What Went Wrong With… The Wedding Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle & The Public’s Reaction To It?

An image of Prince Harry and Sally Hemings instead of Meghan Markle with the caption When Harry Met Sally

It’s always astounding watching the pliant public buy into the latest establishment-supporting, media-created story or event. On May 19th this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be married and this date will mark yet another occasion where the powers that be re-educate or even brainwash society into being royalist, militarist, subservient fools.

Call me a cynic, but it seems to me that the so-called elites are playing a game of chess with society. They’re thinking long term, several moves ahead, so while we’re all excited about a little wedding, the event will actually shape history and benefit them in the long run, inhibiting the nation from republican thought and instead convincing us all to be unwavering royalists. Don’t forget that the royals aren’t averse to doing something just for public relations, and marrying a mixed race American divorcee is actually quite clever in terms of PR. Following Brexit, what better way to affirm our special relationship with the USA, not to mention showing a superficial connection to the commonwealth by having a woman of colour in the family? The fact that Meghan is a divorcee also makes it look like the royal family is “modern” but for me, the biggest reason this marriage is so promoted by the mainstream press has to be the fact that it wipes the prince’s racist past clean. It’s obvious that the media moulds public opinion and our acceptance of all the recent news stories will mean that in a hundred years or in as little as ten, nobody will remember that Prince Philip, his son Prince Charles, and his son Prince Harry were bigots. Like an epic game of chess, slowly the white pieces are cleverly placed so that the future king is protected from defeat.

If you don’t recall his bigotry, you can read my other article about Prince Harry, but if you can’t be bothered or don’t have the time, just remember that he once said that a well-spoken black man “didn’t sound black”, he once called an Asian army cadet a “Paki” and said to the officer “Fuck me, you look like a rag-head”. Coupled with his penchant for Nazi costumes, these separate events were fast proving that Harry was indeed a racist, something that had to be corrected if future support for the royals was to be strengthened.

Almost as soon as the wedding was announced therefore, the media went full-force into expunging Harry’s history. Suddenly, it was the public who was racist. As certain people tweeted their disapproval, as some twit sent the couple anthrax, as the paparazzi hounded them and the papers criticised them, it was Prince Harry to the rescue! This apparently non-racist heir to the throne wanted to protect Meghan from racism, leading to ironic headlines such as “In revealing relationship with mixed-race US actor, the prince highlighted his distaste for the ‘racial undertones’ of British press”. Stories like this were essentially killing two birds with one stone; if you now type “Prince Harry racist” into Google, instead of returning pages outlining his bigotry as you would have several years ago, the first page is now filled with results such as “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry receive ‘racist’ letter in package” and “Meghan Markle: UK Royal reporters shocked by racist abuse”. Like I said, brilliant PR.

On the topic of public relations and propaganda, this wedding is also another great opportunity for yet more militarism, I mean what’s better than being an ugly-looking, dimwitted, racist, tin-pot soldier? Of course it’s better to be perceived as a handsome, heroic, progressive, anti-racism-crusading pilot genius! And that’s exactly how the nation now sees Harry, thanks to the wave-after-wave of pro-royalist television shows, news discussions, and magazine articles.

On the lead-up to the wedding, we’ve had a plethora of royalist promotion and puffery on the television and in print, much of it militaristic in nature. Aside from the promotion of his alleged, near-death heroics in Afghanistan, it has been reported that 250 military personnel will have a “special role” in the wedding. There has also been numerous Hero-Harry articles such as him “Bidding farewell to friends who suffered PTSD after serving in army” and other stories where he calls attention to the military’s “shrinking budget”. Basically, there has been a non-stop promotion of Harry as a military hero with unflinching support from the armed forces. I wonder if his “little Paki friend” will be attending his wedding?

Speaking of Paki friends, there has been a great deal of obvious yet ignored prejudice in the media. On the 9th January for instance, there was a great example of liberal racism – hey Meghan Markle is “black” so Prince Harry should go to Brixton of all places, and hand-clap with a black woman! – this footage was repeated ad nauseam on the news without anybody acknowledging the tastelessness of this stereotype-reinforcing photo opportunity. I bet he’d have jumped the broom if it meant more minority support.

It’s utterly dumbfounding watching fake liberals and moronic people of colour acting like they’ve won something because these two are tying the knot. People of colour especially disgust me when I see them overly joyous with this sham, like Harry is now somehow absolved of his racist past by marrying (then maybe procreating and divorcing) a mixed-race woman.

If you looked at social media following the announcement of their wedding, the most distasteful tweets and posts were out there. But despite all the obvious racist, anti-black opinions that have been well documented by the mainstream media, the worst comments came from people allegedly supporting the pair. In a skewed, imbecilic show of ignorance, people of colour began tweeting all kinds of crap ranging from referring to the prince as “my nigga” to some wanting to allow him to the say the racial epithet! And you wonder why minorities never get anywhere, there’s always some sell out willing to get on their knees and lick their oppressors backside.

Racist tweets about the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

After his “Paki” and “Raghead” comments, I guess Harry marrying an Arab or South Asian to appease the public would have been too obvious, so he’s marrying a half white, half black woman who looks just on the right side of white. Regardless of her ethnic makeup however, Meghan could share her future husband’s taste in Nazi costumes and hate “ragheads” too, being mixed race doesn’t stop her being a racist, maybe that’s why they get along so well. I’ll point out that a mixed race person isn’t free from prejudice and neither for that matter is any race, we wouldn’t have African slaves in Libya or the ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas in Myanmar if people of colour were so free from prejudice.

And speaking about people of colour, do you not think it’s curious that society deems someone who is ½ white and ½ black as 100% “black”? Is that not a racist interpretation of someone’s race? Why is someone automatically black if they are equal parts white and black? If this prejudiced perception was reversed, it could be argued that every single American president has been white and that Prince Harry is marrying a white woman but oh no, somehow even the slightest of ethnic minority heritage and someone is perceived as the blackest of black. This kind of archaic thinking makes you wonder if subconsciously people voted for the white side of Obama and then blamed his black side for his failures. But I digress.

I remember writing an article a few years ago about how Eminem was a racist but his fans kept pointing out to me that his “best friends are black”, which somehow apparently cancelled out his racism. I guess marriage is one step above friendship so this wedding will surely neutralise all of Harry’s bigotry. By that remit if someone like Katie Hopkins married a Syrian man would she no longer be a racist? For me there’s historical precedent for what is taking place here, just look at Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, did it stop him owning slaves just because he raped and procreated with his favourite?

Going off on a tangent for a second, it’s always curious how racial politics play out in the mainstream media, especially so-called resolutions to racial issues which always seem superficial and fake to me. One year it was “Oscars so white” but the next year Moonlight netted the Oscar so everything was apparently fixed. In the same way this royal wedding is here to negate any and all racism that has ever been perpetrated by the royal family. A quick fix however, never mends what is broken underneath. The superficial vale of bullshit that keeps the masses content never repairs anything.

Back to Meghan Markle and the topic of being mixed-race, does a woman who is light skinned and named “Meghan” ever face the same struggles as a dark skinned woman named “Mofoluwakemi” for example? I mean c’mon, before the media pointed it out, Meghan Markle looked the same ethnicity as Minnie Driver (whatever that is). Being slightly tanned and having black hair doesn’t mean you’re struggling with the same day-to-day prejudices as every other minority. How does a white actor with a white name from a wealthy white family but with a solitary black mother represent all the black working and middle classes of the world?

If you look back at her family tree, Markle actually descended from the Bowes-Lyon family and so like most other husbands and wives of the royals, she is a cousin and is once again related to the groom. I know that as soon as some of you read that sentence you’ll think “aren’t we all related if we go far back enough”? Okay, then try and prove you’re related to the Queen, I bet you can’t. This once again proves that the Royal Family only marry their own, it makes no difference that she’s mixed race, only that she descends from the correct bloodline.

If you disbelieve or question this family tree link, the question then arises; if “anybody” can marry a prince then why even have a royal family? What is so special about a random set of people that we should respect them more than others? If the royal family isn’t about bloodlines, then why bow down to any person since there’s nothing special about any of them? Whether they’re white or mixed race, brunette or ginger, who cares? The fact remains that their offspring will still rule this country and they’ll continue to be seen as superior to us commoners.

The biggest question even royalists must question is why all the furore with this royal wedding? In some ways, the international hype surrounding Harry’s wedding has exceeded William and Kate’s. Currently Harry is sixth in line to the throne, so unless there’s a terrible massacre why should we care so much about this wedding? It’s strange that certain councils are waiving their fees for street party road closures and the BBC is even waiving it’s licence fee to encourage “community parties”. Does all this not seem a bit over the top? I mean Prince Harry’s wedding is about as important as Prince Edward’s and I don’t recall the same amount of hysteria when he got wed.

If you’re someone who’s into conspiracy theories, aside from avoiding (just in the nick of time) a mixed-race Arab child by Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed (and therefore removing any connection or sympathy with Muslims during the War On Terror) it could also be speculated that Diana’s death was to simply invigorate the public’s interest and support for the royal family which was waning during the early 1990s. After all, It can’t be ignored that since the Queen Of Heart’s death, support for the royals has dramatically heightened, her sons are seen as her children rather than Charles’, which despite being as idiotic as the mixed-race black issue I previously mentioned, alas, that’s the way the public view William and Harry. Of course, nobody has any evidence of the assassination of Diana, but surely the event itself was at the very least used to the royal family’s advantage?

Whatever you think about the wedding of Harry and Meghan however, the fact still remains that the royal family is living off the people. The government cuts welfare for the poor whilst the biggest handouts are given to the richest family so they can live even more lavishly, that makes perfect sense. But hold on there people will say, aren’t the Middleton’s and Markle’s supposed to represent the common people? Don’t these recent royal marriages prove that the royals aren’t elitist? Well, if a medieval king married a peasant would it have stopped them ruling over all the other peasants and taking their money? After all the confetti has been cleaned up, the rest of us will go back to being serfs, so I don’t see what we’re celebrating. The public should look past all the propaganda and see what is actually being peddled here. We’re being sold the concept that when a racist marries an ethnic minority, they’re no longer racist but more importantly, we’re being sold the idea that by marrying a Markle, a Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is less Windsor and more Joe Public. The media and the royals are…

Grabbing You By The Nuptials.

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  1. What a great article, thank you! It’s refreshing to know that there are still people out there who understand and apply critical thinking.

  2. I never thought about it before but if Diana was pregnant at the time of her death then she would have to be gotten rid of as it would have meant an Egyptian half brother or half sister for William and Harry. Makes you wonder 🤔

  3. THIS

  4. That’s just overthinking things, it was just a fun diversion for a Saturday morning/evening. 🙂

    Idea for a future article: does everything have to have an agenda or ideology behind it?

    • Firstly, why the fuck did you come here? There’s plenty of royalist websites out there, but you navigate here and try to belittle other people’s views.🤔

      Instead of leaving sarky comments, maybe check your ethnicity. For someone called “Afiqah Saiful” from a commonwealth country to see this as “fun” rather than PR, I guess the mainstream media’s tactics worked. Congratulations on being a gullible minority.

      With that name and that stance, essentially defending a racist who called an Asian cadet a “Paki” and “Raghead”, that makes you the biggest sellout twat out there.

      Even the most un-woke people could see the propaganda at play here: minority invitees (Idris Elba, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Amal Clooney), Gurkhas, black gospel singers, a black bishop, a black cellist, a possible honeymoon to Botswana. Fucking hell, that’s laying it on a bit thick. In fact you have to be a bit thick to see this as anything other than PR.

      As-Salaam-Alaikum you boot-licking, doormat.

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