What Went Wrong With… Lil Pump?

An image of a big pump and a little pump mocking rapper Lil Pump. By What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

Thanks to the constant hype, overrating, and defending of substandard rappers such as Lil Yachty and Kodak Black, the bar is now set so low that pretty much any Tom, Dick, or Gazzy can become a world famous “musician”. Gazzy Garcia, better known as Lil Pump, is the latest trash trap rapper spitting that well-known, derivative bullshit, you know; “da-da-da, da-da-da, da, ooh!, da-da-da, da-da-da, da, yeah!”. If you don’t know who this simpleton is, or you’ve never heard his songs, take a listen to his self-titled track from last year for an example of how shitty his music is…

There’s also the song “Finesse The Pack”, where he uses the autotune effect to try and disguise his lack of skills (like every other untalented rapper these days)…

“Elementary” is where he repeats the word “elementary” over and over again, goes off beat, and is just generally shoddy at music (I’m sure his fans will have excuses for all this)…

Of course “Gucci Gang” is this twerp’s most famous track and it has him repeating the title a bazillion fricking times (probably because he can’t think of anything else to fill the gaps) and there’s a few “prrr” bird chirps inserted for not-so-good measure…

With so many second or third-rate rappers “making it” these days, it makes you wonder; are people deaf or are fans just taking the piss? I mean at one point people thought Riff Raff was satire but nah, he was serious. But things have only gotten worse since; mumbling, dumbing-down flow and content, mainstream Hip-Hop is really in the doldrums right now.

It’s funny that every now and again, thanks largely to the internet, morons with absolutely no talent become famous, either for a short blip (Trinidad James, Slim Jesus) or for what seems like an unwelcomely long time (Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty) and the one constant with all these dull dudes is that their music is rotting garbage. Lil Pump is no different than these aforementioned cretins; he’s corny, contrived, and crap at rapping too. There is nothing original about him or any of these new wack trappers with “Lil” in their name and there’s nothing memorable about the muzak they make; same flow, same topics, same beat, same ol’ shite being overhyped by a bunch of lean-addicted fans.

People’s main defence of this kind of wack music is the amount of money it generates, like monetary gain is somehow supposed to  stop us criticising shitty music. If you’re go-to defence of Lil Pump is his “numbers”, you’re a deaf, dick-riding doormat…

And let me get this shit straight for any contrived “hater” responses; when people like me call out these lames it’s not because of their age, their race, the subgenre or lifestyle that they choose to represent, it’s simply because they are talentless. Lil Pump is quite obviously devoid of musical skills, but he’s the latest in a long line of talentless trap-obsessed purveyors of garbage to become famous.

If you desperately wanna hear a rainbow-haired rapper rap over a contemporary beat, you could just listen to 6ix9ine, ’cause Lil Pump is obviously the wrong choice. There’s plenty of underground stuff that’s infinitely superior than the popular fluff, whatever genre or subgenre, but the mainstream consumer just seems to eat up all the offal that’s fed to them, no matter how tasteless it is.

Back to Lil Pump, this mediocre dope has, like many before him, become a sensation for being nothing special; he doesn’t look good, he doesn’t sound good, so what’s the attraction? And what the fuck does “Lil Pump” even mean? A small gun, an itty bitty shoe, a little suction device, or a tiny penis screwing? Who the fuck knows? All I know is that his music is the audio equivalent of saccharin-infused soft drinks; fake, weak, with a nasty after-taste. If you’re the one buying this bullshit, you’re a…

Lil Chump.

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  1. I hate my generation years ago rappers had to have skill to make it. But NO after crappy Soulja boy once pulled the impossible feat.Everyone trying to sound like hacks and they get featured on tv let alone get played fanbase.I need to get my career started soon as I can. I hope to get my geberation supposed to sound not watered down garbage.

  2. All you new rappers don’t be talkin’ ’bout shit except doin’ drugs, wonder how you got a name
    Sippin’ lean, takin’ E, Percocets, Purple drank, Xanax, everything sound the same

    fuck lil pump

  3. The more these shite acts get pushed on us. Is the more I believe there is concerted effort of re-engineering of social norms and culture remake and shift.

    These acts, always pushed to the forefront and it’s more so the force/entity behind guys like this that are steering and directing the culture trends and wave.

    I tend to not get triggered by these individual shit rappers anymore and now observe the controllers/gatekeepers… eg Labels and distribution/sponsors etc.. always spearheaded by people outside of “the culture” who seem to evade spotlight and scrunity (but call them out… and the tears start flowing of their victim statehood and history)

    Reading up on the Beatles etc being a creation of the Tavistock Institute. These methods are very much alive and kicking, albeit very refiend and hidden behind a myriad smokescreens.

    But just sharing my thoughts… would be interesting to read your take on this.


    • I’d love it if some genuine independent documentary maker/writer did some in-depth research into Hip-Hop music from the 80s to the present day, because it always seemed suspicious that the detrimental stuff made it to the charts/mainstream. From Gangsta Rap, Mafioso Rap, Jiggy Rap, Trap, Crunk, to Mumble Rap, it’s strange that nobody ever took to political or lyrical Hip-Hop sub-genres, that seems very suspect to me.

      The problem I always have is that if arms of the intelligence agencies/government/military are moulding entertainment to promote something, why do the artists they push have to be lame these days? Jim Morrison had military family connections and James Taylor was allegedly from a mental institute but their songs were decent enough so it didn’t matter where they came from. It’s the complete opposite these days, someone like Lil Pump is so shite that, yes, he could be mentally ill, he could be pushing an agenda, but his music is trash so it makes me wonder who is obeying, let alone listening to this crap.

      I assume that pushing drugs/quietening anti-establishment views was always part of the reason Hippie music or Gangsta Rap was forced onto certain demographics. With Mumble Rap/Trap I guess it’s to sell prescription drugs like Xanax or Codeine, either that or just another attempt at dumbing down society. At this point it’s futile to try and prevent the puppeteers from creating/promoting certain artists, if that is what’s happening, all I ask is that the “celebrities” they choose be talented, like they were in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and some of the 90s.


  4. Couldn’t agree more with this article. What is with this current trend of shite rappers who get deals and I have to put up with this “music” being played on uni campus? “Bad and Boujee” makes me wanna rip my ears out and Donald Glover compared Migos to the Beatles?? If this is the case then we’re basically in the dark ages for music in the sense that no one’s influenced to start a revolution with anything useful at all that causes a hype which will be looked back in fondness. I’ll keep listening to my N.W.A. and Biggie and my old rock/metal music most of which was made before I was born (in 97), before the music industry went to shit with Napster. Not only is it terrible but it makes me wonder how “Bad and Boujee” and “Panda” are well praised when even by shite standards, neither are catchy at all and whether or not I’m missing some sort of meaning in either of these songs and in many others too.

  5. Gone are the days wher rappers thought hard just to get a cool name (Ice Cube, Jasiri X, Afrika Bambaataa). Now all you gotta do is:
    a)Find a random word
    b)Add Lil, Kid, Young or your collective’s name before the word.
    c) Done!

    Using this I have created a “dope” contemporary name: Lil Vaseline.
    What did you get?

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