What Went Wrong With… The Aftermath Of The EU Referendum?

An image of the EU Hemicycle with the text Paradise above itI didn’t vote in the EU referendum; 1. because despite disliking the EU I despise the UK government even more and 2. I don’t believe that our votes actually count, the powers that be seem to control and dictate our lives and we are mere pawns in a grand charade we know as democracy (which is part of an even grander theatre known as life). That being said, I could see the pros and cons of leaving the EU and prior to the referendum there were people from both sides of the political divide arguing for and against, in fact it seemed like both the left and right had good reasons for voting either leave or remain.

Ignoring the mainstream’s current depiction of that period of time, in reality the choice was neither black and white or red and blue in the months leading up to the vote. Almost immediately following the referendum however, it seemed like the lefties and centrists almost disowned the leave vote. Straight away therefore, the mainstream media made it seem like a vote to leave was a right-wing or a far-right-only stance which surely wasn’t true or even possible? How can almost 52% of the UK be right-wing? The answer is they weren’t and they aren’t. You don’t believe that it was only the right-wing voting to leave the EU do you? I mean what happened to “Lexit”? Whatever the reasoning, we as a nation like to ignore the fact that people from both sides of the political divide voted leave. Completely ignoring this, the last year has been a veritable cavalcade of liberals in full arrogant, smug “I told you so” mode even though there must have been a sizeable proportion of them voting leave (and who now seem to be suffering from mass amnesia).

Regardless of the demographics of the approximately 52% who voted leave, it has to be acknowledged that even they didn’t want the incompetent fuckwits who are in charge to be negotiating with the EU. I mean just look at the position of Brexit Secretary, arguably the most important job in this whole farce, going to the most inept morons in politics. First it was David Davis looking like Ken Dodd’s ghost and now it’s Dominic Raab looking like David Davis’ penis, with both doing as much useful work as either a deceased comedian or a politician’s prick. I recall clips on the news with Davis going to meetings without any notes or documents whatsoever, doing literally four hours of work. As soon as you saw that shit you knew it was a setup, I mean where else have you seen such contempt and lack of stratagem in all of politics? It’s almost as if they wanted us to get the worst deal possible… cough, cough, cough. The way in which these negotiations have unfolded, you just know that we’re being led down the garden path by the biggest snakes around. I mean if Danny frigging Dyer is the most eloquent voice on the subject, you’re in some serious shit.

It was very telling that the contract for producing the non-EU British Passports (in good-old-fashioned royal blue) was given to a Franco-Dutch company instead of a British one. That kind of news had to have sent alarm bells ringing as an indication of how this so-called Brexit would go. I mean if we can’t even produce our own frigging passports and are undercut by an EU company, then it doesn’t bode well for British self-sufficiency.

It was even more telling that even Nigel Farage, who was so adamant of the benefits of leaving the EU, had no idea about the “divorce bill”, didn’t know how or if the NHS would get more funding, and in the end just buggered off like a racist rat leaving a sinking ship. From the lies printed on the side of that big red twatting bus to the scaremongering billboards, it seemed like both leave and remain were more concerned with their own overly pessimistic or overly optimistic predictions than planning an actual exit strategy. The right just wanted to wallow in their idealised nostalgia and the left just wanted to prove to the right how bad things could get.

Ultimately, was it not the responsibility of the frigging government to have an actual plan on how best to leave? Even Neanderthal P.E. teachers don’t ask school children what sports equipment they want without taking into account the actual school budget but somehow Prime Minister baby-faced-pork-molester David Cameron set into motion a vote with an equal chance of outcome without even a smidgen of pre-planning. Does that not seem suspicious? Either the government didn’t think it possible that the people would vote leave (which says something about how the government thinks) or the government wanted to purposely get the worst deal to make an example of everybody from anti-EU-voters to anti-globalists (which says something about how the government works).

With no actual plan (either deliberately or not) the past couple of years have seen yet more divide and conquer politics; demonise the working class, vilify the right, suppress parts of the left, and mock all people who were critical of the EU. In one foul swoop, the referendum has made laughing stocks out of half of the country simply because Theresa twatting May and the rest of her titting government are as incompetent as blind referees. I mean you could get the best idea in political history like creating a welfare state and forming the NHS but in the hands of the worst people in government you could easily transform even that into a debacle similar to the one we’re in. Basically what I’m saying is that we’ll never know how good an idea leaving the EU really was because in the hands of these incompetent morons it can only result in headaches and obstacles.

In that respect, hasn’t the leave campaign completely and utterly backfired? Since UKIP and the Conservatives have no idea how to negotiate and seem ignorant of the process of leaving the union, hasn’t this inadvertently made the EU look more appealing than it did pre-referendum?

This inadvertent (or even deliberate) pro-EU propaganda that has resulted is also very suspect; people now wrongly perceive the European Union as some kind of prejudice-free utopia, devoid of racism, sexism, homophobia, elitism, political corruption, bureaucracy, and even xenophobia. You couldn’t have achieved that result even if it was orchestrated by the EU itself… another cough, cough, cough. I mean TV and print media is like a 24/7 advertisement for the European Union these days, whether it’s the news, social media, panel shows, or political satire. But is that really the truth or are Brits now just in a malaise from the government’s continued incompetence? Because of the ineptitude of the people in charge, the masses are in a confused state whereby anything other than our current situation looks preferable. The EU is no Shangri-la or Arcadia but if you’re trying to make the UK look like hell, then of course even the most blandest places on earth will seem like heaven in comparison.

Just look at the Copyright Directive (which the EU voted in favour of) proving that the European Union is no forward-looking, revolutionary place to be. With articles 11 and 13 sounding like the worst ideas in internet history, this directive will effectively halt all parodies, memes, and even reviews and the EU are all for it. I have no idea if leaving the EU will mean that the UK doesn’t have to implement these laws, I guess it will depend on the negotiations like everything else.

Speaking of negotiations, it’s infuriating that the public had a say on the concept of leaving or remaining in the EU, but we no longer have any say with regards to individual aspects of leaving including borders, education, trade, and even more “trivial” issues such as the copyright issue I just mentioned. In a real democracy, following a vote to leave, there’d be another vote to chose how we leave, but oh no, regardless how bumbling the people in charge are and regardless how shite their plan is, we for some reason have to go along with it. If Brexit mattered as much as it apparently does, wouldn’t you follow up the referendum with multiple votes on each facet of negotiation? In addition, wouldn’t a non-corrupt government send the best negotiators as “consultants” along with the Brexit Secretary? Considering this affects the entire UK you could even hire business and economic strategists and experts as advisors from both sides of the political divide.

Regardless of the population’s bullshit morals, if we really wanted to, it wouldn’t take much to turn the UK into a tax haven to entice big businesses out of the EU, we could also offer better deals to Asian and African countries for greater outside trade and encourage the creation and growth of small businesses by lowering interest rates and offering tax incentives (which in time would make the UK the leader in certain industries). We could also as a nation grow up and legalise drugs as well as prostitution to make more money (by way of tax and the creation of new businesses) which would in turn alleviate the police’s workload as well as the unneeded strain on the prison system. But no, apparently we as a country would rather go head-long into shitdom rather than becoming a unique, neoteric, and progressive country, almost as if we need to be made an example of for other potential European Union departers. And you think we have complete governmental and democratic autonomy with or without the EU?

Given the track record of not only the current government, but every one that has preceded it, you can be sure that during these so-called negotiations they’ll pick all the worst aspects of the EU and fail to keep anything beneficial. Just like any other political vote, political crisis or national situation, I have no doubt that the people in charge will make the worst decisions possible and that there’ll be a few years of confusion, unforeseen problems, a downturn, then some stagnation, followed by an inevitable turnaround. Basically, in a couple of decades nobody’s going to give a toss. Even if there’s a short period of hardship, rest assured the country, society, and life without the EU will be just as dreary as it has always been.


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  1. Just revisiting this post and again hit the nail on the head.

    Have you ever heard of the hegelian dialectic? I believe this brexit exercise is a perfect demonstration of such a (Marxist) doctrine. (used pretty much in most of all politics)

    (agenda) EU (holding too much central power)

    Exit – hijacked by the right wing narrative (thesis) vs remain – hijacked by left wing (anti-thesis)

    = synthetic thesis (pre determined outcome)

    Which I think seems to be heading to remain and ultimately a nanny state of existence in the hands of a faceless interchangeable council.

    Prodigy did release his last album just before his timley death… titled the hegelian dialectic… Exposing this process of reasoning (but hey just coincidence of course…)

    Interested to hear your thoughts.

    • Yeah, I first heard about the Hegalian Dialectic from Rich Hall, and yes, you can apply it to pretty much all issues/laws that are enacted.

      Just yesterday there was talk about making it illegal to refuse vaccinations (they were demonising anti-vaxxers and saying their evidence has been debunked plus how dangerous their stance can be) then after appearing in the news, on talk shows (Jeremy Vine etc.) all of a sudden there was a mumps outbreak in a UK university and measles outbreaks in the US. So by making it look like anti-vaxxers are directly responsible for the outbreak of disease, the public call for the law to be enacted. Obviously the same “Problem, Reaction, Solution” applies to knife crime, online anonymity, terrorism, war etc. (even planned obsolescence and obesity) and of course Brexit. In terms of Brexit, it was funny how the issue was immediately turned into a right vs. left issue even though at the start Corbyn was Leave and Cameron/May was Remain. The whole thing has been a joke, but if the plan was for the left to love their opressor, it worked, with so-called leftists now thinking the EU is free and peaceful and free from hate. The EU has at the heart of it a racist idea: to prioritise white Europeans over black and brown people/countries, they also support coups, and they helped destabilise Ukraine, and yet the left now speak about the European Union as though it’s Shangri-La! The way the left and right are bickering with each other over something that was much more nuanced when first put to the people, I have no doubt that the whole thing was a set-up.

      P.S. I never got a chance to listen to Prodigy’s album, something I definitely need to do.

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