What Went Wrong With… Jeremy Vine (On Channel 5)?

An image of Jeremy Vine and Storm Huntley as vampires

After dishing out morning-time-misery for a whopping 18 years, Matthew Wright left Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff and his chat show was then handed over to BBC Radio 2 killjoy Jeremy Vine. Even though the presenter of this programme changed last year, you can hardly tell the difference however, as the set, the theme tune, and the entire concept of the show is indistinguishable from its predecessor; there’s a panel consisting of three vanilla twats who look like they’ve been statically charged and pushed through Marks & Spencers, there’s a minuscule audience of what looks like Daily Mail readers packed into a broom closet, and there’s inane multiple choice questions every ad break. Sound familiar?

Even ex-”Babe In The Booth” co-host Storm (whose parents must have been fans of The X-Men, The Australian Gladiators, or Scottish weather) is part of this “new” show and she seems to be there to fulfill an outdated and sexist concept of including an attractive female sidekick to attract a wider audience (think a magician’s assistant). Actually, Jeremy Vine with his drab-casual suit jacket usually looks like a Tory vampire and alongside Storm Huntley with her raven black hair, the pair look like they’re taking part in a daytime production of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, sucking the life out of the viewer as they watch. Speaking of old horrors, given the time of day in which this show airs, there’s of course advertisements for life insurance, equity release, funeral plans, and, err… bingo and roulette. The show’s target audience I assume, are out of work gammon, brain-dead retirees, and right-wing gambling agoraphobics (and possibly arrogant “bloggers” taking the piss).

This programme is billed as Channel 5’s “flagship show”, and with a schedule jam-packed with monarchs, bailiffs, and dobbers, I guess this is the best the channel has to offer. To get a glimpse at what the Jeremy Vine show is like, just follow their Instagram account (yes, they actually have one, although God only knows what for). On their Insta, you can see dreary images such as this…

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That was a lively start to the week! #jeremyvine

A post shared by Jeremy Vine On 5 (@jeremyvineon5) on

…wow, how entrancing! If Channel 5 hired Jeremy earlier, they could have created a Vine account too. They missed a trick there.

If you’re hankering to see a review of the day’s newspapers but aren’t satisfied with an entire morning of it courtesy of the BBC, ITV, and Sky News’ breakfast shows, then tune into Jeremy Vine for more. You could also tune in to watch the amazingly heated debate… not! There isn’t even a chilly debate, in fact the tepid atmosphere of non-stop agreement is infuriating, the trio have notes, but fuck knows why. This bland-on-bland panel-action features the likes of mundane mainstream leftist Owen Jones, mediocre mainstream rightist Carole Malone, and the scrawny, lanky, lad-magazine-editing-yet-anti-porn, right-wing wank-stain Martin Daubney. There’s also Dr. David Bull (what an apt surname) who looks like a GP from an alternate dimension where the NHS is run by failed male models and middle-aged rent boys.

If you want to watch a pointless non-discussion of topics such as “No Kids At Weddings?” or “Bed Wars: Which Side are You On?” then watch the show. You can then check the handy little clock on the bottom left of the screen to count the hours of your life you’ve just wasted. And if you watch Jeremy Vine on 5, wait an hour or so, and then tune into Radio 2, you can receive a double dose of plebeian pish per day for all you masochists out there. Just make sure there’s no razor blades or sleeping pills near you. Although if you’re paying attention to the adverts, you could insure your life and plan your funeral before you end it all.

O Out Of 5.

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    • Oh great, another semi literate blogger, with sarcasm, taking pot shots at the white working class. Yawn. Fucking prick.

      Are you enjoying your socially acceptable small mindedness?

      Gammon. Oh ha ha ha haàa…CUNT!

      Look, we voted Tory because insipid nobs like you make our skin crawl. Slither back to your hole in the ground, smug twat.

      Don’t you just love lefties? The kind of people who think they’ll end discrimination by given people labels(BME, LGBT). Morons.😂


    • In order for your opening jibe to work, you have to spell compound words such as “potshot” correctly; and it’s a little ironic that you missed the hyphen from “semi-literate”, don’t you think?

      Since you’re so triggered by an upward-punching, comedic article, I assume you’re admitting to being an “out of work gammon”, a “brain-dead retiree”, and/or a “right-wing gambling agoraphobic”? So which one is it?

      It’s quite hilarious that folk on the right keep pissing and moaning about the left decrying “small-minded” comedy (and seem to side with every “potshot” taken against various minority groups by mundane “comedians”) and yet when it’s straight, white, men being targetted by comedy, you lose your shit. A bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

      And by the way: Brexit was originally supported by both sides of the political divide. It was morons like you who hi-jacked it and made it seem bigoted. Like many real-lefties, I actually want Brexit to happen. So thank you, you contrived, blinkered gammon for voting to leave a racist state and inadvertently increase immigration from outside the E.U.


    • @Joshx45 Motherfucker why dont you crawl into your slimy hole, prick. If you can’t stand left-wingers, fuck outta here, people like you make OUR skin crawl.

    • After watching Jeremy Vine show, I’m certain it is for the socialist, Marxist left wing. I still watch it but only I’m a gluten for sadism.

  1. Maybe time to revisit this as it’s got measurable worse, with recurring panelists and topics and much more faffing about.

  2. Omg, how true. This programme is nothing more than a diatribe of populist guff and guffaw. The panel, more often than not, made up by mediocre jorno’s and radio hosts, or other selfpublisists and celebs, presenting their opinions as though they are facts, and throwing them around like brickbats, raising their voices rather than their arguments, which are painfully devoid of critical thinking. If this is how we spread intelligent debate or ideas on the issues “?” of the day, or educate, then we’re doomed because of the spread of this kind of ill informed rhetoric that is sold to the masses as entertainment. Telivision is now the opium of the people, and what a sad and dumbed down mirror on our society this programme really is.

  3. Don’t like it then switch channels. Not rocket science. Enough people watch it as channel 5 will cancel it if it is not popular viewing.

    Because you don’t like it why deprive others from watching it? Answer is you dictate what others watch. Not your call, I make up my own mind.

    • How am I “dictating what others watch” and how the frig am I “depriving others from watching it”? 🧐 So by writing a comedic article I’m somehow oppressing your dumb arse? Please don’t ever take a course in Rocket Science.

  4. Anybody who uses the term gammon is nothing more than an ignorant arsehole. And, no doubt, a hypocrite as he probably cries anytime he hears a word he considers racist or homophobic.

    • Was Boris Johnson an “ignorant arsehole” when he referred to Muslim women as “letterboxes”? I suppose it’s a joke when your Yeti boyfriend says anything derogatory about minorities but “gammon” is definitely not a joke because it’s your demographic that’s being mocked. Talk about hypocritical. After decades of racist monkey chants it’s “gammon” apparently, that’s the most offensive thing ever uttered in the English language despite the fact that a large proportion of the British right (including yourself probably) look like something carved off the backside of a pig. Are you crying yet? Now fuck off my site you cured slab of ham.

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