What Went Wrong With… The Right-Wing Free Speech Martyr?

A parody of a social media free speech champion with an image and quote by Adolf Hitler

If you’ve been paying attention to the corrupt, misleading, and duplicitous media in recent months, you’ll know that there’s been a spate of right-wing victimising, apologising, and promoting. After a string of of arrests and removal of social media profiles, a handful of right-wing celebrity twats have been vehemently defended by another handful of right-wing twats. This is directly because the celebs in question have been presented by the mainstream media as victims of censorship and therefore are perceived by their fans as crusaders of free speech. The most recent so-called victim of this “liberal censorship” was Alex Jones, the right-wing conspiracy shill who was removed simultaneously from Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify for violating their terms of use, more specifically their rules on hate speech. As soon as this occurred however, Alex Jones’ banning was a topic of other YouTubers’ videos and within hours there was widespread support for someone who only a day earlier was seen as a controlled opposition joke; a loudmouth, subverter of conspiracy theories (not to mention a political sellout). Basically a man who was ignored by the majority of the public was all of a sudden paid attention to. By allegedly “censoring” him, these tech companies had actually amplified his point of view.

This has been going on for a while. If you don’t recall, there was a shitty right-wing comedian known as Count Dankula who was arrested and fined for teaching his girlfriend’s pug a Nazi salute and posting it to YouTube. Dankula’s dog was taught to salute Hitler upon hearing the command “gas the Jews” which was interpreted as hate speech. But hold on, if that’s how a company interprets his video then fine, YouTube is a private company that can strike or remove videos for whatever reason they see fit. The ridiculousness of the court case is what made this a spectacle and therefore a bigger issue, with his fans publicly protesting and criticising “Freedom Of Speech”. Instantly therefore, Count Dankula became a martyr, his shit joke and his shite videos all of a sudden were given credence and recognition, something that wouldn’t have happened had he been left to continue in his quest for crap comedy.

We can even extend this to wannabe activist and full-time Islamophobe Tommy Robinson, who was banned from Twitter and who was arrested for contempt of court after livestreaming outside an active case where the accused was Muslim (strange how he doesn’t pester the court when it’s an alleged white, atheist or Christian rapist). Immediately following his arrest, the alt-right or the far-right began stating the police and the law itself was biased in favour of the left and minorities. But every time you see bobbies discriminate against a person of colour, not only does that prove that the 5-0 aren’t liberal, it also becomes painfully obvious that the right only care about “miscarriages of justice” when it affects them. How many times do you see the right decry the police when they’re beating, choking, or shooting an unarmed black man? When that happens, it’s “he must have been doing something wrong… it’s a difficult job… we must have respect for law enforcement” but as soon as they’re on the pointy end of the nightstick, they switch to “the police are biased and corrupt… down with the police!”. Regardless of the hypocrisy, this was yet another occasion when a prick with a smartphone was made a free speech martyr, the media once again calling attention to the “discrimination of the right” (and white).

On a side note, the left are constantly told to stick up for the right because “free speech affects us all you know” but weirdly the right doesn’t reciprocate. For instance conservatives sided with Rosanne when she was fired for a tweet but they didn’t stick up for James Gunn when he was fired for his tweets. Oh, the sanctimonious, self-righteous, and hypocritical right, you gotta love ’em.

While on the issue of “free speech”, there’s nothing in the American Constitution (or in British or E.U. law) that forces a private company to allow everybody to appear on their platform, you don’t have some kind of inherent right to have a profile on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. That being said however, when these companies make an example of only one side of the political spectrum, that can easily be perceived as censorship and favouritism. Of course this isn’t political favouritism at all. Facebook, YouTube, and the rest of these companies aren’t left-wing. Huge corporations which are hierarchically structured and whose sole purpose is to make masses of profit, can’t by definition be socialist. Therefore there’s something else going on. Actually it’s quite simple; blame the left for censorship of the right, get the right to hate the left… sounds like divide and conquer to me.

Just in the last few days we had the blonde buffoon Boris Johnson making comments about the hijab, likening it to a “letter box” or a “bank robber”.  After making the comment and quite rightly being criticised for it, Blackadder himself, Rowan Atkinson defended Johnson’s “right to make jokes” once again elevating a prejudiced quip to the level of “freedom of expression”. Of course Boris’ comment was the latest in a long line of racist comments (including referring to African “piccaninnies” and Papua New Guinean “cannibals”) making him an obvious prejudiced politician. This wasn’t anything to do with free speech or censorship, after all, Bill Maher has said similar things about hijabs (calling them bee-keeper suits) but the difference is that Maher is a satirist and shit comedian, Johnson is a frigging politician who isn’t supposed to discriminate against his constituents based on religion and race. Once Mr. Bean intervened however, it made Boris’ bigoted comments about hijabs akin to a harmless joke which should be protected by free speech laws. Well actually, freedom of speech wasn’t the issue here at all, this Aryan yeti isn’t a comedian, and yet this straightforward issue of bigotry again transformed into a discussion about inequity and distracted from the actual issue.

So let me be blunt; all this recent talk of “Free Speech” is utter bullshit. The right are well-known for their hypocritical and confused stance on freedom of speech but what these particular cases have done is simply raise the profile of people who were regarded as “fringe” or “niche” or even “stupid”, people who had a relatively small slice of the media pie. And yet after a couple of cases of faux ostracising, they’re all of a sudden catapulted to stardom. Not only that, they’re simultaneously heralded as saviours of free speech when all they’re really doing is being a bunch of childish bigots. When I look at these right-wing morons all I see is; a man who made a throwaway YouTube video alluding to the holocaust, a man who dislikes Islam and who thinks child abuse and rape is serious only when it’s committed by a Muslim, a man who keeps stating how all mass shootings except for the ones committed by Muslims are false flags, a woman who said a black politician looked like an ape, and a man who said that the burka resembles another object in order to denigrate a foreign religious dress. If these statements on their own were shown to the public, they would rightly be dismissed or criticised as being bigoted but make the bringers of these messages victims of “state suppression” and “corporate censorship” and these idiotic, puerile yet repugnant stances are inflated to a level of importance they simply don’t deserve. What the mainstream media has done in each of these cases is elevate the speakers to martyrdom status. If you think these are genuine cases of free speech, you’re a gullible cunt.

The Right’s Right To Free Speech.

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  1. Good post.

    Right wing free speech interpretation is to say whatever and believe there can’t be any consequence. Get called out and more tears flow than the perceived weakness of left liberal types.

    Left wing free speech is ride the coat tails of political correction to it’s own demise. Trying to be too all encompassing to the point it derails itself and privileges start showing up and certain individuals start looking more right wing than the left wing they think they troop for.

    So long as masses remain polarised in the left vs right paradigm. The chances of any true revolution of the mind and to buck the system is pretty much written off.

    Revolution starts in the mind… So long and everyone pulled like the tide back and fourth any true balanced viewpoint and solutions are nil impossible. (for those running the shit storm know this media and Co.)


  2. Related to this topic — do you think luck / circumstance is the biggest influence on one’s socioeconomic status in first world countries or are hard work (in a capitalist free market economy) and inherent genetic “gifts” the crux ? I personally would say political corruption , racism , other forms of bigotry and nepotism are as big of factors .

    For example , “paleo conservative” and “racial realist” minge Jared Taylor debated RA The Rugged Man on Gavin McInnes’s show :

    Taylor claimed that “sub-Saharan black African genetics” are the reason why African Americans are unsuccessful and uneducated in “today’s America” . Centuries of Slavery , systematic oppression , violence and racism weren’t important to him or his arguments . Jared Taylor has been repeatedly revealed to be a Neo-Nazi by The Southern Poverty Law Center over the course of the last thirty plus years .

    Since Gavin McInnes hosted the debate comments on the video are almost all from alt-right crackers . I believe RA won the debate very easily . Jared Taylor claimed that white people are in danger of disappearing due to interracial children
    and “the browning of The Western World” . RA countered that his prime concern is about humanity as a whole surviving and progressing forward , not one particular race . There you see how terrifying Taylor’s views really are . Since the debate all of Taylor’s social media accounts have been revoked and now he is forced to sell his crappy books on his website and occassionally write articles for Storm Front and The Daily Stormer for $14.88 USD a piece . He has a couple of “think tanks” going on , too . One in his sub-basement and the other wherein he sub leases a janitorial supply closet from a Little Caesar’s location in a strip mall . What do you think of RA’s performance in the debate ?

  3. With his humanistic , altruistic , optimistic and compassionate statement about the human race ( regardless of skin color / melanin , nose shape , hair texture , eye color , hair color etcetera ) surviving as a whole 100,000 years into the future RA destroyed the nutjob Jared Taylor .

  4. To be fair there are nutjobs in The Alt-Left , as well .

    Getting rid of Apu on The Simpsons . An educated , affable , lovable , successful
    and spiritual character . He’s been there since December 1989 . Oh , how offensive Apu is !!! A married upper middle class business owner who gives back to the Immigrant Community in Springfield . What a horrible racist depiction !!! Voiced by a middle eastern Semitic Jewish man . I asked a Muslim man from ( originally from the New Delhi area of India ) yesterday what he thought of this . He said it was ridiculous and that The Left are devouring themselves as they push more and more into mainstream pop culture . It backfires and causes the Alt-Right to get more extreme .

    The extreme Alt-Left ( for example Antifa , Sarah Silverman , Buzz Feed , The Young Turks , Issa Rae or Rachel Maddow ) are as responsible for diviseness in first world countries as Tucker Carlson , Tomi Lahren or Gavin Mcinnes .

    Fuck the hipster trust fund manchild Hari Kondabolu . The wealthy , elitist , pious fuck . When’s the last time he has been in prison or a psych ward ( in a government run universal healthcare hospital ) ? When is the last time he ate off of food stamps and lived on welfare or disability ? And fuck the richboy hipster hop group his brother was in .

    I thought Hari is supposed to represent the struggle of poor people like me ??? He’s a millionaire . His family are millionaires who live in the lap of luxury .

    I think it is your responsibility on this site to criticize the Alt-Left virtue signalling Champagne Socialists like Hari Kondabolu . There is a guy at my Church ( who is First Nations – Plains Cree ) who does more for the poor in one mintue than Hari has done his entire life .

    If you disagree with me you’ll have to burn all of your old Canibus , Kool G Rap , Slick Rick , Non Phixion , Geto Boys , Big Daddy Kane , Killah Priest , Ras Kass , Public Enemy , Wu-Tang Clan , Redman , Ice Cube , Poor Righteous Teachers , Brand Nubian , Black Sheep , Menace Clan , Boot Camp , Nas , Black Moon , 2 Live Crew , Notorious B.I.G. , Bone Thugs , Smoothe Da Hustler , Esham , ICP and Tupac records ( Rest in Paradise to any of those aforementioned artists who have passed ) . All of those guys have bashed white people ( across the line ; from Muslim Central Asian to Irish descent , that’s all whites ) , homosexuals , transgendered people and lesbians . Some have even taken aim at Muslims , Indian and Pakistani immigrants , Ashkenazi Jews , Isaraelis and First Nations . And all of them were chauvinistic ( except for Public Enemy and PRT ) .

    The point is that society has progressed . In my opinion in first world countries social norms have progressed for the better . Tolerance and compassion has increased . It’s still far from perfect . Very far from perfect . But , better than it was in 1989 in the UK , US or Canada .

    • You’re mixing up multiple issues in regards to Apu in The Simpsons. You first have to acknowledge that the character IS a stereotype and anyone who said he was had a right to their opinion BUT to write him out of the show says more about the alleged liberals who created The Simpsons – they firstly created a stereotype during a period of “acceptable” prejudice and only did something about it almost three decades later but only after a “backlash” – not because of their own opinions which I assume remained the same for 29 years. The creators are basically fake-liberals and sell-outs. That’s the real issue here. People keep confusing criticising art with freedom of speech but all the people who called out Apu for being a stereotype didn’t want him “banned” they wanted a more nuanced character. However as soon as the creators of the show said they’re going to write him out it seems as though everybody was calling for his removal, hence demonising liberalism and any kind of criticism which is utter bullshit.

      If there’s an opposing point of view you dislike, you promote it in the mainstream media, overreact to it, then promote the fact that you have overreacted to it, and in doing so you make the original point of view seem ridiculous. Your comment proves that this works.

      Are you going to ignore that this brown character is called “A-Poo”, a character who got his doctorate from Springfield Heights Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T.)? How liberal. And no, Hank Azaria is a Jewish American which is far from being a Bangladeshi and therefore his vocal characterisation is akin to Peter Sellers in The Party, it’s a south-Asian Charlie Chan, a racist stereotype created by and voiced by Caucasian/s whose only brush with an Indian was at their local corner store. This by the way, was the opinion I had in my Ethnic Miscasting article (years before the 2017 documentary “The Problem With Apu” which I haven’t watched) but despite having this opinion, I didn’t want the character to be written out or banned. See how criticism isn’t always calling for censorship? All I wanted is for these white, fake-liberals to acknowledge that they created a racist stereotype but instead they’ve overreacted and gone step-by-step through the textbook opinion-quashing plan you see above. Fuck ’em all.

  5. Yeah , Hari Kondabolu has his victory . He wins . I bet he’s real comfortable living it up in his $3 million ( in Canadian dollars ) Brooklyn walk-up right now . Still , all of his mainstream comedy , film making and podcasting money cannot buy respect from real hip hop heads or Juggalos .

  6. Yes , Hari Kondabolu is born Queens . He has three university degrees and is a millionaire . Lives high on the proverbial hog in a brick mansion walk-up in Brooklyn now .

    What are your thoughts on Hari Kondabolu and ridding the greatest animated television show of all time of the beloved , exhalted Apu Nahasapeemapetilon and The Kwik-E- Mart ???

  7. Times were different in 1989 when the character was created . What about all those hip hop legends I named ? Should they just be omitted from hip hop history for some bigoted or biased material they released in the past ??? Totally erased ???

  8. The Simpsons is just a harmless cartoon . The name of the university is a rib on Springfield being a subpar town or the university being of low caliber . And perhaps also it is an early to mid 90’s social commentary / critique on the fact that immigrants to first world countries often don’t have their ( post secondary ) qualifications recognized from the land of their birth .

    For example , Hari Kondabolu’s mother and father were both physicians in India . When they moved to New York City his dad had to work as a ( registered ) nurse practitioner . That’s still a very lucrative position . And now his father is in a high up supervisory role at a prominent hospital . Making at mid least six figures a year take home pay . Homer Simpson was given a high school diploma out of charity from his principal . And he lucked into his job at the nuclear power plant by just showing up the day it opened . If anything the Apu character is very well rounded . He has good / likeable character traits but makes mistakes like any staple character on the show . He’s never been cast in an outright villainous role like Mr. Burns or Sideshow Bob . The Scottish Groundskeeper Willie is portrayed as far more uneducated and less likeable than Apu . Willie has been shown at times to live in a shed or to sleep outside in a field or to not even afford clothing . He has been portrayed as illiterate , as well . One can argue that the Scottish People have been greatly historically oppressed by the English and had their country and culture taken over by force . Why is there no public outcry from the Alt-Left over Groundskeeper Willie ???

    • Do you think “Birth Of A Nation” is just a harmless film? Do you think “One In A Million” is just a harmless song? The Simpsons is only harmless because a. it appears so due to it being a cartoon and b. the racism doesn’t affect you personally

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