What Went Wrong With… The Liberal Bashing Of, The Conservative Praising Of, & The Fans Of Donald Trump?

An image of Donald Trump as Jesus to mock his supporters. By What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

The public’s fascination with Donald Trump is maddening to watch. As it unfolds like a predictable plot to a second-rate conspiracy thriller, it becomes wearisome to anyone with a sane mind; the right constantly praising him, the left constantly berating him, all the while the rest of the world is overlooked and more important news gets ignored. Trump has become a great distraction in recent months, hey, let’s all keep our eyes and ears glued to this overweight, orange-skinned twat and see what he tweets next, he might mention Muslims or Mexico again, tehehe! It’s almost unbearable the way the mainstream media is in constant awe of a man they all apparently hate but can’t stop bringing his name up every two seconds. They seem to be acting like a battered wife, covered in bruises, claiming she’ll leave, but for some reason can’t seem to cut ties with a mutually disagreeable and ultimately deleterious relationship. So transfixed are these journalists with Trump that these cretins seem to be constantly poised at their smartphones and laptops, their eyelids propped up with toothpicks, waiting with bated breath for the miserable cunt to cough or fart so they can then comment on his venomous bilge. So incessant is the day-to-day non-news regarding Trump by the media, that it makes you want to change the channel or navigate to another site, but it’s impossible to escape from… shit, even I’m talking about the prick. Every pissing hour of every frigging day, the news, the daytime talk-shows, the late-night chat-shows, every single one of them mentions Trump like he’s all that’s going on in the world, I guess Syria, Yemen, and the Ukraine are all fixed now right? Nothing important is going on in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America or Asia, nah, just keep fixating on every move this fake fuck makes. I hope these imbeciles realise that the one thing a reality or ex-reality star craves is constant recognition and attention, and it seems that everybody is playing into his hands.

It would be okay for the media to knock Donald Trump if they were consistent with their opinion, but I don’t recall them criticising Obama or Bush (or Blair for that matter) with the same vigour, despite the fact that between the three of them, they killed more people than their enemies Al Qaeda and ISIS combined. If you ever tuned in to the BBC, Sky, ITV, CNN, Fox News, it didn’t matter which, all of them pissed and moaned about patriotism versus terrorism for more than a decade and a half, but they kept strangely quiet about the statistics that proved their respectable leaders to be bigger killers than the bogeyman they helped create. The fact remains that Al Qaeda killed around 4,400 people and ISIS killed under half that amount, but the War On Terror, incepted by Bush, accepted by Blair, and continued by Obama has killed an estimated 1.3 million people, and we can assume that the percentage of “guilty” people in that figure is minuscule considering the falsified proof and illegal nature of the wars following 9/11. The idiot box only wants you to hate certain people, hate certain regimes, and like certain political parties and people; an agenda is accepted and promoted, and the public just eat it up. So with most of these news outlets singing from the same hymn sheet, it’s strange that they’re all currently acting like Trump has killed thousands or millions of people, so far he’s nothing like their beloved leaders of yesteryear. Trump is responsible for the death of 30 civilians and 1 Navy SEAL (so far). Yes, that’s fucked up, but it’s nowhere near the carnage and bloodshed of Bush and Obama. If the media are going to criticise him, then call out the fact that this particular operation in Yemen not only killed 31 people, it returned no “actionable intelligence”, in other words, it was pointless. So why all the skewed and misplaced hatred over nonsensical statements and offensive tweets? Surely the media should call out the fucker for the stuff he’s done rather than said?

Trump is an Atlantic counterpart to Nigel Farage, yes he’s a bigot, but so far he’s signed a few moronic executive orders and acted like a prejudice twat, but is a travel ban or a border wall the same as repeatedly bombing a school or hospital? The answer is no. Maybe it’s time for some perspective here. Yes people should protest, complain, and post their opinion about every situation they feel is pertinent to them, that’s their right after all. And yes, the people who have kept the same left-leaning opinion throughout their lives should continue to bash a right-wing leader like Trump, but the so-called unbiased, fair and balanced media is another thing entirely, these outlets really need to get a grip.

So why all the heightened outrage from the mainstream media? Are they going to keep this up for four frigging years? Having said this however, I don’t doubt that a man who said he’ll “defeat ISIS” by “bombing the hell out of them”, then “take out their families”, “take” Iraq’s oil, and “waterboard” everybody else will eventually do the same hellish things as Bush and Obama, but the people working for the media need to save their collective outrage for a time when it’s appropriate.

It’s a sad day when you find yourself agreeing with Piers Morgan on the fake-liberal show ‘Real Time With Bill Maher‘ when he said something similar a few weeks ago. People can criticise Trump as much as they want, but if we bitch and moan over one of his tweets, when the fucker does something really evil, nobody’s going to listen, because everybody will be desensitised to the anti-Trump rhetoric. Is that what we really want? The media can’t keep complaining about every single individual thing this man says; of course he’s a hypocrite, of course he’s a prejudice, misogynistic, classist, jingoistic, money-hungry, fake-conservative, but it mattered to say all that before the election, back when it was up to everybody to present the left with a viable and electable leader, but no, the mainstream media kept their eyes closed, their ears shut, and they kept plugging Hillary Clinton, laughing at Donald Trump and mocking Bernie Sanders like Clinton was a shoe-in to win. So now that Hillary hasn’t won, I don’t get the constant outrage from the same outlets that couldn’t comprehend a Trump victory. In a democracy when someone is elected based on something they said, then they begin to do the things they’ve said, where’s the surprise? Maybe give it four years then vote the other way, that is if you think democracy and voting isn’t rigged – of course that’s something Trump and his supporters have said in the past, but now that they’ve got their way, it’s strange that the whole political system is seen by them as genuine. What a bunch of switch-siding fools, but I digress.

After getting mid-way through writing this article, suddenly after Trump’s latest address to Congress, the entire media suddenly began to speak about how he was now “more moderate” or “more presidential”, all of them in unison going from slating the wanker for the last month to shining his fucking shoes. This “moderate tone” they all spoke of was promoted across the board by all the news outlets from the supposed left to the supposed right. This simultaneous mood swing for me, goes to show that every single one of them from CNN to Fox, regardless of who they purport to represent, publicize and popularise a certain way of thinking. If they all go from dissing him to kissing up to him, doesn’t this show that mainstream news is just a propaganda tool?

Back in the day, it was really fucking irksome when the mainstream “liberals” acted like everything Barack Obama did was frigging marvelous, like the sun shone out of his arse. Giving him a Nobel Peace Prize was like a joke to most sane people, but oh no, the media acted like he deserved it, despite the fact that he carried on with Bush’s illegal war, deployed drones, killed innocent people abroad, continued with Guantanamo for years, and deported immigrants… how “peaceful”. The media basically told us all to ignore all Obama’s illiberal actions and accept that he was “a vote for change” …keep listening to his idiotic and un-presidential quips about Matt Damon and watch him stereotypically play basketball and invite rappers to the White House… how fucking liberal.

It’s really annoying when people take the bait, it seemed that in the last eight years every blinkered liberal supported everything Obama did regardless how contradictory and idiotic it was, many then began to go along with Clinton as though she was faultless too. Surely a real liberal hated both of them just like a real conservative hated Bush because of his Patriot Act and use of torture? If something goes against freedom it affects people from both sides of the political divide, you don’t just support someone because of the affiliation they have with your chosen political party, it matters what they do not what party colour they represent.

I personally was critical of both Bush and Blair, then I was critical of Obama and Cameron, and I will continue to be critical of Trump and May, I will also continue to be critical of the mainstream media. After all the one-sided coverage of 9/11, 7/7, and the ensuing pro-U.S. slant on the War On Terror by all the news corporations, after 2001 I truly began to realise that mainstream news was rife with agendas and propaganda, for all intents and purposes, every single one of them from CNN to Fox News was “fake”. During my journey to enlightenment, I noticed that many other people were also realising this fact during the noughties. This concept however now seems to be lost with the public at large, and when it comes to people on the right, along with blindly supporting Donald Trump, these morons seem to have changed their stance in regard to the media; they went from hating all mainstream news to accepting the idea that only a handful are corrupt! The term “Fake News” (which I also recall being a bullshit Facebook crackdown on alternative thinking) has now been adopted and moulded to be a tent-pole of Donald Trump’s administration and his supporters seems to be lapping it up. Incidentally, if you mention your disliking of Trump, these same morons will accuse you of watching CNN or following the BBC’s lead, but these idiots need to realise that genuine left-wing folk like me hate CNN and BBC as much as the right do, remember that it’s all bullshit, but now according to the Republican’s all-powerful leader we’re going to disapprove of the news outlets that only he condemns, all other “approved” news corporations are telling you the truth, how fucking gullible you’ve all become.

“Fake News” is apparently now limited to only the BBC, CNN, The NewYork Times, Buzzfeed, and whatever else this miserable fucker has named. But hey, Fox News, Breitbart, InfoWars and whatever else Trump likes is telling us all the truth, yeah right. A normal, sane person can understand that if the news is fake or has an agenda, then all news is agenda-filled bullshit, not just the ones Donald Trump deems corrupt. What are we in, a dictatorship? But it seems that Trump supporters who apparently love “freedom” and hate oppressive regimes ranging from North Korea to Saudi Arabia, are fine with being dictated to by their supreme leader; read this, don’t read that, this is real, this isn’t, only watch this, only trust this, sounds a lot like North Korea to me. “Land Of The Free” my arse, you might as well rename America Trumpton.

This idea that Trump is somehow different from all those that have gone before, has played right into the hands of the so-called alternative media like Alex Jones (and many Youtube channels) who in the past have declared that whether Democrat or Republican, politics and politicians are as fake as a thirteen dollar bill. But once Obama left the scene, these morons have now become pro-Trump, like he’s somehow beaten the system and is the first non-corrupt, fully legit President America has ever had… what a crock of shit! If democracy is fake, if government is rife with classism, nepotism, favouritism, and backhanders, why is it that Donald Trump is a “real” President who is “for the people”? If you’re so pro-freedom and anti-government, why is the rich, white, and connected Donald Trump any different than the last lot of leaders your country’s had? I don’t get why these sellouts are err… selling out, unless of course they’re shills for the establishment.

As a genuine supporter of conspiracies, Trump to me seems like a great subverter of alternative thinkers and moulder of conspiracy theorists which now directly because of their support of Trump, seem to be in a decline. As an example, go to YouTube and type “Obama conspiracy” or “Clinton conspiracy” and compare that to the search result of “Trump conspiracy”, there’s almost no credible anti-Trump conspiracies out there, almost like every single person who thought democracy was fake has been swept up in the frenzy of Trump’s bullshit. If you know anything about conspiracies, if the establishment wanted to dismantle a particular way of thinking, first they’d have to co-opt it and then destroy it from the inside; just like 9/11 Truthers, just like Islam, just like Black Lives Matter, just like May Day Rioters, just like the Tea Party (probably) in fact just like any fringe organisation that challenges the status quo. So now thanks to Trump’s statements and sentiments, he’s won over all the conservatives, all the conspiracy theorists, and all the criticisers of the mainstream media and amalgamated them into his own brand of idiotic thinking. These credulous and naive imbeciles have taken the bait and have been made fools of in the process. I mean c’mon, a decade ago they were screaming “Bush did 9/11”, then they yelled “Obama deception”, but now they “stand with Trump” all the way; he’s a saviour, he’s not at all corrupt or in bed with the Illuminati, how fucking easy it was to lead you dicks away from your beliefs and viewpoint?

The thing about Trump is that he inserts a small percentage of truth amongst his idiotic garbage, and this makes him either an idiot or a frigging genius. Remember his interview with Bill O’Reilly where he declared that “There are a lot of killers, we’ve got a lot of killers”? When O’Reilly said “but he’s a killer” when referring to Putin and Russia, Trump not only said the above, he also stated “What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?” and at that point I agreed with the man. It’s hard for America to have the moral high-ground given their history, the country has many skeletons in its closet, but that was the first time I ever heard a President admit that fact. But like all his other doubletalk, you have to ask yourself; was that an opinion that was purposely inserted into the conversation to appeal to the anti-mainstream crowd like me, or was Trump saying “yes, America has killers… but there’s nothing wrong with an evil dictatorial killer… if I begin to act like Putin and slowly turn America into Russia, there’s nothing wrong with having a ‘guilty’ killer in charge of the U.S.A.”? What is said and what is implied when Trump speaks is both dumbfounding and horrifying. I’m still waiting for that Greg Stillson moment that finally shows his true colours.

Back to my point about the insular liberals who constantly kissed Obama’s arse, blinkered conservatives have began to act the same way toward Trump. While the media seems to continually bash him, many of his idiotic supporters don’t ever want to criticise him, in their eyes he is literally their saviour, the man who will fix everything like some sagging superhero. The truth of course is that nobody has ever fixed or will ever fix anything, there is always small increments of improvement along with small increments of deterioration, no one person can create a utopia from a dystopia, it’s just not possible. So to all the fake-conservative fucks out there, who are all hollering and chanting Trump’s name like he’s doing something great and free from reproach, are you not going to criticise him at all, ever? ‘Cause you know that’s just as fucked up as being overcritical?

It’s obvious to most that Trump has said and done many things that if Clinton or Obama had done, the right would be up in arms about it. I mean for instance, he was supposed to be “draining the swamp” remember? He was supposed to be focussing on Main Street rather than Wall Street, but he hired executives from Goldman Sachs, that seems very “Wall Street” to me. Then his team invented the “Bowling Green Massacre” which apparently never happened, and this blatant lie wasn’t even to kick-start anything such as a war. If they’re willing to do this just to defend an executive order, imagine what they’ll fake in order to get approval for a military action? That kind of deceit puts him on a level of Bush and the NeoCons for me, but don’t let sanity sway your love for the man.

In addition to the non-existent Bowling Green Massacre, remember the “3 million illegal voters” that allegedly voted for Hillary? That was bullshit too. According to Trump you have to name the sources and back everything up or you’re “fake news” but he can apparently bandy about the idea of illegal voters without any proof whatsoever. Trump has also used unsubstantiated statistics to prove either a high level of crime or high level of unemployment, but they’re not verifiable either and therefore also fake. As a group who apparently hates “fake news” why is it that Trump’s fanbase doesn’t care when he makes up some of his own false news? Can they not see the hypocrisy of looking down on others for doing something that their own President readily does?

Bending the facts to fit his agenda makes Trump as much of a “normal” President as Bush and Obama, but not to his inward-looking supporters. His fans seem to forget that this is a President that told hackers (foreign and domestic) to “hack Obama’s college records” to “check [his] place of birth”, he also told Russian hackers to hack Clinton’s emails but was at the same time critical of China’s hacking of federal employees’ social security numbers. So why the hypocrisy? I thought treason was treason. Imagine if Obama urged a foreign country to hack an American politician’s phone, there’d have been outrage from the already racially-peeved right. But now it’s okay to invite foreign entities and instigate cyber-spying, the same people who call the left “Commies” are fine with an ex-communist Russia being invited to openly spy on the U.S.? What was the point of the fucking Cold War?

So ignoring Trump for a second, let’s get this shit straight. The right think that all the left are crazy, Politically Correct, conceited, Social Justice Warrior pussies who protest democratic elections and outcomes they don’t approve of. The left think all the right are Politically Incorrect, arrogant, xenophobic, jingoistic, gun-toting, torture supporting psychopaths. The truth is that the people who think like this are fucking twats of the highest calibre, to group everybody together because of the actions of the few is detrimental to peace. The mainstream media loves to divide people, and people who fall into this trap of stereotyping “the left” and “the right” as though everybody who voted a certain way is diametrically opposed to them, are dicks. Not everybody from the left supported Hillary Clinton, there were many occasions when liberals denounced her actions, the same goes for the right, not every one of them supported Donald Trump, there were also many occasions during the campaigns when conservatives disagreed with him. But, the problem with a two-party system coupled with the lack of a “none of the above” choice, is that everybody will go to a ballot and cast their vote for the lesser of two evils. Whatever the result of this election had been, it wasn’t really a red or blue win, it was a win for the least insane and the least corrupt, the fact that Donald won, how shitty does that make Hillary? But like I said before, this could be yet another fake result created to kick-start dissension and hatred, and if that’s the case, boy has it worked. And on that note, remember when Trump said he may not accept the outcome of the election and that voting is rigged? Some of his supporters also hinted that they’d protest and it was even insinuated that if Hillary had won, she’d have been assassinated. Well now that Trump has won, apparently voting is a genuine process, and the left have to accept the outcome and should not protest. Contradictions and hypocritical concepts are rife within the Trumpeteers it seems.

Hey, if this was a genuinely democratic vote then like it or not, Trump is the United States’ President, that’s how voting works (please don’t bring up the “popular vote”, this isn’t the time to comment on changing the electoral college system). Yes the left need to get used to the result and stop moaning about the outcome, but the right need to stop kissing Trump’s arse every two seconds. If the left remain overcritical but the right remain uncritical you’ll both be responsible for letting another bunch of snakes into government. One thing’s for certain though, along with all the other moronic things this man has said and done, the idea that Trump would somehow “unite a divided nation” really hasn’t worked, if anything he’s more divisive than Obama. So with back-to-back hatred for a black and then a white leader, maybe it’s time to recognise that whether the President is white or black, they can both be cunts, and that should unite everybody… against the government.

Make America Hate Again.



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  1. And now the media and politicians are clapping for Trump after he bombed a Syrian airfield. The same ones who called him a “fascist” now applaud the prick. Goes to show the media is fake. There is nothing more bipartisan than bombing an Arab country.

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