What Went Wrong With… Matt Berry?

A caricature of Matt Berry by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

Matt Berry is becoming more and more irritating by the day. A victim of overexposure, back in the noughties, his appearances were few and far between but these days he’s everywhere, most of the time in voice-only form, giving his mock-seventies or eighties delivery to anything with a barcode.

Seemingly grafted to Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding‘s backsides, Matt Berry became well-known after he appeared in the overrated Mighty Boosh. He then went on to star in the originally overlooked but now overrated Snuff Box, the shite Toast Of London, and Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer’s most disappointing creation to date (House Of Fools). The best TV shows Berry has featured in is Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place and the later, declining series of The IT Crowd. Berry for me, fitted perfectly into the 1980s Sci-Fi-Horror pastiche that was Dark Place, his voice and overall demeanour accurately depicting a D-list, B-movie actor. Outside of this often forgotten comedy gem however, Berry’s style seems very much out of place and after seeing him in countless comedies over the years, it seems like he’s either being typecast or that’s his actual voice and Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place was just a casting fluke.

I mean seriously, can anyone tell the difference between his performance as “Beef” in House Of Fools or “Douglas Reynholm” in The IT Crowd? It’s all essentially Matt Berry doing Matt Berry without any deviation of mannerism, vocal tone, gait, even hair and makeup. A chubby bloke with a curtained mullet stuck in 2004, endlessly regurgitating his throwback shtick in everything he’s in. For fuck’s sake, can the man not do something different for once?

Of course, Matt Berry has done something different, namely music. His vintage-sounding, country-rock-esque stuff sounds like something you’ve heard before, possibly in the seventies or nineties so in that respect, even his music is a throwback with elements of comedy, although it’s not catchy or humourous enough to be either.

With most online publications slobbering all over Matt, writing about him as though he’s some kind of comedic genius when all he has in his arsenal is an annoying voice, you really have to wonder why mainstream journos are so quick to overrate and kiss arse despite most of their subjects being nothing more than one-trick ponies. This non-stop overrating has boosted Berry’s career no end and now, no matter where you go, you’ll see or hear him somewhere in your day like a bothersome car alarm or a deafening jackhammer in your periphery.

As the voice of Absolute Radio, Fridge Raiders and countless other commercials including Müller Corner, Guzzle Puzzle, Bell’s Whisky, Volvic, and MoneySuperMarket, Matt Berry’s voice is now losing it’s distinctiveness.

This oversaturation is now leading to his once uncommon voice sounding very common and even hackneyed. Very much like Marcus Bentley (Big Brother) and Peter Dickson (X Factor), hearing Matt Berry’s voice-over on innumerable programmes and adverts is becoming extremely annoying.

Looking like Demis Roussos procreated with Dave Berry (no relation) Matt Berry is bland to look at and extremely irksome to listen to, especially now that he’s voicing almost every-fucking-thing on radio and television.

Berry Him.

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  1. Seeing as how like 2 people read this, I can say it was a waste of time.
    Sorry you’re jealous of the man’s success, it’s going to be a long rough life for you bud.

    • Firstly, can you not see the irony of replying to something which you think only 2 people read? What’s the fucking point? You’re actually off the mark by around 1400 (so far) but regardless, I write because that’s my opinion, not to gain attention and hits.

      And only a schoolyard brat would resort to “you’re jealous” as a comeback. What are you, 6 years old? Or is that your mental age?

      It’s gonna be a long, dull journey in life for you punk, what with you being a celeb-kiss-arse, fame-flunky, doormat-dick and all. Go and crawl up Berry’s fat arse and lick your way to the tip of his cock.

  2. Hahaaaa your replies to people like Bob the knob McCock (unfortunate surname) just kill me, I’m dying laughing here hahaaaaa

  3. Late to the game, but damn. I couldn’t believe the title, hence why I clicked to read the article. I’ve thought of Matt Berry as an amazing actor and I would love to see him in more that what he has already has done. Some things I don’t quite agree with:

    overrated Mighty Boosh: Maybe it’s because I’m American, but 95% of the people I know have no idea what this is. Definitely underrated here.
    overrated Snuff Box: Again, not many know of this. But everyone that I introduce it to falls in love with it.
    the shite Toast Of London: I really enjoyed this series. Yes, over the top and random, but not much out there has the feel that this has. It was unique, almost like a cult comedy.

    Reading through what you wrote, the hate seems to be personal, or at least that is how it is coming across. You just hate Matt Berry. To each their own, but I was surprised with the amount of dislike.

    • I’m not geotargeting the US, blame your search engine. Here in the UK, Matt Berry is everywhere… in comedy shows but mainly in ads (and yes, The Mighty Boosh was quite popular here a decade ago). It’s like living in Porn Valley in the 80s or 90s and trying to explain Ron Jeremy to someone in a country that outlaws pornography. Matt Berry and his output is probably obscure over there and his shows may look unusual, but we’ve grown up on Monty Python, Tommy Cooper, Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer, Chris Morris, Rik Mayall & Ade Edmondson, The League Of Gentlemen, Matthew Holness etc. Surreal comedy is nothing new here, in fact it’s close to being mainstream. Actually, now that I think of it, don’t you have Tim & Eric and Eric Andre?

      And by the way, if you think this article is “hate” and you were surprised with the “amount of dislike”, maybe this isn’t for you. Over-the-top hatred is actually this site’s U.S.P. – call it cult comedy. This was actually pretty tame compared to some of the others (namely Noel Fielding) 😉

  4. Well, I just heard a Money Supermarket ad on the radio and thought ‘Is that fucking Matt Berry?’, did a search and here I am. Absolutely spot-on article (polemic?). And sadly, I think you’re right: Berry in Dark Place *was* a casting fluke. And Noel Fielding? What an untalented one-trick cunt, (see Simon Amstell).

  5. I am from the UK too and I must say that I really love Matt Berry! Of course, he‘s not the first surreal comedian here but come on! You can‘t always create something new and original. And his shows, especially Snuff Box and Toast of London are very amusing in my opinion. I mean if you feel that way… I just wanted to say that not all people in the UK dislike him.

  6. Saying yes to everything , like Schofield ..nothing to promote health or wellbeing , just earning his buck to take him to the truck and build himself a glass extension . What a cunt . Middle class too rich in class but it is always too late so don,t bother you over indulged vocal tone and casting of luck abuser. The voice overs are draining and absolute radio on repeat as though there is some mission to Jupitor we don,t know about with no return. I,m tired of this voice and was annoyed and worried that it would be viral years ago..and it is. Imagine having your last days on the floor or hospital bed hearing Market Supermarket.i think the positive replies are his friends in high media places .

  7. If anyone can show me a funnier scene in comedy than Toast and Rag Purchase doing the overdubs on European art house pornography then I’d love to see it. I can forgive Matt Berry anything after that.

    • Do you mean the scene in the “Bonus Ball” episode? I just watched it, and I personally didn’t find it that funny. Plus it was essentially a rip-off of the Chewin’ The Fat sketch (Ronald Villiers Dubs Porn) with the addition of it being gay porn instead of straight. Skip to 50 seconds…

      In case it gets removed, here’s another version…

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