What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Priti Patel?

Priti Patel in white face makeup to illustrate that she is a sellout

Priti Patel is the latest in a long line of sellout minorities in politics. Being Britain’s first female, B.A.M.E. (Black, Asian, And Minority Ethnic) Cabinet Minister could have been a noteworthy moment for our country. Unfortunately, Patel once told BBC Radio Kent not to label her “BME” as it was “patronising”. This was an acceptable stance to take were it not for her extensive history of self-hatred and selling out. To get the minor things out of the way first; Patel married Alex Sawyer, a white marketing consultant for the NASDAQ stock exchange (possibly to breed-out her own race), she voted against the 2013 Bill which introduced same-sex marriage in England and Wales (probably to uphold the white, heterosexual status quo), and she is also a self-confessed “Thatcherite” (which I always think is a subtle way of saying “I’m a twat”).

Patel is regularly given the role of spokesperson when there’s any issue (minor or major) regarding race or racism. She was for example, wheeled-out to defend Boris Johnson on Sky News when rapper Dave called him a “real racist” on The Brits.

Apparently it’s “utter nonsense” to call Johnson a “racist” despite his well-documented racism including describing Muslim women as looking like “bank robbers” and “letterboxes” as well as his “satirical” writings in which he referred to Africans as “flag-waving piccaninnies” and Ugandans as “Aids-ridden choristers”.

Winston Churchill’s racism against ethnic minorities is also well documented; and it ranges from referring to the Sudanese as “savages”, Palestinians as “barbaric”, Kenyans as “blackamoors”, to having a hand in the 1943 Bengal famine in which he refused to send food supplies to the region saying it was their own fault for “breeding like rabbits”. He also said “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.” and it’s this man’s graffiti-ed statue who Priti Patel was so outraged over, calling the protestors who annotated his white supremacist effigy “hooligans”. Given that her own parents were from Uganda by way of India, this kind of stance was ironic to say the least. I assume she’s been watching the revisionist film The Darkest Hour rather than reading history books.

Winston Churchill

The fact that Priti also defended slave trader Edward Colston saying it’s “utterly disgraceful” that his statue was toppled, we can deduce by her recent opinions that she prays at the edifice of British Imperialism and Colonialism. How can these entirely appropriate actions “undermine” anti-racist protests? A slave trader’s statue is torn down after worldwide outrage over yet another case of racist Police brutality? Surely that’s the most apt time and occasion to deface a statue commemorating a white racist?

Along with fellow-sellout and sentient brown snooker ball Sajid Javid, Priti Patel has also backed immigration laws that would have barred her own “unskilled” parents from entering the UK which in turn would have prevented Priti from ascending to position of Home Secretary and enacting those very laws. Prejudiced paradoxes aside, Priti has now gained a full hat-trick at the Black & Brown Sell-Out Championships. In case you’re not aware; Patel aside from pretending to be white is a wannabe Zionist too. Once a vice-chair of Conservative Friends Of Israel, she also pissed around in apartheid Israel having secret meetings and suggesting that the UK government give “aid” to their army (I assume so they can Krav Maga a Palestinian kid or occupy some more stolen land).

I acknowledge that ethnic minorities shouldn’t all think and act the same way but to defend every law and opinion against your own demographic is the very definition of a self-hating sellout, in fact her continued, unwavering support for the white establishment gives the likes of Judge Jeanine and Michelle Malkin a run for their collective blood money.

Priti is basically the UK’s Sarah Palin; a politician that’s slightly attractive on the outside but rancid on the inside. She’s every right-winger’s wet dream and every racist’s favourite guilty fap. I’ve seen Daily Mail runt Andrew Pierce fawning over her on Sky News’ Press Preview show and I have no doubt that other, straighter yet similarly odious, right-leaning pricks are wanking over her speeches and jizzing on her Twitter timeline.

Patel is a token ethnic minority who boot and arse-licks all the racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, jingoistic white people for imaginary brownie points (pun intended). She is routinely pushed-out as the Tory’s brown mascot in order to defend white supremacy and inequality – these opinions can’t be bigoted because Priti Patel brings them to you! This sour-faced, wide-hipped, short-arse, right-wing coconut needs to check her reflection, either in a mirror or in a pool of gammon cum.

Not So Priti.

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  1. Whilst I agree you can list what personal or political traits you disagree with, this has been heavy handed with the ‘race-traitor’ trope.
    Expecting a race to have homogeneity is no different from any other racist statement except in severity. ‘Race-traitor’ exists closer to ‘Jews are behind all our problems’ than ‘black’s are nice but lazy,’

  2. ‘ Churchill, in his younger years, felt that women should not vote, writing in his copy of the 1874 Annual Register that they are “well represented by their fathers, brothers, and husbands.” Even when he voted in March 1904 in favour of a female suffrage bill, he was never more than a lukewarm supporter. ‘

    Another reason she is a sell out

  3. Awww you dont like her because shes achieved something through ability, doesnt use her colour as a ladder climber and doesnt buy into the whole BLM bs which is all to do with anarchy.

    • I love how gammon completely ignore the examples of Priti defending white racism/white racists simply because it favours their demographic, but if she defended her own ethnicity, you’d be the first to call her a radical or unpatriotic.

      Morons like you would have labelled Gandhi or Mandela an anarchist (in fact twats like you called Nelson a terrorist back in the day). Anyone fighting for equality is wrong, but anyone siding with prejudiced establishment is okay. And piss off with your “using her colour as a ladder climber”, the only colour and sex that is utilised to climb the social and economic ladder is white and male. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that someone who approves of Patel is ignorant of white privilege.

      You’re exactly the kind of wanker who I describe in the penultimate paragraph.

  4. I think you are dead wrong to bring a person’s ethnicity into what their political views should be. So a BAME person should subscribe to a certain list of opinions should they? I don’t see how that sort of patronising view helps anything, it certainly doesn’t help your cause, it makes you look patronising and opinionated.

    • I’ll reiterate what I said above: until we’re equal in this country, a sellout minority isn’t helping anybody. The fact that “BAME” is a thing, shows that minorities are looked upon as “other”. Priti can say and do whatever the fuck she wants but her opinions bleed into policy which affects everyone who is a minority. Selling out and pandering to people who despise your demographic whilst being BAME is the dumbest thing to do – one wrong move and the same people she’s sucking-up to will put her in her place. Even though she doesn’t want to be one, she’s still a “Paki” to the racist white people she’s trying so hard to appeal to. So what’s the point in being a token totem when her position is so fragile?

  5. Priti Patel was on the news today outlining how she’s going to overhaul the asylum process. She complained about “lefty lawyers” at one point!! The law is the law — you don’t get certain outcomes because of the supposed political opinions of a solicitor!!! I cannot stand her.

  6. I don’t know who you are but you come across as ‘bitter and twisted’ , racist and bigoted. You do racial equality no favours with your hypocracy I’m afraid.

    • …And before you folk on the right blow your gammon-top: calling someone a “honky” after they’ve told me that I’m “racist and bigoted” is a joke. Something you lot don’t seem to understand or support unless it’s brought to you by Andrew Lawrence or Lee Hurst.

  7. The whiting up of PP’s face in the above picture is a real poor show of diplomacy. Regardless of different the political ideologies that exist in modern day Britain, it serves no purpose to take a cheap and heartless swipe to someone who works extremely hard to keep the UK safe. The role of the HS is thwart with extremely difficult incidences of heartache and woe. Shame on the Editor.

    • Being part of our country’s elected government means you’re open to ridicule. Are you writing to the white writers of Spitting Image to condemn their portrayal of Priti as a blood-sucking vampire? Thought not. What really bothers Patel’s fans is that the image above is the most appropriate way to satirise her public persona. Oh and by the way: what’s a real poor show is using a stereotypical “black” screen name when your email address paints an altogether different picture. Shame on you.

  8. Priti Patel is as brown as a Polar Bear. She is the kind of person that carries a Hitler signed copy of mein kampf in her hand bag, while walking into Westminster dressed as Winston Churchill and bending over with a sign above hear rear end that says ‘White Power Enter Here’

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