What Went Wrong With… Celebrities Associating With Donald Trump?

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What do Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Jon Voight, Gary Busey, Jesse James, Scott Baio, Lou Ferrigno, Clint Eastwood, Caitlyn Jenner, Kirstie Alley, Azealia Banks, and Stacey Dash all have in common? Well, aside from being annoying, conservative has-beens, they all endorsed Donald Trump for president. This list of names however is not surprising, since many of these celebrities are right-wing. What else do you expect Republican celebs to do when there’s an election? But what about the time prior to becoming the President? As I recall, there was a veritable queue of famous people ready to mention and associate with Donald Trump, including many so-called liberals. My oh my, what fools they look now.

Remember the good ol’ days when Donald Trump was just a real estate tycoon and reality star rather than a bigoted president? Well, even back then, most people thought he was a bit of a prick, at least most sane people. It’s not like Donny-boy became an wanker overnight, it was well known that he discriminated against black people when it came to housing and he once took out a full-page newspaper advert demanding the execution of five coloured kids accused of raping a jogger in Central Park who were later proven to be innocent. With a long history of twatery, it was quite perplexing to see so many famous people wanting to associate themselves with this prick, and when you consider the amount of so-called “liberals” who fraternised with him, it just goes to show that selling out and kissing arse will always make you look like a sucker, even if it takes a few decades.

From people like The View‘s Joy Behar attending Trump’s wedding, to Hillary Clinton being one of his friends, it’s strange how many alleged lefties hung around with him. Maybe that’s because at one point, Trump was a Democrat, but surely that didn’t stop his personality, his viewpoint, and his business practices from being firmly right-wing? It really was odd that liberal celebs couldn’t plainly see Donald for what he was, he was clearly a tit from the get-go but everybody ignored his actions and opinions. I guess when someone has money, all the doormats forget their principles and start to pall-up with you. When it comes to Hilary specifically, her friendship and association with Donald just adds weight to the fact that politics and elections are rigged.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as friends

Page from Donald Trump’s 1997 book The Art Of The Comeback

It’s always been a fallacy that Hollywood, or indeed the whole of the entertainment business, is liberal. After all, the amount of times film, television, and the music business has been responsible for propaganda that has been detrimental to minorities, it’s surprising that more people haven’t twigged, but I guess that’s for another article. On the topic of Hollywood, if you look back, you’ll remember that Donald Trump appeared in many pieces of “liberal art” including sitcoms such as Spin City and The Nanny, not to mention a cameo in Zoolander and Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. But appearing in “white” movies and TV shows isn’t that big of a deal in the scheme of things, what’s much worse is the amount of times this moron was given respect or “given props” by people of colour. Let’s not forget that Trump once appeared in a Bobby Brown music video, in an episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, and in comedy flick Eddie starring Whoopi Goldberg.

Then comes the embracing of Trump by numerous rappers. Hip-Hop, a genre that once had a subcultural credibility and spoke for the working class black American, in the 90s it slowly became less about the streets and more about the spondoolicks. So in this time of transition and transformation from beats to bling, numerous rappers name-dropped Donald Trump in an attempt to show that they too were “rich and powerful”. Back when Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon released his debut album, he memorably rapped “Guess who’s the black Trump?” in his song “Incarcerated Scarfaces”. This line was then sampled by Cocoa Brovaz (aka Smif-N-Wessun) who later made a song called “Black Trump” featuring none other than Raekwon. Although these songs were decent Hip-Hop tracks, they set an unfortunate trend that would last for decades. This was only the beginning for rap music’s regrettable relationship with Trump.

Donald Trump himself then appeared in a phone-call skit on Method Man’s Tical 2000: Judgement Day album (I assume because Def Jam’s CEO Russell Simmons was a close friend of his and this was some sort of “favour”). Taking a look at Discogs, apparently DJ Whoo Kid and Lloyd Banks also featured Donald in a skit on Mo Money In The Bank 4 and Eminem and Clinton Sparks featured him on a skit on Anger Management 3 (ironic considering Eminem’s anti-Trump sentiments on his latest album). More recently in 2011, Mac Miller made a song called “Donald Trump” and Young Jeezy made a song called “Trump”. Then in 2014 Young Thug made a track called “Donald Trump” and in the same year Rae Sremmurd made a track called “Up Like Trump”. The only lyric I recall which bucked this trend was Ras Kass’ “Donald Trump wouldn’t let you shine his shoes my man” on Cru’s “Ebonic Plague”. This however was an isolated occurrence, most of the time Trump was a source of all things positive in rap music.

Just in case you haven’t heard these pieces of “music”, here’s some of the most misguided, misjudged, and misleading manure ever recorded for your listening displeasure…

“Donald Trump” by Mac Miller:

“Trump” by Young Jeezy:

“Donald Trump” by Gucci Mane & Young Thug:

“Up Like Trump” by Rae Sremmurd:

Of course, after Trump’s fall from grace, minorities including black people, women, the gay community, and white people with sense, all turned against him. The anti-Trump bandwagon of course now includes a plethora of celebrities but the public shouldn’t forget the past. Doesn’t all this canoodling with the devil look pretty foolish in retrospect? Well before his anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim, anti-African, anti-every-body-other-than-rich-white-men stance, every moron with a script or recording contract was mingling or marketing this imbecile as though it was a good thing to associate with a “rich” New Yorker. The fact that Trump’s companies declared bankruptcy six times surely proved he wasn’t the best metaphor for money and success but nevertheless, fake-liberals insisted on mentioning him time and again. In his song “New World”, Nas once rapped “…Bill Clinton’s the new JFK, without the hole in his dome. The new Don Trump is Bill Gates, not because [of] his occupation, it’s ’cause we respect his cake…”. Don’t get me started on the Clintons but if you consider Gates’ stance on vaccination and euthanasia, I guess he’s another covert racist that mainstream liberals will insist on promoting until his true persona becomes public knowledge. But I digress.

Mike Tyson once said when referring to Donald Trump “Let’s try something new. Let’s run America like a business, where no colours matter”. Well that’s exactly how he’s running the U.S. – like one of his businesses – but like his housing business, black people matter a whole lot less. Ignoring all the pre-election hoopla, even after Donald became North America’s foremost bigoted president, there were still many sell-outs trying their hardest to pally with ol’ Trumpton. Remember when Kanye West met with him to “discuss multicultural issues” but then later deleted his tweets which mentioned this meeting of morons? As I recall, even Steve Harvey met with Trump post election, but I guess two racist old men coming together is to be expected.

Aside from ethnic minorities, Caitlyn Jenner was a major supporter of Donald Trump until he outlined how he wanted to stop transgender people from serving in the military and also prevent them from using bathrooms which conformed to their gender identity. Jenner then began criticising Donald because, you know, it only matters to a transgender celebrity when there’s LGBTQ discrimination, forget all other forms of bigotry. It just goes to show that deep down, Jenner is a selfish, self-centred white man. Dick or no dick, she is one.

Bottom line, minorities, especially people of colour, need to stop bigging-up old, rich, white men. I mean what the fuck did this orange cunt have to do with black culture anyway? It’s not like Trump transformed into a racist overnight. Even before he became the 45th President the motherfucker was discriminating against African Americans. If you were from New York, the housing discrimination issue was common knowledge and the Central Park five case was in 1989, surely enough time for the likes of Raekwon and Method Man to recognise the fuckwit they were promoting?

The moral of this story is that if you’re a minority, whether it’s social class, ethnic, sexual, religious, whatever, sucking-up to a rich businessmen isn’t the best idea. You may think that making a “successful” white dude your idol is a good decision but history has proven time and again that rich people, especially rich white people, will almost always leave a trail of misery as they walk over everybody in their quest for more moola. If Donald Trump is the kind of person you want to look up to, then you’re a dumb, dick-riding sellout. Look at your beloved hero now, the man is an international joke.


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  1. Sellout Update: Kanye West promotes Trump again by wearing a Make America Great Again hat and tweeting his support for him, even saying he’s his “brother”…

    Despite making his “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” comment in the 2000s, he is now supporting a known racist. Definitely worse than any of the songs in this article.

  2. What do you think of Mr. West’s recent comments about slavery in the Western Hemisphere from 1500 to 1890 ??

  3. I despise sellout minorities. Kanye can say what he wants to but he needs to realise that his daft opinion is going to have consequences for all ethnic minorities. Similar to Chris Rock’s “there’s a difference between niggers and black people” which is routinely used by racists to defend their language, you know that right-wing bigots will now say “slavery was a choice, that’s not racist because Kanye West said so”.

    I’ve been saying that Kanye West is a sellout twat for years, back when I used to get flack from his dick-riding fans. In my 2013 article about him I wrote “Someone who is quick to pull out the race card when it suits, but spends the rest of the time sucking white middle-class music dicks trying to fit into cliques who neither want or care about him, is a fame-seeking selfish switch-sider”. I guess I was right.

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