What Went Wrong With… Drake?

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Drake is an example of how mediocre mainstream Hip-Hop has become. This middle class, middle-of-the-road rapper has been annoying us with his poor-ass delivery and whiny, horrisonant voice since the lame “Over” and he’s been inflicting the airwaves with his horrid singing since “Find Your Love”. The track “Take Care” was the epitome of Drake’s R-N-B-slash-Hip-Pop wackness, and all this alternating between rapping and singing is probably done to hide the fact that he’s pretty crap at both disciplines. Not that anyone out there in the industry cares, maybe because Drake is yet another legatee of nepotism. Despite not being able to rap, sing, or dance, Drake has been inducted into the music business possibly because he’s related to musicians Teenie Hodges (songwriter for Al Green and Ann Peebles) and Larry Graham (of Sly And The Family Stone). His father too was a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis, but just because someone has family connections in the music biz, it doesn’t make them a credible musician. Regardless of the fact that talent isn’t hereditary and musical ability doesn’t pass along by breeding, it seems that nobody wants to admit Drake is a shit rapper, a shittier singer, and a shite musician in general, as long as he’s related to someone who isn’t.

Looking like a hairball glued to a walnut and sounding like the character Janice from Friends, it’s a fucking mystery how and why Drake makes money from music. Like most substandard rappers he signed with Young Money in the late noughties, and since Lil Wayne became his mentor in the Hip-Pop game, it’s no wonder Drake sounds a little like him. In the track “Miss Me” for example, you can’t tell the difference between the two… when fake meets lame we have Drake and Lil Wayne. In this song, Drake declares that his name stands for “Do Right And Kill Everything” although the acronym closer to describing him is “Dreadful Rapper Allowed to Kill Entertainment”.

Drake is now part of his own label OVO Sound, but this hasn’t improved his bland yet nasally sound. Since his début album in which there was a forgettable song ironically titled “Unforgettable”, Drake has been responsible for some of the most undistinguished music ever to be released. In this crappy track, Drake’s amazing opener was Yo, this is really one of my dumbest flows ever”, little did we know that he’d have far dumber to come. His last dumb-arse release had him dancing like an old man at a wedding in the video to “Hotline Bling”, but even though this was the most corniest, embarrassing shit you could expose your eyes and ears to, it was a huge hit.

This Canadian rapper is no Saukrates, he’s no Raz Fresco, he’s no Shad, and yet he’s probably the first performer most people think of if you ask them to name a rapper from north of the border. So while other more talented MC’s from Canada go unnoticed, this substandard prick rises to the top of the pile; a great example of the media dictating to the masses what dross to buy. But even without compartmentalizing, Drake is a piss-poor rapper whichever country he’s in, compare him to any rap artist from any part of the world and Drake would be the least talented and the least credible. Looking like Common if he’d been stung by a thousand wasps, Drake isn’t close to looking or sounding like a credible musician, in fact when Common released the diss track “Sweet” back in 2011, only fake Hip-Hop fans supported this inferior excuse for a rapper. And Common isn’t the only rap musician to call out this lame, and let’s face it, when someone like Tyga calls you “fake” you must be some kind of super-sweet, teenybopper-alluring, Hip-Hop hoax.

With fans of mediocre music waiting on tenterhooks for the much delayed Views From The 6 album, whenever he decides to release it, it will undoubtedly be another popular piece of musical excrement. Drake can pump his muscles as much as he wants, it won’t make his feeble, tame, candy-ass muzak any harder. That being said, it doesn’t seem that his fans are looking for anything hardcore or credible, just more of his trademark Rap-N-Bullshit.

The fact that he’s circumnavigated the globe in search for gold and platinum treasure, it’s quite possible that Drake is named after Sir Francis Drake, who was involved in piracy and the slave trade. White, black, or mixed race, I guess every incarnation of Drake is a popular yet detestable, money-making twat, and just like his historical namesake, the modern-day Drake also makes money from destroying black culture. Thankfully, by making such low-grade music, this Drake at least discourages piracy.

This Is All Of Drake I Can Take.

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    • kool g rap, biggie, tupac…… but new dudes like anybody from da beast coast. drake ain’t even in the top 100 bro!!

    • Ite ite, what does joey bada$$ do that drake, Kendrick, Cole, Kanye ect can’t do? The main difference is that joey has a more raw delivery over rawer beats, but skill wise Drake and Kanye are the most versatile rappers, they can rap over any beat.
      Kanye also produces as does Cole, these are talents

    • great… focus on joey and ignore g rap and biggie (i forgot to mention nas too). u know if drake was around back in the day he would be laughed out the game!!

      and why bring kanye + kendrick into this? drake dont produce and lyrically he not the same as kendrick, joey, nyck caution, dirty sanchez, meechy, ak…… the list goes on……

      when it comes to singing, drake is no marvin gaye or otis redding!!!!!! so like i said what talent??

      ur argument don’t hold no water

    • You can add Ras Kass, KRS-One, Smoothe Da Hustler, Ruck and Rock, Guru, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Big L, Big Punisher, Chino XL, Stic.Man, Papoose, Killa Sin, Cyrus Malachi, Killah Priest, Chip Fu and pretty much everybody from the 80’s and 90’s to the list of Rappers who are better than Drake. Even Rappers I don’t like for political reasons like Canibus and Kendrick Lamar are better than him.

      As for singers; Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Prince, Terence Trent D’Arby, Smokey Robinson, Little Richard, Curtis Mayfield, pretty much everybody from Chess and Motown, to David Bowie, Warren Zevon, you can add them all to the list of singers who are better than Drake.

      I’d say Drake isn’t even in the top 1000 of Hip-Hop or Pop, never mind Top 100. He is the most overrated Rapper-slash-Singer of today, without a doubt. People like Tonedeff or DV Alias Khrist (back in the day) rap and sing without mainstream acknowledgement and both of them are infinitely better.

      Similar to Eminem and Kanye West, the only people who rate Drake are people who haven’t heard REAL Hip-Hop, REAL Soul, REAL Rock, or REAL Pop music.

    • Hahahaha, you know Kendrick and Kanye respect drake and say he’s great, Kanye went as far to say he’s the best right now, even better than him.
      You’re totally dismissing the era we live in now too, so what if drake would of been laughed at back then? And to be honest he wouldn’t have, just respect that drake created his own lane and has flourished like no other rapper of his era, commercially anyway.
      And just to put that argument of eras to bed, you know rapping in hip hop started of as music that was there to make you dance, the content had no substance.
      Rap/hip-hop isn’t defined by one style or era… Yh rap originated in east coast, but it’s branched out since then and taken on new styles

    • Your argument is all over the place. Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West saying Drake is “great” doesn’t change the fact that he can’t rap or sing, your initial point was that I can’t “deny his talent” but I quite clearly can.

      Bringing up the origins of Hip-Hop music just adds to my point that Drake is wack, you’re telling me that Drake is on par with Afrika Bambaataa who fused Electronic Dance, Hip-Hop, and Funk (without sounding lame I may add)? Drake is no Herbie Hancock or Kool Herc, and by the way just because Hip-Hop started as “dance music” in the late 70’s by ’79 Sugarhill Gang and Furious Five were rapping, so that’s a few years of “dance” and around 37 years of lyrics, I think we can safely say that Hip-Hop is predominantly about lyricism, but if you want to bring up singing and dancing, what about my example of D.V. Alias Khrist or Tonedeff, or the whole of the Grime genre, there are many people who mix genres and create good music, Drake isn’t one of them.

      Also, that East Coast/West Coast or Eras argument has nothing to do with it either, Ras Kass is West Coast, Cyrus Malachi is British and from this era, Raz Fresco is Canadian and from this era, a talented rapper like I said in the article can be from wherever or whenever. Drake on the other hand is only where he is because he’s the nephew of some musicians, plus he was on TV, so nepotism + a following + marketing = fame.

      It doesn’t make Drake talented.

    • it dont matter what era we talking about, drake is wack then and now. mc hammer was in the 90s but he sucked, the time has nothing to do with talent.

      pro era would be respected back then because they have talent not because of their style. you talk about talent but you havent convinced me that he has any, you just name dropped 2 mcs that respect him, that aint proof of talent, thats industry politics!!

    • Ite ite, what does joey bada$$ do that drake, Kendrick, Cole, Kanye ect can’t do? The main difference is that joey has a more raw delivery over rawer beats,

      Exactly. That is exactly why Drake is great. All that lyrical shit isn’t what counts, besides its not like you can hear or understand of that “lyrical ” stuff anyway. What really counts as a measure of skill is delivery, not lyrics. ust look at geniuses (or is it genii) like Silkk the Shokker, Kris Kross, Coolio, Vanilla Ice (original Eminem!!!), Ja Rule and all the rest. See , I can make long lists of great rappers too!

      That’s what this era is all about. People need to get with times.

  1. Drake is the epitome of fake. Everything about him, from his music to his personality, is not real. Everything he made is garbage. Thank Me Later was below average, Take Care was an atrocious snooze-fest, Nothing Was The Same was forgettable, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late was wack. His collaboration mixtape with Future was shit too. I have a guess that Views From the 6 will suck as well. He is a shit rapper and singer, but he seems to top the charts. He is one of the most overrated and overhyped artists of this decade. Let’s not forget that Drake stole 4-Tay’s verse from Playaz Club for his shit guest verse on YG’s Who Do You Love. If this is not proof that Drake is fake, I don’t know what is. If this was the 90s, he would have been laughed out of the arena. He would have been exposed for the fake that he is.

  2. Yh I went off on a tangent, my bad. But if we’re just focussing on drake as being talented, you’re telling me that anyone could do what drake is doing and has done? You’re making what he does sound too simplistic
    And not for one second do I believe his relations and tv appearance helped him, and even if it did, so what? he still had to craft his talents to be where he is now….not every rapper has to have a rags to riches story.
    He wasn’t handed anything either, he took the root of many rappers, dropping mixtapes, trying to get recognition, he didn’t just come straight into the game.
    And you’re throwing some of these names at me and I’m not gonna lie I don’t know some of them, but because drake is marketable and popular doesn’t mean he’s an industry gimmick with no talent. You can’t slander the man for making the most of his talent and getting more money, something everyone looks to do… And if you’re not looking to maximise your worth for your talents, you’re playing yourself.
    Also saying drake can’t rap is wild, how can you say he can’t rap lol, what’s ur criteria for ‘rapping’, because if drake can’t rap, neither can 99% of rappers.
    He can flow and float on any beat, from trap to indie, he can really spit when he wants too, like on energy, and his lyrics have substance, it might not be your topic of choice, but its still relatable to the majority.
    Lastly my point about eras has everything to do with it, you should judge people and their ability according to their eras. Eras/generations mean everything , each era has its own style, according to surrounding environment and society. Current rappers now are a product of their society. So saying drake is fake? Na, he stays true to what he came up as, you don’t hear him talking about gangs or gun violence ect, cuz that’s not him, if anything he’s one of the most real rappers, he talks about things he’s lived or relates to. But youre probably letting your perception of drake as a person cloud your judgement, and you’re perception of him as a person is based of rumours and media talk.
    Drake is currently on top in his era of rap and he’s running it, he’s the poster boy for his era like pac n biggie were, and whether you like it or not it’s the truth.

    • I respect your point of view, you’re obviously a fan. There’s not much point in me trying to convince you otherwise.

      I would add however, that every Rapper who raps, by definition is a Rapper. But not all of it is worthy of praise. Ever since Hip-Hop and Rap became popular, mainstream crap has plagued the genre and made it weaker. These people were/are also Rappers, but like Drake they’re inferior in my opinion.

      Probably 75% of all Hip-Hop is trash from the beginning to the present day. Drake to me is the modern equivalent of this; poor lyricism, singing hooks, and corny as fuck…

      Also, if the masses enjoy a varying flow, a bit of singing, plus catchy choruses and genre-fusion, then why not get behind something like this a few years back?

      People like Drake only get fame and money because of the marketing machine and financial backing behind them. Plug something enough and make it look slick (which takes money) and the mainstream will buy it, but by and large this method never finds the best of the best, it only makes the most “connected” people famous.

  3. Oh come now, you’re using rappers from a bygone Era that couldn’t even sell. That lyrical Era is over! You have to look at sales and Auto tune! Times change. You need to change with them.

    • I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, but if you’re not… I mentioned Raz Fresco and Cyrus Malachi and they are both from the present day era.

      In any case, selling units doesn’t equate to credibility or talent. The best Artists die penniless and without recognition. The fakes get rich and famous.

  4. This is a flawed article written by (and I absolutely garuntee this) – a suburbanite hipster hiphop kid (hairbun anyone?) who thinks they understand hiphop but is completely lost. Someone who has read about hiphop and studied from afar but sadly doesnt really understand it and never grew up around it, particularly in the New York area where it was born. More than anything the writer is really most offended by Drake’s image which seems too Disney rather than his actual bars and skills becuase anyone who listens to Drake spit and actually understands what a hiphop MC is actually supposed to do – drop slick lines, trash-talk and do quotables without pushing into the vortex of wackness or psuedo intellectual Shakespearean poetry- knows Drake is an extremely talented MC. In fact, the most typical rebuttal by someone who is a true hiphop expert but doesnt like Drake is “Drake is a great lyricist but i just dont like his music”. There is absolutely no debate about his skills by even his strongest haters. If that isnt enough to shatter, the writer’s poorly stereotyped and flawed view of hiphop, all one needs to do is look at his fans amongst the lyrical legends. Ghostface Killah (my personal second favorite MC) is on record as calling Drake his favorite current rapper and a brilliant lyricist. Mike D of the legendary Beastie Boys is on record also a huge fan. Along with Talib Kweli, Q-Tip, Nas, Eminem, DJ Premier, B-Real, Puff Daddy etc. Dear writer a great hiphop MC has a job and part of that job is delivering lines which are quotables that arent psuedo-sophisticated but are quotable and have slick wordplay. Like when Drake on Tuscan Leather says “Like aye, B I got your CD, you get an E for effort I piece letters together and get to talkin’ reckless”. Get it ? ACDEF. Others may scorn at this as silly wordplay but hello? that is precisely what hiphop lyricism is. Clever slick trashtalking wordplay and punchlines that can be said and never EVER to be confused with poetry no matter what anyone tells you. Drake’s rhyme style is actually very similar to LL Cool J and Jay-Z as he has excellent delivery and flow coupled with smart double meanings and quotables. Other great beautiful simple classic Drake lines: “When all is said and done, more is always said is than done” or “Im on a roll like Cottonelle I was made for all of this s*it”. And how about “Back2Back” – a perfectly executed diss track that everyone can quote line by line and has very slick clever wordplay. And yes, everyone getting it quickly is important as the MC’s job is to “Move the Crowd”. And btw, you name off alot of MCs alot of which are way way worse rappers than Drake and the most obvious example is Shad. He is great example of an average derivative MC which offers nothing innovative at all but somehow is held to high regard to album reviewers who have no idea that your average bike courier from the Bronx could run circles around Shad. Unless Shad does something innovative or interesting, he will absolutely never even be remembered 5 years from now- i can garuntee this. Innovating music and become popular is much much much harder than simply copying what has already been done in the past. My advice to the writer is stop worrying about what Drake looks like and where he is from and listen solely to his bars closely becuase you clearly do not listen or understand what he is saying. “The Ride”, ” Say Whats Real”, “6pm in New York”, “5 am in Toronto”, “Marvins Room” and his gazillion features such as the one on “Pop That” or “F**kin Problems” are a great place to start. His talent is not really debateble. If your turn on any radio station in 2009 vs 2016, you hear a slight difference today right? where Post Malone, G eazy, Def Loaf and every singy-songy rapper is clearly emulating Drake’s flow these days. Too bad their bars arent as good. And btw, Drake-style criticism is nothing new at all for hiphop. They did the exact same style of “this-not-real-hipop” backlash to Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Outkast, NWA and the Beastie Boys when all of them became popular. All through history, the so-called hiphop purists have tried to stop hiphop from growing and taking new directions spouting some traditionalist nonsense about pure hiphop only to have history punish them very badly. and btw, i do agree with that point that “Find Your Love” is a terrible pop song written by Kanye West but I skip any Drake crap I dont like. Just like I dont just judge Jay-Z based on “Bonnie and Clyde”.

    • Fucking hell, what are you, part of Drake’s promotional team or just a deluded sycophantic twat?

      Firstly, how the fuck do you; a nobody with a vanilla name like “Ian H. Elliot” located in Canada of all places, have any credence when it comes to Hip-Hop? I wouldn’t normally say who is or who isn’t a bonafide Hip-Hop fan, but for you to write lines like…

      “Someone who has read about hiphop and studied from afar but sadly doesnt really understand it and never grew up around it, particularly in the New York area where it was born”

      …is the most contradictory shite I’ve ever read given your name and location. Your credentials are about as far from the fucking Bronx as I am, and since you don’t know who the fuck I am or where the fuck I’m from, your idiotic assumptions just prove that you’re a typical fanatic with a contrived argument. Don’t you know that the most corniest, most meaningless comeback in history is:

      a) You’re a Troll
      b) You’re a Hater
      c) You’re a Hipster

      I guess one shitty comeback out of three ain’t bad. Maybe get Drake’s cock out your mouth and go crawl back up his ass (and if you think that sentence was contrived then you know how your corny predictable comment sounded like).

      Apparently you can “absolutely guarantee” that I am what you say I am, congratulations on your psychic abilities, but maybe stop trying to remote view and focus a little more on spelling and adding some punctuation and paragraphs to your badly composed shite. That way it wouldn’t be so fucking monotonous and dull. Secondly, are you so clouded by your love of Drake that you can’t see an obvious comedy-based article when it’s right in front of you? Did you think an article prefaced with a fuck-off caricature and numerous descriptions of Drake’s looks was some official frigging biography on the guy? You’re either the dumbest moron in Canada or just a petty little fanboy.

      At this point I have to point out that your sentence about Ghostface really made me laugh; “Ghostface Killah (my personal second favorite MC)” like anybody gives a toss what the legendary Ian Elliot thinks. That shit was hilarious!

      I really can’t be arsed going step-by-step through each of your lame “points” from that long-arsed tedious reply you left, I’ll just say that bringing up people who “like” Drake from within the industry is pointless since they have to see this fucker face-to-face, and bringing up Rappers like LL Cool J, P Diddy, Eminem, Jay-Z, and even N.W.A. just proves that you’re the prick who’s the “suburbanite… hiphop kid… who thinks they understand hiphop but is completely lost” (And I really don’t have to go into detail to qualify that sentence because if you were so knowledgeable about Hip-Hop like you claim to be, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about).

      Apparently I can “name off alot of MCs alot of which are way way worse rappers” – that has to be the dumbest sentence in your reply. So you’re saying Drake is better than Ras Kass, KRS-One, Smoothe Da Hustler, Ruck and Rock, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Big L, Big Punisher, Chino XL, Stic.Man, Papoose, Killah Priest, Chip Fu? Nice to know that Drake is more innovative than Chip Fu who’s style has never been imitated and can’t be. Is there anything that Drake has made that is as innovative as “Heavy Mental” by Killah Priest, is his wordplay better that Papoose in his prime, or Chino XL or Big Pun in their prime, has Drake ever made anything like “Nature Of The Threat” by Ras Kass or “Broken Language” by Smoothe Da Hustler? No, because he’s an overrated fucking hack who is only liked by mediocre pricks who wouldn’t know Hip-Hop if it kicked them in the nuts.

      If you’re going to brag about Drake’s skills as a rapper, then at least compare his mediocre style/delivery/lyricism to the Rappers I’ve mentioned in the comment above rather than bringing in overrated Hip-Pop artists to qualify your garbage. You really think Drake is on par with Rakim, Kool G Rap, etc etc.? You really are gullible and easily mislead.

      Leaving a link to a 404, non-existent WordPress site which I’ve removed (whether or not you typed it in incorrectly on purpose or you thought you’d get a backlink from my article) either way you’re sadly mistaken, but thanks for the added keywords from your crappy comment to add to this article’s SEO.

      And FYI, I’m from Nu Joisey, I’m bald, I have a tear tattoo, I weight train in the yard wearing a wife-beater and a fitted cap, and I use any opportunity to say “whassup my nigga?” as I sip on a 40. So please, please, please Mr. Elliot let me know if this qualifies me to be a genuine Hip-Hop fan like you.

    • I dont even know why im bothering to reply to this nonsense cuz you said the article is simply sarcastic entertainment but whatever….firstly, I am currently in Canada – that doesnt mean I am from there or reside there. I have lived in NY area including NJ area (Hoboken) on and off for 8-14 years. Also, Atlanta and LA area. And yeah I cant spell or complete sentences ( i thought that would win me points with you street guys?). My name reflects nothing but I can tell you this – I aint from palace in England. (You love stereotypes, but maybe thats part of your sarcstic schtick? I dont know).

      Look im glad you are passionate about your hiphop and maybe youre not a hipster after all – maybe I was harsh about that- but i do think you are stuck in the past. I argued Shad was a worse rapper and he is. He is mediocre and derivative. Thats easy. I prefer innovative rappers. Other than KRS-One, Big Pun, Big Daddy Kane, Killah Priest and Rakim – who are top tier MCs -, I disagree with your choices of great MCs. Rakim and KRS-one should be on everyone’s top 5 list – we probably agree there at least. But these other guys like Smooth Da Hustler? He had a couple great tracks back in the day with great lyrics but his catalogue is so small, how can you say this? Besides pure lyricism isnt only thing to evaluate with an MC. Its flow, quotables, sayings, impact etc. Rass Kass and Chino XL are, yes, great lyricists but flow, delivery, hooks? Cmon now – there are weak here. I like an MC who is more versatile. LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls are what I consider top MCs and yes, along with KRS-One, Rakim and yes, the phony fake unreal imposter Aubrey Graham. (I know you hate his real name too. I see reality is hard to accept on this site). Anyways, your taste may just be different.

      And yes, I speak like im the authority and pompous prick because thats what I think. I think I know whassup, I dont feel I need to say “in my opinion” as Im not a kardashian. I dont expect everyone to agree but if I am the “great Ian Elliot” – you said it not me – what do you expect. Anyway, takes one pompous prick to know one.

      And relax, Im not looking for SEO for anything hiphop related. I was commenting cuz I saw your article – thats it. As far as Drake – yeah – I have heard all your arguements all before and most have come from suburbanite hair-bun wearing Williamsburg hipster types who trust-fund kids because everyone I know living in the hood are pretty much Drake fans – Odd isnt it? So thats why I figured you were some hipster listening to the hiphop I listened to 20 years ago acting like its new.

      The Drake hate is extreme but all so predictable isnt it? In my day, it was mostly about Biggie Smalls and then, Jay-Z who were labelled as sellout phonies cuz they were running the show at the time. All I will say is give it time. Great MCs age well.

      Anyways. enjoy your site, tear tatoos and all. And your Ras Kass. Respect.

    • I don’t know why I’m responding to your nonsensical shite either, but I have to point out your argument is confusing and contradictory to say the least.

      What’s weird is that around my way nobody listens to Drake unless they’re legging-wearing, fake teeny-boppers who also listen to Nicki Minaj/Migos etc. Nobody in the streets listens to Drake unless they’re bullshitting some broad to get some quim. I don’t know what’s going on in your (current) neighbourhood, maybe get the water tested.

      Sane people with good taste or “people from the streets” as you put it listen to Pro Era, Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies, Bakers Club etc. these days, all of which I rate on my sister site – – so how is that “stuck in the past”?

      Secondly, your quantity over quality argument doesn’t make any sense, yes I rate Smoothe Da Hustler highly because he made some classic tracks on his solo album, a shelved album with his brother, a street tape with Nexx Level, various freestyles on mixtapes, and as the Smith Bros. Just because you can only find one of his albums on iTunes or in a store doesn’t make his contributions any less valid. Plus I thought you rated Biggie highly and he only released one album and one posthumously. Drake could make 10 albums, the quantity of which wouldn’t equate to one track Smoothe Da Hustler ever made. And seriously, have you heard Ras Kass’ “Nature Of The Threat” or “Interview With A Vampire”? – How can Drake even compete lyrically, structurally, content-wise, or in terms of delivery, he can’t. In terms of both flow and delivery Chino Xl is infinitely better that Drake, and how, when you’re bringing up delivery and versatility can you ignore Chip-Fu from the Fuschnickens? Are you sure you’re not the un-knowledgeable hipster fake?

      On another matter, when has having a strong hook meant that the artist is “the best”? Kris Kross, Rottin Razkals back in the day and Bobby Shmurda, Trinidad James, Riff Raff recently had extremely catchy hooks, but should they be regarded as highly as Ras Kass etc.? That makes no sense whatsoever.

      I have to also point out that Jay-Z is one of the biggest frauds in Hip-Hop, sure he was good during Reasonable Doubt but he’s bitten Biggie’s lyrics, Jaz-O’s style, destroyed Def Jam, and made the lamest Hip-Pop trying to sound Southern etc. All the hate directed at him is justified.

      I really don’t care where you’re from or where you live, that was my point, so no need to scan your passport and birth certificate just to defend Drake. And you do realise that Drake is an over-privileged middle-class hack who has never even seen the Bronx on a map, so maybe some of your anti-hair-bun-subordinate anger should be directed at him, he’s basically the type of person you allegedly hate – just minus the man-bun.

      I have to point out that even though the article is comedic in nature, the sentiments of the piece are the truth as I see it, and sarcastic or not Drake is an overrated lame in my opinion. And by the way, “the Great Ian Elliot” was also sarcasm, but whatever back.

    • He doesn’t know Hip-Hop… and that isn’t the only spelling mistake.

      The same moron who apparently wants us to “stop worrying about what Drake looks like and where he is from” at the same time wants people only from in and around the Bronx area to comment about Hip-Hop, unless of course they’re “Hip-Hop purists” or “Hipsters” then they have no credibility or merit. Hypocritical anyone?

      Only what he thinks is a talented Rapper is a talented Rapper, even though his examples are the most obvious, overrated lames in the business. But we should all take his word as gospel, he is after all the great ianhelliot, the all-knowing master of all things Hip-Hop.

    • Shad is derivative and average? Shad is one of the finest lyricists alive you dumb fuck!!! WHo cares if he’s remembered years from now — people will probably remember Lil Wayne but does it make him innovative or a good MC? Get the fuck outta here!!

    • What on earth did I just read? ianhelliott must be some Drake superfan! I bet this guy doesn’t mean the fact that Drake stole Rappin 4-Tay’s lyrics for his verse on Who Do You Love.

  5. Hey man, this was good.Aubrey Drake Graham is below average in everything he does. Yes he is. I have to correct u on him being overrated though. Overrated means gets more likes than he deserves. Nearly everyone I meet dislikes Drake. That’s the truth. 90% of North Americans do not think he’s real. Of his fans though, you notice a conspiracy to prop him up. They repeatedly buy his tracks and albums. You might say look at his song buying records and video views. But I notice something fishy. His fans buy the same song repeatedly. It’s possible for one person to have multiple itunes accounts and boy do they buy his trite repeatedly. Video views do not count people, just how many times it’s been viewed on screen. Drake fans only point to his records but they’re the forgers here. With them buying his tracks from different itunes accounts, they are forging this fraud man. Now someone like Benedict Cumberbatch is overrated because he’s considered a messiah of British acting, when he is just good, not great. I agree with u Cumberbatch is overrated by the press. Don’t think that Drake would have been as propped up in the Napster era though. Talking about sex and starting from the bottom in songs was not mainstream then. Sadly, he has sold a lot for the entirety of this decade. Here is a video that mocks “Started from the Bottom”.

    You can see that white people know what a cunt he is. His crony calls himself “baby” even though he is a grown up man. What a cunt fest. But the part of the video where they throw Drake and Lil Wayne out of the plane is funny man. Drake needs to shave his eyebrows starting….. now. Were u part of the Napster downfall, though because I remember u talked about Napster in previous comments? Did Napster have great underground rappers like Aesop Rock and Cyrus Malachi back then? Liked this article on this demon who’s hurting hip hop.

    • So funny video I always hated that song and the video is foolish.When did he ever work at a grocery store.I remember watching him on Nicklodeon.I can’t people still think he’s hot when all he talks about is the same shit every crap rapper just because he sings you forget Nelly Ja Rule and early 2000 s rappers where doing before this prick ever stepped up in the game.I hope he goes down the same way that they did down the tubes.Tell fans to throw away Drake albums if his songs play change the station.Let him go back to Canada and take Bieber with you.Bring in other Canadian rappers that might be great.

  6. Maan, Drake is the weakest person in world history, and trust me I did the research. That’s what makes him so fake; he can’t fix his face to try and look like a traditionally tough black male. GTFOH he ain’t never even been around black ppl until he blew up but every other word out of his mouth is nigga this nigga that… that’s fake as hell. Fuck getting laughed at, he would’ve gotten his ass whooped out of hip-hop in the 80’s or 90’s. It’s not cool to exploit and appropriate a culture that an oppressed group of people worked, fought, and struggled for and then you come out of candyland to make it cheap, soft, and sweet. You can’t be a rapper if you can’t whoop anybody, plain and simple. But besides that his rhymes are weak and he sounds wack as hell trying to spit em, and he’s a below average singer. Like he said, his best rhymes are mediocre at best. I see no talent. If this was the 90’s he’d be Lil’ Zane… i.e. a fucking joke. I would even say if you’re black and you like Drake you’re a sellout (and you’re probably gay)

  7. He also bit Ghostface rhymes “5 and a half in boys, ass is off the hook “amongst others and when he came out Kanye was the #1 rapper and Drake stole his whole flow all the way down to the accent… “who the f@ck is yawwl,” in his southern black American drawl that he acquired growing up in an all white area in Canada. That’s fake and derivative.

  8. Dope blog yo. I believe I be qualified to discuss, more on that in my closing paragraph…. but I felt compelled to chime in on:



    1) “LL Cool J & Jay-Z being mentioned in the same breath as Biggie Smalls.” SUS
    2) Overall content of an artists collection overriding iconic lyricist’s songs. SUS
    3) Quoting one bar from a ghost-written-catalog as if it’s the word of a god. SUS
    4) Positioning yourself as an authority on the topic of rap when defending a pop artist. WHACK
    5) Instant disqualification from having no sense or knowledge of the word FUCKERY and that it originated from the misgivings of artists like Drake. Anyone that stands to defend him are either puss-boys, have sold out, need money, or #dontknowtheyjustdontknowtheydontknow

    MY CASE AND POINTS (Which I choose to limit)

    1) If DRAKE is greatest of his era or even to be historically considered, he would go head on with KENDRICK. Drake chose MEEK as the RAP / PR battle of his career. Not to take anything away from MEEK cause that’s not the point. If you’re one of the (self pronounced) greatest, you make moves showing it, as opposed to gloating it.
    2.A) When a substantial, l mean huge-list of MCees come out in their music to diss you, they’re showing their listeners that someone is clearly up on some fuckery and aim to show their listeners that they 1) AINT DOWN 2) DON’T GIVE A FUCK. Regardless of the quality of each individual diss, the sheer volume is more relevant than what is said by the presstitutes or Stan-Army.
    2.B) Re: Volume of rappers coming at him…. he choses to lay low passively and says to the press and fans that these people are trying to catch a rep off his name. Sorry son, maybe that will fly with the media or in suburban snap chat wars, but those around the way know you’re getting lit-up, and it’s not even funny.
    3) He talked about dead rappers somehow not being able to cut it in the modern era. That’s just arrogant, presumptuous and disrespectful. Who you beeming at son? Big? Pac? Big L? Eazy? ODB? Nah man. You’ve just lost any potential respect from those around the way.
    4) Drake goads morons in the media and fan base to argue sheer volume of sales equates to relevance of musical greatness. Then, you would have to Add Mc Hammer, Vanilla Ice, and Gangnam to the list of the greatest artists of all time. SUS
    5) Put it this way, quantifying new-age-rap against the greats is ridiculous and most don’t get it cause they only count numbers. Let’s compare it to Rock. Look at the golden age of Jimi Hendrix and the Doors, etc…. You don’t see Jack White or the Black Keys spouting off about how great they are compared to Jimi, Morrison & Cobain. It’s part of the culture to battle sure, but some people are proving to be DIM-WITTED and MIS-INFORMED by even entering these types of discussions posturing Drake anywhere near the top 100 rappers of all time. There’s hundreds maybe thousands of unknown battle rappers that would eat him for breakfast not to mention a True top-100 list from those around they way.

    What the fuck are we debating anyways? It’s not like he can’t string bars, it’s just he’s soft, passive, self pronounced, bitchy, whiney and all things that rap never was. It’s clearly the dead era of rap. Kind of like when Kurt Cobain Died. Rock died with it. Like when Biggie & Pac passed on. Things got whack in the 2000’s with yeezy being the face of rap-pop. Everyone knows Mos Def is the better rapper. Nobody was calling Yeezy the greatest other than yeezy, similar to Drake. But somehow, since the Bieber sympathizers are all grown up, they think they are up on some knowledge about hip-hop. These arguments make anyone you look dim, and for me, I love hearing all about the fuckery that has infected the minds of the dull.

    Who am I?? Canadian. Self producing-influenced by all things NATIVE TONGUE, BIG, NAS, MEF, MF, CL, RAKIM, and of course The-GREEN EYED BANDIT, whom stopped by my instagram to drop some love recently.


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by oddclod (@oddclod) on

  9. There is this video on YouTube deconstructing Drake’s song, “Feel No Ways”… What do you think of Drake’s works now?

    Oh by the way, this YouTube channel is called Nerdwriter1, one of the few YouTube channels popping out from the late naughties and risen to popularity by following the same video essay format style of another YouTube channel that started it all called Every Frame A Painting

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