What Went Wrong With… Ruby Rose?

A satirical image showing Ruby Rose's similar roles and her bad acting by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

If you like to watch crap films, especially sequels, then you’ll probably know who Ruby Rose is. This model turned actor can usually be seen pouting in the background of many a substandard movie, almost like a clueless extra channelling Derek Zoolander’s “Blue Steel”. You may have noticed Ruby in such trashy films as Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, XXX: Return Of Xander Cage, and John Wick: Chapter 2. Hey, maybe she likes titles with colons or maybe she has a penchant for shite sequels, but whatever the reason, Rose has appeared in numerous heaps of filmic feculence. And yet, even in inferior flicks such as the ones I’ve just listed, Ruby Rose sticks out as being the most amateur actor on screen (and standing next to Vin Diesel or Milla Jovovich, that takes some doing).

Being slightly attractive apparently means you get a pass into Hollywood, forget honing your acting skills, just stand there and look cute. Of course the idea of models trying to act isn’t a new thing; from Grace Jones in Vamp to Cindy Crawford in Fair Game, models are usually allowed into Hollywood to “pretty-fy” a film, and it’s strange that such an archaic, and even sexist concept is still rife in Tinseltown today. Every time you see substandard acting from models such as Jeff Ryan appearing on TV to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Abbey Lee appearing on film (the latter two ruining Mad Max: Fury Road) models usually pop up and destroy the overall look and credibility of a film and Ruby Rose is no different.

These so-called multi-disciplined, model-slash-wannabe-actors pop up on the scene now and again, back in the day it was Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg, rapping, modelling, and then acting. It’s weird that during these people’s rise up the rungs of entertainment, nobody seems to mention that these lames aren’t worthy of one of their professions let alone several. As an apparent model, DJ, TV presenter, and actor, let’s hope Ruby Rose’s other chosen vocations are better suited to her Justin-Bieber-looking, no-acting-talent-having arse (because portraying varied characters sure isn’t her thing). If she was in a scene being chased by a hoard of pine monsters through a redwood forest, it’d still be her performance that’d be the most wooden.

Not All Rubies Have Value.

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  1. wow just read this and u hit the nail on the head i have been saying the exact same thing now she’s been cast in the arrowverse means i don’t watch the crossovers anymore which are great but i just can’t stand here acting it’s one note all the way but somehow she gets away with it and if anyone calls her out for being a terrible actor all of a sudden you’re homophobic the blue steal reference is amazing btw couldn’t have said it better myself

  2. This is the first time seeing her in anything. I just watched The Meg. Something about her really bothers me, enough that I had to search out your page. That alien gangly walk of skeletal models maybe bothers me. Like a twisted female Jack the Pumpkin King brought to life (except far less charming and musical).

    Her casting as the character was only part of the problem though I suppose. The writers heaped too much responsibility on her character which made it far worse. She looks more like a starving, coke-loving, underfed model who probably spends more time partying and trying to decide on new tattoos, than going through engineering at a university, developing a billion dollar ocean laboratory, a super-shark cage, oh yeah, and learning to be a hacker on the side too. The only way they try to give her some credibility for all these achievements is by feeding Statham the line “You look like you might actually know what you’re doing”, no Turkish, she definitely doesn’t. The movie was silly, but her role was the absolute worst. I’d rather watch another Jason Statham b-movie, Ghosts of Mars, simply because Ruby Rose isn’t in it.

    • I’m not gonna state names, but I remember working in a restaurant, rose had came inside and was throwing fries at her waiter. Claimed the waiter was homophobic to my boss only to be told they were LGBTQ as well. I’m not a fan of her diva behavior period and the fact she got away with it bothers me. She’s not only a terrible actor, but a terrible person as well. Ruby if you ever see this- yes this happened years ago, but I’ve never forgot and I hope your career fails. I hope someone throws fries at u and tries to use there celebrity status to get you fired!

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