What Went Wrong With… Mediocre Celebs: The Inadvertent Byproduct Of The Casting Couch?

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The recent Harvey Weinstein scandal has not only brought up the issue of a male-dominated entertainment industry where sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape thrives, it has also raised the subject of trading sexual favours for fame and fortune. Once it was reported that Weinstein had allegedly sexually harassed numerous female actors, the story began to snowball, suddenly male actors also began to report unnamed “powerful executives” who had acted similarly towards them, and TV actors and fashion models began to report cases of sexual harassment too. The one aspect of this story that the news media didn’t tackle however, is the fact that if this “casting couch” scenario is so widespread and is embedded within all of entertainment (including film, television, music, and fashion) then isn’t this an explanation as to why many famous people are so mediocre and bland these days? If it is accepted that you will only gain fame by getting down on your knees, then surely that’s the reason that the majority of the entertainment industry is filled with second-rate twats? It makes you wonder how many of these untalented celebs were willing to do what other, more talented people wouldn’t, hence their underserved fame.

This site is filled to the brim with contemporary celebrities that are so mediocre and so lacking in talent that it’s almost impossible to fathom why they’re famous. I’m not saying that all or even any of the people I’ve written about are the result of the casting couch, but surely if this process is so widespread as it has been reported, if it’s endemic within the entertainment industry, it stands to reason that a high percentage had to go through this fucked-up vetting process?

Many people these days question why the very concept of celebrity and fame has taken a nose-dive over the last two decades or so. Well, aside from the rise of reality stars and social media, maybe the answer lies in the casting couch system? If the only entry into the world of entertainment is by exchanging sexual favours for jobs, if agreeing to or ignoring sexual assault is a path to stardom rather than exhibiting actual talent, then surely this has directly affected the types of people being hired? The very mention of the casting couch will instantly turn off genuine talent whilst simultaneously attracting those willing to sell their body and soul. If Harvey Weinstein is indicative of the way you become a movie star, and if a large section of fashion, music, and TV is also recruited in the same way, then it’s obvious that prostitutes are preferred to artists. Male or female, it can’t be ignored that many of today’s celebrities are lame, mediocre, talentless hacks. Is that because they were chosen for their discretion and willingness to conform instead of exhibiting skill and talent? Forget being able to write, direct, act, or sing, all you need to do is “be nice” to some big-shot mogul and you’re set for life. That explains a lot.

Fame Whores.

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  1. Good article and you hit the nail on the head.It’s not about talent it’s about you willing to do to get it.No wonder why our society system is screwed up and pop culture is crap now.God when is it going to be destroyed seriously.

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