What Went Wrong With… Valentine’s Day?

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Apparently, nothing says “I love you” like commemorating a Christian martyr who was executed because he refused to convert to Roman paganism. Let’s face it, whether you think the legend of Saint Valentine is romantic or not (and it definitely isn’t) Valentine’s Day is simply another commercialised celebration whereby the nation is tricked into buying flowers, chocolates, and other clichéd gifts, not to prove their love to their partner, but rather to benefit large companies. Valentine’s Day is basically Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving with a hint of Guy Fawkes Night, all shoved into a heart-shaped box and wrapped-up with a big red bow.

If you truly love someone, why do you have to wait for a designated day to show it? If you’re the kind of person who thinks a romantic gesture is buying some thoughtless, last-minute gift such as a bunch of flowers or a pissy card one day a year, then you have a lot to learn about passion and devotion. Not that extravagant gifts or indeed, even money has any place in the realm of relationships. You shouldn’t have to shower someone with goods to prove your love, that in itself is a contrived and corny idea, but to do so because the calendar and the TV tell you to, is such a robotic, impassive, and hokey concept that I’m surprised so many people still do it.

Very similar to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, apparently you can ignore someone and even treat someone like crap for 364 days a year and then whip out some roses on February 14th and magically everything is fixed. Going from loathsome to Lothario with the power of a credit card. How fucking romantic.

Roses Are Red, Violet’s Are Blue, I’ve Just Been To The Corner Shop, To Buy This Meaningless Crap For You.

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  1. Beautifully written.
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  2. Love is something one should show everyday, also on valentine’s day… some days need to remain special for one not to live a flat life… so to speak..

  3. That year 325AD Rome became “allegedly Christian”… Prior to this Rome worshipped ancient practice of Lupercalia (beating up women and various BAAL/Baphomet shit) at the same time of year.

    A century later in Christian disguise they venerated this guy into a saint lol, that they killed for being Christian back in (296AD). A century before becoming, the so called Christian Roman Empire and made him a Martyr… for the lols.

  4. I agree with you all the way.U.S is stupid with the holidays and why is people still celebrate these is clueless with what they’re brought even all it starts out in the schools.You guys take prayer out of school but you teach evolution and stupid Holiday crap like this.I agree with you all the way with this article sad this in Florida there was a shooting today hows that for education and love in the United states.

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