What Went Wrong With… John Bishop?

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Every decade or so, a bland comedian rises up the ranks of British TV and they become the face of seemingly everything. In the past we’ve had the likes of Jonathan Ross and Michael McIntyre on top of the televisual pile, and despite the two of them being average at comedy, once they got their humdrum hands on primetime television it became hard to escape them. Remember Ross on ‘Friday Night With Jonathan Ross’, ‘The Film Programme’, ‘Comic Relief’, and ‘The Comedy Awards’? He was everywhere in the nineties and noughties. Then came Michael McIntyre, the safest, tamest comedian to ever grace the idiot box appearing on garbage ranging from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, ‘The Michael McIntyre Roadshow’, ‘The Michael McIntyre Chat Show’, and ‘Michael McIntyre’s Big Show’ (they must have been up all night thinking of those varied titles). The baton of banality now seems to have passed to John Bishop and the tit is everywhere. Over the last few years this wank-stain has headed ‘The John Bishop Show’, ‘The Nightly Show’ and ‘In Conversation With’, but despite him hosting less programmes than Ross and McIntyre, since Bishop’s comedy is so dire, it feels like you’ve watched something much much lengthier. John Bishop for me is on a whole other level of mediocre, in fact he’s so lame he makes Michael McIntyre look like Alexei Sayle, Bishop is the blandest, un-funniest “comedian” working in the UK today.

A good rule of thumb is that if a stand-up comedian appears on the Royal Variety Performance, they’re the biggest dick this side of the Royal Box (ooh err missus!). When you suck-up to the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, kissing-up to television execs is probably a doddle in comparison. With Bishop possessing absolutely zero talent in comedy and lacking any proficiency in presenting, I can only assume he was on his knees, gagging for a good few days with the Suits at ITV and the BBC, that’s the only way I can picture some producer allowing this prat onto primetime television. Either that or because this twat has a Manc-slash-Liverpudlian accent, the upper-middle-classes in charge of mainstream television can’t understand what he’s saying or they think his dialect is amusing (’cause it sure isn’t his garbage jokes).

Bishop’s various gigs on television and on the stand-up comedy circuit have resulted in masses of airtime which in turn has made him huge amounts of moolah. According to Forbes, this lame-arsed shite-peddler makes a reported £5.4 million a year, I guess the people with the most money and fame will continue to be the least talented at their chosen profession.

Mainstream-approved, tame, “family-friendly” comedians such as John Bishop, the aforementioned Michael McIntyre, as well as the likes of Jason Manford, Sarah Millican, Micky Flanagan, Russell Howard, Jon Richardson, Jack Whitehall, David Walliams (and the rest) really make British Television a pile of lacklustre, lifeless, middle-of-the-road shite. John Bishop is arguably the worst of the lot; he’s dull, he’s irritating, but most importantly, he’s not funny in the slightest. He might keep an everlasting grin on his annoying mug but Bishop is the only one who’s cracking a smile at his second-rate gags.

Flick through the channels these days and this creased, perpetually grinning moron seems to be on every pissing channel; from the BBC, ITV, to W, delivering his limp, mundane jokes on various crappy shows. Annoyingly, when Bishop isn’t inflicting his beige comedy on the public (either as a stand-up comic or as a presenter) he’s being interviewed by some other twat on some shite chat show (think Jonathan Ross or Loose Women). When this occurs it’s like two garbage barges colliding with each other; a moron coming face-to-face with another moron. And if you catch John Bishop on one of these “talkshows”, you’ll hear him endlessly harping on about his uninteresting life, regurgitating his non-stories involving his kids, his wife, and his “comedy” career, his anecdotes going nowhere like Del Griffith but without a single ounce of his charm. With John Bishop’s below average jokes being delivered through a set of chompers that resemble two rows of white marble gravestones, it begs the question; why is this reject Just For Men model all up in my face?

As The Nun Said To The Bishop.

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  1. The reason I found your website was that I was looking for someone who didn’t like Jimmy Fallon. I don’t like him primarily because he is one of the biggest phoneys on TV. I do not feel John Bishop is a phoney. His comedy stems from his own life. Do you feel that comedians should not get humour from their own life?

    • A comedian can write comedy about whatever they want but it has to be funny, not some tedious, repetitive crap that Bishop spouts. I didn’t say John Bishop was phoney, he’s just not funny. Plus he’s not unique in the slightest, from his style, his content, to his look – he’s just a bland bloke all round.

      For reference, here’s a few comedians that are actually funny, plus they’re unique:

    • John Bishop dresses in suits, yes it is not the most interesting look in the world, but in the world of comedy it is probably on the rarer side of things. I am not going to hold that against him. I just looked him up on youtube to refresh myself with his material. He was talking about how in his day mistletoe was considered a real hit with guys because it gave them a free pass to kiss a girl. He talks to his son about it, and his son doesn’t even comprehend what he is talking about because these days they have Tinder. Maybe I didn’t fall on the floor laughing but I enjoyed hearing his story.

  2. N ever thought John Bishop was funny then I watched In Coversation with Lindsay Lohan last night and now I know he isn’t . He is the worst interviewer. Long pauses. Doesn’t know how to ask a follow up question. It was like Piers Morgan but 10 times worse.

  3. John bishop in conversation with was pretty much staged with all the bollock I’d expect with every prime time show ,even GMTV talks to the public like there complete morons ,as like BBC breakfast show a total yawnathon , i feel grateful for pirate TV where i can watch what i want when i want an not the soleless shit that is broadcast on a daily basis

    • John Bishop is a pathetic and gutless sell out fraud in my opinion.

      A typical bland mainstream ‘comedian’ who’s vastly overrated, and not in the least bit funny .

      His act comprises the usual humdrum of safe and tediously predictable domestic woke pc guff about his family and teenage sons etc …(who gives a toss !! )
      Utter bollox .

      There is nothing about him that is in the least bit funny,interesting or edgy …as comedy should be .

      I don’t buy into his working class hero crap persona for a second either – however much he tried to accentuate that irritating Liverpudlian/Manc’ accent – or whatever the hell it is !
      I see through his hypocrisy and bullshit .

      He’s just another cunning and disingenuous shallow mainstream con artist- chasing quick and easy laughs for easy money from gullible audiences, and intelligent enough to know that for as long as his fans will continue to roll over and allow him to exploit and pull the wool over their eyes with this sort of inane vapid dross – the cash will continue to flow in.

      The author of this website has pointed out some real and proper funny comedians who may not be quite so ‘mainstream’ – but are infinitely more funny and engaging than cunts like John Bishop could ever dream to be .
      Thanks for bringing them to our attention- it’s appreciated -and a much needed antidote to garbage lke John Bishop .

    • Like this Dazzler kid. Are you poor? Broke? What is it? Have you met the fella?! You lot are some bitter bums. Truly hilarious, did you all feel better after writing these. All of the people mentioned on this site, all the comedians you think you’re superior to, no doubt live far better lives than you ever could. Is that the real issue, that perceived ineptitude carries far more social and financial capital than your entire existence does? I wonder if McIntyre cares whilst in his lovely home, wonder if Rob Becket or John care whilst sipping out of coconuts in holiday resorts that you guys can only see on postcards. I’m sure they’re doing just fine, I’m also sure you probably aren’t. The questions is, what went wrong with you all to spend time tearing other people down? 😂😂

    • Leaving three almost identical comments in quick succession with childish screen names proves you’re no great judge of comedy.

      Pointing out someone’s wealth as a measure of talent is asinine. I wonder if you’re listed in Forbes under the Top 10 Richest Doormats. And hey, if not, I’m sure John, Michael, and Rob will toss you a few coins after they’ve taken their gold-plated cocks out yer gob.

      For all your cliched ranting about celebrities’ mansions and our assumed lack of cash, where exactly are you living? It must feel so great being a boot-licking wanker sticking up for the rich during a financial crisis. Read the room you utter thundercunt.

  4. A comedian needs to be witty, ironic, intelligent, quick thinking and have perfect timing – Bishop has none of these attributes. He’s the least funny dick to appear on our TVs in a generation. A boring, irritating scouser who plays on his accent to attempt to endear himself to fellow scousers. He must be an embarrassment to them.

    • i’m a scouser and his jokes are like listening to mundane conversations in my work canteen , utterly ridiculous unfunny 9 minute talk about driving with his dad changing tyres and putting diesel in a petrol engine.
      how does he get away with this utter establishment PC routine is beyond me , his antidotes about his son calling him a ”knob!!! and being a scouser and only having 3 fights in Manchester in 20 years …. despite the fact he lives in a 7 million pound house in Cheshire , the fact that someone can pass this off as comedy is within itself a joke.

  5. Got given tickets to see him by my brother for Christmas. Have been dreading going, especially since I will have to drive for over 2 hours each way to go and watch him live. That was a difficult present to pretend to like.

  6. A rate gem of a site.

    Every word a breath of fresh air .

    Keep up the great work – and thank you.
    It’s a pleasure to read your brilliant articles 😊

  7. Saw him on Saturday night & I literally had to cringe he was so bad on his show. I felt sorry for his guests. Please please please get him off TV. It was amateurish & embarrassing. My partner is far funnier than him.
    Why is he getting some much air time 😬😪😔😌

  8. You mum :

    My learned friend.

    Sorry to disappoint you but I had a very happy childhood and a great upbringing.

    I have a very interesting and well paid job, a gorgeous pretty girlfriend, loads of money and am very happy .

    Still havent changed my mind about John Bishop though-the guy is a complete sellout and about as ‘funny’ as contagious illness !

    I really don’t mind you insulting me – but have some respect for the author of this website who is a highly intelligent individual and a genuis in my book.

  9. Anybody remember that comedic skit by Guy Torry in American History X ? One of the funniest pieces of comedy I’ve ever seen 😁
    What a gifted and talented brilliant black actor !

    Kudos to first time British director Tony Kaye as well .

    Somebody should hand a copy to John Bishop-so he can learn what real talent is about…although I doubt the twat would not even come close .

    (Richard Pryor-we miss you x)

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