What Went Wrong With… The Rise Of The Fake-Left & The Fake-Right?

What Went Wrong With... The Fake-Left And The Fake-Right? By

One completely unexpected outcome of the Brexit vote was the strange and unfathomable reaction to the result itself. June 24th 2016 aside from marking the date that Britain left a corrupt, money-grabbing federal state, was also the day that I finally realised how fake the majority of people who claim to be left-wing and right-wing really are, so it’s time for another rant.

A few hours after the news broke that morning and the value of the pound dropped, the apparent left were pissing and moaning like a bunch of whiny pricks, but who couldn’t predict that the value of the pound would fall and that the stocks would tumble? Maybe if these prats took notice to any other day of trading, they’d realise that this event was nothing out of the ordinary. Any hint of a change, both corporations and rich twats panic; they like consistency, they like profits, and they don’t care who they hurt while they’re making it, so stocks and shares vary all the time. People were tweeting the most idiotic garbage about how the pound has never been so low since 1985, but they failed to recognise that in 1985 we were also part of the European Union, so how could this be a “low value because of leaving” if it’s been at this rate both in and out of the EU? There was also talk of another recession, but again these same nitwits failed to take into account the four other recessions this country has had whilst we’ve been part of the EU. I guess everything wrong that occurs is the fault of Britain alone but everything that goes right is thanks to the good ol’ European Union. What a bunch of twats.

It was pretty telling that after a few pence was wiped off the value of the pound, a huge proportion of the left instantly started bitching about how leaving was the wrong decision, as usual the majority made all left-wingers look like halfwits. Since these people were predominately “young” they also made their entire generation look like fools in the process, the masses that day made every millenial especially every left-leaning millenial look like cry babies. “Oh no, what have we done!?” I guess this was the same generation who were given prizes at school for simply taking part rather than for winning, not to rag on the entire generation but you real lefties have to fight against those your age who are making the rest of you look like a bunch of spoilt cunts. These people are doing to you what every Russell Brand-type person did to the previous generation – they’re making it seem like you’re all uninformed fakes talking shite, for god-sake call them out on it.

If you fake-lefties want instant gratification then go and wank yourself off, ’cause in the real world nothing beneficial happens instantly. If we voted to remain and the stocks went up, would you be so blinkered with that short-term result that you’d interpret that as good for our country? If your answer is yes, then you’re the biggest fucking moron online right now.

The main thing that annoys me about people who claim to be felt-wing is that their opinions are very much a falsity, a façade. They claim to care about democracy, equal rights, workers’ rights, and yet they approve of the EU which has unelected officials and Presidents. These faux-lefties claim to be for the working and middle-classes but they want to support a campaign that was funded by the richest corporations and the wealthiest upper-class pricks. I guess you want to cause a sham riot every May Day but you cower in the corner when any real anti-capitalist shit comes up. How can someone who is “for the people” be on the same side as Goldman Sachs, Richard Branson, George Osborne, Lord frigging Sugar, and Tony pissing Blair?

The type of idiot who sees a blip of a problem and then has the most reactionary fit is the dumbest, most erratic person of all, and if you looked online on June 24th most of the panicking prats were claiming to be from the left. So you all apparently hate the decision that Britain is leaving the European Union because it’s affecting you personally right now? You know how shallow and selfish that sounds? I guess as long as you can go on some booze and pussy-chasing holiday to Magaluf without a passport you’re fine with being part of the most clandestinely undemocratic federal state in history. You people are in no way left-wing.

I’m old-school left, when left-wing meant something, being left-wing is not just some fake dress you drape yourself in whilst you’re in Uni, going backpacking or whilst you’re attending some shite festival. I’ve seen your types before, you’re oh so liberal while you’re “studying” but you’re quick to become a sheep like everybody else once you get married and squeeze out a couple of sprogs and get a mortgage. Being left-wing is supposed to be in your very core, it’s not just a badge you wear to fit into your factory-line, middle-class clique of so-called friends while you’re “young”. Fuck you and your bullshit costume, dressing like a clichéd hipster and drinking Rainforest Alliance coffee doesn’t make you a liberal in any way shape or form.

A gaggle of fucking idiots who think wearing a Bathing Ape or Supreme sweatshirt and listening to The Underachievers makes them left-wing is an outright joke. You think you’re liberal simply ’cause you own a yoga mat and can point to your fucking chakras on a rattan screen-printed chart? You wouldn’t know Eastern Philosophy and Eastern Religion if you were being astral projected towards it. All of you contradictory pricks give a bad name to the real left, the left that couldn’t give a short-term fuck what happens to the economy for a few years, it’s about the bigger picture. Under the EU Britain has got to the point where you can only rent not buy a house, most people can’t get a high-paying job after wasting money on a debt-making degree, welfare’s being cut because of austerity, disabled people are committing suicide because ATOS are taking away their benefits, and industries like fishing and farming have been decimated, but no, everything’s fine because all that’s the fault of our current government, not all the previous ones who governed whilst under the EU.

You people claim to care so much about people’s rights but you’re fine with buying a tie-dyed top sewn in a sweatshop in Asia or tweet fake-liberal bullshit on a smartphone built from slave labour. You think democracy is protected by the EU but you want a second referendum because you didn’t agree with the result? Can you not see the frigging irony?

Following the Brexit vote, social media was filled with condescending tweets from the fake-left implying that any genuine left-wing voter who chose to leave was somehow wrong, either that or that all the leave voters were prejudice. Let’s not forget that these were the same people who were mocking David Cameron and George Osborne about being rich Etonian bastards who screwed the poor only a month before. But since both of these Bullingdon buddies supported the remain campaign, these online fakers were quick to defend them and even tweeted their support of that egg-faced, alleged pig-poker when he was resigning. What a bunch of sell-outs.

Remember that we’re all slaves for the rich and powerful, and that includes you too. Stocks and shares only effect the super-rich, we never really had any power or any real money for any of this shit to matter. It’s pretty crap where I live and it has been for years, a little dip in the economy today doesn’t matter any more than the last financial crisis we had. I don’t agree with sexual stereotyping but man the fuck up and deal with the short-term fall for the greater good. Remember that empire and rulership is a game of chess and the people you’re playing against are thinking ten or fifteen moves ahead, so at least try to figure out a few moves rather than what your valueless pawn is doing today – get your literal game up.

I guess all these fake left-wing people were always the same. They were so easily led that their counterparts across the pond thought voting for Obama was going to make America better for African Americans. Those slogans “Yes We Can” and “Change We Can Believe In” was bait for naïve liberals, flash forward a few years and Police brutality is on the rise, the Ku Klux and the far-right are on the rise, and black people are getting brutalised by racist cops more than ever. How could this happen under a black President? Because whether you’re left or right you’re all suckers for rhetoric and quick fixes. You follow the script like a bunch of sheep but you never think long-term. The face at the front only disguises the evil going on behind, you were so quick to vote for a black man that you never considered whether he was just as corrupt as the white one. For all your so-called liberalism, that was the most racist choice you could have made.

Even to this day the faux-left conform to the stereotyped script… Look! There’s been a terrorist attack – let’s support a racist foreign policy and more war. Look! There’s been another shooting – let’s take guns away from all the innocent people who have never committed a crime. A real lefty would want to keep guns in America, as long as the Police and the Military are armed so should the people, read the constitution lately? These people claim to be left-wing but conform to every anti-left proposal every time the media says so, all of you are a disgrace to the real left. Fuck demonising gun ownership, if I was living in America I’d move to a state like Texas and arm myself to the teeth, see if the Police want to fuck with someone who is armed with more than just a pack of cigarettes. All of you anti-gun lefties need to get a clue, you think giving up your guns is going to make you safer under a corrupt government? And if you’re an oppressed minority living in a country that allows its power-mad Police to carry weapons, you think you’ll be safer without yours? Ever heard of the Black Panthers, sellout?

It looks like the Malcolm X quote “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing” is now truer than ever. These left-fakers may be quick to post this quote to Instagram on Malcolm X’s birthday but have they ever taken the time to read the fucking sentence? It applies to all the dumb shit they’re doing today.

So that’s the fake-left, but while I’m at it, the fake-right are also a bunch of idiots. When it came to Brexit, all the faux-right dicks were voting “leave” solely because of immigration. Forget protecting British industry, democracy, and sovereignty, they just wanted to get the coloureds out like a bunch of bigoted pricks. So to the fake-right I have to say – all of your leaders and all of your contrived choices are also corrupt and idiotic, and your wrinkly generation who grew up on The Smiths and The Sex Pistols are now pro-establishment, Royalist xenophobes? That makes you lot sellouts too. In Britain you support UKIP ’cause you think “our country is being overrun”? But you’re so racist that every time you say “our” you mean “white” like a person of colour can’t be British. In the US you dumb fucks want to vote for a rich imbecile who can’t tell the difference between a religion and a race. Grouping Muslims together as though they’re all “foreigners” even though there could be a white Muslim from America standing right next to that straw-haired cunt while he speaks his venomous nonsense, it just goes to show the level of confused racism in both the UK and USA.

All of you on the fake-right are fine with a hate-filled prick being in charge of the United States as long as it benefits your own demographic? You lot make me sick too. You want to build a wall to a county in which the race that resides there lived in North America before your Caucasoid arse sailed over, and if any minority speaks out against America’s prejudice you’re quick to say “why don’t you leave?” like it’s somehow your country. America isn’t rightfully yours just ’cause you raped and pillaged it, sticking your flag in something doesn’t make it yours, you had to systematically slaughter the natives and build up your fake-Republic with free labour. The country that lays before your racist eyes belongs to everybody who lives there; black, brown, yellow, white, Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Muslim, Buddhist, and Satanist. All men are created equal, ever read your own Declaration Of Independence?

You punk-mother-fucking, flag-waving, xenophobic, pick-up truck driving, drag-car racing, deer-hunting, camouflage-wearing hicks are just as bad for the right as the fake-lefties are to the left. The right are supposed to be anti-government, yes you’re supposed to be pro-gun but not ’cause you’re scarred of the blacks and Hispanics who live four blocks down from you. You’re not supposed to automatically elect a leader just ’cause they’re old, white, and male, and you’re definitely not supposed to kiss someone’s ass just ’cause they’re rich. As far as I remember trickle-down economics never made it down to the trailer park, so what makes you think a billionaire from New York is going to “Make America Great Again” around your way? You people aren’t living in middle America, you must be living in cloud cuckoo land.

Back when I first opened my Twitter account I used to block right-wing followers but then I began to take a closer look at the left and saw that their accounts were filled with similar nonsensical shite. So now I leave people to follow me regardless of who they purport to be, go ahead read my articles, all of you might learn something.

Both sides of this political divide love to play the part of their given stereotype, but whether these fakes claim to be right or left only the real individuals on either side stick up for what’s right, and money, race, sex, religion, and sexual preference never comes into it. The only people who’ll be offended by this piece are the fake-left and the fake-right, the real liberals and the real conservatives aren’t dumb enough to fall prey to polarisation and they never chose the wrong option just for the sake of popularity, conformity, or a quick-fix.

It’s quite strange that at one point the right were essentially “help yourself” and the left were essentially “help each other”, but somewhere along the line this became some racist bullies versus some spineless wimps. I have no idea when this happened but regardless of the ruination of each political view, right or left, why are you bickering with each other? As a human being don’t you both want freedom?

Getting Nowhere, Going Nowhere.

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  1. The fake left is a bigger joke to me because they are supposed to be the ‘educated’ ones. How can you be pro-socialism, pro-working class/equal rights etc but at the same time love middle-class bullshit like brunch at trendy restaurants, cafes, lofts, gentrification, organic-everything, zumba/yoga/pilates, vegan-protein shakes, university, backpacking, i-phones, dream jobs and Hollywood celebrities? What makes them any better or different than those ignorant, uncool suburbanites with their pathetic exhibitionist weddings, shopping malls and chain restaurants? Your right, the only ones offended will be the fakes.

  2. I voted to remain, but the public voted to leave and it must be accepted. That’s what democracy does. It may not be perfect, but it gives the people a voice. But, on Friday, people were losing their shit on Twitter. What the fuck? They were tweeting as if it is a disaster. People are really brainwashed by the scaremongering. There are now calls for another EU referendum. I’m fucking sick and tired of another EU referendum! It got really fucking annoying! They had to exploit someone’s death! People need to accept that it’s over. It’s done! The public decided to leave the EU. Accept it! I didn’t go on social media and bitch about it. 3 days in and what has really changed? I may have preferred to stay in the EU, but what’s done is done. People just have to deal with it!

  3. To be honest, at least Dodgy Dave is gone, but the next prime minister could be either Boris Johnson or Theresa May. Michael Gove may have an outside chance. What it means that there will be an unelected prime minister. Despite Brexiters accusing EU of being undemocratic, UK is hardly perfect when it comes to democracy. We have an unelected monarch as head of state, an unelected House of Lords as part of the law making process, and let’s not forget the civil servants. If it was done in the name of “democracy”, then there should be an election. But knowing that nearly all political parties are an absolute joke, an election will not make a difference.

    Although I don’t see how leaving the EU would improve the economy (we would probably end up getting shitty trade deals with the EU, businesses may relocate and take jobs with them), who knows? There could be a prosperous future a few years down the line for Britain. What I expect is for Brexiters to put their money where their mouth is, but after Nigel Farage admitted that the promise to put £350m to the NHS was a “mistake” (Translation: lie), I’m not hugely optimistic.

    I also hope that the government does not fuck over EU citizens living here. It would hugely be unfair for the government to start cutting benefits or charge higher taxes for EU citizens after they were denied to vote in the referendum. I pray to God that Theresa May does not become Prime Minister. She is Britain’s version of Ted Cruz. Given her anti-immigration rhetoric, she will probably push to deport as many immigrants as possible and repeal the Human Rights Act. Dodgy Dave is a cunt and George Osbourne is an ass kissing bitch, but Theresa May is way worse.

    Labour is hardly anything better. They are a total joke, ever since the millennium. They are glorified centre-right party. Complete and utter sellouts. They completely shat on their ideals for some political success. Now look what happened? Labour lost the support of the working class, their core electoral fan base. The attempted coup on Jeremy Corbyn is a case in point. He is a piss poor leader. The fact that Hilary Benn and other backbenchers want to get a “pro-EU” leaders shows why nobody takes them seriously. There were reports that a Labour MP is calling for Euro referendum to be removed. If it’s true, then Labour are no different from the Tories.

    Speaking of gun violence, I disagree with you on some aspects. People have the right to protect themselves and if it means using a gun then so be it. But, my problem is that certain guns are accessible and not enough people with guns are sufficiently trained to use it properly. Handguns or shotguns are fine, but assault rifles are too much. Besides, why do people even need assault rifles to protect themselves? Just look at all the recent shootings or Chiraq. An idiot can get a gun at anytime and start shooting without knowing how to use them properly. Removing assault rifles and having people rigorous tests in order to get a license would lower the risk. It won’t eliminate shootings, but it would reduce the probability of one happening. Too many innocent people have died for nothing to be done.

    When it comes to police brutality, I also disagree with you on a few aspects. Not all cops are racist, trigger-happy assholes. I assume most cops are honest people who want to protect the public. They are unfairly demonised by the media and fake liberals. However, I do agree that police is excessively militarised. Just looking at the police during the Ferguson riots, you actually thought they were soldiers. You can blame Reagan and The War on Terror for this one. He really pushed for the police to have more weapons. Millions of dollars of the taxpayer’s money is spent on defence. You would expect to see weapons in the hands of SWAT, but the fact that local police have those types of weapons is worrying. I don’t know if the same happens in the UK, but if it does, then it is probably unreported.

    • Firstly, yes most of the Conservatives are pompous, prejudice cunts, and yes most of UKIP are racist, and yes most of Labour are fake-liberal sellouts, but if you believe in democracy all that could be changed if the people stopped voting for bigots and scaremongers. The EU on the other hand are unelected, so for all your complaining about democracy here, the European Union shows no democracy at all. So how would you “reform” something which you have no control over? At least this way you can slowly change the make-up of the parties and choose a leader.

      The main reason we don’t have a true opposition is partly because we don’t have a valid three-party system, and that’s because of Nick Clegg selling out. Before the coalition government the Liberal Democrats under Charles Kennedy were making headway into the fake two-party system. Then when Kennedy came close to convincing Labour voters to move over they screwed him over and replaced him with the unelectable Campbell, then the wuss Cable, and then the bullshit peddler Clegg. Ever since then we don’t have a viable alternative to this fake-left/right paradigm you see every election.

      I don’t need to show you examples or reasons as to why most of the economic and social problems are the fault of the EU, that’s what the internet’s for – go look it up. Pay particular attention to how the EU has handled the debt situation in Greece and tell me if that’s the EU you want to be a part of.

      Finally, don’t put words in my mouth, I never said that “all cops are racist, trigger-happy assholes” – what are you, a budding lawyer, politician, or journalist? Until you take assault rifles away from the Police, you shouldn’t take them away from the average citizen. Why would you want to give a group of people more firepower when they have proven to be power-mad and racist? The Police are there to protect the masses, they’re supposed to work for the people, and unless they prove that they are protecting them ALL and prove that they are actually tackling corruption and prejudice within their own workforce, nobody should be giving up any “type” of weapon.

      And what does training for a gun have to do with gun-violence? Gun crime is never the result of a mistake! The average Joe who wants to protect themselves aren’t going around “mis-using” their guns! It’s not rocket science – take the safety off, aim and shoot, watch out for the kickback. You’re seriously telling me that training will result in less terrorism and gun crime?

      Here in Europe, Switzerland has guns and gun-violence isn’t high. In Britain and in France where there’s strict gun laws a terrorist can easily get hold of one – look at the murder of Jo Cox or the Paris attacks. Did our strict gun laws protect those people? You don’t legislate for the psychopathic minority, you keep things legal for their safe use by the average citizen. There is no proof that the proportion of crime committed with a gun exceeds the safe use of guns in the US.

      On your point about “training”, knife crime exists in Britain, but do you see supermarkets and hardware stores giving “lessons” on how to use knives? Someone could go out and kill a person with a chainsaw, should B&Q give lessons on how to properly use chainsaws? And how would that help? A maniac will always get hold of a weapon and cause havoc because they’re attracted to violence not because of the severity of their weapon. You keep the tool legal for the millions of people who use it every day without attacking people. Plus, if you want to give everybody who wants a gun some firearm training, that would mean that the psychopaths would be even more accurate when they go out and kill people! Think this shit through.

      Taking away legal firearms is also prejudiced. Think about it – gun crime in black areas like Chicago is on the rise because of illegal firearms so making guns illegal isn’t going to stop gang violence or organised crime since none of those weapons are registered. Any gun legislation only affects innocent people who want to legally protect themselves.

      Also, did you hear Hillary Clinton calling for “people on watchlists” to not be able to buy guns after the Orlando attack? That’s the most unconstitutional shit I’ve ever heard. The FBI could just put certain people or certain demographics on so-called watchlists just to prevent them from owning a gun, and people are so blinded by a terrorist attack or a hate-crime that they’re actually considering this. Why is it that every over-blown news story triggers the corruption of law? Everybody needs to stop being reactionary and think about the long-term effects.

      You don’t have to agree with it but different countries have different laws and rules, if America was founded on owning a gun for protection against tyranny, then why do you want to take guns away from them? That’s their fundamental right. Why is everybody rushing headlong into a homogenised world where all countries possess the same culture, law, and atmosphere? That’s the most bland and most restrictive thing that could ever happen to humanity.

      Stop thinking in the right now, being reactionary is never a good thing, always look at the bigger picture.

  4. What do you think about Alyn Smith M.E.P going to the E.U to grovel? I don’t think th a Scotland having a second referendum is the right thing to do

    • To be honest, I’ve stopped watching the news since the result. The mainstream news just seems to perpetuate the pessimism and makes any situation more depressing than it is. On the subject of Scotland, I feel that that’s another area where people need to accept the result and move on. They had their referendum, they chose to stick with the UK, so as part of the UK, ALL votes count equally. You can’t say “that’s not the result we want so now we want to leave” – that’s about as idiotic as the people of England wanting a second referendum. But that being said I wouldn’t mind seeing Nicola Sturgeon resigning after her own failed referendum similar to David Cameron.

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