What Went Wrong With… Doja Cat & Middle Class, Sell-Out Rappers?

Doja Cat dressed as a watermelon on top of a cracker

Doja Cat is yet another reason why middle-class rappers shouldn’t be promoted and popularised, but since Hip-Hop is now firmly Hip-Pop (and proud of it) here she is; famous despite lacking in vocal or lyrical talent. Along with the fact that it’s mainly the middle-classes streaming and consuming this type of shite, there’s a distinct lack of credibility in the genre right now, especially when nobody calls out mediocrity for fear of being labelled “haters” or “elitists”. Doja Cat aside from being overrated and mundane, has recently been subject to an attempted social media cancelling with her very suspicious history being brought into question. In case you don’t know, this mixed-race, tit-n-ass, bubblegum pop act masquerading as a rapper, was recently accused of chatting online with white supremacists, incels, and members of the alt-right (all of which are essentially synonyms for bigots). She was also caught using the alt-right term “dindu nuffin” in one of her old songs (a derogatory alternate spelling of “didn’t do nothing” in reference to black people being arrested).

Her excuse for her “Dindu Nuffin” track was that she was flipping the meaning or reclaiming the word 🧐. Sure, reclaiming a word that only the alt-right use and only someone who chats with the alt-right would know about… makes perfect sense. Her recent excuse for these lyrics sounded like complete and utter bullshit to me, kinda like this track…

I’ve watched the video of Doja Cat on Tiny Chat that’s been circulating around and I have to say, I haven’t seen any actual proof of “white supremacy” but it looks dodgy nevertheless. Surrounded by odd-looking white boys who all have the look of school shooters or race warriors, Doja Cat’s lone brown-cleavage looked extremely out of place. The only racist thing I saw was the moment when the ethnicity of someone was brought into question by one of the white users who asked if they were “Arabic” in a style reminiscent of the scene in Ghosts Of Mississippi where De La Beckwith asks someone if they’re “a Jew”. Speaking of Jews, Doja Cat’s actual ethnicity is mixed-race white Jewish American and black South African. The fact that she was raised by her mother, these dubious incidents show that racism is not clear-cut black and white (pardon the pun). A black, white, or mixed-race person can be guilty of racism or self-hatred or a mixture of both; being a particular shade of brown doesn’t make anyone less bigoted. Being raised by her white mother, going to ballet, tap, and jazz lessons, skating and attending Malibu surf camps is hardly a “black experience”. A one-sided upbringing and ignorant life choices as an adult is why every mixed-race celebrity sell-out from Doja Cat to Meghan Markle will never be black despite what racists seem to think.

From Cardi B‘s “burnt roach” comment about a black woman, Camila Cabello‘s “ching chong” and “nigga” posts, to Azealia Bank‘s “curry-scented” comments about a brown boyband singer, racists are alive and well in music and very much alive in Hip-Hop. In and amongst these cases of one-race-to-another-race prejudice, there’s lots of self-hatred too: Kanye West saying slavery was a choice and supporting Donald Trump, A$AP Rocky allowing Anna Perp to mouth the word “nigga” in his music video, and Kendrick Lamar using words like “monkey” and “nigga” (followed by his fans getting angry at me for pointing it out only for Lamar himself to get mad at a white audience member for singing the word). All these cases prove that race and race relations in 2020 is as confusing (and spineless) as mainstream Hip-Hop currently is. The amount of time you hear the N-word from black acts who are striving for a white fan-base, you wonder if its “nigga” or “nigger” these fuckers are shouting. Short of hearing a hard “R”, in this day and age, with all the back-stabbing, white-arse-kissers out there, you may as well assume these twats are using the latter.

After a half-arsed Instagram apology-slash-defence which included her declaring that she’s proud of who she is, saying: “I love my skin colour”, all seems to be forgiven. To me, Doja Cat’s apology-slash-explanation was so insincere, and her private life and history so questionable, that it makes you wonder about her use of the watermelon in her “Juicy” music video. What’s telling is that Doja Cat performs for the whitest of audiences at shows like Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers and in private, she pisses around chatting to white shut-ins getting-off on weirdos fapping to her, she then uses obscure, derogatory words created by white right-wing racists in her songs but when she’s called out on all of this, suddenly she’s black. Chino XL’s line “black when convenient like Mariah’s ethnicity” has never been more relevant.

Of course, rapping nonsense about a “dindu” isn’t the worst thing someone could have said and chatting with strange-looking nerds online is hardly a crime but this is a small piece of a jigsaw that seems to be showing more signs of racism, ignorance of racism, or self-hatred the more its put together. This latest cancelled celebrity seems to have been un-cancelled by most but these incidents are slowly building a profile of a bigot. Using a fringe slang term used by alt-right racists, chatting with Caucasians who randomly question P.O.C.’s ethnicity, we can now add these objectionable events to her 2018 non-apology for using the term “faggot”. I always thought there was something suspect about Doja Cat and my initial reaction seems to be emboldened every time someone finds one of these videos or songs. Cancelling this cat seems to be impossible however, since Doja has nine lives and only two of them have been snuffed out so far by the sane people in the world.

In my opinion, Doja Cat’s apology is for P.R. purposes only; like Camila Cabello and Mark Wahlberg before her, these racists are only “sorry” if they’re pre-empting a shortfall in their bank balance. I mean, even Central Park, dog-strangling, pig-licking “Karen” apologised for her racist 9-11 call, but apologising for something only because of a backlash is so obviously disingenuous and yet annoyingly, most people accept it.

If we were still in a time when Hip-Hop was underground (’70s, ’80s, and ’90s) “rappers” like this would be instantly disowned but now, because interloping pop-fans outnumber the rest of us, swaths of sellouts are accepted and defended. Take Doja Cat’s most famous song feature-er Nicki Minaj, also of mixed race decent and someone who was in a relationship with Eminem, a rapper who once rapped black girls are dumb and white girls are good chicks”. You can safely say that everybody in the charts these days is a racist, an ex-racist, a racist’s enabler, a racist’s defender, a self-hater or all of the above.

Similar to Drake‘s lame ass, Doja Cat is another middle-class Hip-Hop fake; even if it weren’t for the alleged racism, this cat is trash, rooting around in pop garbage making refuse-sack-stained tracks for mainstream morons with earwax issues. Content with being a slapper rapper, more known for stripping and showing her apparently “black” ass in music videos and on stages, wankers the world over seem to be selecting her music with their blood-engorged genitals than their fucking ears.

Stop Blowing Smoke Up Doja.

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  1. I miss good female rappers like Queen Latifah, Lady of Rage, Salt-n-Pepa, Heather B and Bahamadia… And this only off the top of my head… Ever since Eazy-E signed H.W.A women have been more and more objectified… Lil Kim, Nicki, “Cardi”ovascular “B”ronchitis, and now this slut… At least we have Rapsody and Narubi Selah as torch-bearers… Another thing… You notice that many good female rappers from the 90’s are now hosts of lame talk shows? Queen Latifah has one… So does Heather B…

  2. I always thought she was lame sure she had sex appeal.But that’s not enough for this new generation.They have to start and say stupid things in order to get publicity you’re a recording artist supposed to be making music.

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