What Went Wrong With… The EU Referendum & The European Union?

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Every time we have a public vote, the media and the government love to separate people along a stereotypical left/right divide, and now that the EU Referendum is coming up, these same contrived and polarising ideas are being flogged to the public once more. When it comes to the question of the UK staying or leaving the European Union, The Leave Campaign is advertised to us as a vote for old, prejudice, UKIP-supporting nationalists, whereas The Stay Campaign is promoted as a vote for middle-class leftists; a bunch of young, hipsterish, We-Are-The-World types. The truth however is that both these demographics are a gross oversimplification, in fact this contrived polarisation is a blatant lie. Think about it, when has anything been clean cut and when is anything black and white? Most of the time in this shitty world everything is a dull, moody grey.

Weirdly the choice of “stay” or “leave” is predominantly headed by members of the same political party so even between these two camps we don’t have much of a choice. There’s the current Tory Prime Minister saying stay and a future Tory Prime Minister saying leave, so the choice is between a brunette Etonian toff versus a blonde Etonian toff – that’s democracy in action folks. But regardless of which upper-class prat you choose to side with, this is yet another occasion where both “sides” are guilty of instilling fear into the public’s mind. Like the lead-up to most votes, both sides are now ramping up their scaremongering with the likes of David Cameron saying if we chose to leave we’d be “Putting a bomb under our economy. The worse thing is that we’d have lit the fuse ourselves”. Worse still, we also had the Chancellor George Osborne saying “It’s the people on the lower incomes, the people who have got less job security, that will be hit first if there’s a recession. Brexit is for the richest in our country, they can afford recessions”. I guess we’re supposed to forget that he’s the twat who screws over the poor whenever he brandishes that red box on budget day, it really is in poor taste for the rich, upper-classes to be threatening the working class with recession.

And that seems to be one side of the argument, that by leaving the EU somehow our economy would be kaput, and yet each news bulletin brings up conflicting information, there’s figures about the economy coming from both sides which seem to contradict each other. Leave and our economy will be ruined! Stay and our economy will be destroyed! A great catch-22 choice there, but what’s the truth? The answer is nobody knows, these economists aren’t frigging mystics, they can hypothesise but these very same people couldn’t see the financial crisis in the noughties coming, so why should we trust these incompetent imbeciles to predict the aftermath of leaving the EU?

And do you remember the overblown Y2K scare? Banks were supposed to collapse and planes were supposed to fall from the sky, but after all the scaremongering bugger all happened. The one thing I learned from the whole Y2K debacle is never allow the mass media, dodgy organisations, and the government tell you what will happen in the future, they’re all about as reliable as palm reading.

The economy isn’t the only nonsensical scare-tactic these mainstream pricks are using, there’s also the argument about safety, terrorism, and war – leave the EU and there’ll be utter chaos, it’ll lead to World War III! You’ll hear this kind of nonsense on the news and on the debates; remember the first two World Wars? Well they only happened because there was no cooperation between nations, right? What a crock of shite. These media snakes love to tell the younger generation that they live in peace thanks to the EU, but they also encourage them to ignore the numerous acts of terrorism and illegal wars that seem to be on the rise, if being in the EU is creating peace and safety, it’s not doing a great job.

According to the mainstream media the last “great war” only happened because there was no international alliance, and better still it was only thwarted because of international cooperation between allied countries, but if you dig a little deeper you’ll uncover something much more insidious. People need to take a closer look at World War II and research who financially and morally supported it. International corporations like Ford, General Motors, Coca-Cola, IBM, Kodak, Hugo Boss, Allianz, Novartis, Nestlé, and General Electric funded the Nazi’s, and George Bush’s grandfather and members of our beloved Royal Family supported them too, in fact it seemed that many sections of the world came together to support the Third Reich. Even in our latest war, The War On Terror, numerous EU countries cooperated in the CIA’s extraordinary rendition programme, where people were flown to countries where torture was allowed so the US government could obtain illegal confessions. The fact that some EU countries like Austria, Belgium, England, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain participated in this horrid scenario it surely proved that being in a union doesn’t stop evil, in fact sometimes being in a group only compounds the wrongdoing, just look at the Axis power nations during World War II.

So when you hear our Prime Minister and the American President trying to convince us to stay part of a western or European alliance and therefore avoid war, it’s one of the most hypocritical things I’ve ever heard. Never believe the mainstream version of history; wars only take place for profit not because of a difference in opinion, and clubbing together doesn’t always result in peace. Forget what your high-school History lessons taught you, the powers that be use all those historical lies to promote lies of the future like a never ending circle of inescapable bullshit. But I digress…

There’s also the argument about immigration; Look, they’re all coming over here and taking our jobs! But the issue is much more complex than a few soundbites and it’s actually quite ironic for a nation of immigrants to complain about further immigration. Are we to forget that the British Isles were originally a home for European nomads and that everybody who resides here is the descendant of European, Asian, African, and Caribbean people?

It seems that when the government gets involved in this issue they band about the term “Free Movement” but they fail to say what that really means. The concept of “Free Movement” actually obscures the double-standards of immigration and this term is used to make it sound like the EU is a place for absolute freedom. In truth the only people allowed to waltz about freely within the EU are citizens of EU member countries, and this sends the message that people from outside this imaginary club are somehow unworthy of freedom. This to me is a contradictory and discriminatory stance; allow people from within the EU to move where they want to (and when we say “EU” we generally mean “white” and when we say “move to” we only include the richest countries) but at the same time let’s keep out anyone who isn’t European. There may not be a Donald Trump-style wall but the European Union is doing a pretty good job keeping in the white and blocking out the black.

The EU as a whole discriminates against most of the world when it comes to immigration including Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, in fact if you’re from the Middle East or certain parts of Africa you have more chance of coming to Britain as a refugee than a worker so what does that say about encouraging the best skills and the highest qualifications? The way immigration works now is that a job would be easier to obtain by someone from Brussels than someone from Benin City, Bangalore, or Beijing because the European person doesn’t need to get a work permit or a visa. The hypothetical EU citizen can then reside in their chosen country even when their employment has finished whereas the African or Asian immigrant has to piss off if their job comes to an end. That seems fair… not.

So why would we want to be part of a club that essentially discriminates against people of colour? Do you see how long it’s taking for Turkey to join the European Union? It’s almost as if they don’t want a “brown” country to join all the “white” ones. But racism aside, it’s just the illogical idea of preference by place of residence that bothers me, why would we let in a less qualified person from Europe over a highly skilled worker from any other continent? That’s surely detrimental to the overall skill-level of our country? I always hear right-wing white people moaning about affirmative action, but they seem to be fine when something similar happens the other way around. I guess we’ve adopted the adage “it’s where you’re from, not where you’re at” when it comes to immigration.

With the majority of the mainstream yelling that the EU is something to be proud of, I’d like to ask what’s so good about being part of the EU? The last few things I remember them doing was trying to make Britain drop imperial measurements or banning bendy bananas. They haven’t really improved the conditions of the countries that are part of it. But then again Britain itself is guilty of idiocy and ruination, I mean there’s all the privatisation that takes place here, we pay numerous people from outside companies to do the work of one person and in turn create debt and run national public sector businesses into the ground. And if that doesn’t work, we under-fund everything until it’s at breaking point so some private company can swoop in and “save it from debt”. This dodgy tactic is the fault of Great Britain alone, the EU aren’t forcing us to privatise our railways, buses, airports, telecoms, water, gas, electricity, coal, banks, and mail. Although Neoliberalism has increased since we joined the EU, it seems that Britain is perfectly fine with killing British industry and ruining our economy all on its own.

Then there’s all the bureaucracy, have you ever filled a form out only to find out there’s another and another? That isn’t the bloody EU, Britain is quite capable of complicating matters themselves. And not to be outdone by the EU, the UK have now even overcomplicated the voting process, there’s now the added bureaucratic step of needing your National Insurance Number in order to register online to vote. And what’s that for? So the government can have a list of people who “voted for the wrong option” for nefarious purposes. My point is that whether we stay or leave, all the ills of the world won’t be solved and our problems won’t go away. In fact regardless of the outcome I doubt that anything will change either way, but the way it is isn’t exactly great, so why not at least try to change it?

So fuck the facts and figures, surely the only point we should be arguing to stay in the European Union is if the EU had created some sort of utopia for the countries that were part of it, but if you take a look at Europe and compare it to the United States or some other “westernised” country, what’s the difference? A country will be affected by international situations like debt, trade, and war. Being in some kind of club won’t change the way the world works, stay or leave and there’ll still be numerous obstacles and pitfalls for our country, in fact it’s idiotic to think that by simply moving away from a centralised, continental overseer that our country would collapse to its knees. May I point out that countries not in the EU such as Iceland aren’t having as bad a time as a country in the EU such as Greece, so surely being a member of an exclusive club doesn’t always ensure the receiving of perks and benefits. Another thing to consider is that not being part of the EU can still mean participating in the European Economic Area and also being a member of the European Free Trade Association, not officially being in the European Union doesn’t change the way a country works in relation to where it’s located. If we wanted to we could leave the EU and still be part of the single market, just ask Norway.

With all the stereotypical right-wing people giving their predictable reasons to vote “leave”, it subconsciously makes the left-wing folk think twice about voting that way and vice versa. They basically want you to chose a side based on rhetoric and blinkered opinions, but surely there’s more to it than right versus left? What if like me you identify as left-wing but you hate the idea of a clandestine Roman Empire? What if you hate the idea of bureaucracy and statism but you’re not anti-immigration? And what if you want to leave the EU just to see what happens, for a laugh? A simple tick is apparently enough to give the powers that be a narrow answer to a much wider question. But like I said nothing is black and white. Contrary to what the mainstream media tells us, there could be a right-wing reason to stay or a left-wing reason to leave, but listen to the news and there’s only two reasons for two choices. For all we know someone out there might be thinking “Get these Europeans out of my country… so there’s space for the Syrian refugees!” or “We should stay part of the EU… to keep the white race pure and together as one!” the reasoning behind staying or leaving doesn’t always follow a clear and predetermined pattern, so why are we being given that contrived left-wing “stay” and right-wing “leave” pitch?

If the majority of the people vote “leave” the media will spin it as “the right have won”, if the people vote “stay” it’ll be a win for the fake left, in either case I have a suspicion that the whole thing is rigged anyway. The end result will be a disappointing outcome like the Scottish Referendum or every general election that has ever taken place. Does anybody remember a time when the result of an election was a surprise or a shock? Nope, because either the whole thing is pre-planned and we have no choice, or the general public are non-risk-taking wimps.

The one thing that nobody seems to be mentioning is that the natural progression of staying in the EU is that at some point in the future we’d then become part of a bigger “Western”, cross-continent alliance between the NATO countries. And following from that horrid union the next step will be a one-world government, and although this might sound like a happy-happy-joy-joy concept to fake left-wing prats, think what it would be like to not be able to escape an oppressive regime or a dictator that you don’t agree with. The way things are going, in a few hundred years the entire world will most likely be electing the great great great grandson of both Bush and the Windsors as Supreme Leader of Earth, and when that single, corrupt, megalomaniacal twat is in charge of the whole globe and all of humanity are slaves under a rich family’s empire, the descendants of the people who voted to be part of an up-and-coming federal state will be longing for an independent country, but at that point it’ll be too late. The EU today and the world tomorrow, it may take a few generations but at some point every human on Earth will be part of one international mega-state, and it’ll all have started with a teeny-tiny, unassuming vote for the European Union.

This type of relatively unimportant choice could snowball, and joining an ever-growing group of countries is a slippery slope, it’s only a matter of time before we lose our rebate, then lose our veto, and then our currency. Before we know it we’ll all be one big continent where the most important decisions and votes will be counted across all of Europe, and if you’ve ever watched the Eurovision Song Contest you’ll know what kind of confusing and corrupt system that is. The one thing to take into account is that individuality and national differences are what makes the world great; different identities, different ideas, different opinions, different cultures, and different rules. I don’t want to be part of a homogenised and conformist, one-identity, one-opinion, one-race, one-sex, one-law, one-choice, chunk of shite just for the sake of free trade. Yes people should unite against prejudice and oppression, yes individuals should find peace and solidarity between each other, but humans as a species have more freedom when they have the option of moving between rulership and nationality. It may sound like a contradiction but humanity sometimes has less freedom when it’s unified.

Eww Referendum.

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  1. Exactly. Fuck the EU. Can’t wait to vote leave. Shame most people my age are brainwashed into staying in.

  2. Meanwhile on your immigration point, I have been to quite a few Vote Leave rallies where British Asians have asked about how we can implement fairer immigration systems. The EU’s system discriminates against those not European meaning that we can scrutinise our allies in the Commonwealth but allow anyone with an EU passport free access with no checks? Talk about bullshit, and that’s probably why many British Asians will vote leave. Don’t blame them. Not only is the EU crap, it is racist crap.

  3. Although you raise some good points, the best decision is to vote to remain, from a political, economical, legal, and human right standpoint.

    We already have a disastrous economy caused by greed from the bankers. Throughout this decade, what have the Tories accomplished? They cut benefits and funding for public services, raised the tuition fees, allowed outside companies to build houses and charge them at high prices at the expense of the locals. Essentially, they have made it worse. If we leave the EU, who will have all the power? The Tories! Knowing what they have done in the last 6 years, they will run the economy into the ground. Besides, being in the EU allowed Britain to make trade deals at a discount. Leaving the EU would mean no more discounts. The EU is not going to allow the Britain to start making demands.

    Who are the frontrunners of both campaigns? Tories! David Cameron and George Osbourne for Remain, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove for Brexit. Do you feel something suspect? The fact that both campaigns are lead by members of the same Government? You start to question Boris and Gove’s motives for Brexit. Say what you will about Nigel Farage, but at least he is genuine. I cannot say the same for Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. I think Opportunism is behind their support for Brexit. Boris Johnson has for a long time been touted as Cameron’s successor as leader of the Conservatives. His push for Brexit may be seen as the first step in his campaign for Cameron’s position. Michael Gove has been planning to repeal the Human Rights Act. Even though the European Convention on Human Rights and the EU are not the same, Brexit will provide him the opportunity to do that.

    Brexit would also mean removing numerous EU regulations and that’s a bad thing because these regulations have helped increased health and safety, gave workers rights, and ensure that products are what they are being advertised. With this government’s track record, do you believe they will enforce similar regulations?

    Finally, when it comes to human rights, remaining in the EU is probably the best option. As stated before, Michael Gove wants to repeal Human Rights Act 1998. The act protects most of the rights on the European Convention on Human Rights. According to their manifesto, the Tories want to replace it with the British Bill of Rights. Again considering this government’s track record, do you sincerely believe they will uphold all the rights? When you take into account Theresa May’s right wing anti-immigration rhetoric, the proposed bill’s main purpose will probably be to deport as many immigrants as possible.

    EU may not be perfect. It is a bureaucratic system that advocates censorship, but Britain is not ready to make such a decision. When you consider all the factors that I have mentioned, staying in the EU is the only logical option.

    On the topic of immigration, you say that the EU immigration system is racist, but you fail to acknowledge people of colour who are EU citizens. By your logic, wouldn’t the EU discriminate against them? USA does that as well. They also require non- USA to fill in visas. And after 9/11, checks have become increasingly tighter.

    • Your argument is fundamentally flawed since Britain has been part of the EU since ’73 (I think) and we joined under Conservative Edward Heath. Britain then had a referendum and we voted to stay under a Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Therefore a left-wing or right-wing government makes no difference since both sides took us into the EU and both have voiced their opinions to stay today. You talk about two Conservative leaders giving the stay and leave options but does it not also seem strange that both Labour and the Conservatives predominantly agree with staying? Nothing changes if you vote right or left, Conservative or Labour, they are both fake.

      Also remember that the most horrid laws post 9/11 were made under a LABOUR GOVERNMENT whilst being PART OF THE EU. If leaving is so detrimental to our legal system and from a human rights standpoint, then why did the UK make the most unlawful and draconian laws/decisions whilst being part of the EU? Shouldn’t some sort of EU Angel have miraculously intervened in all the wrongdoing of Blair and his Pro-NeoCon fascist cronies?

      Vote however you want to but being part of the EU didn’t stop half of the fucking countries in the EU flying out suspected terrorists to get tortured. The EU didn’t care much about that human rights issue did they?

      When it comes to immigration, can’t you see the disparity? You’re an ethnic minority too, right? The EU are fine with us coming here and cleaning their floors and toilets, or wiping old people’s arses but if you’re an engineer or an architect you’ll be at the back of the queue behind numerous people from UK, Germany, France etc. Are you seriously saying that under the EU there’s equality here? There wasn’t equality here in the eighties under the Conservatives/Thatcher, there wasn’t equality in the nineties under Conservatives/Major, and there definitely wasn’t equality here in the noughties under Labour/Blair – and all those times we were under the EU and on both sides of the alleged left/right political divide.

      Also there have been FOUR recessions since/including the seventies. We’ve had a recession in almost every decade, it’s almost like clockwork. And how many of these recessions happened whilst we were part of the EU? That’s right – ALL OF THEM. So how is our economy somehow safe and secure in the EU? It’s not, these fake economists simply compare today to the Word War II era when this country essentially went bankrupt. That’s bullshit economics 101; pick the most extreme set of financial records and compare them to today in order to prove that in this day and age (under the EU) it’s brilliant for the economy. Complete and utter shite.

      Anything that Michael Gove was or is planning will happen whether we stay or leave the EU because the European Union aren’t frigging empathetic, saintly, superheroes. They’re as corrupt as any politician here, in the US, in Asia, in Africa, in Australia, or in Europe. It’s idiotic to think that under a bigger federal state we have more freedom, again remember extraordinary rendition or indefinite detention without trial for terror suspects were allowed/put in place WHILST WE WERE IN THE EU. Don’t be so naive, you think that a bigger and more centralised power given to more corrupt people will somehow afford more freedom to the average citizen? That has never happened in all of history.

  4. I agree with everything you said and I know many people who wanted to vote for the brexit but after the murder of Jo Cox they are thinking twice about their choice. The news is exploiting this story as a reason to stay in the EU and that should not be allowed to happen. Not everybody voting to leave is an extreme right psychopath like Thomas Mair.

    • The UK media are not only exploiting Jo Cox’s death, they also have the questioning of the exploitation covered too – they’re now linking this to people like Nick Griffin and the far-right, so that anybody questioning why the media are exploiting the assassination are as abhorrent as him!

      One thing we should all be proud of is the art of propaganda in this country (sarcasm).

  5. All these fake lefties who allegedly don’t like corrupt banks, big business, and corporatism need to realise that the #VOTEREMAIN campaign is part funded by Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup and Morgan Stanley. The only “left-wing” people voting to remain are champagne socialists. Don’t let the far-right hijack the #VOTELEAVE campaign…

  6. i didnt vote leave but i hate that people are now complaining about the result – thats how democracy works

    everybody is on full meltdown mode on twitter – people need to calm down!

    • One thing I’d say about Twitter and social media in general, is that it seems very polarised. Where’s all the non-obvious choices, reasons, and people?

      Everybody online today seemed to be: Old = Leave / White = Leave / Racist = Leave / Young = Remain / People Of Colour = Remain etc.

      There are other opinions, reasons, and demographics…

  7. Uncharacterisic hypocrisy at one point in this article. You rightly point out how foolish it is to believe leaving the EU could kickstart a world war, because there were no international alliances back then.

    But then you hypocritically do the same thing yourself. You say is foolish to make a fuss over immigrants when we are a country of immigrants….yeah buddy, CENTURIES AND CENTURIES AGO.
    I get that you’re just trying to subtely look neutral by painting both sides as stupid, but you really didnt spend much time thinking of your ‘some brexiters are dumb because…’ scenario 😉

    • I have no idea what you’re referring to when you say there’s hypocrisy in this article. You say I rightly pointed out the scaremongering regarding war and leaving the EU, but then you mention the early-20th-century section regarding international alliance (which I disagreed with). You then also say “I do the same thing” myself – what same thing? What I was pointing out in that paragraph was that being in an “alliance” with other countries makes no difference, there’ll be wars regardless of who you side with.

      Also, I fail to see how time affects the argument about immigration – you do know the British Isles was empty during the Ice Age? Then slowly year on year there’s been immigration up to the current day. Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans – these people invaded this country in a literal sense and now people who are an amalgamation of all these races and creeds complain when a few hundred thousand immigrants arrive peacefully in a country with a population of 65 million? That makes no sense whether you capitalise your sentence or not.

      What I find hypocritical about your comment is the fact that most people who voted “stay” had the opinion that immigration was fine whereas the Brexit folk generally thought the opposite – but you (someone who wants me to say why Brexiters are “dumb”) has a weirdly anti-immigration point of view. Is that not contradictory?

      I hope you realise that I’m not your typical thinker – I wanted nothing to do with the EU because the European Union meant more control over the people, I’d prefer to get rid of the UK government too, I’m just anti-government. For your information I’m pro-Europe but anti-EU, I don’t want a bland amalgamated continent.

      From what I glean from your comment, you’re against the current wave of immigration so I assume you’re pro-British? But you then call me “buddy” which is an American word. Is that not ironic if not hypocritical too?

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