What Went Wrong With… Survive The Summer by Iggy Azalea?

A digital caricature of Iggy Azalea for a review of Survive The Summer

Iggy Azalea, that mole-faced, bubble-lipped, cultural-appropriating racist Aussie is back with her latest EP titled Survive The Summer …whoa there, why all the hate I hear you ask? Well, Iggy Azalea as I’ve mentioned numerous times before, is a white Australian who probably slaps, pokes and pinches her arse and lips to make them look bigger as she flicks through a slang dictionary. Basically she’s the latest in a long line of black-music-emulators who also happens to be a bigot. Now of course, the issue of being a culture vulture is brought up continuously when people speak of Iggy Azalea but this is actually a distraction, minorities don’t care what genre or style she’s influenced by, what we’re concerned with is the fact that whilst interloping in Hip-Hop music, she is simultaneously a frigging racist.

It’s funny how many times thieves of black music are racist. Is it not ironic that musicians such as Eric Clapton and Eminem try to copy black music whilst trying to hide a prejudiced past? So therein lies the problem; by all means add to a black art-form but get the fuck out of it if you’re a racist prick.

And so on to Iggy’s latest EP Survive The Summer. After Digital Distortion was delayed and delayed and finally shelved, Iggy brings us a 5 song, 15 minute EP filled with generic tripe targeting, I assume, white middle-class twats (and a lot of gay tits) who like to listen to black music as long as it’s brought to them by a sanitised, mediocre, run-of-the-mill white genre hijacker or lame-as-fuck black sellouts.

Of course to pre-empt this comeback, mainstream shit-mags like GQ, wank-mags like Maxim, and Hipster-mags like Complex are going to tip-toe around the issue of race, making it seem as though Iggy is being picked on by bigoted black people. Then they’ll try and distract us with concepts of “beauty” all the while promoting this talentless hack of a rapper.

But fuck all those fake publications. Every time this lame makes an album or single, the issue shouldn’t be “why is she being singled out and picked on” it should be “why is this racist trying so hard to sound, act, and look black”? If you’re unaware of Azalea’s racist tweets about chicken-eating black people and Asians not understanding English (amongst other bullshit) at the very least you should be asking yourself; why is an Australian rapping with an American accent? A southern faux-black accent at that.

In this EP, Iggy directly mentions “Tokyo” and “Kawasaki” in two of her songs despite making offensive comments about Asians on Twitter. She also wishes she was black and American despite making offensive comments about African Americans on Twitter. And remember that time when she rapped that she was a “slave master”? Well if she is, I guess that makes the two black twats who feature on this release (Tyga and Wiz Khalifa) a bunch of House Negroes.

Moving away from the issue of race, this release is unsatisfactory on many levels. Survive The Summer is short which is its only saving grace. This EP is repetitive, formulaic, and just plain mediocre. The whole release is chock-full of basic and lazy rhymes laid over contrived late-noughties beats. Iggy’s near-rhymes include “last” and “ass” (“It ain’t gonna last, you’re gonna fall on your ass”) and “cash”, “ass”, “bags” which aside from not rhyming sounds like Iggy Azalea’s shopping list.

The whole EP sounds like it should have been released last decade; rapping about being the baddest bitch in the club, having rocks on her wrists, wearing Gucci slippers, fucking hell, could the bitch sound any more contrived? Going even further back in time, in “OMG”, Iggy raps a late-nineties cliche made popular by the likes of Destiny’s Child and TLC; “think you got a chance with me, you’re not rich enough” – wow, gender stereotyping and sexism at the same time – does she know it’s 2018 and not 1998?

Speaking of the nineties, there’s a sample of Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” in one of her tracks but that doesn’t stop “Kream” from sounding like yet another mediocre Hip-Pop song. And what the flying fuck does “Hocus pocus, Pinocchio nose drip, Tokyo snow trip” even mean? It’s like she printed and cut out a bunch of lyrics then pieced them together whilst wearing a blindfold.

Speaking of being blind, it’s quite amusing that Iggy Azalea describes herself as the “hottest chick” and “so fine” in this EP, it makes you wonder if she has some kind of curved, blurred mirror at home. With a face that looks like the Elephant Man fucked Donatella Versace, how the fuck can Azalea think she’s some kind of Aphrodite? (And no Iggy, that doesn’t mean you have to have an afro).

It’s obvious that I dislike Iggy Azalea for her bigotry but if that were the only issue, if she was a racist who made flawless Hip-Hop, I’d have to back down a little. Thankfully, her music speaks for itself… it’s shite. With this 15 minute EP, hopefully her 15 minutes of fame are over. Since she loves prejudice comments and out-of-style slang, let me say this… she needs to bounce on out of the game like a kangaroo.

Survival Of The Whitest.

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  1. What a twat, and all these three are happy to pose with her in this picture? What a bunch of arseholes (sellouts, and yes indeed house niggas). Great write up, I agree with every word, she’s a thieving racist moron (just like her ancestors when they took the country away from the Aborigines)

    • Once their fame is evaporated,Sellouts like TI,drake and Usher(remember him lol) are used to present their mainstream appointed replacements 😉

  2. Just read the article on the link you sent. This Bitch used the Nigga word and still fucking defended it. Any one who defends and shows support to this ugly-ass-lame fuck is a racist motherfucker and any black fan of hers is a big fool

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