What Went Wrong With… Nuthin’ 2 Prove by Lil Yachty?

An image of the sea without the boat and the text Nuthin' 2 ProveAccording to the title of Lil Yachty‘s latest album, he has “Nuthin’ 2 Prove“. That’s strange, I thought he still had to prove he can make a listenable album. Well, apparently not, because this his third LP is very much like his previous offerings; dumbed-down, repetitive shite with basic rhymes and his typical listless delivery. Hey, maybe this time his combination of crap will work… err… I doubt it. Nuthin’ To Prove is another trip through Yachty’s world of wackness. There’s nothing different or special here; if you like his music there’s more of it and if you dislike his music there’s unfortunately more of it.

On this LP, Yachty tells us he spends “7 grand just for the Cartier” and “12k on a hotel room”. Great, but since we’re not his frigging accountant and it isn’t time to file his tax returns, we don’t give a shit. Aside from airing his spending habits he also brings his listeners brilliant pearls of wisdom such as “my ice is my ice, my bitch is my bitch” and “I’m the mack, I’m the mack, I’m the mack” in err… “I’m The Mac”. His best flow comes in “Riley From The Boondocks” but it’s still delivered lethargically and is preceded by the wonderfully deep “Ooh, ooh, ooh, bitch”. Safe to say that there’s nothing impressive on this album in terms of lyricism.

In terms of production, the majority of it is generic and forgettable and even when the production is passable, Yachty comes along and ruins it. For example his crass and unamusing line “you done fell in love with my dick” f’s up the harp-filled “Fallin’ In Luv” and his lazy lines flatten the impact of “We Outta Here!”. Most of the time however, the below average rhymes match-up with the below-average beats; just listen to the horridly shallow and sexist lyrics and ghastly autotune vocals in “Worth It” alongside the pishy Hip-Pop production by Javar Rockamore.

So are there any positives here? Well, “Everything Good, Everything Right” is catchy despite its basic-ness and the hook in the 90s-R’N’B-throwback “Forever World” is also an okay break from Yachty’s dull lines. “SaintLaurentYSL” is also one of the better songs and producer Chase The Money makes one of the better beats on the aforementioned “We Outta Here!” but that’s me just comparing turds and picking the best formed.

Like a bride choosing her bridesmaid’s dresses, Lil Yachty cleverly selects his features so not to sound sub-par next to what could be better rappers. Alongside the likes of Playboi Carti sounding like a prepubescent (and mentally ill) Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B doing her worn-out “Bodak Yellow” delivery, and Juice WRLD doing his usual Post Malone impression, Yachty sounds less shitty among all the other shit-stained performers (although maybe he should have reconsidered putting Offset on there who outshines everybody on “Who Want The Smoke?”).

Nuthin’ 2 Prove is typical Yachty; there’s no innovation and no creativity, just a tracklist of similar songs that his fans will lap-up and the rest of us will continue to puzzle as to why this Twizzler-haired twat is signed. It’s funny that Lil Boaty-McBoatFace keeps acting like he’s so above haters and critics, that he can make his own-brand of music and not care what anybody thinks but as soon as anybody calls out his shortcomings he begins moaning about his haters and critics (hence this album title). Maybe he should go bowling with Eminem, both of them could muse on the “hate” their albums attract.

At around $9.99 for a monthly music subscription or approximately $9.99 for an individual album, with the amount of lacklustre and ultimately forgettable material on Nuthin’ 2 Prove, like the title of one of his shite songs you really have to question; is it…

Worth It?

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  1. Couldn’t agree more mate! I’ve heard scores of people comparing Lil Yachty and lil pump to the punks from the early-mid 70s in terms of not giving a fuck and doing what they want. Even if we were to disregard quality and integrity and just say they were having fun in their own way like the punks were, that argument wouldn’t fly since rappers have been bragging about partying and drugs and shit since the early 90s so it’s nothing new. The punks on the other hand were at least doing something different from the norm and reacting to bands such as Pink Floyd and pretentious prog rock happening at the same time. Can the same be said about Lil Yachty?

  2. The Beastie Boys ( Rest in Paradise to Adam Yauch ) and Ice-T had been bragging about using drugs and alcohol in their early music as far back as 1981 or 1982 .

  3. And on top of that they were doing it with much better lyricism and much , much , much , much , much , much , much more originality .

  4. Also progressive rock was in the mainstream from 1965 to 1975 . For example Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” . Rappers that would be considered “progressive” since the year 2000 have been in the underground and most have been sadly unheard of by the masses .

    So is Lil Yachty that different from Odd Future , Tyler The Creator , Lil B , Gucci Mane , Future , Drake , 2 Chainz , Mac Miller (Rest In Paradise) , A$AP Rocky , YG , Kreayshawn , Meek Mill , Tyga , LMFAO , Flo Rida , Pitbull or Wiz Khalifa ?

    Those are some of the big name rap artists that immediately preceded mumble rappers .

    I don’t see what Lil Yachty and the rest of the idiots are rebelling against . They grew up listening to rappers who sounded like they do for the most part . None of those artists that preceded them are lyrical or progressive in any way .

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