What Went Wrong With… Living In An Era Of Contradictions?

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We’re living in a time of complete idiocy, nothing makes sense any more. For two decades the masses have slowly accepted any and everything thrown at them; an event takes place that results in legislation that is fundamentally against the ideals of a nation but people accept it out of fear, a famous celebrity writes or records something that goes against most people’s views but people accept it out of loyalty, a news report or TV show subtly tells society how to think or act on a particular topic and people obey. By accepting everything that’s suggested or uttered by the people in charge whilst simultaneously trying to uphold the morals and ideals of yesteryear, we are now in a state of complete confusion. The mainstream is a mish-mash of conflicting opinions that everybody seems to accept as correct without looking at the glaring contradictions. Ignoring fundamentally wrong concepts over the years, especially since the start of Millennium, has resulted in this kind of idiocy…

  • We love cheap products but we hate sweat shops and slave labour
  • We love the concept of government but we hate politicians
  • We love the concept of freedom but we allow new laws to take our freedom away
  • We love the the concept of the Police but we hate the Police themselves
  • We allow the Police to be militarised but we’re anti-gun
  • We love the military but we’re anti-war
  • “Lest We Forget” the World Wars but we forget about every war currently being waged
  • We hate American history but we wave the American flag
  • We hate colonialism but we’re proud to be British
  • We hate apartheid but we love Israel
  • We hate prejudice apart from whichever demographic it’s currently okay to demonise
  • We hate people on welfare but we want welfare when we need it
  • We hate the immigrants of today but we ignore immigration throughout history
  • We hate liberals but we love peace and unity
  • We hate conservatives but we love order and punishment
  • We hate the rich but we love money
  • We believe everything people in the media tell us but we ignore what real people tell us
  • We encourage Freedom Of Speech but we accept that it has consequences for work and money
  • We encourage Freedom Of Expression but we ban everything we don’t agree with

This is just a taste of the illogical bullshit that people accept as normal today. Mainstream opinion no longer makes sense and deep down everybody knows it. If you want something such as cheap oil, cheap technology, cheap food, cheap clothing, then some kind of moral price has to be paid; slave labour, animal cruelty, war, displacement. You name it, it happens directly because of your desires, and you can’t have one without the other.

On a bigger scale, if you declare that you’re for freedom you’d better be for everybody’s freedom, not just your own. If you want peace, you’d better want peace everywhere not just in your country, because a combination of selfishness and ignorance is blighting our morality, ethics, and world view.

I guess this era of contradiction isn’t that surprising, what do you expect when most of the world is built on a foundation of hypocrisy? Take The United States for instance; Thomas Jefferson, a slave-inheritor and keeper who wanted Native Americans to “assimilate” with the new white population (surely it should be the other way around) or else they’d be killed, also wrote “All men are created equal” in the U.S. Declaration Of Independence. Obviously he didn’t listen to his own words.

The Star-Spangled Banner which contains the line “The Land Of The Free” was written in 1814 but slavery still existed during that time, it was only abolished in 1865 and even then the U.S. had obvious inequalities for their black population, not just back then but all the way to the 1960s and even to the present day. If you can openly sing or quote these lines whilst simultaneously oppressing a particular section of your own country, then is it any wonder contemporary Americans think and act like they do? When your own history is built upon layers and layers of contradiction, what else do you expect?

The American Right these days have become especially contradictory, they vehemently state that they’re oh so proud about how “free” their country is, but as soon as someone refuses to sing the national anthem at some sports events they’re up in arms pissing and moaning about how “un-American” that person is, oh the irony.

Recently when the far-right were protesting against the statue of Robert E. Lee from being removed in Charlottesville, their argument was that it was “removing history”, and yet these same bigots had no problem with the destruction of the Firdos Square statue of Saddam Hussein in 2003. If someone loses a war then like it or not their statue gets toppled and the losers’ history is either rewritten or erased. The Alt-Right need to realise that the South lost the Civil War and if there’s enough American people wanting a Confederate statue removed, then tough, you lost just like Saddam. But oh no, we have one rule for one and one for another, people can’t seem to have a consistent opinion on anything these days, especially when making the right decision isn’t in their own favour.

Don’t get me wrong, the left these days are also hypocrites, they also claim they’re for freedom but they’re always trying to quash anything that doesn’t comply with their opinion, banning or suppressing everything they don’t agree with. In addition the liberal left claim they’re “for peace”, they act like pacifists and protest against every single war but as soon as the subject of troops comes up they start to act like doormats – “they’re all heroes!” – who do you think drops the bombs and shoots the guns? The very “heroes” you’re polishing the boots of.

I don’t care whether someone is right or left-leaning, but whatever you declare you are, at least be adamant about your opinion. There’s nothing more annoying than some sellout who jumps through hoops to please the mainstream or their peers, someone who tries to follow and adapt to popular opinion and who sullies their very soul by switching stances every time the political wind blows. This kind of hypocrisy and contradiction has resulted in an opinion that makes absolutely no sense when you step back and look at it as a whole. Stick to your fucking guns.


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  1. The first step an individual should take would be to cease the unrealistic practice of rigidly Identifying with a position on the spectrum in the first place. It is this totally outmoded egoistic behaviour of defending a position that needs to go…for it is fundamentally of the ego…like opinions or beliefs (-ie- the holding of a conviction despite the absence of proof). A spiritually mature human being surely resonates with the fact that life is too amorphous to be unyielding in a perspective when a new experience/information that contradicts with said perspective is invariably bound to shunt them onto a newer trajectory. It is far better to humbly yield to the complexities and the innumerably unaccounted for variables of an occurence/situation by more holistically considering it within the context of a “big picture” perspective. This particular sensitivity is obviously, painfully not common enough.

    The current climate is due to this constant and subtle inculcation that you alluded to in your opening paragraph. It does the most effective damage when people, all too willingly, give their power away to effectively be mind-controlled by others…That, is the fundamental leverage point that the powers that currently are yet will eventually no longer be wield so effectively over the general populace…The old divide and conquer tactic of getting people to identify with a position and then playing them off against one another whilst also forcing them into a mode of existence that externalizes the implications of their actions whilst concurrently atmomising them into discrete batteries for harvesting and conforming to hive-mind mentality/groupthink…Fear-based, immature, hypocritical cognitive dissonance anyone? It would be brilliant if people stopped abdicating thought and responsibility by handing it over to others who wish to mold them…I love all of my brothers and sisters but its frustrating as fuck to be sharing a planet with those who continue to do this (-ie- the majority).

    Anyways, enough prescriptive pontificating from me, peace

    • “…. whilst also forcing them into a mode of existence that externalizes the implications of their actions whilst concurrently atmomising them into discrete batteries for harvesting and conforming to hive-mind mentality/groupthink….”


    • I agree with the subject of that video but this article was more about contradictory standpoints from everybody whether they define themselves as right or left or somewhere in-between. The labels referred to in this video don’t really apply when people are taking inconsistent viewpoints and cobbling them together to form a hypocritical world view like those outlined in the article above – very much like Trump being pro-America/pro-Freedom but anti-protesting (as he was with the whole NFL anthem/flag crap he recently tweeted). America is so free and yet the President calls for you to get fired for excising your right to free speech? 😒 What a fucking moron…

  2. More drivel from this author. No real point is made here just a series of rants lashing out in all directions hoping to hook one. All inclusive diatribe.

    • So you’d prefer it if I blamed a particular side, say, the left or the right – you know, like countless other, shite, divisive sites already do? The real point here, is the fact that the ruination or devolution of our society is the fault of both the left and the right. Everybody is to blame equally, just like it’s the equal fault of your mum and dad that you’re a condescending little cunt.

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