What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Mark Wahlberg aka Marky Mark?

A parody of a Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein photoshoot making a point about his racist past. By

Mark Wahlberg is definitely up there when it comes to being the worst actor of all time. For some unknown reason this cretin was overrated by the media for his work in films like Boogie Nights and his career as an actor flourished despite him having all the talent of an under-cooked bowl of Boston Baked Beans. Watch any movie that Wahlberg appears in and you’ll bear witness to lots of same-same acting; same demeanour, same gait, and same expressions – from Martin Scorsese’s The Departed to Michael Bay‘s Transformers – the accent might change a little, but Mark Wahlberg is constantly and consistently bad.

Mark’s acting varies between two settings; angry and happy. On screen he’s either a mean and constipated Mark Wahlberg (Shooter) or a soft-spoken and soft-stooled Mark Wahlberg (Date Night). To portray a more gentler, funnier, average guy, he routinely puts on a higher-pitched voice and even begins to enunciate his words to play a non-threatening or educated man (see M. Night Shyamalan‘s The Happening for proof). This amazing, jaw-dropping range is so narrow however, that you couldn’t even slide a single page of the script between it, and his two awe-inspiring levels (smiley or mean) is all Mark Wahlberg has in his toolbox of acting tricks.

If you want to witness this hack in action, watch one of his “softer” characters such as his role in Lovely Bones where he was completely and utterly unable to portray a mourning father whose daughter had been kidnapped or murdered. Even when the character isn’t supposed to display complex emotions such as simultaneously showing sorrow, anxiety, and panic, Wahlberg is still cardboardy and flat, and apart from smiling or scowling his performances are indistinguishable. His performance in Contraband for instance is almost identical to his performance in Max Payne, Wahlberg’s limited acting is so tedious that there is no visible difference between his portrayal of a Detective in The Other Guys or him acting dead at the end of Ted 2.

Outside of Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg was once known as Marky Mark and his foray into Hip-Hop during the 90s was also embarrassingly bad, possibly worse than his acting. For those of you who are too young to remember, Marky Mark was a lame, cheap, Vanilla-Ice-eque Hip-Pop creation. If you want to know what a bonafide wigger looks like, just type “Marky Mark” into Google and check out the images. This prat was the biggest wigger in Hip-Hop, seeing his videos and photo-shoots today make Riff Raff look positively Nubian.

But bad acting and corny music is the last thing I should be criticising him for, especially when Mark Wahlberg has something much more abhorrent in his past. Back when he was 15 years old, he was involved in two separate incidents where he harassed African-American children, threw rocks at them, and also shouted racial epithets including “Kill the nigger!”. Then a year later when he was 16, Wahlberg beat a middle-aged Vietnamese man unconscious using a piece of wood whilst calling him a “Vietnam fucking shit!”. Later he attacked a second Vietnamese man who he punched in the face. When he was arrested it has been reported that he used racial slurs such as “gooks” and “slant-eyed gooks” to describe his victim.

Then, in 2014 Mark Wahlberg filed an application for a full and unconditional pardon from these convictions. It was pretty astounding that someone the age of Mark “Patriots Day” Wahlberg didn’t know that this application would cause an uproar and ultimately be unsuccessful. This application for a pardon was preposterous since he wasn’t wrongly convicted, not to mention he was guilty not of a petty crime but of numerous serious and racially motivated acts of violence. Wahlberg must have been channelling that scene from Michael Bay‘s Pain And Gain, asking for a second chance from the Judge despite being guilty as sin.

The most obscene and outrageous part of all this is the fact that this violent racist who hung around with a gang and who openly hated minorities was then allowed to make his way into the world of Hip-Hop music, not making some weirdly pro-white version of the genre but instead attempting to act black. Like a precursor to Eminem, Marky Mark was a one-time racist who then became a wannabe minority, I guess nobody saw the irony of someone hating black people whilst wishing he was black himself.

After pratting around being a Rapper he then became a model for Calvin Klein, this six-packed shit-bag then strangely attracted black entrepreneurs who wanted to market their product to a bigger section of society – namely white people. But it’s one thing to broaden your fan-base by advertising your product using models from different backgrounds, it’s another thing entirely to drape your “urban” clobber over a hate-filled hoodlum. And that brings me neatly to Cross Colors, a sell-out brand who couldn’t be bothered to do a little research into what a racist fuck Marky Mark was. This so-called black brand with the slogan “Clothing Without Prejudice” who according to their Wikipedia page “denounced gangs and called for racial unity” via their political and social slogans, saw fit to send some of their clothes to an ex-gang member and purveyor of racial hatred – now if that’s not selling out I don’t know what is. Their philosophy and slogans were obviously insincere…

Mark Wahlberg posing with black people wearing a Cross Colors Hat

You can catch this fuck-stick posing with some house niggers back in the 90s and to top it off, Cross Colors even let this motherfucker wear a Malcolm X “By Any Means Necessary” shirt – this is not only ironic, it’s in such bad taste that I’m surprised nobody else caught this glaring case of tasteless, vile, and offensive advertising back in the day before it went to print…

Marky Mark wearing a Cross Colors Malcolm X By Any Means Necessary T-Shirt

Outside of music, this intolerant imbecile was then allowed to make films and inexplicably, various minority directors and actors agreed to work with this dick. One of the most offensive examples of this was Four Brothers where Wahlberg played one of four “brothers” (two white and two black) whose black adoptive mother is killed. As they all embrace each other in a post-9/11 black-and-white-but-no-brown American unity, I myself knowing Wahlberg’s history was appalled by this plot but it seemed that nobody else gave a toss. To me this movie was in very bad taste especially when taking into account that Mark was responsible for beating black people whilst shouting racist slurs at them, but according to Hollywood he was perfectly cast as a so-called “brother” and son of an African-American.

Now it’s one thing to work with someone who’s said racist things (D12 making music with Eminem for instance) but for minorities to work with a racist who’s also committed hate crimes – that to me is the epitome of selling out. So on that note, let’s call out every minority who worked with this racist piece of shit…

Fuck Cross Colors‘ Carl Jones and Thomas Walker for letting their marketing department send clothes to this racist.

Fuck Herb Ritts and Annie Leibovitz for photographing this racist.

Fuck John Singleton, Antoine Fuqua, F. Gary Gray, and M. Night Shyamalan for directing a movie with this racist.

Fuck Tyrese Gibson, Andre 3000, Terrence Howard, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ice Cube, Mos Def, Dwayne Johnson, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Hannibal Buress, Tony Shalhoub, Chow Yun-Fat, Ken Jeong, Bingbing Li, John Leguizamo, Michael Peña, and Cliff Curtis for acting with this racist.

Fuck LeBron James for even considering doing a movie with this racist.

I don’t give a shit if he’s dead… Fuck Prince Ital Joe for collaborating with this racist.

And even though I have respect for MC Shan, Danny Glover, Jeffrey Wright, and Denzel Washington, fuck them for working with this prick and not having the backbone to stay away from this racist savage.

And since this isn’t the frigging 80s or 90s any more, surely all white people who disagree with prejudice should also be shunning this admitted and convicted violent racist too?

So fuck everybody that ever associated themselves with this cunt, everybody who laughs and jokes, promotes, writes for, and collaborates with a person who has this type of history is a back-stabber and back-slapper of epic proportions. But especially people of colour in film, television, in fashion, and in the music business – you’re all a bunch of motherfucking sellouts – fuck all of you. And while I’m at it; fuck The Funky Bunch, fuck New Kids On The Block, and fuck everybody in Hollywood – call yourself artistic liberals when you keep giving work to a talentless, prejudiced thug? What a deceitful, double-dealing industry.

Back to Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg, this imbecile has lately tried to appease all this wrong doing by appearing in various black-led films. A huge chunk of Wahlberg’s filmography is essentially him declaring;  “look I can’t be racist, I’ve worked with all these black people”. To put icing on the bigoted cake, Wahlberg has also voiced his support of President Obama and he’s even supported same-sex marriages (he wouldn’t want to be accused of being homophobic too now would he?). So I guess that’s that, Mark Wahlberg is definitely not prejudiced any more, and oh look, he’s even active with The Good Shepherd Center For Homeless Women And Children, and I assume he even supports African-American and Vietnamese-American homeless people too. So please ignore all the incidents of hate in his past, because Marky Mark is ever so sorry for those minor transgressions. But you have to ask yourself; is he sorry because he’s overwrought with guilt and realises the error of his ways, or is he sorry because his true opinions and personality would stop him making money in an industry that sells his product to people of colour?


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  1. This write up needs to trend on the first page of Google!!!! Why isn’t it???? 🙂
    More people need to know about this over rated racist prick, people need to boycott ‘his’ new movie. In fact Michael Bay needs to drop him from Transformers, The Last Knight… lets make it happen!!!….
    Now that would be something to read about in the ‘papers’ (Media). It would make a change from all the usual lies they print.
    Well written as always, another thumbs up from me.

    • Thanks! 🙂 While “Deepwater Horizon” is out (and probably when that bullshit film about the Boston Bombings titled “Patriot’s Day” comes out) there’ll be a small and quick blip of interest but nothing ever changes. Wahlberg’s films are usually profitable and nobody seems to care about his convictions.

    • True words,once a racist always a racist. And Marky Mark did it twice,or at least got caught twice…

    • Hi,

      Actually, in my view, Mark is a good actor. In Boogie Nights, he was very good, highly credible as a coke-sniffing delinquent with violent tendencies, musical pretensions and a certain gift in the nether-regions. No wonder! Good acting is not about being a nice person. In fact, it is about creating ‘suspension of disbelief’ as Stanislavsky put it. The fact that Mark was a criminal might commend his believability in the many criminal roles he plays.

      Do I believe people can change? Most certainly I do. I doubt Mark harbours racist feelings now.

      Is a 16 year old mentally mature? Genet wrote that 13 years begin to have abstract conceptions of justice, life and death. Anyone who has read classic works of literature taught in most if not all schools, such as To Kill a Mockingbird, or has watched a classic film, such as Mississippi Burning, can understand if not empathise with the brutality of racism with particular reference to America. Therefore, although he may well have changed, he was at an age where consciousness about his actions suggest a level of culpability and awareness on his part.

      Do I believe that Mark is a good person today? Despite being an excellent actor, I do not really trust this man, still. His jokes about his missed plane which flew on 9/11, were in such poor taste that it is hard to believe that he is not a narcissist of the highest order. He joshed about how the plane would not have gone down had he been in his regal ‘first class’ cabin, even if others had died, the ‘blood’ would not have affected him. Certainly a joke, but is it one which any sane or at least normal person would make at the time he made it?

      He wishes to receive a full pardon, entailing a complete cleansing of his criminal records. Why would he ask for that, if he still feels what he did was seriously wrong? It does not seem contrite enough, and could very well be motivated by financial reasons, such as the removing of employment obstacles that prevent him from expanding his business empire.

      If he was sincere, why does he not offer financial reparations for his several victims?

      The fact that he believes he has paid his debt is also suspect. He served 45 days, taken as an adult offender, (16) for hate crime and battery. This is not paying one’s due. It is incredible leniency. He describes his main travails in repaying this debt as relating to the arduous nature of disencumbering himself from gang life, undertaking a journey, literally and metaphorically, of taking a different path to school. He, nevertheless, did not lose an eye.

      Mark is a philanthropist, but let us examine that more closely. He works for underprivileged inner-city youth, including ‘gang-bangers’. Are these not people who might forgive his violent past and even idolise him, thus appealing to a narcissistic element? Is this not a form of playing to the crowd, of ‘his’ crowd? What about working for underprivileged Vietnamese or Iraqi war refugees, a war which Mark seems to have no issues with?

      Ultimately, perhaps, we should remember that Mark has a net-worth of some 300 million dollars, according to internet accounts of his accumulated wealth. He has financial motivations for cleaning his image, and he (as much as I could gather) has donated a fairly insignificant, comparatively speaking, sum of 2 million of his personal wealth to charities.

      Given this information, it is up to you to judge his character. I do, however enjoy his acting very much, his music, not at all. Again, acting is about being able to suspend disbelief through the actor’s own empathy with the character. What characters does he play?

  2. What a despicable human being! Not only is he racist, but he tried to have his past criminal record removed. It shows that Mark Wahlberg is not sorry at all, but only pretended to have changed his ways in order to make money.

  3. Totally nailed it. MW is scum, just another phoney, money grabbing turd like the rest of his family with their desperate shitty reality show. I read about the Vietnamese incident before and recall something about the victim losing one of his eyes, the sentencing Shitberg received was a joke too from what I remember. It’s sad that so many people have worked with this scum and continue to do so. Great job on the article, can’t let people forget!

    • Thanks! I read somewhere (I think the Daily Mail) that the Vietnamese victim said he’d already lost the eye before Wahlberg attacked him, so that’s the reason I didn’t bring it up. But who knows what kind of pressure he’s been put through, it’s not out of the realms of possibility that he’s been convinced to lessen the severity of the event by bending the truth a little.

  4. Thank God! I thought I was the only one to hate this talentless hack! Awful actor & rapper, and his crimes really sour an already rotten taste. I remember expressing such views about him on YouGov of which some people disagreed with, citing The Fighter & The Departed as examples of his ‘talent’. Honestly, he’s so blank in those roles that he simply blends into the background while actually talented actors overshadow him fully. To me, it’s not a good sign when an alleged talented actor stars in films that are good not because of his contribution but despite it. We may not agree on everything, but this guy being a talentless thuggery hack is absolutely true. Sod him.

  5. Wow, you seemed pretty pissed in this article. I think it is strange that you focused his past crimes more than you did his current status of an actor. You touched on it a bit in the beginning, but it seemed like the crimes he did when he was young really struck a bad chord with you. Yes, he may have been young and ignorant back then, but are there really any cases of him having this type of behavior now? I don’t know after a while its just best to leave the past at bay. I thought it would be more interesting to talk about how awkward and exasperated Marky Mark sounds when he’s acting. He comes off as being unintentionally hilarious in doing so and there are plenty of moments where it’s just fun to nitpick all the strange mannerisms he is giving off in his acting.

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I disagree. His crimes weren’t petty, he wasn’t caught smoking pot behind the bike shed or joy riding in a stolen car. What he did was despicable. These were heinous unprovoked racist crimes. What kind of human being does that? Not only is he racist, but he tried to have his past criminal record removed. Wahlberg is not sorry, he only pretended to change for his own selfish gains. To ignore what he did and to say ‘but it was in the past’ is a poor statement. The past is part of him. All people who hold criminal records are not pardoned when it comes to employment. Why is he any different? When you enter employment your past misdemeanours do matter. This is the film industry it is a business it is not a friendship.

    • Well that pretty much changes everything if he actually tried to hide his criminal records for marketability. I think its ridiculous that normal, (usually lower-class people,) can get years on end in jail-time for statutory rape and yet rappers and pro-athletes only get a few days of incarceration for the same crime, or something as equally heinous. Although I still do stand by the fact that people can change, I find it less believable that celebrities or people of higher power actually are sincere in their guilt. They are at a point where they can basically do anything and get away with it because they have the wealth and connections to keep their hypocrisy in the dark. It’s sad really…

  6. I have mixed feelings about this article . I’ve actually enjoyed quite a few of Wahlberg’s films . He isn’t the most talented thespian out there . But no one is expecting him to be Daniel Day-Lewis or David Oyelowo . He is an action movie leading man .

    The incidents occurred between 1984 & 1987 . He was a minor under the age of 18 back then . Most male teenagers do stupid shit & say stupid things . He probably was friends with people who said racist things back when he was in junior high & high school . Their bad influence probably rubbed off on him . That is no different than a young African American attacking a Latino man . We are all human and we all make mistakes . I guarantee most of my hip hop heroes got into a racial altercation or said racist comments when they were under the age of 18 .

    For sure Kool G Rap , Ras Kass , Immortal Technique , Esham , Chino XL , One Be Lo , Senim Silla , K-Rino , Big L (Rest In Paradise) , Viro The Virus (Rest In Paradise) & Big Punisher (Rest In Paradise) did .

    Every single one of those guys feuded with rival ethnic (Latino , Black , Oriental or Caucasian) gangs when they were youths . All of them have been to prison for at least one night .

    Most of those rappers are either 5 years younger or 5 years older than Mark Wahlberg . The same generation . Immortal Technique & Viro would be the only ones younger than the generation of Wahlberg .

    I’m not trying to make excuses for Wahlberg . Xenophobia & violence are , sadly , part of the human condition . Especially for testosterone charged young males .

    Ill Bill is an American Jew from New York City . When he was 19 or 20 he viciously attacked a group of metal heads with a lead pipe after a heavy metal concert because one of them – in a large group – wore a Swastika pin . Both Ill Bill & his brother Necro mention these incidents in the songs “White N***er” , “Tough Jew” , “Rabbis Holding Guns” , “Our Life” , “The Streets” & “Set It” . Only one of the kids in a large group had the Nazi pin on and Bill beat up all of them . Even some were just by happenstance standing near one another or sharing a drag , puff or swig .

    Wahlberg was a terrible rapper . But clowns today like Mac Miller , Riff Raff , Machine Gun Kelly , Chet Haze (Tom Hanks son) & Justin Bieber (when he raps) make him look like Sage Francis .

    Yes he was a try-hard & he was corny . But pop rap is way worse today than it was in 1991 or 1992 . I’d take Marky Mark , Kriss Kross , Snow , MC Hammer & Prince Ital Joe (R.I.P.) over Azealia Banks , Iggy Azalea , Rae Sremmurd or Mac Miller any day .

    • I agree with you, I know when I was his age which oddly was around the same years I did some really stupid and unforgivable things…but those mistakes make me the strong level headed kind person I am today…to error is human and we learn by trial and error…right?

    • It’s getting worse, too. I like Miller personally but nowadays of course you can just replace him with that garbage ass “hip-hop isn’t emotional” Post Malone.

  7. As you know Necro & Kool G Rap together form the hardcore underground duo , “The Godfathers” . You could write a 100 page article on all the xenophobic , homophobic , violent or misogynistic shit they have said in their music . You could write another 100 page article on the actual antisocial things they have done in real life . Necro’s Wikipedia page even has it’s own detailed section :

    Necro , Kool G Rap & Marky Mark were all fuckheads when they were younger .

    Marky Mark is an overrated and over-privileged Hollywood star . People hate on him for that alone . In fairness underground rappers from Violent J of I.C.P. to Kool G Rap to Young Zee to Shotty Horroh could be called out too .

  8. Mmm, as always fella , interesting piece. Have to chew on this one! 🙂

    Good writing, though – always is! Certainly passionate, this one!

  9. With regards to his ‘acting’. It’s just bizarre how well he’s done and Colter, I agree with you that people shouldn’t be entirely judged on their past (if indeed, they have changed) but MW didn’t really pay his debt to society and had the audacity to apply to clear his record! This guy is scum and the reason he may appear repentant as stated in the above article is purely financial.

    I saw this on

    As they were walking, defendants Michael Guilfoyle, Derek Furkart, Mark Wahlberg, and another white male began to follow them on bicycles. One of the defendants said to the Colemans, “We don’t like black niggers in the neighborhood so get the fuck away from the area.” The group of white males then chased the Colemans, using their mopeds.

    During the chase, the group of white males yelled, “Kill the nigger, kill the nigger,” and each threw a rock at the Coleman brothers and sister.
    According to the suit, Wahlberg and his friends spotted the children with their teacher, a Mrs. Deshaies, out on a field trip the next day. Wahlberg and his friends allegedly yelled racial slurs and again threw rocks at the children. Two girls—one black student and one white student—were hit in the head. Wahlberg was also accused of throwing a bag of rocks at another white female student. The teacher had to summon an ambulance, which eventually “chased the defendants away from Mrs. Deshaies and her students.”

    Wahlberg agreed to a final judgment by consent, settling the case without admitting any guilt. He also made an agreement not to assault, threaten, intimidate or harass people because of their race, violation of which would result in criminal charges.

    Remember when Mark Wahlberg beat a Vietnamese stranger with a stick while calling him a “Veitnam fucking shit”?

    This is the incident detailed in Wahlberg’s pardon application. In 1988, Wahlberg, now 16, attacked a Vietnamese man named Thanh Lam who was walking down the street with two cases of beer. Via the Smoking Gun:

    Wahlberg was carrying a large wooden stick, approximately five feet long and two to three inches in diameter. Wahlberg approached Thanh Lam calling him a “Vietnam fucking shit,” then hit him over the head with the stick. Thanh Lam was knocked to the ground unconscious. The stick broke in two and was later recovered from the scene.

    After police arrested Wahlberg… he stated: “You don’t have to let him identify me, I’ll tell you now that’s the mother-fucker who’s head I split open,” or words to that effect.
    But Wahlberg committed a second assault before police caught up to him, court documents say.

    Remember when Mark Wahlberg blinded another Vietnamese man in one eye almost immediately afterward?

    As he fled from Thamh Lam, he ran into a second Vietnamese man, Hoa Trinh.

    Wahlberg ran up to Hoa Trinh, put his arm around Hoa Trinh’s shoulder, and said: “Police coming, police coming, let me hide.” After a police cruiser passed, Wahlberg punched Trinh in the eye, causing him to fall to the ground.

    Police arrived and Hoa Trinh identified Wahlberg as the person who punched him. Wahlberg was placed under arrest and read his rights. Thereafter he made numerous unsolicited racial statements about “gooks” and “slant-eyed gooks.”
    Trinh was permanently blinded in one eye. Wahlberg, who also had marijuana on him, was arrested for attempted murder and eventually pled guilty to two counts of criminal contempt. Though 16 at the time, he was charged as an adult and received a 90-day sentence, of which he served 45 days.

  10. Gawker also mentions how at 20 Shitberg’s next victim, a security guard had to have his jaw wired shut because of the beating he received and his closing is very telling:

    ‘Now a successful actor, producer, and director, Wahlberg’s only recent assaults on unsuspecting members of the public have aired on HBO. In his pardon application, he emphasizes his charitable endeavors—many of which involve at-risk kids—and says his past has prevented him from working with law enforcement to further those efforts. Wahlberg, a restauranteur, also notes he’s had trouble obtaining a California concessionaire’s license because of his record.’

    It doesn’t seem to me like this guy is sorry…..he’s the same but as the OP mentioned, now he has to appear more responsible because it benefits him.

  11. Marky Mark is low-hanging fruit . A former racist who has changed his ways . I think , from your perspective , you viciously ripped him to shreds in this article .

    ” You can catch this fuck-stick posing with some house n***ers back in the 90s and to top it off, Cross Colors even let this motherfucker wear a Malcolm X “By Any Means Necessary” shirt – this is not only ironic, it’s in such bad taste that I’m surprised nobody else caught this glaring case of tasteless, vile, and offensive advertising back in the day before it went to print… ”

    That was extremely harsh . In contrast you weren’t as hard on Eminem . Eminem is the biggest betrayer in hip hop history . Far worse than Wahlberg . Mark Wahlberg has been in a dozen terrible action movies . Eminem ( along with Jay-Z ,T.I. , Nelly , Lil’ Wayne & Kanye West ) ruined the mainstream of the whole genre of hip hop music .

    There are far worse racists in Hollywood than Wahlberg .

    Atheist hero Penn Jillette is an undercover racist . On his old show “Penn & Teller : Bullshit !” they had an episode entitled “Reparations” . That pony-tailed fuck Jillette had the gall to say that only Japanese internment prisoners from World War II deserved reparations from the American federal government . So no reparations for Blacks , Native Americans , Latinos or the LGBTQ community !? Fuck that racist bigot Penn Jillette !!

    Apparently his reasoning was that Japanese / Orientals are a “more advanced race” than the others . Typical White Supremacist hyper-capitalist Ayn Rand bigotry of the first order that is .

    Jillette is also worth $200 million American . He is also senior fellow at The Cato Institute .

    An ultra right wing libertarian think tank co-founded by Charles Koch of Koch Industries . Murray Rothbard was another co-founder of The Cato Institute .

    That should make your blood boil . Rothbard was an evil , heartless patronizing racist fuck . Rothbard actually said the following :

    ” Rothbard called for the elimination of “the entire ‘civil rights’ structure” stating that it “tramples on the property rights of every American.” He consistently favored repeal of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, including Title VII regarded employment discrimination and called for overturning the Brown v. Board of Education decision on the grounds that forced integration of schools was aggressive. Rothbard also urged the police to crack down on “street criminals”, writing that “cops must be unleashed” and “allowed to administer instant punishment, subject of course to liability when they are in error”. He also advocated that the police “clear the streets of bums and vagrants”, and quipped “who cares?,” in response to the question of where these people would go after being removed from public property. ”

    ” Rothbard held strong opinions about many leaders of the civil rights movement. He considered black separatist Malcolm X to be a “great black leader” and integrationist Martin Luther King to be favored by whites because he “was the major restraining force on the developing Negro revolution.” Rothbard praised Malcolm X for “acting white” through use of his intellect and wit, and contrasted him favorably with the “fraudulent intellectual with a rococo Black Baptist minister style, “Dr.” King”. But while he compared Malcolm X’s black nationalism favorably to King’s integrationism, and for a time praised black nationalism, in 1993 he rejected the vision of a “separate black nation”, asking “does anyone really believe that … New Africa would be content to strike out on its own, with no massive “foreign aid” from the U.S.A.?” Rothbard also suggested that opposition to Dr. King, whom he demeaned as a “coercive integrationist”, should be a litmus test for members of his “paleolibertarian” political movement . ”

    Ed Crane was the other co-founder of The Cato Institute .

    Crane worked with ultra right wing economist Milton Friedman . Milton Friedman invented trickle down economics or Reaganomics . That is the economic system responsible for the economic inequality worldwide today .

    Like I said Wahlberg is a small player & low-hanging fruit . Penn Jillette is one of the power brokers .

    • This article is harsher because the incident was harsher. Eminem wrote a racist song, Marky Mark violently assaulted a handful of minorities (and almost killed one) – isn’t that more severe than a racist song? The reaction/article is equal to the level of racism.

      Don’t you think it’s in bad taste that a man who threw rocks at black kids and called them a “nigger” was then allowed to wear a Malcolm X shirt by a black clothing company? Aside from Cross Colors selling out, a white racist wearing a picture of a black anti-racist, Muslim minister, and human rights activist is just dumbfounding.

      And by the way, you don’t have to mask the “N” word from the term “house nigger/negro” with asterisks since it isn’t racist but instead is a term used to describe people of colour who side with white people over their own demographic – basically a self-hating minority. A house nigger is a minority that because of better living standards/monetary gain, they support white hierarchy and a power structure that favours white people over black. To pose with a white person who committed hate crimes, I think that description is apt.

      On your point out about other people/celebrities, I might do articles on all or none of them – watch this space.

      To answer your previous comment, what I would say is that a Jewish Rapper beating up a Neo-Nazi isn’t as bad in my eyes. If it was unprovoked then it’s a little extreme but so is Nazism. Beating an innocent person who isn’t antagonising you like Wahlberg did is completely and utterly different, in the case of Ill Bill, I’d be more inclined to write an article dissing the man who wore a swastika not Bill (unless of course it was a Buddhist swastika and not a far-right symbol of hate).

  12. The article on Gawker is by a woman, my mistake.

    Paul Bocian, I understand what you’re saying but at the same time Shitberg actually brutally attacked people, I’m sure if one of his victims was someone you cared about, you might not be so forgiving. Comparing Shitberg to people you deem worse doesn’t really say much and there’s some irony in calling the OP’s article harsh…I mean we’re talking about violent, hate filled, nonsensical brutal acts against kids (albeit when he was a kid too) and older people here. If I knew anyone like that who dared ask for a pardon, rather than make reparations to his victims, I wouldn’t give them the time of day. There really is no defending someone like Shitberg cos his actions don’t seem that of someone who is truly sorry.

    • So it was 1991 the last time he attacked someone ? It is possible that he has changed over 25 years . You are right he should give his past victims money as a gesture & genuinely ask them for forgiveness on camera . He should also directly address his past in front of the media & condemn racism . Still , he was under 20 years old when he did all of this . Mainstream science shows that a person’s brain doesn’t fully develop reasoning capability until age 29 .

      As for Necro & Ill Bill they are known for attacking innocent people & being antisocial . Including fans at their shows . Ill Bill knocked out R.A. The Rugged Man , apparently . They drinking after a concert & Bill got mad because R.A. poked him in the chest a few times . Seems like an immoral response to me .

      Speaking of wiring jaws ….

      In June 2009 Necro punched a man outside one of shows in Perth , Australia . He hit him so hard that the victim needed multiple facial & dental surgeries . As a result Necro & Mr. Hyde’s concert in Perth was cancelled , Necro was arrested & they were both sent back to the U.S.A. .

      In an online interview Necro claimed that after knocking the man out with a punch , ” … I picked him off of the ground all bloody & dazed & shit . Then I told him to run . I chased him through downtown Perth like Leather Face . ” .

    • “Reasoning Capability” as you put it, or fluid intelligence actually peaks at adolescence and begins to decline from age 30-40. So by your strange defence of Mark Wahlberg he should be more prone to racist attacks now! Bringing brain function into the equation makes no fucking sense! A person can be racist regardless of age and be violent regardless of age, you do know that his father was a Vietnam Vet and he most likely “learned” to hate Asians based on that – but nobody made him commit hate crimes, it isn’t something that “you just do without thinking” as a teenager and then give it up when you’re older. If Mark Wahlberg wasn’t famous and was still living in Dorchester, poor, and with pent-up racist aggression, don’t you think he’d still be openly racist? You don’t think it’s his present lifestyle and business that’s keeping his real feelings at bay?

      But regardless, there’s no point in bringing Necro and Ill Bill constantly into your argument since a. Both of them are well above adolescence (the Perth incident was when Necro was aged 33 which fucks up your whole “reasoning capability” argument) and 2. Nobody outside of underground Hip-Hop knows who they are, if you have an axe to grind with them, then you write an article about it.

      Bringing in other examples is like saying why are you writing about George Bush when there was this bloke called Adolf Hitler who was much worse. This is about Mark Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg alone, you do realise that this article doesn’t mean I’m defending every other racist or violent person in the entertainment business!

  13. The brain fully matures reasoning & critical thinking capabilities at age 29 or 30 . I’m not defending Wahlberg . Like I said he should go on camera & profusely apologize & give substantial monetary reparations to his victims out of his own pocket .

    • Apologising on camera is a hollow gesture that means absolutely nothing.

      People, especially celebrities apologising after they’ve done “wrong” is usually done to appease the masses and to stop the celebrity from becoming less profitable – it means fuck all. Plus, by that logic, a celebrity could commit any number of crimes and then later apologise for it stating; “I was young, my reasoning and critical capabilities hadn’t fully matured yet, I’m sorry for all those sexual assaults… please buy tickets to my movie” – being young, committing a violent crime, then getting older and apologising is the weirdest form of justice that I’ve ever heard of, if this was accepted it would be like “The Purge” for famous teenagers.

      A celebrity giving money to their victims also means nothing since these fuckers are millionaires, as is Wahlberg. Again, would he have made both these gestures if he was working in some bar in Dorchester? I doubt it. The only reason he’s not beating minorities these days is ’cause he’s rich – hit an Asian with a piece of wood today and they wouldn’t be able to successfully market “Transformers: The Last Knight” in China and India.

  14. I’m really not sure why you want to defend Shitberg and with such a weak argument. I didn’t attack anyone when I was under 20 and strangely I knew the difference between right and wrong (maybe my brain was advanced for my age? ;)). In all seriousness, your brain claims are overly simplified. There’s a whole host of things that we could consider around genetics and environment but we digress.
    Fact is, the majority of people don’t do things like this and you’re grasping.

    As I said, people can change but actions speak louder than (hollow) words and what Shitberg DID is seek pardon, rather than actually do anything for his victims. I don’t think that reflects a changed man. I agree with the OP. Shitberg and his PR team are only doing what serves them.

    I read the Vietnamese guy actually said he forgives Shitberg and would like to go to Boston to see him but can’t afford the trip, he works printing T-shirts for a living. It sickens me that Shitberg himself hasn’t actually tried to reach out to those he violently assaulted so financial reparations will happen when pigs fly (even though he could easily afford it) – speaks volumes.

  15. Wahlberg SHOULD give his victims money . He is worth $200 million U.S. . He should give them at least $500 grand each . The fact that he hasn’t done this already like 10 years ago is troubling to me .

  16. What? No mention of Whaleburger’s absolutely ridiculous turn as Navy Seal Marcus Latrell in Lone Survivor? His “Texas” accent alone was worthy of an extended jail sentence!

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