What Went Wrong With… Kristen Wiig, Contemporary Comedy, & Saturday Night Live?

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If Kristen Wiig is the face of contemporary comedy, then what a bland face it is. Kristen is one of the most dullest, most mediocre comedians working today, and her style which is a mixture of timid and tedious lacks any kind of star quality.

American comedians rise to fame in waves, and Wiig was part of a noughties influx of mediocrity that consumed televisual and filmic comedy once the likes of Adam Sandler began to teeter out. With the show Saturday Night Live acting like a conveyor belt, churning out comedians and spitting them out onto the world of film, someone needed to focus on quality control during the nineties and noughties, because what was sold to the masses as “funny” during that period was anything but. Thanks to SNL, mainstream American comedy on both television and cinema has suffered greatly over the last two decades and it has yet to recover.

Saturday Night Live has sucked for a while now, and for the last several years there have been many people online complaining about the declining quality of the show. SNL was always a little overrated but during the seventies and eighties with the likes of Bill Murray and Eddie Murphy being part of the cast, the people involved were by and large talented and the show was at least watchable. But as more of the cast began to transition to film, Saturday Night Live began to attract the type of people who weren’t concerned with honing their comic ability, they just wanted a free pass to Hollywood.

Since the entertainment business is filled with doormats and yes-men, Tinseltown Execs have been willing to make stars out of even the blandest SNL graduates. Sometime during the nineties with the likes of Adam Sandler and Chris Farley strangely being allowed to make movies, both the show and mainstream Hollywood began to hire the worst comedians around. With crappy comics like Jimmy Fallon, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Sarah Silverman, and more to the point Kristen Wiig becoming part of the cast, not only did Saturday Night Live become lame, but this lacklustre hiring affected both film and televisual comedy.

Kristen Wiig represents everything that is wrong with not only Saturday Night Live but also contemporary comedy; she lacks personality, she lacks individuality, and her performances are weak, and yet somehow this monotonous moron makes money from allegedly making people laugh. Her fans must be easily pleased.

This is a playlist of SNL sketches featuring Kristen Wiig, and pretty much all of them are shite. The first Satellite Delay sketch plagiarises the Two Ronnies’ Mastermind sketch but it possesses none of the flair or charm of the original. The rest, well, they’re typical of the unoriginal bullshit that plagues the show, and Wiig (and the rest of the crappy bunch for that matter) never once manage to entertain.

One thing that Kristen Wiig seems to be particularly bad at is impersonations, and although she changes her voice on Saturday Night Live to play various “famous” people, on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon she doesn’t even bother to do that. Playing JoJo Fletcher from The Bachelorette, Kristen dons an amazing costume to accurately play the reality star (watch the playlist below). Now I understand that a bad costume and a purposely amateur portrayal can be funny in itself, and not knowing the celeb you’re playing can result in even more hilarity, but this isn’t the case with Kristen. With Wiig giggling at her own failed improv, sitting there dumbfounded (and next to Jimmy Fallon that takes some doing) the whole thing reeks of ineptness.

When it comes to her film roles, Kristen Wiig is, if anything, worse. Aside from a few hair and costume changes, Wiig basically plays the same “character” in every single thing she appears. Watch her playing the Surgeon in the morose-as-shite Ghost Town and tell me the difference between that character and Dr. Pat on The Joe Schmo Show. Whether she’s playing Annie Montrose in the overrated The Martian, playing Annie Walker in the massively overrated Bridesmaids, or Erin Gilbert in the Ghostbusters reboot, can anybody in the audience tell the difference? Ooh look she’s brunette, ooh look now she’s blonde, now her hair’s short, now it’s long… wow what range! But regardless of her hair colour and style; her face, her expressions, her mannerisms, and her acting is exactly the frigging same in every single film. The only time she’s ever played someone other than herself is in Zoolander 2, so that’s exactly one character in almost forty films that looks and sounds like someone other than typical Kristen. My oh my, what talent she possesses.

Kristen Wigg is the most uninteresting comedian around today and her so-called comedy is so tame, spiritless, and flat that it barely registers on screen. Now normally I would conclude an article with a derogatory sentence or two about the person’s looks – something along the lines of “she looks like a rake impersonating Elizabeth Olsen”. But when it comes to Kristen, her looks are so forgettable and plain that even the most gifted writer couldn’t describe her facial features in a witty way. Her face is so bland in fact, that it was almost impossible to caricature. I guess in some way that’s kind of apt, since a caricature which is supposed to be exaggerated and amusing, when it comes to Kristen Wiig it isn’t funny in the slightest.

The Wig May Change, But Wiig Stays The Same.

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  1. Totally agree with you. I’ve said this for years. She’s a whole lot
    of nothing!!! And don’t get me started about the other nothing Fallon. The worst

  2. Kristen Wiig is super overrated! She is barely funny and for a so-called top comedian, that’s not good enough. The biggest reaction she can get out of me is merely giggles and even that’s few and far between. How does such a mediocre comedian get top billing at SNL? She sucked the life out of many skits while she was there. SNL has gotten so much better without her. I just wish they relied less on celebrities and mediocre talent.

    Speaking of movies, the only movie featuring Wiig that I have seen is Knocked Up and that was total garbage, although it was mainly because of Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, and Judd Apatow’s crappy direction and atrocious script.

    • Meh. I thought she did a good job as one of the leading voice actors in the new Sausage Party that came out a week ago, but other then that, I have to agree with this article. Her being a part of the new Ghostbusters automatically makes me despise her.

    • I agree. She plays the same character over and over. I have seen “Martian”, “Bridesmaids” and “Ghost town”. She is the same in all three movies. In live shows, apparently, the joke is that she comes unprepared and says whatever comes to her head in the spur of the moment. Giggling nervously after mumbling something odd is her style. She is no Bill Murray or Bob NewHart or even Will Ferrell to turn dead pan humor and awkwardness into comedy gold. She has nothing intelligent or funny to say spontaneously like Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Craig Ferguson etc. Her peers seem to give 100% in whatever comedic style they end up in. She tries too hard to escape being typecast and ends up being dull and lukewarm. Mellisa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph and Rose Byrne are actually funny and can even act in serious roles. Kristen Wiig is just one of those super-lucky actors who keep getting work in spite of being bad at their craft.

  3. I hated the 2008-2010 seasons of SNL, only because Wiig was in pretty much every single sketch. Every character she played went something like: “OK, put on a stupid looking wig, and use a really annoying voice! Comedy gold!” I especially hated Gilly and her Kathie Lee “impression” which was her drinking some alcohol and then repeating what she said in a faux sarcastic voice.

    What’s worse is, she’s still doing this crap for Pizza Hut commercials to this day!

  4. I did like some of her skits (Paula Deane for example) but in interviews, she lacks warmth and charisma. It’s almost like the characters she portrays are just auditions at being human. I was hoping that she would be more self deprecating and relatable but alas she seems like the wallflower at a party that you might overlook.

  5. I feel the same. She has never made me crack a smile. I was reading comments on YouTube and so many call her a comic genius. If she is comic genius we are definitely living in a nightmare. I had to google “Kristin Wiig is not funny”. I am relieved to find not everyone finds her ricotta cheese comedy appetizing.

  6. Agree with many of the points presented and dislike wiig with a passion. The pretentious views of a subjective and personal art form presented by the author do not take into consideration the “generation syndrome” associated with things like SNL, Dr. Who, Music, Animation etc. that evolve every few years. If i was to pose the question as to who your favorite Dr was It would typically be the one in which you became a fan of the series, same typically would be said for movies and music. I am not saying that his assumptions of the way television and movies are cast is incorrect, but it is something to take a step back and consider when reading things like the show has been in a steady decline or music isn’t music etc.

    • Not really since a. the SNL shows that were watchable existed before I was born and b. I don’t like any Dr. Who, I think it’s a shit show. In fact I hate many things my own generation created. You don’t automatically have a rose-tinted view of the art that was created during your youth, only morons do that. I mentioned this in my article about the 1990s. Instead of dismissing my opinions as “pretentious” maybe navigate around this site and realise that hacks, twats, and pricks – whatever age – are mentioned. And is it not ironic to talk about “subjective” criticism when you yourself essentially agree that Wiig is an acceptable target? That means that people who are shite at what they do are generally obvious and have fuck all to do with the generation they’re supposed to appeal to.

  7. I google searched “Kristin Wiig annoying” to see if I’m the only one who finds her so unbelievably annoying. I can’t stand her. The author basically got it all covered. She can’t act and does these bizarre facial movements that are so annoying and pathetic.

  8. i came here cus kristen wiig sux but hader, samberg, armeson, forte, sudeikis, pohler, fey, fallon and esp keenan thompson all hilarious

  9. So on point! In WW84 she was snooozeville from the minute she stepped into the frame – even the Cheetah CGI couldn’t save her. It seems like she did zero prep for a villian that we have not seen on screen before… and if Wiig is in the role – I don’t want to see Cheetah ever again and frankly it shoud have been an opportuity to make Cheetah an epic villian – but Wiig presented her lue-warm at best. Barbara Minerva was a cross between Annie from Bridesmaids and… well, just pick any variant of boring.

  10. I just saw her in GB and I hated her so much I have to Google KW overacting. I couldn’t be the only one… And I was right.
    Author’s opinion: totally on point.

  11. lol, I accidentally saw Bridesmaids for 3 minutes, was watching the college tournament and it happened to come on the same station after. For some reason, the actress got me infuriated, like a feeling of anger I’ve never before felt watching television, one I can’t even begin to describe. Had to google the actress, and sure as shite, there exists an entire community out there who feels the same way. I guess I have an impeccable eye for talent, or lack there of!

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