What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Joe Biden?

A caricature of Joe Biden by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

Donald Trump didn’t create racists, he merely emboldened them. Did police brutality exist during the Clinton and Obama administrations? Yes. Did war (oh sorry, liberation) continue under Clinton and Obama? Of course. But most fake-liberals like to think prejudice and jingoism is something unique to the current president and the Republicans. The American public need to admit that picking a different white codger isn’t going to change anything but Democrats’ complacency. Voting in this election, like most others, is similar to being asked “do you want a slap on the face or a kick up the backside?”. A real democracy wouldn’t lambaste you for choosing “neither” or “none of the above” but of course in true American style, that’s not an option. You must choose the lesser of two evils because if you don’t, life will be… err… worse?

CNN, like many other “liberal” news outlets, has recently gone into Joe Biden kiss-ass mode just like Fox News did with Donald Trump four years ago. In recent weeks, we’ve also had articles trying to frame Biden as some kind of super-liberal with certain newspapers writing about his stance on the South African apartheid. Dragging-up his opinion on historical (and mainstream) issues makes no difference in the present day however, what will never happen is any presidential contender acknowledging the current Israel/Palestine apartheid. Like most Democrats, Biden will be duplicitous on the subject, ironically never condemning the Israeli government’s Islamophobia for fear of being labelled an anti-Semite. Take Trump’s moving of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem to which Biden said “now that it’s done, I would not move the embassy back to Tel Aviv”. That’s a double-tongued way of endorsing Israel’s sovereignty.

Most people on the left didn’t grumble one bit when Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were in power and yet those two did many of the same things as George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, crafting so-called anti-terrorism legislation, continuing with deportation, signing The Iraq Liberation Act and failing to close Guantanamo to name but a few. If Joe Biden becomes president, we’re told that he’ll be the oldest president in history – anything to make him stand-out I guess – the truth is however, he’ll make the same “mistakes” every other “left-wing” leader has made. Joe Biden is a fake-liberal like our very own Tony Blair or Keir Starmer, switching the party’s apparent morals at the drop of a Conservative hat.

If there was ever a call for another illegal or pointless or racist war, Joe Biden will go for it, I can see it in his two-faced eyes. Remember that Biden voted in favour of the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 which means there’s blood on this motherfucker’s wrinkly hands. Attacking a country who had fuck-all to do with 9/11 was the dumbest move in recent history and Joe Biden was all for it. Of course, you might not care that this war led to the death of over 200,000 innocent Iraqi civilians, but for all you xenophobes out there; Biden’s cosigning of this resolution also led to the deaths of over 4400 U.S. service personnel… sob, sob.

Whilst on the topic of the War On Terror, let’s not forget that ol’ Joe voted in favour of the Patriot Act of 2001 too. This wasn’t the first time Biden began violating civil liberties however. Back in 1995 whilst president Bill Clinton was playing the saxophone and a game of “pin the cigar on the donkey”, Joe Biden put forward the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995, which allowed the use of evidence from secret sources in deportation proceedings for suspected terrorists. Sounds very much like the precursor to the Patriot Act to me but nah, let’s ignore the fact that Biden essentially cooked-up what George Bush’s administration would later be criticised for. Go on… just put that tick next to his name.

The United States like the United Kingdom, is perfectly fine with having a right-wing or even far-right leader but nobody from the genuine left is allowed to win the race. A Democrat (or Labour in the UK) has to be a centrist or a “moderate” in order to win so what does that say about our countries? That the majority of our population are right-leaning, or that the majority of our population are twats? But I digress. Centrist or faux-liberal, Joe Biden is cut from the same cunty cloth as Donald J. Trump. Just look at his political career. As a Senator, Biden pushed Ronald Reagan to increase incarceration, and to provide greater funding to fighting drugs and violent crime (read about it here). Thanks to Biden and a systemic racist justice system, incarceration increased, prison sentences increased, more prisons were built, and black people have been on the brunt of this bullshit ever since but sure, y’all ignore his hand in mass incarceration (and the fact that he disagreed with defunding the police after the murder of George Floyd) go vote for this ballbag.

So yes, Joe Biden was partly responsible for both the War On Terror and the War On Drugs, but surely no real liberal opposes the legalisation of something as weak and as mainstream as Marijuana? But yes, you guessed it, Joe Biden did and still does. Biden also voted in favour of the 1986 immigration bill and the Secure Fence Act of 2006 which means he’s not exactly liberal when it comes to immigration either; in fact he’s not liberal in any aspect as far as I can tell. Want Medicare for All? Nope, he’s against that too.

With this kind of legislative background and political opinion, are we sure Joe Biden isn’t a Republican plant? The fact that some Republicans are backing him, it makes me wonder what’s really going on. I mean Colin Powell, a man who almost blew Iraq off the map based on mere speculation of “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” (mixed with some post-9/11 Islamophobia) wants you to vote for this crispy cretin. So let me get this straight: the sellout who worked for George W. Bush and the warmongering Neocons, wants you to vote for Joe Biden? 🤔 Nope, not suspect at all. I wonder who else is endorsing Biden? Dick Cheney? Condoleezza Rice? Beelzebub?

Back to Biden, remember when he said “Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things”? What he basically suggested is that black people possess a hive mind and their vote is almost guaranteed to be Democrat so it doesn’t matter what he says or does. And with the likes of Mr. and Mrs. Obama and Cardi “Racist and Talentless” B backing this moron, it seems that the Democrats and their celebrity flunkies think minorities are mindless monoliths who obey their closest like-skinned endorsement. It was after all, Joe Biden that said “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”. Hey, if you contract “are not” to “ain’t” on a black radio show, then you definitely are a condescending, desperate, racist white.

Immigration, war, drugs, crime, what exactly will change under Biden? Will he at least comport himself around women unlike Donald “Grab Them By The Pussy” Trump? Probably not. Let’s not forget that Joe Biden has commented on women’s physical appearance, he allegedly touched women inappropriately, with one alleging Biden sexually assaulted her. Add this to all the other crap I outlined above, what makes Sleepy Joe any different to Dopey Don? Give or take tens of thousands of tweets, what’s the difference?

So is it Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris, potentially the first black, female vice president, that has upper-middle-class, liberal, white, millennials salivating the world over? Are we supposed to look past Biden and judge the Democratic party (for the first time in history) by their vice presidential nomination? But hold on, Kamala’s past is not that rosy either; her criminal justice record includes turning a blind eye to police shootings and being against decriminalising sex work… oh, how progressive. She’s also pro-Israel, palling-up with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee which was for the 2003 invasion of Iraq and against the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. Possessing a mixed race ethnicity doesn’t cancel all this shit out. Kamala Harris is the usual sellout politician; a fake-liberal and the wrong kind of American Indian needed to fix the U.S.

One thing’s for certain: Donald Trump has been a sagging, sad-sack, orange-tan-transporting shipwreck of a president. If Joe Biden can’t beat him, he’ll be the biggest failure since Hilary Clinton. Conversely, if Joe Biden wins, the American public are the biggest suckers since us Europeans. The main problem with this election (like every other) is that there’s no real choice, but unlike some years, this one isn’t even subtle: vote for this old, white man so he can beat the other old, white man… for err… change! What a crock of Yank shite.

Joe Badun.

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  1. Excellent breakdown!

    The idea of voting lesser of two evils… left or right etc.. Is exactly why I abstain from voting, biggest con going.

    Lefty liberal or right wing nut job. It’s all a sham. People readily forget how much blood Obama/Clintons have on their hands. And only stay getting emotionally triggered by wordplay or lack of it from a current president who’s pandering to his primary voter base to secure his seat and nothing more.

    Biden and Kamala (the black vote collector) are so cringe and any celebrity endorsing her or group eg. NAACP are all suspect. This includes the big brands from Nike and the endless virtue signalling and symbolic but empty gestures. (insert Colin Kaepernick/Serena Williams here) or BLM here (referring to their website manifesto.)

    It’s shame people don’t do enough due diligence and just go along with the program and accept the left or right program paradigm is a crying shame.
    There is probably more deaths under democratic parties than any serving right aligned republican party.

    Watching Kamala exploit black pain/struggle and death, is like watching a sadistic death occultist using that energy to secure the vote… (why do people not see this? are they so emotionally compromised that this seen as someone who understands…) When clearly this is someone using you and exploiting and is further taste of whats to come….

    Watching people beg for there own further destruction and pain is a crying shame. I have to regularly check out and keep my mentals in peace.

    People don’t want to be free.

    • Hopefully the “blood on their hands” isn’t some Epstein didn’t kill himself right wing conspiracy bull shit and to say Trump is just simply pandering to his base “and nothing more” when he has been proven of treason colluding with Russia and endorsing hate crimes is wrong.

    • Name any serving government that hasn’t colluded with Russia? Who’s wearing the hat doesn’t matter. They’re all bull crap.

      Presidents are not placed they via the voting system of the people.

    • Trump is totally not like other presidents. He’s a populist who’d totally be like Hitler if given the power to be so. All other presidents have at least supported the democracy or constitutional republic that we are. Minimizing Trump just comes across as support to me. Because he’s just so obviously evil. I don’t care if you’re a libertarian or a Bernie buster at this point. He needs to go.

    • Bush “needed to go” too and Obama was his so-called liberal replacement, a candidate who superficially looked like an alternative choice but was in truth someone who continued with illegal war/s, no due process for terrorist suspects, deportation, and worst of all, he received a Nobel Peace Prize whilst droning innocent people in the middle east! Biden is exactly the same. Trump is a caricature of evil but Biden is a clandestine evil-doer, the end result will be the same but the media won’t make a big deal about his wrong-doings (watch Seth Myers from 2021 and peep all the shit he’ll ignore that he currently brings up about Trump). This would have happened with Hilary Clinton if she’d won.

      Just for the record: Donald Trump is a contradicting, nepotistic, elitist, racist, sexist, xenophobic jingoist but Biden isn’t one iota “better”, he just has better P.R. and the mainstream media on his side. The Jeremy Corbyns or even Charles Kennedys of the world will never be allowed to win. We can’t have a genuine leftie in power, just a right-leaning leader in disguise to keep the supposed liberals happy. That’s what the Democrat/Labour/Liberal Democrat president/prime minister has always been and people fall for it every time. Vote in more than four or five elections and you’ll see the same depressing pattern, hence my comment above.

    • Bernie actually had a chance this time but before the FIRST Super Tuesday Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out and handed over all of their supporters to Biden to form some sort of super moderate. Beto got in on it too. I voted for Beto when he ran against Ted Cruz. He played Clampdown by The Clash for his campaign music which was pretty cool. So I was really sad to see him join in on that.

  2. I would cast my vote for Jo Jorgensen if I cared enough to do so. Irregardless, I’m beginning to hate the Democrats I know more than Republicans. The conservatives here are consistent douchebags at least, the liberals are virtue signaling hypocritical ones. By the way Kamala Harris also ignored Catholic sex abuse survivors before everyone heard about it and began sympathizing with them. I’m at a point where honestly I might even prefer four more years of Trump instead of the establishment Democrats winning over anyone with actual beliefs again. And Cardi B is so stupid, of you’re losing a twitter debate to that twat Candace Owens you’ve done something wrong in life. Even the actual sports teams I follow (and boy are they pathetic) are not this pathetic. Rant over, but fuck Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Cardi B, and anyone else letting this shit slide. A racist, sexual assaulting, minority crushing, mainstream hack who consistently supports Republican ideals but covers it with a facade…so Donald Trump but actually effective at passing shitty laws.

  3. Joe Biden is more racist than Donald Trump. If you’re going to speak on a race or culture at least have data backing your claims up like Thomas Sowell or something.

  4. Biden does need to get elected though because I have no doubt that RBG is going to die really soon and another supreme court pick by trump would be really bad. I was going to Bernie or bust. But I don’t know the world could really end if trump is re elected. And are you going to do an article about Kanye’s presidential run? And then there’s Kim Kardashian pretending to be down with social justice releasing ONE person from prison so that she could apparently be used as a prop by trump at the RNC. I swear when Kim was at the White House there was a guy on cnn crying because there were people saying that she was only doing it for the attention (which was the truth). I wanted to smack him.

  5. Biden is casually racist too…

    …which makes his supporters and Kamala Harris specifically, a sellout.

    The next four years are going to be lame satirists such as Oliver, Myers and Colbert turning a blind-eye to shit they wouldn’t let slide with Trump. Nothing worse than a fake liberal pretending to be against bigotry but ignoring it if it comes from their heroes/political party. SMH.

  6. “If there was ever a call for another illegal or pointless or racist war, Joe Biden will go for it, I can see it in his two-faced eyes.”

    As a senator in the 80’s Joe Biden supported Margaret Thatcher and the UK over the invasion of the Falkland Islands so he has form.

  7. 1 year or so in, while the standard bullshit of politics continues, 3 things stand out:

    1. Pulling out of Afghanistan. Of course we won’t go into how the war was bad, but atleast the plaster was pulled off

    2. I think he let go some student debt, I don’t think that’s very prudent but it’s made his voters happy

    3. He’s letting people who were locked up on weed charges go, a bunch of them

    Which is something I guess

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