What Went Wrong With… Confusing The Right To Be Offended With Censorship?

What Went Wrong With... Confusing The Right To Be Offended With Censorship? A parody of the definition of "Free Speech" shown as a Google search result.

There seems to be a growing number of people who incorrectly group those who are critical of bigotry with those who advocate censorship and what’s worse is that nobody seems to be correcting them. You’ll witness this confusion on many occasions in contemporary society, especially online; someone leaves a comment under something they’re offended by and suddenly another person jumps in and accuses them of wanting the said piece “banned”. This rash comeback is not only presumptuous however, it’s also contradictory; surely whilst there is the right to be offensive, there is also the right to be offended. Under the tenants of free speech, both these rights have equal standing and in fact both go hand in hand with each other.

The confusion lies somewhere in the realms of entertainment, where the perceived effects and the end result of “criticism” – the banal, cater-to-all, non-offensive product – is on full display. Yes, the majority of entertainment, including television, film, music, and advertising is at face value inoffensive and for the most part that’s due to an assumption about profit making. In the entertainment sector, the idea that you can appeal to everybody by removing any signs of controversy is rife, but that’s not the fault of those who are critical, that’s the fault of businessmen who lack cojones. When something gets moulded by what is perceived as public opinion, yes that’s wrong, but again that’s the fault of the content creators themselves. If you bend to the pressure of criticism and change not only your stance but your output to please others, you’re a sellout – but the blame for conformity is with the conformers not with the criticisers.

People need to realise that when something is “banned” that’s not the fault of people who are being truthful about their gut reaction to something they’ve read, watched, or heard. There is a difference between someone who is critical of a piece of art and a person who pickets and protests attempting to get that piece of art banned. Grouping everybody together isn’t at all helpful, people who air their opinion are in no way the same as people who wants to suppress. In any case the confusion about who to blame for the banality of pop culture coupled with not being able to accept criticism, these days seems to be intrinsically linked with the “P.C. Gone Mad” crowd.

People who want to do away with political correctness are usually people who want to see old-fashioned bigotry make a comeback. These people who hark back to the days when straight, white, middle-aged males got to openly belittle and demean minorities, incorrectly think that mediocrity is a direct result of removing offensive content in all its guises; racism, sexism, homophobia, religious prejudice, as though all of these things have to be present in order for something to be funny or credible. That’s obviously not the case however, offensiveness doesn’t automatically make something worthy of high regard, think back to the “good ol’ days” where a comedian could simply walk onto the stage and say “Homos, I’m I right?” and get a huge applause. In the 70s, some comedians got masses of laughs by simply inserting racist keywords such as “wog” or “paki” into their routine but saying these things didn’t make them funny, it just made them prejudice. And by the way, no matter how much I despised the likes of Bernard Manning and Roy Chubby Brown, I never once called for them to be censored, if that kind of shite appeals to you, then good luck to you and yours. I just want you to dig deep into your soul and truly understand why you think a fat cunt in pilot’s goggles yelling “niggers”, “pakis”, and “chinks” is making your fat saggy arse shake with laughter.

Because this type of bigoted content isn’t as widely accepted as it was in the past (unless of course you disguise your prejudice with satire, but that’s for another article) people, especially from the right seem to think that their preferred brand of entertainment is being suppressed by their critics. Going further with this concept, today we also have many illogical right-wing fools who seem to think that criticism of their opinion is in some way a stripping of their freedoms and rights.

Most proponents today of “freedom of speech” (or should I say a skewed concept of “freedom of speech”) seem to also be members of the aforementioned anti-political correctness brigade; a bunch of closed-minded morons who only yell “we have the right to free speech” when they want their own xenophobic, racist, sexist, and homophobic spiel to be heard. These twats however, don’t use their oh so important “right” to say anything deep and meaningful, on the contrary, they just want carte blanche to be offensive; not to authority, or hierarchy, but to minorities… and oh yes, countering them is apparently going against their white, male, god-given freedom to be angry toward anybody who strives for equality. But like I said before, criticism isn’t the same as censorship, it’s part and parcel of free speech; you want to talk shit about a minority, the minority then has the right to talk shit about you, at the very least they have the right to say what they feel in regards to what you’ve just written or said.

Wanting to say whatever you like but not being able to accept any criticism isn’t freedom of speech as I know it, what the right-wing defines as “free speech” or “freedom of speech” seems like a contradiction in terms; their side gets to say the most bigoted bullshit but our side can’t say why they’re wrong. When it comes to people from the alternative right (as well as the ordinary right for that matter) whenever you criticise them they’ll rush to say you want them censored… “if it were up to you, you’d have free speech abolished!” …stop jumping to conclusions and come back with an actual answer to your critics. Maybe look up “free speech” on Google, you might be surprised when you’re confronted with a definition that isn’t what you see above. And maybe get a grasp of the concept of “free speech” before you bandy the term about in an attempt to deflect from the nonsensical crap you’ve just spouted. Remember, free speech works both ways you confused bunch of cunts.

Sensing Shit Isn’t Censorship.

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  1. Totally agree, those screaming the most for freedom of speech. Only to spout racist trash and bigotry and not able to tolerate being critiqued for their viewpoints, when you present reasoning and logic. Then they want to silence you! (hypocrites)

  2. Exactly!
    Anti-PC brigade is more like the bitch nigga brigade!
    These arseholes say some dumb shit, but when someone calls them out on their bullshit, they scream “political correctness” and/or “free speech”. They are not fighting political correctness and defending free speech. They want to insult a minority without facing any criticism. They wish for the “good ol’ days” when black people were slaves and lynched, when gays were persecuted, when Africa, Middle East, and South Asia were colonised. Political Correctness and Free Speech have become a excuse for bigotry.

    Bitch ass niggas like Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins, Paul Joseph Watson, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage etc. love to pretend they are defending western civilisation from the “evil Muslims” and the “wave of immigrants”, but they are silent when western nations drop bombs on and exploit other countries.

    They will call left wing people, liberals or anyone who disagrees with them special snowflakes, yet they are the biggest special snowflakes.
    Just look at these trends:

    These idiots who say bigoted shit sure can be upset themselves. Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    The “outrage” over Dear White People is a case in point. The trailer has a mixed race woman saying that white people should not wear blackface and mock black people and these idiots lose their shit. They claim it is “racist” or “anti-white propaganda” or “promotes white genocide”. But if you actually watched the movie it was based on, you would see it is not racist or anti-white, but actually it is a satire on US race relations and black people’s struggle with living in a predominantly white world. It even makes fun of the social justice warriors.

    These dickheads need to look up the term “free speech”.

    • The fact that you literally believe that the majority of the Western world wish to persecute blacks and gays is utter nonsense, and you know it. Furthermore, I highly doubt you’ve ever heard someone say they want Freedom of Speech so they can spew racist remarks, methinks you simply ‘heard’ from a other source that people like this exist, buying into the hysteria brought on by the MSM

      Also, Donald Trump & especially Nigel Farage had been adamantly opposed to military intervention in the Middle East, so you genuinely have no clue what you’re talking about. I reiterate, they’ve been very vocal, you pretty much have to have been covering your ears and screaming so you can dwell in your false narrative OR whats more likely is that you’ve been sticking with your same awful news source.

      Gee, I wonder why people would think the “Dear White People” ad promotes white-genocide? Oh! Maybe it was the person who literally flat out said “white people should be killed”? Oh, but that wouldn’t fit with your narrative…better pretend she never said that.

    • I haven’t watched “Dear White People” so I can’t personally comment on its content, but given your stance on being offended (see your comment below where you say it’s a “choice”) that’s very fucking contradictory.

      You’re an obvious hypocrite if you bash every minority when they’re offended but turnaround and legitimise a white overreaction to art. Double-standards indeed.

      Remember Mr. Anti-Political Correctness, if you didn’t condemn white people when they lost their shit over a trailer for a SATIRICAL COMEDY, then you’re a fool, a contradictory fool. Pot calling the kettle black? Or to appeal to you – a Le Creuset Pot calling an electric kettle white.

      Oh and by the way, just because someone like Trump didn’t support a war, it doesn’t make them a lover of minorities. Lots of things come to play when it comes to war, he could for instance have wanted to prevent the loss of white lives within the U.S. Army. Ignoring the fact that Trump wants to kill the families of alleged terrorists and take their oil doesn’t somehow make him a fan of the middle east or Muslims, turning a blind eye to all the shit he’s said but bringing up a single fact regarding the War On Terror is very one-sided, what you’d call a false narrative. You really do keep contradicting yourself. Maybe you should go and work for CNN, I hear they love that kind of fake shite.

  3. By ‘people’ you actually just meant ONE guy who commented on one of your articles earlier this year.
    And as for ‘people’ who shout “Freedom of Speech” just so they can say ‘offensive’ things…like who?
    No, ‘anti-PC people’ isnt an answer.
    No, being offended by a comedian is a choice.
    So, who?

    • I’m not going to waste my Sunday drawing up a list of people who’ve yelled “freedom of speech” just to then spout prejudice. If you really need an example, then off the top of my head, maybe look at Milo Yiannopoulos.

      As an extension to “freedom of speech” these type of morons (probably you too) also utter “I’m not racist but…” or “I’m not Islamophobic but…” before they say dumb shite, I’ve seen this many times on Sky News, RT, and Fox News, from various people ranging from Eddie Money, Bo Dietl, Trevor Philips, to Jim Davidson. The fact that they have to pre-empt their bullshit with this statement means they are in fact bigoted.

      Also, since you’re such an expert, what examples do YOU have where the “anti-P.C. brigade” or the alt-right have used their freedom of speech to do, say, or write things that are helpful to humanity?

      On your other “point”, how is being offended a “choice” – it’s a gut reaction, how can you “choose” to feel a certain way before or during viewing a piece of art? Are you just an idiot or can you bend your personality, morals, and world view at will?

      The fact that you can recall the “ONE guy” that commented on “one” of my articles earlier this year means you should either get out more or you are that guy. If you don’t like this site then why do you keep visiting it? Maybe fuck off and navigate to some pro-Trump, pro-Farage, pro-white-people shit out there… that’s like 90% of the internet.

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