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I was in two minds about where to post this article; or I’ll admit that I began writing about how talented I thought Jamie Foxx was as an actor but then I dug up some of his stand-up comedy and after watching it, this article became something else entirely.

So like I said, I started writing about how good an actor Jamie Foxx is but the further I got through reading his filmography, the more I realised that he hasn’t made a decent movie in years. It seems that making watchable and memorable films is all but in the past for Foxx, especially in terms of showcasing his acting abilities, if this was a school report, it would read “wasted talent”. I mean everybody remembers the Oscar winning Ray but what has Foxx made since then that’s ever compared? Sure there’s the often forgotten The Soloist where he played a homeless Juliard-trained violin player, and okay, the way Jamie Foxx played the character of Nathaniel Ayers, he almost had me in tears even watching the trailer but the film itself was very mundane. From his mannerisms to his expressions, the biggest talent Jamie Foxx possesses is the fact that he can make you feel sorry for his character almost in an instant. Never mind The Soloist, I felt sorry for Max Dillon in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Safe to say that in these three movies, Jamie Foxx was the main reason to watch each of these films.

So acting-wise, Foxx has portrayed a downtrodden and sympathetic character twice, he’s also played an Oscar-worthy character twice, but aside form that, his filmography is littered with mundane crap. He has of course appeared in many critically acclaimed films (Ali, Collateral) but aside from the aforementioned Ray, he is usually playing a supporting role. Foxx seems content in playing second-fiddle in almost every flick he makes these days, and this seems to be continuing even in the upcoming Robin Hood.

Even the overrated Django Unchained which promised so much, was disappointing on many levels, mainly for the reasons I outlined in my article about Quentin Tarantino. This was a missed opportunity since two great actors (Christoph Waltz and Foxx) were on screen but the script, plot, and direction didn’t give enough to either performer, especially Jamie who was content in playing a black character that never quite squares up to the white people around him, very much like Foxx in real life I guess. More on that in a bit.

So I’ve acknowledged that Jamie Foxx is a talented actor, and although I don’t like his music I’ll also acknowledge that he has a decent singing voice, and while I’m at it, yes he’s quite funny too. So at this point you may ask; if you think he’s a good actor and a good comedian, why the piss-streak is this article on this site? Well firstly, there’s all the crappy movies. Foxx seems to be fine with making middle-of-the-road banality including Horrible Bosses & Horrible Bosses 2. And how do you go from Ray to Stealth? What the fuck was he thinking? Okay, you don’t have to appear in only serious dramas, I mean I enjoyed Law Abiding Citizen (arguably Gerard Butler‘s only satisfying film) but Due Date, White House Down, Annie, why appear in shite especially when you know you can act? The answer could be that first and foremost, Jamie Foxx is a comedian, so maybe he gravitates towards comedy rather than drama. Fine, but can’t he seek out decent comedies rather than appearing in mediocre, derivative bullshit?

I first saw Jamie Foxx in a few comedy films such as The Great White Hype and then Bait and despite the fact that these films were average, Foxx did have a knack for making you laugh. From playing “Ugly Wanda” in In Living Color to doing stand-up comedy, Jamie was someone who had obvious talent. But, despite being quite entertaining, once 9/11 occurred, like many other sellout people of colour, Foxx began telling moronic gags that demeaned everyone who “looked” Arab or Muslim whilst attempting to be on-par with his white oppressors. After September 11th, Foxx uttered the three most idiotic words ever spoken by him; “We’re too free” and we all know how that type of sentiment resulted in the erosion of law.

Ripping a page out of Martin Lawrence and Eddie Griffin’s book, In his 2002 show I Might Need Security, Foxx proceeded to tell jokes about “those Taliban motherfuckers” referring to anybody who looked Muslim or Arab. The bullshit begins at approximately 4:36 (in the video below) immediately after some crappy gag about arseplay. After he utters the contrived post-9/11 catchphrase “God bless America” he says bullshit like this; “They say don’t discriminate but shit… if it was up to me I’d take ’em all to jail” and “We done let too many people in the country and now we don’t know who the hell is what” (wow, bad grammar and xenophobia, what a combination).

At one point, Foxx says “Let’s go back to black, white, and Mexican” – you mean Latino or are all brown people who speak Spanish or Portuguese “Mexicans” to Foxx? And what about Asians, they built America’s damn railroads and what about the frigging Native Americans? Go back to when? A time of idiocy, ignorance, and racism?

Jamie Foxx then talks about travelling on a plane and “one of them Tannenbaums, Talibans, comes sits next to me” (A member of the Taliban sat next to him, was he on a flight to or from Afghanistan?). He then says that this man didn’t eat the peanuts (the on flight snack) so therefore it must be Ramadan. Okay so these are jokes, unfunny jokes but jokes nevertheless, but comedy is a representation of public opinions and thoughts, just because you’re supposed to laugh at the punchline, it doesn’t make the statement itself any less moronic or hateful. It was because of casual bigotry like this that Islamophobia was born; black people, Latinos, south and east Asians, everybody of colour who wasn’t Muslim was in a mad dash to declare themselves as such, even if it meant being openly prejudice.

If you watch this crappy stand-up routine, you’ll hear Jamie Foxx allude to the fact that black people aren’t Muslims. Forget about Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, or Germaine Lindsay, Foxx just revels in being bigoted toward another demographic now that “black” people weren’t the target of white people’s racism (that lasted long).

Just like Martin Lawrence and Eddie Griffin, Jamie Foxx was yet another ethnic minority who after September 11th became a pro-American, white man dick-sucker at the drop of a hat. Confusing what it is to be “American” with being simply white or black is indicative of the kind of stupidity that was widespread following the attacks. Any kind of ethnicity that had a different dress or exotic complexion were all declared terrorists by the ignorant masses.

Recently, whilst filming Robin Hood in Croatia, it was reported that Jamie Foxx was called a “crncuga” which apparently translates to “nigger” or “niggers”. I guess Jamie Foxx thought he was somehow better than other minorities because he was an American working in Hollywood surrounded by white people but events like this must have brought him back down to earth. After 9/11, I assume that he thought he was more American than all the brown or Muslim Americans he saw fit to demonise. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, a person of colour is never white, this incident proves that to a racist, Jamie Foxx is no better than every single Muslim out there, you know, the Taliban or Tannenbaums? Selling out didn’t place this daft git any higher in racial standing than the races he was dissing after September 11th. Karma I guess, but I doubt Foxx can tell the difference between a Hindu and a Muslim.

Looking like Amber Ruffin if she was kicked by a mule, shaved, and then stuck in a skin-tight shirt, Jamie Foxx is a walking, talking, singing, acting, disappointment. Dressed in women’s clothing in In Living Color more times than a drag queen at the Annual Bourbon Street Awards, I guess it was inevitable that in the end Jamie Foxx would turn out to be a bitch. Yes he can act but he’s also acted like a prick and that shouldn’t be forgotten. Every time you see Jamie Foxx remember that he’s an ass-obsessed, Bill Clinton-dick-licking, flag-waving, xenophobic, Islamophobic, sellout motherfucker.

Foxx Off.


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  1. Cheers mate-another brilliant and spot on article.

    Jamie Foxx needs to read this himself and be thoroughly ashamed for the way he’s sold out to white Hollywood . It’s completely inexcusable and shows a lack of integrity and personal self worth.

    The racist and utterly awful ‘Django Unchained’ for example is one of the most contemptible and offensive movies I’ve ever seen-even by Quentin Tarantino’s abysmally low an stupid standards- it was utterly sickening to watch Foxx prostrate himself in this ‘let’s gloss over the evils of slavery’ myopic bullshit by a sell out director-who’s obviously run out of any new and interesting ideas for modern cinema.
    What the hell made Jamie Foxx want to appear in this pointless and hate filled abysmal garbage (other than money obviously) in the first place anyway? No person of ANY colour or humanity wouldn’t want ANYTHING to do with such an abomination of a movie-let alone a long past his prime white director who creams himself on a daily basis with the ‘N’ word and KKK revisionist history .

    Quentin Tarantino AND Jamie Foxx need to be chained and locked away for a very long time.

    To gloss over the evils of racism and slavery in such a cavalier way for the sake of cheap Hollywood entertainment thrills is absoloutely disgusting and unforgivable .

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