What Went Wrong With… Alex Jones?

Caricature of radio talk show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. By

Alex Jones is such an annoying, contradictory fake… no not that presenter from The One Show, no not that mentally challenged character from the movie Prisoners, I’m talking about the radio talk show host and apparent conspiracy theorist. During the late nineties and early noughties it was very easy to fall into the trap of liking Jones, especially during the aftermath of 9/11. During that time even I became slightly entranced by his spiel, amongst the same-same viewpoints being heard from the mainstream left and right, he seemed to be one of the few people questioning the official narrative of the event. Jones back then seemed to be a genuine alternative to the mainstream media.

Over the years that followed however, the more I heard his podcasts and the more I saw him in interviews, I began to realise the contradictions and inconsistencies within his sermons. Similar to someone like Russell Brand, Alex Jones appears as if he represents an alternative opinion, but if you look past his distracting façade, you begin to question if he really is who he purports to be. When you listen to him speak, you have to ask yourself, if Jones is a genuine pro-gun, pro-liberty, conspiracy theorist why would he give each of these groups a bad name every time he appears on a show apparently representing them? If you follow his antics outside of his controlled radio show, you can catch him embarrassing himself on various international shows, from shouting at Piers Morgan on CNN to yelling on the Sunday Politics show on the BBC, surely these angry-insane-man appearances do a disservice to his alleged causes? Either Alex Jones is the biggest P.R. disaster the American conspiracy community have ever had or he is a complete and utter charlatan.

Alex Jones is someone who routinely speaks with people such as David Icke on his radio show and therefore is open to the most out-there conspiracies. This is also a man who for the last decade or so has told us that both sides of the government are puppets, that Democrats are faux liberals and Republicans are false conservatives, for most of the noughties he denounced George Bush, mocked the NeoCons, and told us Obama was deceptive. By all accounts both sides of the government were counterfeit according to Jones, whoever was in charge wasn’t democratically elected and they never have been, the American President (and all world leaders for that matter) were decided by the Illuminati-slash-Bilderberg. But for a so-called libertarian who has made it his life’s work to “rally” or “protest” outside these elitist’s conventions, Jones now wants to back a GOP candidate, is this not the biggest U-turn since United Airlines Flight 175?

Interviewing Donald Trump in 2015, Jones who is an alleged “aggressive-constitutionalist” never once countered Trump’s idiotic and downright unconstitutional plans for the United States, he never once mentioned his belief that 9/11 was an inside job, something that surely would be contrary to Mr. Trump and his mainstream xenophobic political stance? You can go back before last year and note that Alex Jones has shown a desire for numerous Republicans to become the President including the idiotic Sarah Palin. So for more than a decade now he’s been hollering about how he’s “so sick of the New World Order” but flash forward a few years and he’s palling up with prospective candidates of this nefarious clique! Not only that but when this so-called conspiracy theorist “interviewed” Trump he never once mentioned a single conspiracy, he wouldn’t want to look like a fool next to an orange-skinned cunt with a brittle comb-over now would he?

Outside of the world of politics, you can go to YouTube and hear Alex’s rants against celebrities such as Michael Jackson, once calling him a “peadophile freak” and a “demon” who is “in hell now”. I guess the mainstream media are telling us all non-stop lies but they told us the God’s honest truth with regards to Jackson. You can’t pick and choose aspects within a conspiracy, either none of it’s true or all of the government are puppets and frauds, all of the world’s leaders are corrupt, and all of the mainstream media are liars. This is probably why Alex Jones’ name is increasingly mentioned when people speak of a “controlled opposition” or a “shill”, maybe that’s why Jones is slowly distancing himself from conspiracy theories, maybe he wants to be taken seriously as some kind of mainstream talk show host, so now he’s flip-flopping his opinion on certain events. The San Bernardino and Paris attacks were definitely not false flags, but 9/11, Boston, and Sandy Hook definitely were, I guess every terrorist attack these days is exactly the way we’re told it went down, the C.I.A. and other powerful acronyms have given up creating fake terrorist events, political opposition is now a bona fide choice, and the media have stopped lying to us… fuck off Jones.

Similar to fake liberal and fake conservative celebrities, Alex Jones is slowly proving that his opinions often conflict with each other. How can the same man be anti-authority, anti-media, anti-elitist, pro-certain-conspiracies and yet anti-other-conspiracies whilst being pro-Republican and anti-immigration? For Jones to be so staunchly against the New World Order how can he then back potential members of the group? How can he be against a North American Union and yet neglect to acknowledge that the United States was divided by European Imperialists? Surely North America was originally the property of the Native Americans, it was only colonially, hawkishly, and arbitrarily chopped-up by white immigrants, so to bring America, Canada, and Mexico together it could be argued is closer to the original layout than the present-day segregated version. Jones can’t be a Paleoconservative but at the same time ignore the original make-up of the land in which he resides and he can’t exist in a world where he thinks the President acts against the citizen’s interests but at the same time be so naive that he thinks the next election will change things. The answer to 1984 according to Alex Jones is 1776 but surely the answer to 1492 is 1790 and 1791.

If Alex Jones is this quick to sellout then I’m embarrassed that I ever watched one of his documentaries, if he was always a sham then I guess I got hustled like everybody else looking for truth during 9/11. I guess the name Info Wars is quite apt because it seems that the powers that be have strategically installed this ranting human egg so that fringes of society don’t have to look further to find a real alternative viewpoint. Type in any conspiracy into a search engine and nine times out of ten Prison Planet, Info Wars, or Alex Jones will appear as the top of the search result. What a great introduction to a conspiracy; a quick-tempered, right-wing, overweight, heterosexual, middle-aged white man from America… how alternative. And hey, when you click on that link to his site, don’t bother looking elsewhere for genuinely suppressed information, everything “alternative” is here on the first page of Google. And while you’re navigating around Jones’ site, be sure to buy yourself a water filtration system, some emergency survival food, and other end of the world, zombie apocalypse, doomsday-prepping junk so he can make more money from your fears. What a crock of shite.


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  1. Who takes him seriously? The guy is full of shit! He lies through his teeth. No wonder I avoided conspiracy theories, especially when this fake fuck is everywhere. I rather listen to the mainstream media than listen to his shite. Nowadays these “conspiracy theorists” have been constantly talking about the Illuminati and how they rule the world, which is just a pile of bullshit. You could have talked about Mark Dice. He is just as fake as Alex Jones.

    • All these “mainstream” conspiracy theorists seem very much like controlled opposition, they incessantly go on about the Illuminati and glaze over more important conspiracies. This is probably done so that outsiders think everybody concerned with ANY conspiracy is as “crazy” and erratic as Alex Jones, therefore ALL conspiracy theorists must be alike and they shouldn’t be taken seriously. A great way of suppressing something they don’t want uncovered.

    • Paul Joseph Watson is also going down the Islamaphobic route.He writes articles for PrisonPlanet like ‘Trump is Right About Islam Hating the West’ and ‘Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace’. The whole site is selling out,let’s not forget that on both 9/11 and 7/7 they said he neocons and the CIA were behind the attacks, but ISIS is completely legit and people like that represent all Muslims. Never have I seen a group of people do a 180 like this. Can Alex Jones and the rest of them not see that Trump is as corrupt as Bush?? Trump knows Hilary Clinton, Ive heard people say they are related, if Alex Jones Prison Planet and Info Wars fall for this there’s no coming back for them.


    • The Illuminati exist. They have always existed. Denying they control everything is ridiculous. Thinking you can do anything about them is even more ridiculous. People like Alex Jones simply divert attention and make it all seem ridiculous. And it apparently works.

    • I used to like Alex, but he has really lost it. Now days he looks more and more like a person full of rage and hate, and it is seems to have warped him. Now he is backing Donald Trump? Maybe this guy is just another shill for the elite or maybe he just sold out?

    • Alex Jones is a sellout and Info Wars/Prison Planet are fakes but I wouldn’t go as far as support an ex-Grand Wizard of the KKK and someone who sided with the BNP.

      It is possible to be pro-Jewish yet anti-Zionist, and it is possible to be anti-Zionist without siding with David Duke.

  2. this idiot is now saying the orlando shooting was a false flag…. but a false flag by isis bringing in foreign fighters to the usa. alex jones is a fucktard, the orlando shooting was by omar mateen who was born in nyc. people like him an trump make no sense when they bring the issue of immigration into everything.

  3. Yeah I’m with you I actually felt him for a bit in the 90’s when we were deprived for truthers and later during the occupy movement I started to question him. I’m convinced he’s a zionist schill because he never goes after the source of the New World Order, he interrupts his guests repeatedly going off topic on nonsense and his anger rants seem very contrived. He’s actually useful to the Zionists because their strategy is to divide and he is incredibly divisive. That said, he was the first to have the first presidential candidate on a truther type show, and when I need to scan the internet for various opinions on topics to form my own opinion, I occasionally check out what he is up to. Can’t sit through one of his broadcasts though. Regardless of whether or not I think he’s insane (I do) I do get some tid bits from his site that I think lean closer towards truth than most mainstream media outlets. It’s like I’ll watch CNN sometimes but I am hardly an advocate, or agree with what they are saying. I truly think he should fire himself, and get some journalists in there to take a stab at the truth without egoistic ranting, screaming and interrupting everyone with that joins the show.

    • Alex Jones’ whole world view and political opinion has changed ever since he started endorsing Trump. Now every single terrorist event is completely genuine and Islamic Jihadists aren’t CIA-trained/controlled. He’s also brought in new “correspondents” and his entire team including that cunt Paul Joseph Watson seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet; all terrorism is real, immigration is bad, Muslims are evil, Trump is “for the people” – Info Wars and Prison Planet are now basically a right-wing, non-conspiracy shillfest, and Alex Jones has basically done a u-turn on everything he said during the 2000’s.

  4. Salivating, fucking beautiful. Alex is a grade-a charlatan, and acts like an autistic gorilla on his show. I know people who watch him and only him, as if he speaks gospel, which makes sense because he’s always ranting about that anti-christ apocalypse bullshit, acting like anyone that he disagrees with is either stupid or literally a demon.

  5. And now that we have our first Alex Jones-endorsed president, we can truly watch the wheels come all the way off the wagon. With Alex, I’ve felt the exact same way. I loved the guy who broke into Bohemian Grove and exposed David Gergen for his Bohemian shenanigans. Or when he spoke out about Arnold when he usurped the California governorship back in ’04.
    Where did that guy go?
    Trump is King David? I surely hope so…if just for preservation sake. Sadly, it seems more likely that Trump is Nero or Caligula.
    Here’s somethings to ponder…Trump’s entire fortune has been built on huge financing from huge banks(aka The Illuminati). Also, Trump has definitely got some issues with his touchy nature towards his own daughter (classic Monarch/MK Ultra behavior). And let’s not forget, before he began his career as a big developer, he went out and joined a Secret Organization of highly influential and powerful people from around the world where, “…a lot of 60-70 year old men with 20-something wives.” Another tell-tale sign of Illuminati.
    The House of Rockefeller is the Illuminati…as is Rothschild and a few others. Rockefellers owns NYC. House Rockefeller also owns lots of oil, pharmaceutical, and banking interests. Look at Trumps first 100 day plan. Who benefits? Oil and pharmaceuticals. And banks? I trust Trump to never bite the hand that feeds. So, here we go. Out of the Obama-frying pan and into the orange skinned oven.

    • Yes he’s critical about him but… surprise, surprise …he mocks all conspiracy theorists in the process which is exactly what these “controlled opposition” types want.

      Another thing is that he criticises Paul Joseph Watson about his denouncement of popular culture but he ignores the more important issues and problems with him (him being an Islamophobic right-wing British sellout for example – he touches on xenophobia but only slightly). I’d say he isn’t critical enough about him, in fact I would place Anthony Fantano and The Needle Drop on the other end of the spectrum – he overrates and hypes everything about popular culture – which is as much of a problem with contemporary society as Watson.

    • theneedledrop is mad fucking overrated. I just dont understand how people look up to him as a reputable critic of music. I suppose he’s more committed to giving a detailed analysis then other “mainstream” critic websites (pitchfork)…but tell me why out of all the underrated jazz rock electronic fusion etc released in the 20th century he’d rather give his 2 cents promoting wildly overrated hip hop albums and the sort and shamelessly promotes industry plants like Kendrick Lamar and kanye west’s kid cudis albums giving them both 10s. Makes no sense at all.

  6. What’s your take on the whole debacle between Paul Joseph Watson’s view on JK Rowling and a few other celebrities regarding about a YouTube personality called PewDiePie who is now being accused of anti-Semitism by The Wall Street Journal, which many people online also claim it to be defamatory & misleading due to the fact that the alleged video PewDiePie posted was meant as a joke?

    • Can’t comment since I’ve never watched any of his videos, but regardless, nothing should get banned or censored (unless it’s inciting violence). What I would say is that YouTube gets more and more sanitised by the day, there’s no real freedom of speech on that site.

  7. Another thing about Jones: I guess you know Alex Jones’ motto “The answer to 1984 is 1776” (when was that introduced by the way?), but it’s such a weird claim given that the freemasons are in the globalist cabal according to Jones, yet it’s a well known fact that George Washington was a hardcore mason.

    See the painting where it’s depicted how he laid the cornerstone for the Capitol in full freemason attire etc.

    That’s not an anti-american jab from my part, just an observation.

  8. Alex Jones has been exposed as a sellout and everybody is waking up to this shill. INFO WHORES are paid propagandists for Trump.

  9. Scary how individuals like Jones and Watson can appear so persuasive to some people. Of course, being the master manipulators that they and their like are, contradiction is the currency they deal in. True progressives must always – always – be on their guard for the many shills out there. Great article, by the way!

    • Thanks. I agree, shills are used to steer the public away from true free-thought.

      I can’t believe that Alex Jones/Info Wars hasn’t seen a decrease in their fan-base though, they really have contradicted themselves in a major way since the election.

  10. I listened to mr.TeXas Baloney (ALex), for 4 years until 2012, on & off there-after. My tip off was when a caller asked him why not have a 1 million man march in Wash. D.C since by then he had millions of listeners. Alex shot that down rather quickly saying that that would be a bad idea because of government infiltrators (coin-intell. i guess) causing some kind of a riot. If that was true than it didn’t stop Martin Luther King from crossing the bridge peacefully in Alabama;…. what bravery in fighting for their American rights.
    Jones by contrast with all his tough talk, i suspect, is a cowardly little mouse. What is even worse he went on the Coast to Coast AM show and lied live on air about Sandy Hook to no less than 15 times plus! George Noory did not even challenge him on that because apparently they are friends. Hmmm go figure.

    • It’s now 24 January 2021, which is 18 days from 6 January 2021, where peaceful Trump supporters gathered in WDC for a rally to peacefully march and show their support for Trump and for a 10-day Senate investigation of the 3 November 2020, POTUS-election fraud. This rally was disrupted by BLM, Antifa perps instigating a riot in the U.S. Capitol and blaming the damage to Trump supporters. . The DNC Socialists have used the Trump supporters as the scapegoat for the Capitol riot and are now in the process of convicting Trump in the Senate for inciting an insurrection. Jones was in WDC at the time trying to lead and gather people to not get involved in the BLM/Antifa riot that broke earlier that day after Trump gave his speech about election fraud. In hindsight, Jones was wise not to have a 1 million man march in WDC. At the time, Obama was POTUS, and DNC perps would have instigated violence and Jones would be up the creek without a paddle. Obama and his FBI would’ve blamed any riots on Jones and crucified him.

    • So now your beloved Alex Jones wants in on conspiracies once again? The daft git went from all terrorist acts are false flags and all presidents are puppets to Muslims are terrorists and Trump is a genuine leader. Now y’all want everyone to believe there were instigators in the Capitol attack but there wasn’t any instigators in any BLM so-called riots? 🧐 You hypocritical switch-siders are who make conspiracy theories a laughing stock. Fuck Alex Jones and the alt-right.

  11. And surprise surprise he invites kanye west and that arrogant annoying racist cunt nick Fuentes on infowars and gives them both a platform to shamelessly spew xenophobic garbage about jews and nazism for several hours.

    • The problem I have is that mainstream television has been hiring obsequious dick-riders for years now, and any interviewer asking questions which offend a celebrity (Krisha Guru-Murthy with Quentin Tarantino/Robert Downey Jr. etc.) has been mocked by every moron in the public (how dare they stray from what’s “acceptable”!) until everyone on TV is an arse-smoocher. Add that to the networks shying away from anything remotely “controversial” and we have the most sanitized and dull TV schedule since the 1950’s…

      What Went Wrong With… The Bowdlerisation Of British Television?

      Despite the Jones/West/Fuentes show containing three people I dislike, I will say it was entertaining to watch. Car crash TV can be hugely amusing and even engrossing, in fact I’d say the 3-something hours of Kanye in a mask holding a net and a bottle of Yoo-hoo thinking he’s being clever is up there with Oliver Reed’s various drunk appearances and dances back in the day. If we still had skilled interviewers, we could have had Kanye making a fool of himself on national TV (bringing in ad revenue and creating a classic TV moment in the process) but thanks to the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Alex Zane, and fakes like Piers Morgan, we have TV that either blandly and incessantly promotes someone or a celeb is banned outright. Talk about extremism. Mainstream TV’s loss is Alex Jones’ gain I guess.

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