    The revelation (via a mate who still lives in the UK) that he wrote for the Scots version of the scum was a killer blow, even if I’d always seen him as a mildly funny Sadowitz wannabe.

  3. Frankie Boyle. Trying to realign with woke mob.

    Most famous for telling rape jokes about an autistic boy and his glamour model mother.

    Kept his career going by slating an Atomic Kitten on the weekly.

    Frankie, what’s your problem with women?

    A sad man.

  4. On yesterday’s episode (End of Year special) Sophie Duker said it’s a “red flag” when someone knows the definition of certain words like “Pedophile”, “Hebephile”, “Ephebophile”, “Teleiophile” etc.

    I think the bitch is “cray-cray” and in case she’s reading this, I don’t know the meaning of that word. 😉

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