What Went Wrong With… Bill Maher?

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Bill Maher is supposed to be a comedian, a liberal comedian, he’s also promoted to the public as a liberal presenter and a liberal interviewer, and yet he’s quite obviously none of the above; he’s crap at presenting, he sucks at interviewing, he’s painfully unfunny, but most importantly, he’s not liberal in the slightest. He might spout a few contrived keywords to make it seem he’s left-leaning but for all intents and purposes, Maher is a fake-liberal, a charlatan who masquerades as a leftie comedian to his gullible audience of spaniels. Take a look at one of Maher’s shitty stand-up shows such as ‘Live From D.C.’, his audience laugh almost by reflex at his stereotypically anti-Republican buzzwords; “Sarah Palin”, “George Bush”, “Mitt Romney”, his routine is littered with liberal contrivances; he’s pro-Barack, pro-Michelle, pro-Obamacare, and allegedly pro-black, but then out of nowhere he spurts out bollocks like “tattoos look stupid on black people… it isn’t racist, I just can’t make out what it is” (a joke that I’ll point out is followed by a single over-enthusiastic clap). This is Bill Maher’s usual, double-crossing manoeuvre that he routinely pulls on his unsuspecting, kiss-arse audience; liberal, liberal, liberal, illiberal! Utter bullshit.

On September 17th 2001, a week after the 9/11 terror attacks, Maher famously said on his show ‘Politically Incorrect’; We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That’s cowardly. Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, that’s not cowardly. Stupid maybe, but not cowardly”. I remember agreeing with him when he said this, this seemed to be the only sane opinion on mainstream television during a time of fake-patriotism, xenophobia, and jingoism. It makes it all the more disappointing therefore, that the same man who was so critical of President Bush and commented on an act of terror without resorting to pro-American and Islamophobic clichés, would then sell out. Maher if you don’t know has now become contrivedly and overtly pro-American, making statements like this and slipping them in-between his shite jokes (taken from ‘Victory Begins At Home’ 2004)…

“The values of Western civilization are not just different, they’re better. I know a whole generation has been raised on the notion of multiculturalism, that all civilizations are just different. No, not always. Sometimes things are better. Rule of law is better than autocracy and theocracy. Equality of the sexes, better. Protection of minorities, better. Free speech, better. Free elections, better.

Ignoring the horrid title of that particular show, there’s so much wrong with that statement. I won’t go into depth but look at all the fake-democracy and corruption of law in the West, never mind the years of open and accepted prejudice against minorities or the suppression of free speech by our beloved media (even Maher got sacked for making that aforementioned comment about cowardice and terrorism which goes to prove that free speech is a myth). You don’t just get to ignore the raping of other countries’ wealth, the genocide of natives, the building of your “white civilisation” with slave labour from black nations and then bask in your glory of so-called achievement whilst simultaneously bashing the countries that now lie in the aftermath of colonialism. This is the kind of self-righteous crap Bill Maher has been spouting over the last decade and a half. It seems that being fired from his show for saying “politically incorrect” statements, Maher now wants to somehow toe the line and stay working, and this has him saying everything the white, middle-aged, heterosexual majority wants him to say. Pretty much everything Bill utters these days appeals to the centre-right, another reason Bill Maher is not a liberal.

Knocking multiculturalism is just the tip of the iceberg, Maher is now known for his Islamophobic perspective on things. Making jokes like the one below for me, confirms that Bill Maher is prejudice and therefore not liberal. He peppers his bigotry with a little irony but for someone who’s allegedly “anti-religion”, he makes a huge amount of effort in generalising and mocking Muslims (the majority of which are people of colour) whilst defending Christianity, Judaism, and Catholicism (the majority of which are white people)…

“Muslims still take their religion too seriously, whereas we have the good sense to blow it off. Catholics don’t follow the Pope. In overwhelming numbers they divorce, they have pre-marital sex, they masturbate. And unlike the Koran, no one here seriously considers following the Bible literally. Guys don’t look over their fence on Sunday morning and see a neighbour mowing the lawn and think, “Working on Sunday? I really should kill him.”… But, before I conclude, it should in fairness be noted that, in speaking of Muslims, we realize that of course the vast majority are law-abiding, loving people who just want to be left alone to subjugate their women in peace”

His penchant for Islamophobia now has him dissing Muslim dress too…

“How does a country get away with keeping half its population in beekeeper suits? I’ll tell you how. They say the magic word ‘religion’. It’s their religion. You say religion, you can get away with anything”

…This bullshit stance that somehow people are being oppressed by their clothing is such an idiotic and stereotypically Western point of view. A community of nudists or naturists could similarly look at us and say we’re being “oppressed” by clothes, it doesn’t mean we should all go around nude just because someone else views our garments differently to us. Just to put this crap into perspective, if I suddenly decided that shoes were uncomfortable or restrictive and then made a colony populated with bare-footed people, I could then look down on America as “oppressing its citizens” making similar jokes like “How does a country get away with keeping all its population in restrictive foot-armour? I’ll tell you how. They say the magic words ‘fashion’ and ‘safety’. You say style and safety, you can get away with anything”. Stupid fuck.

Moving away from Islamophobic comedy for a second, I’d like to point out that for all his apparent liberalness, Maher routinely chums up with conservatives and bashes his liberal guests. On his show ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ he likes to look out at the crowd during his monologue and label them “liberal” but when someone like the right-wing super-cunt Milo Yiannopoulos comes onto his show, I hear quite a few claps coming from those gaggle of suck-ups he calls an audience. In addition, most of the time ‘Real Time’ is structured so that three (and sometimes four) guests are pitted against one, a biased selection of guests so Maher always seems in the right (although politically that’s probably accurate). To bolster the fakery on show, Maher usually brings in other fake-liberal arsewipes like Jim Jeffries as guests, a twat that I’ll point out is anti-gun but pro-military (go figure). Fake fucks like Jeffries want to disarm themselves before a fascist state forms and leaves everybody defenceless, what a great fucking idea. If he doesn’t like guns why doesn’t the fucker go back to Australia, recognise that’s not his country either and then go back to Europe?

Whilst on the topic of gun control, Maher (who supports guns) doesn’t like to label “random shooters” as terrorists, a tactic he and the mainstream media employs to make it seem Muslim terrorists are somehow worse than domestic, Christian, and atheist terrorists…

…Apparently only Muslims are planning to use a Weapon of Mass Destruction, I guess we should all forget about Jack Abbot Grebe Jr. and Johnnie Wise. What a mainstream puppet he’s become.

Bill Maher’s most anti-liberal stance has to be his opinion on Islam, constantly bringing up terrorists and Muslims like they’re synonymous with each other, even making this idiotic statement a while back; “To claim that this religion is like other religions is just naive and plain wrong”. It’s an odd situation when you can go to somewhere like InfoWars and read “Islam Is Not A Religion Of Peace”, then go to Fox News and hear something similar, and then go to HBO or Sky and hear Bill Maher say pretty much the same thing. You can even go to YouTube and hear evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins saying Muslims are not “civilised” and not “peaceful”, overt Islamophobia seems to be rife in contemporary society. So what’s the difference between say, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Jeanine Pirro, Michelle Malkin, Richard Dawkins, and Bill Maher? These days you can change the channel between CNN and Fox News or BBC and ITV but all of their output is largely the same. News and entertainment is as fake as the political choices given every election, regardless of who you choose, they’re all pushing the same agenda and talking the same rhetoric. If Maher’s alleged left-wing stance on Islam is the same as some right-wing bigot from Fox News, then how is he liberal? If the end result is the same then how are Maher’s opinions any less prejudice?

Pardon me if I stray away from Bill Maher for a bit but I have to say that on the topic of terrorism, one thing the mainstream media loves to do is to label white terrorists as anything but “terrorists”, they’ll say they’re “mentally ill” or simply “Lone Wolves” and because they never group “Lone Wolves” or “mentally ill” people together, it doesn’t look like an epidemic. Allah-forbid we say a Muslim is “mentally ill” rather than a devout follower of Islam. On the day of the Orlando Shooting by Omar Mateen, a white man named James Wesley Howell was arrested for an almost identical crime – attempting to kill people at the Los Angeles Gay Pride event. He was found with rifles, ammunition, and bomb-making ingredients but he was never called a terrorist or even an attempted terrorist. On that note, it’s amazing how this and many potential terror attacks by white people are thwarted in the last minute by the authorities. Howell was taken into custody right before the media started howling “Islamic Terror” in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting, “intelligence” rarely stops people of colour and that’s definitely not a conspiracy.

So what about the Sikh Temple attack by an Army Veteran (what a hero) and what about the Charleston church shooting by Dylann Roof? Both these murderers were white supremacists but the media never call the far-right “terrorists” even when their actions are identical to Muslim terrorists. Alexandre Bissonnette responsible for the Mosque attack in Canada, was called a “Lone Wolf” by the media, Fox News even incorrectly tweeted that the mosque terror attack was perpetrated by a man of Moroccan origin, but when it was discovered that it was a white man he was charged with first-degree murder rather than terrorism offences… surprise, surprise. Here in the UK, the assassination of MP Jo Cox apparently was also committed by a “Lone Wolf”, fuck me, are we sure all these “Lone Wolves” aren’t in a pack? No connection between white, far-right, Christian or Atheist males is made by the media so the public forgets them or dismisses them as isolated events, a black or brown Muslim commits an attack and they group them all together even though on occasion, Orlando for instance it was arguably a hate crime rather than terrorism, possibly even self-hatred. But when a white man such as Richard Baumhammers went on a racially-motivated killing spree he was convicted of homicide and hate crimes not terrorism – consistency it seems is never a trait of the media or the law.

When the media and the public say “terrorism” it also depends on what their definition of “terrorism” is; civilians (especially people of colour) shoot a few people or blow something up, that’s terrorism, but a government sends their military to do the exact same thing, even when the war itself is proven to be unjust by our own conventions, that’s apparently not terrorism. Anything to keep the stats in our favour.

By extension, Israel is a Jewish state and it kills many people, we could therefore easily correlate any illegal killing its army does as religious terrorism. America sells itself as a secular country but even the dollar bill says “In God We Trust”, when the majority of the presidents show their support for Christianity and many of the population believe their President was chosen by God, surely any wars the nation takes part in are also in the name of Christianity? I guess when rogue members of a religion or a murderous gang kill in the name of Islam we call out the whole religion but when a state kills with impunity also because of their religion we turn a blind eye to it and call it defence. The end result is the same; the death of innocent people and the furtherance of a particular religion whilst attempting to overthrow another by using fear, intimidation, and violence. Terrorism by any other name.

I might be going even further away from the topic of Bill Maher, but let’s not forget all the times other religions have committed crimes in the name of their religion. As far back as the 60s there were Christians like Denis Michael Rohan who was arrested for attempting to burn down the al-Aqsa Mosque, but since a Christian attack against Muslims wasn’t a “threat” to the west (and when we say west we mean white and/or Christian) it wasn’t widely publicised. We could also easily label people like Timothy McVeigh, Charles Barbee, Robert Berry, Jay Merelle, Robert Lewis Dear as Christian terrorists, but we instead call them separatists, nationalists or mentally ill, anything but Christian terrorists, they don’t exist, only Muslim ones do.

In addition, just because the media doesn’t widely promote terrorists like Yaakov Teitel or Baruch Goldstein, the public doesn’t see Jewish terrorism. There have also been Hindu terrorists such as Dara Singh or a right-wing Hindu extremists such as Abhinav Bharat, also ignored because Hindus aren’t our current convenient bogeyman. The media has ignored or downplayed the religious aspects of many acts of terrorism that aren’t in the name of Islam but terrorism isn’t the exclusive domain of one religion, that’s by definition a prejudice point of view.

I didn’t hear people like Maher have a rant against other religions when they committed acts of terrorism, say after all the I.R.A. attacks in the 70s and 80s. I guess people’s defence will be that the I.R.A. was religious but their “war” wasn’t religious, it was cultural or nationalistic. Okay so what about the various attacks by the Army Of God or Lord’s Resistance Army in the 80s? Let’s keep a perpetual scare-mongering headline which wavers between Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, I.S.I.S. but in the decades where Islam wasn’t being demonised, did the same media rush to vilify the likes of the Phineas Priesthood in the same way? And what about non-religious or left-wing terrorism? What about Latin American terrorism? Did we group and vilify secular terrorism in the 80s as much as we do Islamic terrorism today? God forbid, there’s ever an atheist terrorist, the mainstream media will never group them together. Remember the term “Going Postal” which was a direct result of the “high number” of Postal Worker shootings in the 80s and 90s? The media rushed to say it was something unique to Postal Workers but they could have just as easily spun it as “menial workers” or “government workers” or even atheists. But that wouldn’t scan with a fear-loving, compartmentalizing public, many of which identify as atheists themselves.

Back to Bill Maher, on his crappy show ‘Real Time’, he routinely brings on his favourite guest Sam Harris, Bill Maher’s bum-buddy kinda like Bill O’Reilly‘s bestie Dennis Miller. Harris and Maher routinely wander down the path of “scholarly” Islamophobia (bringing in tenuous statistics to prove their prejudice point of view). The pair are best known for their infamous conversation where guest Ben Affleck righty called their opinion on Islam “racist”. This obviously left a scar on Harris’ soul since he made a snide comment on one of Maher’s recent shows in regards to Affleck; “if Batman were here, he’d call us a racist” he said. Wow, what a prick.

Between the two of them, Sam Harris and Bill Maher have stated on ‘Real Time’ that “Obama killed 10,000 terrorists” adding “that’s a high number for any religion” (therefore defending their skewed correlation of Muslims and terrorism and not seeing the idiocy of their statement). Assuming that the military only kills bad guys is like assuming everyone with a shaved head has cancer. The military, intelligence agencies, and the judicial system isn’t infallible, if a number like that is bandied about by the government and the media, you can be sure that only a tiny fraction of that amount are people who actually “deserved it”. Sam Harris also likes to bring up bullshit facts such as “a survey of British Muslims” saying they agree with Jihadists (The Sun anyone?). These skewed facts seem very much like those used by Trevor Phillips in his anti-Islamic, sellout Channel 4 documentaries, most if not all were later proven to be misrepresentative or out and out false.

People like Bill Maher don’t seem to understand that you can’t speak generally about any demographic because that’s the essence of prejudice. You can’t look at the high number of serial killers who are white, middle aged males for instance, and then say only white males are serial killers or that all white males should apologise on behalf of or should be doing something to stop the bad ones from their demographic. That would sound ridiculous, but it’s okay to do the same with Muslims? People like Maher can hate leaders; leaders of Saudi Arabia or Iraq, Iran, even Turkey, he’s free to call them dictators or fascists or anything he wishes, the same way he can criticise George Bush or Donald Trump, but to say “all Muslims” is like saying “all Americans”. When Americans protest against Trump, doesn’t that separate them from the others – the supporters of a corrupt regime? So why does that not apply to Muslims? Surely the same thing applies to the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asian countries that our beloved government and media have a gripe with? A leader is not the same as the people and a murderous gang is not the same as a religion. Bill Maher seems to be fine with normalising Islamophobia but can’t see that making statements about all of Islam is too broad and sweeping, that kind of generalisation is prejudiced and bigoted, it is the antithesis of liberalism.

People like Bill Maher along with the aforementioned Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, seem to think that being Islamophobic is okay because it’s somehow different or more acceptable than racism. It’s quite easy to see however, that Islamophobia is correlative with racism, I’ve even written a whole article on that topic. Only an oblivious Caucasian, middle-aged, heterosexual man living in an isolated world of white privilege would say there isn’t a correlation between Islamophobia and racism, anybody with a sane, rational mind can see that the two things are intertwined. Case in point, after 9/11 or the Boston Bombing, racists went out and attacked what they thought were Muslims, and more often than not their victims were brown; from Atheist or Christian Arabs, South Asians including Sikhs, Latinos, and African Americans have been targeted (notice no whites). In addition, demeaning words such as “raghead” extends to any brown person wearing anything that resembles a turban, Muslim or not, so how is this not racism since white people are never on the receiving end of Islamophobia? Not that Islamophobia is right when the target is an actual Muslim, but the fact that racists go out and wrongly attack what they think are Muslims shows the inherent racism within Islamophobia. After all, these angry mobs never go and kick Cat Stevens to death only an “obvious Muslim” which to a racist is anybody who resembles their mental image of a follower of Islam; a tanned man with a beard wearing something “foreign” on their head. Cases ranging from an Afro American, non-Muslim woman to a non-Muslim Latin American man being the target of racist Islamophobes goes to prove the inherent racism with the criticism and subsequent fear of Islam. Only a blinkered idiot would say Islamophobia isn’t part and parcel of racism.

I can’t stand the way a presenter-cum-celebrity such as Bill Maher gets to call himself a liberal and yet is intolerant and overly-critical of a specific section of society, if that’s not prejudice and the antithesis of being left-wing I don’t know what is. More often than not, Maher confuses the masses Sarah Silverman-style by using “equal bigotry”, a tactic that on face value seems liberal but descends more and more into prejudice, ranging from racism, xenophobia and of course Islamophobia. Check out this bait and switch tweet which at first glance looks like a truthful and admirable opinion, but then…

All this selling out seems to have stemmed directly from the 9/11 attacks, like many other Americans, Maher didn’t know what a Muslim was until a couple of planes hit the Twin Towers. His instinctive and original opinion (saying America was partly responsible) was correct, but slowly 9/11 and the mainstream narrative of the event has warped his world view. He may have criticised George Bush in the past but Maher has been supportive of profiling at airports for example, saying “if they stop calling it profiling and start calling it high-intelligence screening or something, people would go, it’s about time” – what a fake-liberal prick. Abby Martin did a segment on Russia Today outlining Bill Maher’s selling-out, apart from her mispronouncing his surname, this video pretty much sums up his bullshit, switch-siding, puppet-like opinions…

It’s strange that someone with such lack of skills is still working in all the sectors he’s obviously shite at, his show ‘Real Time’ is wannabe hard-hitting and anarchic, it’s often described as “acerbic” but it’s more accurately malicious and artificial, it’s a fake-left distraction. Aside from Bill Maher’s political and moral selling out, his comedy I have to say is bland, about as bland as his face. If you ignore all the prejudice, his comedy is nothing to write home about, so how is this hack still on television?

Bill Maher allegedly doesn’t like Donald Trump (he was apparently sued by him) but it seems to me that this is just another liberal façade that many celebrities seem to push onto the public. He can keep bashing Trump but this is a man who staunchly supported Obama, a president that deported many immigrants and continued with an illegal war. If you’re truly left, then you also call out the inconsistencies within the Democrats not just continually diss the Republicans, but I guess this is all part of Maher’s fakeness. Donating a million dollars to Barack Obama apparently means you don’t criticise anything his administration did. A real liberal would say what’s wrong with Obama (and there was plenty) but I guess the public at large only wants fake-left celebs to say and do what the fake-left establishment dictates. And why do I describe the mainstream media as “fake-left”? Well, to me it’s a fallacy that the media is liberal, it panders to lefties but behind the scenes it’s centre-right without a doubt. Bill Maher is a great example; he’s Islamophobic, pro-profiling, pro-wiretapping, he separates white Christian terrorists from black and brown Muslim ones, he makes racist jokes, and to top it off he confirmed whilst interviewing Kellyanne Conway (the ex-Republican Party campaign manager) that they were both friends. Would a genuine liberal be best-buds with a daft twat like Conway, let alone do and say all the shit I’ve listed above?

The one issue that I agree with Bill Maher on is his stance on free speech; he is free to make mediocre jokes and bigoted comments about particular religions and I can therefore say what I like about him, so here goes… Bill Maher first and foremost is not funny, even in the slightest, he maintains that smug look, smirking at his own shite gags, but only within his clique of fawning fans is anyone laughing. Never once does he manage to make you react to his bland stand-up routine, every now and again he makes a trite observation but there’s nothing amusing about any of it – it’s literally a middle aged twat talking clichéd crap and feeling pleased with himself. This smarmy wanker with a know-it-all grin, an up-himself personality, and a slicked-back, mullet-esque hair-do which wasn’t even in style in the 80s or 90s, is now really out of touch in the 10s with his played out comedy and out of touch opinions. Maher is an annoying, conceited piece of shit atheist who looks like a melted clone of Craig Wasson. He is a sleazy-looking, saggy-necked, beady-eyed, big-nosed, closed-minded, self-satisfied, overrated, out-of-style, contradicting, sellout hack. This cunt is a fake in every way; a fake left, fake progressive, fake liberal, fake tolerant, fake actor, fake comedian, fake controversial, fake presenter. Real Time my arse.

Bill Marred.

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  1. I’m very proud of you for this article . Bill Maher is a cunt . He is one of the unapologetic standard-bearers for the Wealthy Atheist’s “White Man’s Burden” .

    "The White Man's Burden" Judge 1899.png
    By Victor Gillam – “The White Man’s Burden (Apologies to Rudyard Kipling)” Judge, April 1, 1899, Public Domain, Link

    Although , Rudyard Kipling was not an atheist ( to Kipling’s credit) . I should note that my statement refers to White Men that are in the top 10% of wage earners and SOLELY to those White Men who are atheists , materialists and non-charitable .

    Bill Maher is the modern day Jack London , really . Insanely and unreasonably atheist and – at his core – a racist fuck .

    Remember that Maher hates the very idea of religion . Especially Organized Religion (which you yourself are not an adherent to) .

    There are many non-White Christians ( many , many non-White Roman Catholics also) in the world . Jews share 100% of their Semitic D.N.A. with Arabs .

    It is true that of all Organized Religions Bill Maher hates Islam the most . This has been apparent since about 2004 . But he is not alone in his Islamophobia . You were too easy on Richard Dawkins , Sam Harris , Jared Diamond , Niall Ferguson , Tim Minchin and Michael Shermer here . They too , deep down , are also racist and Islamophobic fucks .

    Also Penn Jillette is far worse than Bill Maher . Penn Jillette is a libertarian-atheist who claims that African Americans , Latino Americans and Native Americans don’t deserve Reparations for slavery and genocide but Japanese Americans do for World War 2 internment camps .!_episodes#Season_4_.282006.29

    Penn Jillette deserves a much harsher write-up on here than Maher does .

    Bill Maher exclusively dates Black and Latina women . He has been accused of racism , emotional abuse and molestation in those relationships .

    Abby Martin ,formerly of Russian Television , is in this article . She is an idiot and a pawn of Russian oligarchs . And she probably has had trains run on her by Putin and dozens of Russian billionaires . Remember these are the same Russian Leaders that cornholed Abby that have invaded Ukraine ( and currently have their eyes on all of the former Soviet Republics and former Iron Curtain puppet regimes) , violently oppress grassroots Russian democracy and have systematically oppressed Russia’s Muslim population .

    There were 2 fascinating incidents on “Real Time With Bill Maher” in the last 3 years. The first involved Hollywood actor and tycoon Ben Affleck angrily defending Islam against Bill Maher and Sam Harris’s bigotry . The second involved journalist Rula Jebreal calling out Maher repeatedly on his racism / Islamophobia live on air .

    Why were you so hard on Milo ? Milo is a little bitch . Milo is a betrayer to the Legacy of Harvey Milk . I disagree with almost everything Milo says . But , unlike Maher , he is extremely entertaining and good at what he does – which is being a stooge for the likes of Donald Trump . Every once in a while Milo tells the truth on something . Unlike “Ill Bill” . Milo “receives” from and dates Black men exclusively . Milo is a pratt . Milo is a sell-out . Milo is grossly mislead . Milo is wrong about almost everything when it comes to politics and economics . But that rascal is – at the very least- entertaining .

    • My problem with SNARKMEISTER Maher – and laughing at his own jokes is a symptom of this – is that he thinks he’s smarter and funnier than he is. t He has the arrogance of someone that is only possibly justified if he were a Carlin, a Hicks. He’s not as good as either of them, but has the attitude of someone of that caliber. He squeezes his laughter out. He is often wrong about basic facts, he could not name the mayor of London, or the president of Turkey, yet he hectors liberals as if he is an authority on international relations.
      Real Time is literally fake news, its a sad shame that the main source of news are comedy shows, since the actual news is comical.

      He forces people to drone “whiny little bitch” because he is basically a bully, ironically he hectors like a whiny old man when anybody disagrees with him. He insults anybody and everybody who disagrees, there is no authority he recognizes unless they agree with him 100 per cent, judging by the guests on his show (save for the punching bag guest).

      I think Maher now considers himself a political pundit, and his shows are first and foremost about political issues, and only secondary about humor. But for me, the self righteousness has become so omnipresent that I can’t even watch him any more.

      Sometimes he’ll laugh at a joke that ultimately is an argument – and it’s annoying when I can see the errors in his logic and he clearly thinks it was an awesome line. Hicks and Carlin laughed at their jokes sometimes (not as much as Maher), but that’s when they nailed something so damn hard it was well beyond justified. For me, it packs so much more power when a good line is delivered and the comedian stays in role, passionately, as if they’re just starting to dig their heels in. The greats do this. Maher does not. When I hear him laugh at his own jokes, it’s a constant reminder how he’d be so much better with a little more humility. That’s the problem – he could be so much better if he changed his attitude.

      Maher is a complete faux-liberal; I can’t stand the thought that he’s taken as a voice for the left in this country.

      He’s a self-proclaimed libertarian (and last I heard supported Ron Paul in ’08, although that may have changed).
      Supports privatizing Social Security.
      Supported Bob Dole in ’96 as a good, old-fashioned Republican war hero.
      Endorses racial profiling at airports.
      Friends with (and former boyfriend of) Ann freakin’ Coulter. (unfair to dislike him because of this? Maybe, but you lay down with dogs…)

      Am I saying the guy is Cheney Jr.? No, he certainly espouses some “liberal” values, but it’s not like the guy is the American Che Guevara either. He’s your standard moderate/center-right RepubloCrat with a few nods in the direction of social liberalism whose only insight is that politicians in this country lie. Well, duh. And he has that patronizing, smarmy delivery to everything he says which is just insulting and annoying. Jon Stewart is, to be honest, only slightly more to the left than Maher, but at least he has a warm and genuine personality and his comedy doesn’t seem predicated on showing what a smarty-pants he thinks he is.
      He is right about one thing: liberals are fucking idiots (for making this guy their spokesman)

  2. Watch every episode of “Penn & Teller : Bullshit !” and tell me what you think . ESPECIALLY the episodes “Reparations” , “Endangered Species” , “Signs From Heaven” , “P.E.T.A.” , “The Bible : Fact Or Fiction ? ” , “Conspiracy Theories” , “Big Brother” , “Wal-Mart” , “Environmental Hysteria” , “Being Green” , “World Peace” , “Taxes” , “New Age Medicine” , “The Vatican” , “Martial Arts” and “Criminal Justice” . Jillette’s racism (including his belief in “racial science” like Jared Taylor’s) and xenophobia comes through in those episodes in particular .

    (Jared Taylor notably debated “racial science” and lost badly to underground hip hop legend R.A. The Rugged Man in a video on Gavin McInnes’s YouTube channel .)

    Penn Jillette is worse than Bill Maher because he is a libertarian as well as being racist . Penn supports what Ayn Rand said about Native Americans . Bill Maher for all his faults at least has some corner of empathy for the oppressed in his shriveled up multi-millionaire’s heart .

    My idea of Bill Maher being “one of the standard-bearers of Rudyard Kipling’s White Man’s Burden” came from these articles by Ben Norton (you probably know Ben Norton or have at least met him before) .

    Norton wrote these great articles for Counter Punch in 2013 .

    This old Tumblr site addresses Maher’s bigotry as well :

    Bill Maher’s anti-Christian (in this case anti-Catholic) bigotry is summed up here :

    The Nation and Loon Watch have also done fiery take downs of Bill .

    I’m still waiting for someone to do a take down of Penn Jillette . Watch those episodes . If you did an article on Penn Jillette’s racism , arrogance , elitism , greed and bigotry it would be a first . No one has stood up to Penn . Yet …


    I used to be a Maher fan for a short period during my regrettable “staunch atheist” phase in my pre-teens, and I agree with this article whole-heartedly. It’s really unfortunate that out of all the shows to have interesting intellectual minds of our time, not to say that’s the majority of the guests, is one hosted by such a daft uninteresting cunt. I wonder who you think would be better suited to host a show?

  4. Overall, well done, but you left out a couple key things:

    1. Claims to be pro-science but is an anti-vaxxer. Ironically, his comments in furtherance of this agenda reveal that he doesn’t have a fucking clue of how vaccines work.
    2. In spite of his glaringly obvious flaws, his show is tolerable for the guests he has, the vast majority of which are far smarter than he is (and that includes the right-wingers. Except Rick Santorum and Ann Coulter. Obviously.) I mean, after all, his show did allow for a situation in which Larry Wilmore told Milo Y to go fuck himself. Twice.

  5. What about last week’s show . Bill called himself a “field n***er” while talking to a Republican W.A.S.P. Senator from Nebraska . The way he said it was very , very , very casual . I believe Bill wishes he was a black man . I hope Ice Cube puts hands on him on tomorrow’s show . If not Cube is a bigger sell-out than I thought .

    • I heard he called himself a “house nigger” but no, I didn’t watch it.

      I’ve stopped watching “Real Time” (the show pisses me off too much). I agree with what you said, Maher wishes he was black like Quentin Tarantino. I won’t hold my breath for Ice Cube to say anything scathing, this isn’t 1991.

  6. Yes , Tarantino does wish that he was black .

    I would say that Maher and Tarantino wish they were black more than Eminem does .

  7. Now that I think about it Ice Cube is an Anti-Semite and a Homophobic ass . He has no right to talk . In 2017 Ice Cube is the exact opposite of what K-Rino reps on “The Big 7” . Ice Cube is a huge sell-out . Ice Cube ,Snoop Dogg , Dr. Dre , Jimmy Iovine , Jay-Z , Lyor Cohen , Russell Simmons , Rick Rubin , Timbaland , Pharrell Williams and Eminem are all responsible for killing mainstream hip hop . Those moguls originally started out with an independent grind but money , success and arrogance corrupted them absolutely .

    Bill Maher’s apology , I think , was genuine . Maher still pisses me off . I think deep down Bill’s views on crony capitalism / hyper capitalism and the oppression of the poor are genuine and admirable . His problem is that he has very poor taste and a loud mouth .

    • I’ve now watched the “apology” show and I slightly disagree with you:

      1. Bill Maher only apologised because this joke turned into a big deal so in that respect his apology was not “genuine”. The way entertainment works, I wouldn’t be surprised that this bullshit overreaction had been planned to give credibility to a fake-left bigot.

      2. Either there’s freedom of speech or there isn’t, especially for comedy. Just say it’s a joke, take the flack and move on. What does an apology mean especially when you do it only because of public reaction not because of your own morality or points of view.

      3. I thought Maher was an advocate for Freedom Of Speech? Surely that means saying any and everything and never apologising for any of it? But no, he stated in that show that he and “Kathy Griffin crossed the line” (for that Trump decapitation photo). Maher basically wussed out like his 9/11 comment, apologising for shit so not to affect his ratings. The man is a switch-siding sell out.

      3. Michael Eric Dyson essentially kissed his arse during that fake confrontation. Dyson is his friend so the whole thing was bullshit anyway. That part of the show turned into a slow suck-up of Bill Maher with Dyson saying Bill is at the “forefront” or “front-line” of free thinking and liberalism. That shit makes no sense when he’s known to single out a religion for derision. So it’s okay to throw out a racial slur and then apologise but week in and week out he can be religiously prejudice and nobody asks him nor does he ever apologise for that shit? I guess it’s okay because he has a few black friends and he is absolved of guilt by one sell out. That is supposed to then carry outward into all his political opinions so we ignore all the non-liberal bullshit that he says and does. Fuck his obvious anti-Trump stance, all of his other opinions on war, surveillance, Islam, patriotism, Isreal are horrid, his whole liberal schtick is plain wrong.

      4. When Ice Cube stated “that’s our word” I agreed with him. He said (I paraphrase) “You might have a black girlfriend but you still can’t say it” adding “that word is like a knife”. Ice Cube said it much better than Dyson. That being said, there’s still many interviews where he praises Eminem who despite not using the “N” word, has said a more racist and hateful thing than Maher. So yes he’s a sell out too.

      5. Later, when asked about Americans and whether they’re responsible for Donald Trump, Cube said “You don’t blame Syrians for Assad or Iraqis for Saddam”. I didn’t see or hear Maher agree with that, in fact just after Ice Cube said that and one of the guest began commenting, the show was interrupted by a commercial break. That’s very convenient because the logical extension of that conversation would then be “we shouldn’t blame all Muslims for fundamentalist Islamic terrorists” which surely Bill Maher would never agree with.

      6. What also bothers me about this situation is the fact that the mainstream now whoops and claps at the opinion that white people can’t use the word “nigger” but when I brought up the issue five years ago in the A$AP Rocky article I was told numerous times that it’s okay to say. People are fucking idiots, they repeat whatever they’re told by the mainstream media and celebrities, if Ice Cube, Dre, and a few other black elders turned around and said “okay white people, you can start using the ‘N’ word” everybody would be like “okay”.

      The weird thing about Maher’s persona is that he’s now seen as some sort of well-respected political commentator and comedian. I remember him in mediocre films in the 80s and doing bit parts in “Roseanne” and “Married With Children”. He’s somehow gone from “House II” and “D.C. Cab” to being a “respectable left wing hero”! When the fuck did that happen? He’s a fake-liberal at worst and a sleazy, mediocre twat at best. Fuck him and his bullshit apologies.

    • Oh, and one more thing. When Maher was going down his list of excuses with Michael Eric Dyson he said something along the lines of “I was raised in New Jersey in the 50s, there were no black people there”. That was the most nonsensical excuse, everybody living in the United States understands the connotations of the word “house nigger” and “field nigger” regardless when and where you were born. The word “nigger” is understood throughout the entire world as a slur thanks to literature, music, film, art, and news archives. In the same respect I who was born and who grew up in the United Kingdom don’t need to be living in close proximity with a particular demographic to know which words to use and not to use. There were no Latinos where I grew up for instance but you don’t see or hear me saying “spic” or “wetback” as a joke, I like everybody else know the definitions of racial epithets. The only time you can uses a racial/ethnic slur if you’re not the race/ethnicity it’s intended to offend, is when you’re commenting on racism or prejudice.

  8. Just watching the newest episode of “Real Time” with Russell Brand . Russell shouldn’t have graced Bill’s stage with his presence . Maher also said that prayers are useless when people are faced with tragedy / tough times / sadness / loss . I thought Maher was supposed to be a compassionate , empathetic and generous democratic socialist . He’s beginning to sound like Judge Holden from Cormac McCarthy’s “Blood Meridian : Or The Evening Redness In The West” .

    Super-rich , cynical Elites like Bill Maher and Billy Crystal have no right to throw shade on Trump . They’re all out of touch with the average person . I predict that George Clooney or Kanye West will become President on the Democratic ticket . The world goes on .

  9. I normally wouldn’t put a video from my own YouTube channel on the comments sections here . But , I think this a pretty good all-around take down of Bill Maher – coming from my own world view and life experience .

  10. In the information and links below my video I expose Bill Maher’s claim that he was a “normal white American baby boomer” when he was a kid . Bill’s a classic example of someone who went from wealth to ultra-wealth via nepotism and fuckery .

  11. Such an angry written article against Bill Maher.

    Bill Maher is probably far more liberal than writer of this article. He’s pro-gay marriage, supports legalization of pot, pro-socialized health care, advocates funding for public education, ending the drug war, etc.

    As for calling himself a “house nigga”, it was intended as a joke. His Republican guest mentioned about working in the fields. It’s “house nigga” not “nigger”. Here in America, the n-word that ends with the letter “a” and not “r” can be interpreted as calling someone a friend or making jokes. People just need to chill!

    The n-word that ends with the letter “r” is the word that is generally unacceptable in the US. It is a slave term being used against black people.

    Lastly, criticism of Islam is not racist. Islam is a religion, a set of ideas and beliefs. Many Islamic beliefs are illiberal. Bill Maher actually invited Muslim reformer, Maajid Nawaz. Islamophobia is just politically correct term to protect Islam from criticism. Islam needs reformation because out of 1.6 billion Muslims, vast numbers of Muslims still believe in pernicious beliefs like apostasy laws.

    • What a crock of shit. Firstly, how can you differentiate between “nigga” and “nigger” when spoken rather than written? You can’t. There’s no fucking way an old white man in a suit is saying the former. The fact that the term “house nigger” has no “nigga” variant makes your whole defence of Maher pointless and idiotic.

      Secondly, it’s “liberal” to not group everybody together based on race, creed, religion, or to say everybody of a particular race, creed, or religion acts or thinks a certain way. The working definition of antisemitism protects Jewish people from such prejudice but I guess Muslims don’t have that kind of protection. If someone criticised or verbally attacked Jews or the state of Israel in a similar fashion, there’d be uproar. So which is it? Is a religion just a set of ideas or are religions tied to particular ethnicities and therefore criticism of them is bigotry and racism? Is the working definition of antisemitism just political correctness? Do you tell opponents of antisemitism just to “chill” you prick?

      Only a fake hypocritical liberal would single out one religion over another and only a fake liberal would attract similar fake hypocritical liberal morons such as yourself. Bringing in a list of mainstream liberal concepts that Maher agrees with only proves how lame his ideas are. Now piss off you fucking twat.

    • Just what we need — a white man telling us why and when he can say NIGGER — fuck you and the horse you came on

  12. J. Rider, I’m actually Asian, not white. You and your false assumption is a proof that you live in a leftist bubble. It’s pathetic. The author is actually from the UK and have no idea how the “n-word” works.

    It’s all about the context. Words are merely words. Just ask George Carlin. Wait a minute… He’d dead. He’s also one of the few liberals who have the balls to criticize political correctness and leftist bullshit.

    • You think being Asian rather than Caucasian helps you in this matter? You bring up your shite white heroes and use them to dictate what people of colour should feel in regards to ethnic slurs aimed at them. You’re a fucking sellout plain and simple.

      You say you’re Asian, so does that mean Chinese? So are you okay with white people saying “whassup my ching chong, slope, chinky chink”? Oh wait a minute… that never happens because it’s all about assuaging derogatory terms aimed at black people in your amazing anti-political correct world. Like I said in my previous comment, even if the word “nigga” was okay to use, the term “house nigger” and “field nigger” HAS NO “nigga” variant. Everybody in the entire world knows that regardless where they are located.

      Talking about me being in the UK, you do realise that we created the language you’re using incorrectly?

      Remember this dickwad:

      • If someone is dead then they are past tense so it’s “he HAD the balls”
      • I however, am alive and I’m countering your bullshit in the present tense so it’s “HAS no idea”

      A moron who can’t differentiate between plural and singular verbs or verb tenses wants us to take his definition of “liberal” and “leftist” seriously? Piss the fuck off you Twinkie cunt.

    • @DanTheMan When the white population in the U.S. is 72% why would I assume you were asian? Maths and stats are not part of a ‘leftist bubble’ YOU FOOL

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