What Went Wrong With… The Remembrance Poppy (& The Mainstream Media)?

An image of Graham Norton wearing lots of remembrance poppies on his suit on the BBC

I don’t know what it’s like in Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, but seeing every celebrity on television here in the UK from mid-October onward wearing a Remembrance Poppy, is to put it lightly; irritating, not to mention fucking ironic. The same people who keep harping-on about fighting and winning wars in the name of freedom, in particular against the Nazis, want to force the entire nation to wear a red and black symbol on their clothing. And if anyone refuses, they’re looked down upon as some sort of disrespectful traitor. We’re only a few decades away from these bloody things being mandatory.

Originally a symbol of the poppy fields in the first World War, the Remembrance Poppy has little to no meaning in the present day. It’s now 102 years since the end of WWI, and everyone who fought in that war has passed away. So now, the poppy has become a faux-symbol of World War II and every dodgy conflict the British military have been involved in since, including the illegal post-9/11 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With the co-opting of the poppy by the Royal British Legion (who support those currently serving and therefore fighting in unjust wars) as well as the R.B.L.’s supporters (many of whom, are right-wing, pro-war, xenophobic, jingoists) buying a poppy and wearing one means you’re upholding their opinion.

Let’s not beat about the Blair/Bush here, almost everyone with a “Help For Heroes” bumper sticker also has a poppy tied to the grille of their car. Go out into the street; it’s clear who relishes wearing and displaying the poppy on their top. It’s the kind of numpty with a distended stomach from drinking too much European beer… but they voted for Brexit. They hate the Germans but… they love the Royal family. They’re usually dressed in cargo pants and a fleece, they’ve never once in their life seen bloodshed and war but they base their entire world view on the alleged heroism of their granddad. It’s all about “remembering” and it’s all “Lest We Forget” when it comes to past war and conflict, but these same pricks ignore any lies or corruption that will lead to war in the future. These utter dickheads are anti-immigration and anti-asylum seekers, but they’re pro-WWII refugees. It’s “Keep Calm And Carry On” but let’s protest Black Lives Matter and the wearing of face masks during the Coronavirus pandemic. These hypocrites are all about “freedom of speech” when they’re being bigoted toward minorities but they’re all about “boycotting” when a company sides with minorities or a cause they disagree with. Having these ballbags on your side means there must be something inherently wrong with the charity or indeed Remembrance/Armistice Day itself.

An image of Jonathan Ross wearing too many remembrance poppies on ITV

It’s much worse on TV. At this time of year, you’ll see every single newscaster, reporter, every talk show presenter, every guest, and every celebrity being interviewed, wearing one of these blood-red flowers. And even though we can’t see their dumb-arse, I’m certain every twat on radio is wearing one too. It’s on every football jersey, despite most football teams and leagues saying they don’t want to be “political”. It’s also worn by everyone on the BBC, who are supposed to be unbiased and impartial in any and all matters. Make no mistake: the secret poppy police will not book you again, they will put you on the bench, or they might even sack you if you don’t wear these symbols of living in a free country.

Aside from Channel 4’s Jon Snow, there’s nobody on television who has openly refused to wear one. So what does that say about TV stars? That everyone on the telly is pro-war or everyone of these wankers are spineless? Either way, it says a lot about the kind of people the mainstream media employ; only blinkered suckers who read from scripts rather than writing them get promoted to the top spots. These toady tits gladly bring the nation spin and newspeak via the idiot box, and the poppy is part of that militaristic propaganda.

Of course the mainstream media are savvy to public sentiment or an impending backlash. That’s why shows such as Jeremy Vine have “discussions” about the “non-political” poppy. What’s telling however, is that right-wing mouthpieces such as Carole Malone when arguing with so-called liberals such as Femi Oluwole; both sides are wearing the frigging Remembrance Poppy! Nobody, not even those supposedly bringing you a differing opinion, are seen without a poppy on TV. 🤨

Malone with both her hair and brains stuck in the twentieth century, speaks as though war is a thing of the past, uttering the cliched line “you, thanks to them, never have to!” …err, we’re still involved in Afghanistan and have a hand in the Syrian conflict! This “debate” then descends into the population not being allowed to criticise the poppy which I’ll reiterate is fascism, something that Carole’s forefathers apparently fought against. Let’s face it: this kind of argument has an air of white superiority… how dare a minority say anything against the poppy. Let’s ignore that our granddad’s died in that fucking war too. Daft, bigoted prick.

Take a look around. The British public consists of people with differing views; different religions, left and right-wing, pro and anti-war. Now look at people’s outfits; not everyone is wearing a poppy. Either because they disagree with the charity, with war, or simply because these bright, tacky, plastic and paper flowers clash with their outfits. Whatever the reason, the population are diverse in appearance and in mind. This is not true of your celebrity heroes. The mainstream media’s opinions do not mirror society’s. They’re all right-of-centre, they’re all conformist, and they’re all twats.

In the UK, we have a military budget, we have a healthcare budget, and we have a welfare budget, and the latter two should be paying for the problems faced by the employees of the former. So what exactly is the Remembrance Poppy for but to show who’s a boot-licking door-mat? Want to give money to veterans, go ahead, want to wear this poppy of your own volition, go ahead. But sticking one on your lapel to fit-in with your co-workers or at the behest of your boss, and it becomes a symbol of imposition and indoctrination. Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and even Osama Bin Laden would be fucking proud.


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  1. Im left of centre by Canadian standards . To the left of “blackface rostaman”& his Liberals. WW2 was the turning point. If Germany and Japan had won you would never get to Express ur anarcho-socialist or social democrat [?] beliefs. The the nazi imperial military would’ve killed all non western euro whites – and all POC’s – in what was The British Commonwealth or Empire. Then they would do that to the rest of the world after. Not to many Ppl r alive who served in WW2. Is wearing a poppy to much to ask? I don’t think a poppy is a symbol of white supremacy.

    • I assume you didn’t read the article or you’re not truly “left of centre”. The whole point is that the establishment ASKS us to wear one and we the people are able to REFUSE because we live in a so-called free country. To bring in the worst example of government/regime/society (the Nazis) in order to make our current situation seem idyllic by comparison is such right of centre opinion. So anything or anyone, even remotely better than the Nazis is above reproach?

      “We should all be grateful” is a right-wing stance, especially when you’re talking to an ethnic minority… bRiTaIn Is So MuCh BeTtEr ThAn YoUr BaCkWaRd CoUnTrIeS yOu ShOuLd Be ThAnKfUlL… yes, we’re thankful that you took over our forefather’s country by force and got our fathers and mothers to come over to the “motherland” as low-paid workers but then, decades later, you kick them out when they can’t find their passports, irrespective of how much blood, sweat, tears, and taxes they put into this country. Thank you that you racially profile us and arrest/convict us more than white people. Thank you for the sub-par schooling. Thank you that you don’t let us rise up the ranks in the arts or the media. If we’re living in such an amazing liberal society, why are we still at the bottom of the rung? But oh no, I should be thankful that I’ve got a pissy-little website in which I air my “anarcho-socialist” opinions – I couldn’t have achieved that in Africa or Asia or whichever other continent Britain raped and pillaged for its resources and people.

      And by the way, since you’re either too young or too daft, there were lots of people who served in WWI who refused to wear the poppy because in their eyes it glorified a war they wanted no part of and yet were forced to fight in. I remember these people before they all sadly passed. If the poppy was originally created to commemorate them, and lots of them refused to wear one, I’m actually aligned with and therefore respectful of their beliefs, unlike you and the rest of the mainstream who’ve subsequently co-opted it. I’m not wearing something that now represents our military droning some innocent brown or black kid on the other side of the globe. So yes, the poppy contributes to white supremacy.

      And by the way it’s “too” not “to”. At least have the decency to write the Queen’s language properly since you’re so inclined to suck-up to her infallible nation.

    • I’ll also mention that in many cases, celebrities are given a poppy before they go on air in order to make the public think everyone they admire has the same viewpoint. God forbid someone has a differing opinion in this awe-inspiring example of democracy we call the UK…

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