What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Axl Rose?

A caricature of Guns N' Roses lead singer Axl Rose by

There’s so many annoying things about Axl Rose, the main thing is that despite being one of the biggest cunts in Rock music, he was a pretty good singer and performer in the eighties and nineties. But like many other musicians who eventually disappear up their own backside, Axl’s ego in the end destroyed the band Guns N’ Roses, and with his ever-increasingly over-the-top, expensive, yet almost meaningless music videos (which included oil tankers and dolphins) the group went further and further into the depths of crapdom. After the decent “Appetite For Destruction”, the overblown “Use You Illusion” I and II and the covers album “Spaghetti Incident” contained more bullshit than good shit and the group eventually disbanded. But before this officially happened (and possibly planning a mutinous takeover) Rose bought the name “Guns N’ Roses” conveniently before the split. Even though both Hollywood Rose and L.A. Guns were not his musical offspring, the moniker of this two-group-blend was (for some unknown reason) allowed to be kept by someone who wasn’t in either of the original lineups. The band in the noughties then became a weird Rock-version of Destiny’s Child; Axl Rose plus any Tommy, Dizzy, or Harry equalled Guns N’ Roses.

With a completely new lineup, Rose then took what seemed like eons to create the album “Chinese Democracy”, but when it finally arrived a decade and a half late, the LP (as it turned out) wasn’t worth the wait. Now that almost a decade has passed since this album’s release, and with Trump and Clinton as the two U.S. Presidential “choices”, we’ve come to the point where Chinese democracy is more likely than American democracy. So without any more ironically titled albums in the works and now looking like a fat-shell of his former self, these days you can catch Axl Rose pratting around reuniting with the original members of Guns or trying to replace lead singers of other groups like AC/DC. But forget all this lightweight criticism, Axl Rose is guilty of much worse than simply being egotistical and corpulent, it is his penchant for bigotry that is the most annoying aspect of this dated dick, so let’s get down to brass tacks…

Axl Rose comes from a long line of Rock-N-Roll domestic abusers, a fraternity that includes Tommy Lee, Ozzy Osbourne, Rick Allen, James Brown, and Ike Turner. Even Guns N Roses’ drummer Steven Adler and lead guitarist Slash have been arrested for domestic violence… that shit must be catching. So like an earlier and paler Chris Brown, this prick was known to beat up women and yet he was surrounded by swooning female groupies, something that strangely seems to go hand-in-hand with being a misogynistic cock.

Axl also wrote one helluva racist and xenophobic song titled “One In A Million” which can be found in Guns N’ Roses’ debut EP “GN’R Lies”. In this song Rose sang…

Police and niggers, that’s right, get out of my way. Don’t need to buy none of your gold chains today”

The song went on…

Immigrants and faggots, they make no sense to me. They come to our country, and think they’ll do as they please. Like start some mini-Iran, or spread some fucking disease. They talk so many goddamn ways, it’s all Greek to me”

These lyrics were heavily criticised during the time of the song’s release, but amongst the sane people like Arsenio Hall who denounced the song, people like the pseudo-liberal Sean Penn actually defended it, calling criticism of the song “pseudo-liberal hogwash”. I guess it was to be expected that a man who was arrested for assaulting Madonna would defend this type of shite, there’s always camaraderie between wife-beaters.

Not surprisingly, Axl Rose then tried to defend his racist track by saying “Why can black people go up to each other and say ‘Nigger’ but when a white guy does it all of a sudden it’s a big put-down?”. But whilst defending his use of the N-word, he failed to come up with an excuse for his line about people of colour bringing disease to his country… maybe someone should have pointed out Jeffrey Amherst to him.

Axl also brought N.W.A. into the mix stating “There’s a rap group, N.W.A., Niggers with Attitude. I mean, they’re proud of that word”. And like a cycle of fuckery, N.W.A.’s cunting frontman Dr. Dre also beat a woman and later signed a racist rapper to his label, the bigotry during that time almost ate itself.

Axl Rose’s ignorant lyrics which ignored the fact that America actually belongs to the Native Americans (thus making a ginger, freckled Caucasian just as much a foreigner as an Iranian) were part of his constant, nonsensical bullshit. The song “One In A Million” outlined Rose’s hatred for all “foreigners” including African-American, Latino, and Middle Eastern people but he routinely wore bandanas and N.W.A. baseball caps, and let’s not forget that he later styled his hair into cornrows and dreadlocks…the man is an antithetical arsewipe. Weirder still, he somehow convinced a few mixed-race or black female backup singers to perform with his group during concerts, and worst of all, Guns ‘N’ Roses’ own guitarist Slash is a mixed-race immigrant from Britain. Can the man be any more contradictory?

To add to his amazing list of personality traits, Rose is also a homophobe as well as being a wife-beating racist. Aside from his lyrics, this clichéd 80’s Rock-music anti-homosexual has been known to shout the dumbest shit to people he doesn’t approve of. Without acknowledging the irony, this moron once yelled at a heckler.. “you can suck my dick, faggot!”. This was utterly hilarious especially when you take into account that Axl is usually found draped in the manliest of outfits which has included fur stoles, skirts, leather-esque biker’s caps, leggings, and oh yes… long, back-combed hair. A man who once called himself a “pro-heterosexual” and who also said the contrived sentence “I’m not against them doing what they do as long as they’re not forcing it upon me”, is also a friend of Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach who I’ll point out wore a t-shirt reading “AIDS Kills Fags Dead” (despite looking very effeminate and half-dead himself). But after all this gay-bashing, Axl the switch-sider surprisingly appeared at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, and like a precursor to Eminem he used this stage-share with the sellout Elton John to appease his anti-homophobic criticisers. All this anti-gay, pro-gay flip-flopping is again pretty ironic since Axl Rose’s sound is somewhere between Judas Priest and Freddie Mercury from Queen, I bet it really niggles at him that his conscious or unconscious influences are foreign groups with gay lead vocalists, especially one born in Zanzibar with the birth name of Farrokh Bulsara.

Similar to Eminem (yet again) you’ll always get some idiotic fan defending Axl Rose’s bigoted bullshit, arguing some crap about second chances or social commentary, but all that shit doesn’t wash with me. Even within the greater Rock community, people like Kurt Cobain from Nirvana refused to tour with Guns N’ Roses because of their constant prejudice. According to an article in Kurt once said about Axl“The guy is a fucking sexist and a racist and a homophobe, and you can’t be on his side and be on our side”. I’d also like to point out that for all of Axl Rose’s “I’m not racist and my song isn’t racist” spiel, a white supremacist named Ian Stuart Donaldson from the Neo-Nazi group Screwdriver covered “One In A Million”, so I guess that’s pretty conclusive.

More recently seen with a very gay-looking handle-bar moustache, wearing a big-fuck-off hat and various other old-man embellishments, Axl Rose now looks like the end result of Carrot Top, Keith Lemon, Frank Miller, and some honey-glazed ham going through the teleporter in The Fly, coming out of the other side like some sad, old, overweight blob with fly-away hair. Looking like he does today, regardless of whether he’s back with some of the original lineup of Guns N’ Roses or fronting AC/DC, who really wants to see this hate-filled, has-been on stage any more?

Performing worldwide but usually arriving late, Rose; a sufferer of rubella, swine flu, scarlet fever, and strep throat, needs to take his disease-spreading, faggot-looking, honkey arse back to where he came from. And just like Axl Rose I’ll ask about that sentence… why all of a sudden is this a big put-down when I say it?

Rusting N’ Wilting.

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    • Yes! I’m rocking out to “Mr. Brown-Stone” right now! Care to explain the negative conotations of the word “faggoty”? Excuse me if I ruffle your feathers oh delicate one…but I must ask why you think it is in accordance to the Holy and universal laws of faggotry to call my taste for cheesy hair-metal “faggoty”. Yet, I am homophobic for defending such taste in music by ironically calling you a faggot…I think we may actually have a similar sense of humor…it’s just that I happen to not be a vindictive troglodyte.

    • So according to you, your previous comment was meant to be “ironic”, either that or you’re now calling it “irony” just because you realised what you sounded like, either way, the fact that you piss about being “ironic” but then fail to understand a further ironic comments is, err… ironic.

      To defend a homophobic singer by saying you “love them” whilst simultaneously calling us “faggots” is hilarious if it was intentional, but these days you never know when someone is being funny or is just oblivious to their own bigotry. If you were ignorantly calling us “faggots” whilst genuinely “loving” Axl Rose, then it was apt to ironically call you a “faggot” or say you’re acting “faggoty” by “loving” him. What’s vindictive about countering someone with some of their own bullshit? Although if you like to dish out “ironic” comments but don’t understand “ironic” answers, who’s the troglodyte in this scenario?

      In addition, you do realise that nobody including myself gives a flying turd whether you like hair-metal or not, I just have a problem with hair-metal, cheesy or not, that’s prejudice. I’m rocking out to “United” by Judas Priest right now! ‘Cause I like my old-school Rock to be free from moronic racism, xenophobia, and homophobia.

  1. I like some of their albums but this article is just hilariously good 🙂 and just love the closing. I didnt know about Axl’s extra curricular activities (wife beating, or the racism in detail/homophobia) but yeah, he definitely managed to ruin G n’ R and became a pathetic joke in the process.

  2. I’m actually a little surprised that, of all the bad eggs in the rock genre, you chose to do an article on Axl Rose instead of somebody like Ted Nugent. There are some things Ted Nugent has said that makes Axl Rose and his accompanied Guns-and-Roses look like a Christian band.

    • It’s all about timing – Axl Rose had a tour (as the temporary front-man of AC/DC) so there was interest in him when I posted this article.

      Writing an article on one person doesn’t mean I’m defending/ignoring another, but yes, for the record Ted Nugent is a massive racist, homophobic, and Islamophobic cunt.

  3. This article is probably written by a black homosexual Immigrant. When blacka do the same its quite alright but when white guys step pn a fraction of it, u morons start barking.

    • That comment was probably written by a racist, heterosexual, illiterate cunt.

      What the fuck is “blacka” and “step pn”? If you’re so anti-black and anti-immigrant, shouldn’t you know how to speak and write in English?

      And no, if a “black” person “does the same” I bring that up too, maybe check out the two articles on Azealia Banks you daft twat.

    • I’m pasty white, straight as a dick, and US born and raised, and I completely agree with this article. It’s not ok when black people do it, it’s not ok when anyone does it, and it’s certainly not ok when Axl does it.

      funny thing is your comment does nothing to defend Axl or excuse him. It only serves to point out others do it too, as if those others are excused.

  4. So basically. Fuck Axl Rose. He has different political standpoints than you so he’s automatically an asshole? You’re probably a fucking Clinton supporter. Axl’s right. We need to get the diseased niggers and faggots out. They’re destroying our country. Now. On my standpoint, there are some good black people who don’t deserve to be slandered or kicked out. Like the ones who work and set up lives for themselves. Like Dr. Dre. Another name you’ve slandered here. Basically what I hit from that article is that you’re a pussy offended minority that thinks nobody can have such a terrible opinion. Grow the fuck up. If you don’t like Axl rose then don’t go and add your stupid ducking biased opinion. I know that’s a bit hypocritical given the situation, but it’s gotta be said

    • Wow, you really are a cunt. Thanks for confirming that fans of Axl Rose and Dr. Dre are racist and homophobic twats.

      The day that “niggers and faggots” have to leave America is also a time when your dumb cracker ass needs to pack your bags. Who the fuck said it was your country anyway? And hey, while you’re packing up all your shit including your Nazi memorabilia and white hood, maybe look up the word “slander” in the fucking dictionary – which part of this article is “false” since you just agreed with Axl’s racist’s lyrics? You confused fucking dick-licking, backward-ass, knuckle-dragging dick stain.

    • You don’t really know what’s wrong with our country if you think they’re the issue. Our government and the welfare system they have in place is more to blame. As someone said, we don’t need a wall. We need to stop government from funding places that care for illegal immigrants with taxpayer dollars, illegal immigrants who aren’t black and whose sexual orientation doesn’t matter, btw. I’d be more worried about our own government and the outbreak of pedophilia within it than anything.

      “that thinks nobody can have such a terrible opinion”. Good you agree that Axl has a terrible opinion. I think terrible opinions that promote racism, segregation, and separation from others should be shunned, especially when they don’t get at the root of the problem and they’re being spouted by someone who doesn’t give a shit about that and just wants to use it to justify that prejudice.

      There’s good and bad ways to go about things. Axl shows there’s also a worst way too.

  5. I enjoy the music, kinda. I cant understand Axl half the time, so to be honest I dont give a shit about the lyrical content. He does sound like a prick though. I found this article after googling “whats wrong with axl rose” because i saw him live in a youtube video, where he seemed to act like he was quite literally cracked out (running and jumping really fast) and seemed to be incredibly arrogant. Glad i wasnt wrong.

  6. I think that in “One in a Million,” Axl was using racism ironically, as an equal opportunity racist. If you choose to be the political correctness police with all singers and comics, you are engaging in a tail-chasing activity.

    • Firstly, you’re missing the point of this site. If I was trying to be the “political correctness police” I would want things to be banned, changed, edited etc. but I don’t. I simply want the public not to forget about everything a singer, actor, presenter had done or said. What happens in society is we brush all the questionable shit under the carpet and even whitewash a celebrity’s history (especially once they’ve died) so that everybody famous looks like a talented saint rather than a talentless hack or a talented person with a past or dodgy point of view. These articles are just information with an opinion, and surely all the swear-words proves that I’m far from being P.C.

      Secondly, there’s zero irony in “One In A Million” or for that matter, “equal” racism:-

      One, two, one, two, three, four
      Yes I needed some time to get away
      I needed some peace of mind
      Some peace of mind that’ll stay
      So I thumbed it, now it’s six in L.A.
      Maybe a Greyhound could be my way

      Police and niggers, that’s right
      Get outta my way
      Don’t need to buy none of your
      Gold chains today
      Now don’t need no bracelets
      Clamped in front of my back
      Just need my ticket ’till then
      Won’t you cut me some slack

      You’re one in a million
      Yeah that’s what you are
      You’re one in a million babe
      You’re a shooting star
      Maybe some day we’ll see you
      Before you make us cry
      You know we tried to reach you
      But you were much to high
      Much too high
      Much too high
      Much too high

      Immigrants and fagots
      They make no sense to me
      They come to our country
      And think they’ll do as they please
      Like start some mini-Iran
      Or spread some fucking disease
      And they talk so many God damn ways
      It’s all Greek to me

      Well some say I’m lazy
      And others say that’s just me
      Some say I’m crazy
      I guess I’ll always be
      But it’s been such a long time
      Since I knew right from wrong
      It’s all the means to and end I’m
      I keep it moving along
      Hey, hey, hey, yeah

      You’re one in a million
      You’re a shooting star
      You’re one in a million babe
      You know that you are
      Maybe some day we’ll see you
      Before you make us cry
      You know we tried to reach you
      But you were much to high
      Much too high
      Much too high
      Much too high

      Radicals and racists
      Don’t point your finger at me
      I’m a small town white boy
      Just tryin’ to make ends meet
      Don’t need your religion
      Don’t watch that much TV
      Just makin’ my livin’ baby
      Well that’s enough for me

      You’re one in a million
      Yeah that’s what you are
      You’re one in a million babe
      You’re a shooting star
      Maybe some day we’ll see you
      Before you make us cry
      You know we tried to reach you
      But you were much too high
      Much too high yeah, yeah, yeah
      Much too high
      Much too high
      Much too high yeah, yeah, yeah
      Much too high
      Much too high
      Much too high
      Much too high
      Much too high
      Much too high

    • Maybe the rain tends to fall with a hint/taste of Russian gold during November?

  7. I think this is genuinely the best article I’ve ever read. (And your replies to the retards spreading their hate in the comments are en pointe!)

  8. Ok let me settle this; GNR/AXL was not famous but hungry when they made the kick ass AFD. Lies had about two good songs on it and the rest was money making garbage. UYI one and two had about half the songs were good, and the rest could have been left off the albums because it’s just pointless filler. TSI was just a weird embarrassing POS I believe to just milk the fame of UYI. By this time they were fat and happy, no hunger, and Axl was in full douche bag form that is now permanent. CD I think actually has some good stuff on it, but it’s not G’N’R, I consider it the Axl Rose Band. What did it for me is the guy just shows up to concerts 2/3 hours late, is a fat has been now, yet thinks he’s god as he continually slaps the dumb fans in the face who for some reason pay for these concerts. G’N’R died in 1994, never to be seen again… Too bad Axl didn’t.

  9. I don’t know why but lately I’ve been wondering “what’s Axl Rose’s deal?” I already knew all the stuff about him that you wrote. I saw how he looks now days and it made me reflect on his rise to and disappearance from stardom. I even watched a couple documentaries recently. While I feel sorry for the abuse and depression he suffered I also hated his women beating and primadonna behaviors. I always thought he sounded like a screeching baboon but the docs and some articles went on about his fabulous voice and what a great band they were. “Oh ok” I thought. Maybe I misjudged his talents. “Maybe Cobain WAS the bigger douche” I was never a fan of GNR but I did like Nirvana. Anyway I know I’m not really saying anything here but this article was entertaining, funny and insightful. It helped me see my opinion about Axl aka Bill Bailey was right the 1st time I became aware of his existence. He’s just not worth wondering about. Peace out.

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