What Went Wrong With… Some People’s Reaction To The Manchester Attack?

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An unfortunate and unintentional by-product of an act of terror is highlighting all the morons in our society. The recent Manchester attack brought out all the idiots from the woodwork and like 9/11, 7/7, The Boston Bombing, and the Paris Attacks, it showed us who the fools and the hate-mongers are in our nation.

Society’s reaction to terrorism is very predictable; almost immediately after the anger and grief stages, after all the hollow sentiments on social media, we then venture into the clichéd “terrorism won’t change us” mode. We’re told that we should continue with our lives otherwise the terrorists will win! But, without actually hearing and paying attention to these words, many people then immediately do a 180. Many tits begin dreaming up new ways of changing and ruining society, going against the very morals and values that are supposed to make our Western countries “better” than the rest of the world. The sad truth is that terrorism always wins because within a day of an atrocity we start to call for our freedoms to be taken away.

As an example, whilst watching those four menopausal twats on ‘Loose Women’ today, I saw their talking point “Is enough being done to make you feel safe?” (ITV, Wednesday 25th). It was quite telling that the on-screen topic was not “is enough being done to make us safe” but instead “is enough being done to make us FEEL safe” – so window dressing rather than actual tangible and effective action? Great frigging topic. I sat there in bewilderment as these daytime lames began pondering, hmm… how should we erode our Western Freedoms further? I heard them say something along the lines of “please snoop on all our emails and calls, get rid of encrypted messages, erect more bollards and place more concrete barriers, search everybody’s bags, yeah armed police everywhere!”. Of course the dumb fucking audience clapped at these downright daft and self-punishing points of view. Aren’t all the post-9/11 and 7/7 laws enough? No, please give more of our freedom to the War On Terror.

It says a lot about our society that we talk in contradictions following a terrorist attack; “we have so much freedom in the West”… “it’s this freedom that they’re jealous of”… “it’s our freedom that they hate”, but then we instantly begin working out ways to lock our own society down. For fuck’s sake, how much more of our freedom can we give away for the sake of so-called security? Just like that moronic, American, militaristic idiom “Freedom isn’t free”, it seems that those who bandy the term “freedom” about are those who freely give it away.

In addition to all this pro-freedom/anti-freedom bullshit, an act of terror always weeds out the xenophobes. Just like Rob Lowe who idiotically brought the issue of immigration into the Paris attacks (perpetrated by French and Belgian citizens) or Alex Jones who brought immigration into the Orlando nightclub attack (perpetrated by an American citizen), this time Morrissey (from the group The Smiths) brought immigration into the conversation in regards to the Manchester Arena attack. This type of ignorance is staggering, in each of these cases the alleged terrorist was born and bred in the country they attacked, since the alleged Manchester terrorist was British, why is this flower-waving dick saying Teresa May should change her immigration policy?

Morrisey's Facebook post bringing in the issue of immigration onto the topic of the Manchester Attack

Immediately following an act of terror, all the right-wing maggots begin crawling over the corpses of the dead, bringing in yet more hatred and calling for yet more violence. Katie Hopkins went much further than bringing up issues of immigration, her now deleted, Nazi-evoking tweet (see below) could easily be seen as a call for ethnic cleansing, which is not only appalling, it makes no fucking sense because Islam is a religion not a race. The daft, old, racist piss-flap.

Katie Hopkins deleted Final Solution tweet calling for ethnic cleansing after the Manchester Attack

Now I always expect a prejudice reaction from the likes of Katie Hopkins, InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson or the ex-EDL Tommy Robinson but after the recent attack I heard some horrid points of view from a certain Liverpudlian pugilist.

The boxer Tony Bellew reacted in a completely venomous way, in this video he says we should deport people who were born in the UK (go figure) not only that but we should bring back public executions (how do you execute a suicide bomber exactly?). We should apparently then kill people who know alleged terrorists, which would surely include their friends and families, and oh yes, we should also stone them and set them on fire (one too many punches to the head or was he this stupid to begin with?). So let’s recap, Bellew wants public stoning and he wants us to burn innocent people, so okay, let’s become ISIS, what a well thought-out idea. The comments below this YouTube video show the levels of idiocy within parts of our society, if you think burning the families and friends of alleged terrorists is “talking sense” then you’re a massive, hate-filled cunt. If anybody should be deported it’s you.

So while the majority of us recognise that the nurses, doctors, police, ambulance drivers, and taxi drivers who helped following the recent attack were from all races and religions and that incidents like this should and have brought our society together, there’s always cunts like Hopkins, Watson, Robinson, and now Bellew here to divide us more than the fucking terrorist attack itself. Immigration isn’t an issue when we’re talking about home-grown killers and corporal punishment can’t apply to suicide bombers, we don’t need this type of overreaction, we need sane, clear thinking. We don’t need a fake-celebrity calling for the extermination of certain people or some halfwit saying we should torture and kill people from certain demographics. Ignoring the likes of Anders Behring Breivik and Thomas Mair but bringing in race and religion to someone like Salman Abedi shows the inherent racism and Islamophobia when it comes to the aftermath of post-millennial terrorism. Let’s not forget that terrorism is intended to change the way we live and act, and most importantly scare and divide us, but strangely it’s the right, the alt-right, and the far-right that’s scare-mongering and dividing our society following every act of terrorism. For all of their pro-British, pro-Christian values, these idiots are doing the job of Islamic State, great job you imbecilic dickheads!

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right But Two Rights Make A Twat.

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  1. All roads lead to Zionist Israel. They push immigration to help their agenda of demonizing muslims. Even though they love Whahabbiists.

    • I think Primesight is a Mancunian company, so I can see why they’re doing this, but it’s still a hollow gesture that does little to nothing (plus adding the British flag to the “Stand With Manchester” hashtag is simply pushing patriotism to the masses). Like you said this is similar to Paris and yet again there’s international companies adding that black ribbon to their logos to “show solidarity” but really, how are YouTube and Google helping? A quick, throwaway logo change is going to help the victims how exactly?
      YouTube Manchester Black Ribbon
      Google Manchester Black Ribbon

  2. Nobody is asking why there needs to be a huge huge worldwide charity for the victims families?!? Its not like it was a tsunami or earthquake or something. Theyve already raised MILLIONS and the Ariana Grande One Love benefit concert will raise MILLIONS more (Eminem raised 2 million on his own WTF). Wheres all this cash going to??? Not to sound heartless but is THAT much money needed for a few hundred people who have access to the NHS???

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