What Went Wrong With… Generation Labels And Generational Stereotyping?

A parody of a generation timeline showing twats being born from 1925 to the present day

We’re living in a time in which we’re told never to generalise and not to stereotype, and yet the media seems content in putting generations into a box. It seems that everywhere you turn these days, some headline or hashtag will pop-up and tell you what the pissing “Millennials” are thinking or doing or are about to do. Did you know that the millennials masturbate the most or that they’re the most charitable generation? No, I don’t and I couldn’t give a toss.

If we’re not being hounded about millennial factoids, we’re incessantly told that the “Greatest Generation” were great simply because they were forced en masse into war. So that’s how greatness works, you automatically become above average or distinguished when you’re butchered in the mud wearing breeches, nice to know.

And of course the bullshit doesn’t end there, did you know that the Baby Boomers are thrifty or that Generation Xers like luxury goods? You’re telling me that on the stroke of midnight on a specific year on the dawn of a particular decade, a child being born conforms to a set of rules and standards for the rest of their life? This concept is about as daft as placing people in a set of twelve groups dependent on the month they’re born.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never fitted into my given generational demographic and I doubt that everybody else does either. If this was the case, people would get along with everybody the same age as them and feel at odds with people older or younger than them. But that isn’t what happens, otherwise school would be a veritable paradise. Whatever my age, from toddler to teenager to my twenties, I hated so many people who were my age and I argued and disagreed with so many of them that I’ve always wondered where exactly I was supposed to fit. So balls to your age group compartmentalisation; Baby Boomers, Generation X, Y, Z, whatever the frig, I’m…

Generation WTF

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  1. Yes, the repeaters and mouth peaces love to contrive more ways to divide and conquer by separating us into more arbitrary boxes and pigeonholes waiting for the right trigger words to prompt us into re-action. Best to totally ignore all forms of mainstream media (Tell-lie-vision, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Social Media)…all are there to indoctrinate from the subtle to the gross. I’ve always marveled at people’s perceived need to be informed (yet not do anything with that information). If an individual needs to be told by any source apart from themselves about how to perceive any stimuli, then they’re obviously abdicating from engaging in any critical thinking or due diligence. It’s all just distracting mind control to institute groupthink…

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