What Went Wrong With… 6ix9ine?

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6ix9ine aka Daniel Hernandez, is the epitome of an overrated and overexposed rap star. His discography is shorter than his recent jail sentence and his songs are usually doltishly-titled (“Keke”) and composed of dumbed-down couplets (“slang” and “hang”) not to mention identical rhymes (“out” with “out” and “dumb” with “dumb” 🧐). Similar to Azealia Banks, when a rapper becomes known more for their petty beefs and clout-chasing than their music, you know the musician in question is desperately hungry for fame. These lames are so lacking in artistry that they’d rather be famous for their bullshit antics rather than the creation of classic material.

It’s strange how the least-skilled in any sector of entertainment get to the top whereas the opposite is true of genuine talent. As a purveyor of scream rap, there’s much better examples out there including ZillaKami but imbecilic fans instead elevate this fake to stardom and popularity.

Most people agree that the majority of 6ix9ine’s music is forgettable. His debut mixtape Day69 (which included the platinum-selling single “Gummo”) wasn’t exactly impressive but it took off as did 6ix9ine’s career. His first studio album Dummy Boy received poor reviews across the board, getting 1-star from many magazines, and yet it reached number 2 on the Billboard charts (an apt number given how shite it was). Regardless of how lacklustre his releases are however, many people seem to buy them and they also buy into Daniel’s “look at me, I’m a gangster” public persona.

Aside from being overrated by his fans for making mediocre music, there’s something much worse about 6ix9ine. In case you didn’t know: Daniel is also a domestic abuser, yet another abusive twat in a long line of musician wife-beating cunts including Big Punisher, Axl Rose, and XXXTentacion. Hernandez allegedly beat his girlfriend for a period of seven years; once until she “could barely open [my] eyes”.

It’s no surprise to me that a coward who prats around beating his girlfriend, allegedly choking kids at malls and getting pistol-whipped by his own gang, the Nine Trey Gangsters, would eventually snitch when facing a lengthy jail sentence (not to mention getting an early release because his asthma puts him at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19… how gangsta!).

Like many musicians before him, when a label-funded lawyer gets on your side, all legal issues seem to go away, or at the very least are minimised. Do you think that any other Latino male from New York would receive this much lenience? Money tips Lady Justice’s scale in a rich-fuck’s favour which is indicative of an unjust and corrupt justice system, but I guess that’s for another article.

Hernandez’ attempts at making snitching “cool” by bragging about it in his music video and on his Instagram profile pic, seems to be largely working. He apparently earned $2 million from his post-prison single “Gooba” in which he superimposed a rat (although it was more like a mouse) over his face. The fact that he’s openly boasting about testifying against gang members when he himself is supposed to be gang-affiliated, is completely hypocritical and yet most fans couldn’t give two rodent fucks. Even Kanye “slavery was a choice and I support Donald Trump” West named 6ix9ine as one of his favourite rappers (although that’s not saying much given that he did a collabo with Lil Pump).

Like Lake said in his classic track “American Rat”; “Everything they did before they snitched don’t hold no merit once they rat” but I guess these days nobody gives a flying canary about squealers and informers. Even old-schoolers turn a blind-eye to Snoop Doggy Dogg’s history, a rapper who recently said on social media in regards to 6ix9ine: “They gotta stop pushing this 🐀 all these media outlets making snitching cool I’m old school f*** 69 and everybody pushing his line right now”. This was a strange stance to take considering Snoop’s “police informant” past according to Death Row’s Suge Knight who was once quoted as saying “Snoop is a rat. He’s a police informer. This is the only guy who never goes to jail no matter what. I don’t like rats”. But I digress.

When 6ix9ine broke Instagram Live records recently after being released from prison, Hernandez proved that he has millions of interested fans despite his music being formulaic and indistinctive, not to mention being an admitted assaulter of women. When this clown was seen in a commercial promoting “anti-violence against women” for a New York-based sex shop and lingerie store, this was yet another case of a sell-out company hiring the very person who they’re supposed to be against (Mark Wahlberg ahem Cross Colors).

It’s utterly dumbfounding that modern society wants to be seen as against bigotry and therefore anti-misogynist but they tolerate countless domestic abusers simply because they enjoy their trash music. In the case of 6ix9ine, his effeminate features and bitch-plaits may have lead people to think he’s a butch woman and lady-on-lady violence is tolerated. Either that or most of the population are only superficially “woke” but underneath their mask of fashionable progressiveness they’re as backward as any generation preceding them. Hey, if Doja Cat won’t stay cancelled for being a racist, then 6ix9ine will continue to be supported despite being a female-assaulting, snitch. Hip-Hop fans are well and truly lost.

Go online every time 6ix9ine releases a new song and witness his fans saying “his music slaps” but everyone needs to remember: the only thing that slaps hard is 6ix9ine when he’s around his girlfriend.

This “rapper” is known more for his rainbow braids, rainbow grillz, and rainbow clothes than his actual music. Once filmed at age 18 getting oral sex from a 13 year-old, I assume 6ix9ine’s constant use of rainbow colours is because he’s trying to add a “P” to LGBTQ. Either that or he’s channelling a Skittles advert because you know; he’s similar to a sugary candy that only kids eat.

Dumb Boy.

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  1. Haven’t they got inhalers and solitary confinement in jail? He looks like he’s had a fight with a box of crayons, he should be in an asylum not prison.

  2. My 17-year-old brother and I have gotten into arguments over the quality of 6ix9ine’s music. I think that his music is shit. He thinks that his music is lit! 😒

    • From around 2014 to 2017 he wasn’t that bad (Hellsing Station was decent) but he keeps making the same repetitive crap. He’s too popular considering the quality of his music IMO. All that’s by the by at this point; he’s a domestic abuser, a snitch, add that to his mediocre music and 6ix9ine isn’t worth listening to.

  3. 6ix9ine’s “music” has always been terrible to me. However, snitching has always been a thing in the industry. All you need is people to cover up your past for you. For example: Battle Rapper Ahdi Boom

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