What Went Wrong With… Shawn Levy?

A caricature of Director and Producer Shawn Levy by

It’s extremely strange that someone like Shawn Levy exists in show business; his lack of talent is pretty self-evident and simply glancing at a list of his films is enough to convince anybody that he’s a second-rate shit peddler. Levy if you don’t know, is a mediocre director (and that’s putting it lightly). He is responsible for The Pink Panther remake, The Cheaper By The Dozen remake, Just Married, The Internship, and let’s not forget Night At The Museum 1, 2, and 3! And yet even with a string of dismally crap movies to his name, he is allowed to further his career in the so-called entertainment business as if he has some flair with a camera, when all evidence has surely proven otherwise.

Shawn Levy began his career directing TV shows such as The Secret World Of Alex Mack, Lassie, and surprisingly one episode of the underrated show Do Over… and apparently that’s enough of a resume to be unleashed onto the world of film. Following a couple of uninspired television shows, Levy began his career directing forgettable films like Big Fat Liar, and yet even with such a run-of-the-mill film under his belt, he was allowed to make more celluloidal garbage almost as if Hollywood had a shortage of mediocre bullshit.

You’d think one bad movie would be enough, possibly two, but with several shite flicks to his name it’s now beginning to look suspicious why this guy still has a career, in fact it’s probably an achievement in itself that a director can make this many lame movies and still be employed. Levy’s filmography reads like the shopping list of a divorced middle-aged father, his films the visual equivalent of a depressed dad trying to convince his family that he’s still “fun”. And yet despite his films being the most dreadful wannabe comedies ever to grace the silver screen, they have made huge profits (apparently his movies have cumulatively grossed $2 billion!) If proof was ever needed that the masses make all the wrong decisions and keep the crappiest entertainment in profit, Levy is it.

Shawn Levy’s films are either slightly shit (Date Night) or utterly shit (The Internship) and it’s weird that he’s able to make so many unexceptional movies without someone giving him an award for intentionally being the shittiest director in Hollywood. Real Steel is probably the best film that Levy has created during his pursuit of filmic shittery, but when you take into account that his only tolerable movie is a complete rip-off of Over The Top, it makes you wonder if he’ll ever create anything original (and not worthy of landfill).

Watching any of Shawn Levy’s films is mind and arse-numbingly boring; forget paint, sitting through one of Levy’s movies is like watching shit dry. His films may be labelled “comedies” but they’re almost the opposite of funny, sucking out the atmosphere from a room like a vortex of misery, the inclusion of a comedian like Steve Martin isn’t even enough to detract from the sheer unfunniness on show.

Looking like Aidan Gillen’s plainer, perpetually-happy twin, you have to wonder what this guy is constantly grinning about since he’s responsible for almost obliterating film comedy. For the moment at least, Levy as a director thankfully has no further films in the pipeline, but unfortunately as a producer he’s got numerous films in the works. Judging from his past efforts such as The Watch and Pink Panther 2, these will all probably be as shite as everything else he’s been responsible for. God only knows why this hack is still working in Hollywood.

Levy It Alone.

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  1. I Agree! This guy sucks!! And now he is remaking John Carpenter’s Starman like he hasn’t already ruined Pink Panther, why why why?!?!? It’s going to be a disaster, please Hollywood stop remaking classics!!!!!

    • What is with Hollywood? Why do they keep insisting in making inferior remakes? Is money that tight?

      The industry is so fucked up right now that a talented Director like John Carpenter isn’t working but a hack like Shawn Levy is making money from fucking up his old classic. That being said, even when the film is original Levy finds a way to make the most mediocre shite possible. He’s one of the most bafflingly profitable Directors working, I mean who has ever watched one of his films, enjoyed it, and then gone out of their way to watch another? All his movies are the epitome of lame.

  2. Shawn Levy may be bad, but Roland Emmerich is 5 times worse, when you consider quality over quantity. The Godzilla remake was a steaming pile of hot garbage. White House Down was dreadful! He also gave us The Day After Tomorrow and 2012, two disaster movie crapfests. His best movie was Independence Day and that’s only because of Will Smith. Without him, it would have been unwatchable trash. His last movie, Stonewall, was yet another example of whitewashing and a total flop. 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and just nearly $175,000 at the box office. Although I don’t usually make my opinion on movies based on rotten tomatoes and box office numbers, if a film was trashed by the critics and was not commercially successful, then that is pathetic! As I said before, Shawn Levy is lame, but he has nothing on Roland Emmerich!

  3. I just realized that Shawn Levy executive produced a Netflix hit series called Stranger Things (the show was created by the Duffer Brothers, who made a film called Hidden, which you might want to check out) last year, which has received rave reviews & directed 2 episodes of it

    • Have you seen Stranger Things season 1 and 2, Season 2 just recently came out.

      If you did saw both seasons of Stranger Things, what did you think of it? Especially on the 2 episodes that Shawn Levy had directed for each season (He directed both Episodes 3 and 4 in both seasons)

    • Stranger Things is a decent show but it was created by the Duffer Brothers. There’s been a handful of directors working on different episodes but the overall look is consistent, Shawn Levy’s episodes don’t stick out as being any better or worse than the rest. Producing one good thing isn’t going to make me forget about all the crap he’s made over the years though.

    • Shawn Levy’s episodes from the first season were fucking terrible. I literally got to this site because I had no idea who this fucktard was, only that episodes 3 and 4 were so distinctly bad, I looked up what or who changed from episodes 1 and 2… and there he was. Then I checked out his “filmography” as “director.” Every single one of his movies is a turd. So I sought out a like minded individual, thankfully the internet is vast.

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