What Went Wrong With… The Rise Of Islamophobia & Propaganda Following The Paris Attacks?

An image of a Facebook Post reading No Black, No Syrians, No Muslims to highlight the Islamophobia following the Paris Attacks

It’s a weird time that we’re in right now. As a civilisation we’re supposed to learn from past mistakes, we’re supposed to act differently from our forefathers and yet everywhere I look I see the same old bullshit; racism, sexism, homophobia, it’s all alive and well, and on top of this pile of brewing hatred is Islamophobia. Looking at Muslims with contempt is contemporary society’s acceptable outlet and Islam is the go-to target for defensible prejudice these days. Everywhere you turn you can’t help but notice the high level of Islamophobia and certain events unfortunately trigger more of it. In 2001 we had 9/11 bringing out all the bigoted, pro-American pricks, in 2005 we had 7/7 coaxing out all the discriminatory, pro-British twats, and now in 2015 we have the 13/11 Paris Attacks encouraging every faux pro-French tit.

Bring these events up and every Islamophobe’s response will be “but all those attacks were perpetrated by Muslims”, great going there genius, but I didn’t see all the western world uniting to demonise Catholics after I.R.A. terrorists bombed Britain a couple of decades ago. People seem to use the excuse that since radical Islam is to blame for our present day woes, somehow all Muslims are responsible for the actions of the few. But this blame game never emerges out of other heinous crimes, and rarely if ever is an entire section of society blamed for a rogue offshoot from their demographic. I mean did the public ask all Norwegians to condemn the actions of Anders Breivik? Did we ask all Irish New Yorkers to condemn the actions of Timothy McVeigh? Hell, did we ask all gay men to condemn the actions of Jeffrey Dahmer? Why then do so many people look down at all observers of Islam with disdain? Why is it that when a so-called Muslim commits a crime, all the imbeciles crawl out of the woodwork and ask everybody of the Islamic faith within a mile radius of them; “where’s your condemnation?” or worse “where’s your apology?”. I hope these same morons asked all Gloucester couples to apologise for Fred and Rose West.

Since propaganda only works when it appears everywhere at once, the mainstream media comes at us from all angles following such an event; from leaders, celebrities, companies, news readers, to internet sites, it’s hard to escape a one-sided narrative or opinion. Navigating to sites like Youtube, Tumblr, and Amazon this week and it was like a propagandist’s wet dream, the French flag or the Eiffel Tower was scattered about everywhere, but why? Did Apple or Amazon devise a plan to deal with ISIS or did they send aid to the victims? No, they just wanted to uphold the status quo and appear to care about an issue (but please don’t forget to buy their products).

Logo changes by various companies following the Paris Attacks

Pro-West Propaganda: An example of the meaningless logo changes by various companies following the Paris Attacks

On a wider scale, it seems that western countries only have a national time of mourning when an atrocity is committed on western soil. I didn’t see our country observing a minute’s silence when a militant group killed 147 people in Kenya. I didn’t see the Empire State building, the CN Tower, or the Sydney Opera House light up in the colours of the Indian Flag after the Mumbai attack. But a white, western country suffers a terrorist attack and every pissing monument under the sun is lit in red, white, and blue, and we all have to obey a moment of silence… very Caucasoid-ally selective don’t you think?

We also had the likes of Simon frigging Cowell exploiting the attacks on the X Factor, when asked if he wanted to say something following the events, he replied “of course we want to say something…” he then uttered some pointless spiel which ended in the amazing pearl of wisdom “stay safe” …a great message there from Cowell (now don’t forget to vote for your favourite state-approved Pop Act).

The other thing the Paris Attacks brought out was the moronic celeb and the idiotic citizen. Numerous people weighed in on the event so to promote themselves and their allegiance to the prejudicial propaganda. I’d love to know why the likes of Jason Manford felt the need to write a Facebook post about how the Paris attackers were “fucking cowards”, “fucking scumbags”, and “utter bastards”, the comedian then ended his humourless diatribe with “you will never defeat us” which begged the question, who was he referring to when he said “us”? In any case, who the fuck cares what this yo-yo weighted, Peter Kay wannabe thinks? Did he have a Facebook outburst after let’s say, ISIS suicide bombers attacked Beirut? No, because somewhere deep down people like him probably only care when victims of terrorism are white. Let’s not forget that until last week many prejudice Brits were calling French people “frogs” or “gutless cowards” (in reference to World War II) but now apparently they all “Stand With Paris”, what a crock of switch-siding shite.

On the other end of the twat scale was the Blinks Of Bicester fiasco. A beautician wrote (again on Facebook) that she was going to ban all Muslims from her salon. Her Facebook post read “Blinks of Bicester are no longer taking bookings from anyone from the Islamic faith whether you are UK granted with passport or not.. Sorry but time to put my country first”. The fact that she missed a determiner from her sentence or her generally poor use of the English language was pretty ironic, but then came her reply to all the criticism she received… “I have been inundated with messages tonight as I said I would not book any muslin or Islamic client. I stand by that completely as a UK citizen. However those that want to call me a racialist. Think on. My life is with ragga and patowoire language with Trinidad has been since u was 5 growing up in Deptford.” Yes, she wrote “muslin”, spelt “patois” incorrectly, and tried to defend her hatred by claiming some kind of affinity with Trinidadians. I guess every racist’s excuse is “I’m not racist, most of my friends are…[insert minority here]”.

I guess since it’s November, similar to the Remembrance poppy, the masses seemed to be in a mad dash to publicly support France and Paris in some form, as though anybody not emblazoned in blue, white, and red was somehow supportive of terrorism. Everybody was in such a rush to adopt the colours of the French flag on their avatar or profile to care about their nation’s actions, not to mention past actions; does nobody recall when Americans during the Iraq War wanted to rename “French Fries” “Freedom Fries” simply because France refused to go along with the War On Terror? But a decade and a half later, these same right-wing yanks have become pro-France and France themselves have stated that they are “at war”. It seemed that everybody wanted to bandy about that Eiffel Tower logo thingamabob but they forgot that the main constituent of the design was the frigging “peace” sign. The word “solidarité” too, was transformed into a synonym for enmity or hostility the same way the word “freedom” was misused for many years following 9/11.

Since I’m writing about the Paris Attacks and the mainstream media’s coverage of them, I have to bring up the illogical element of the whole story, namely the Syrian Passport. Very similar to the jet-fuel and fireproof passport on 9/11, apparently one of the Paris attackers brought their official ID with them and it miraculously survived a bomb explosion. But aside from the flame retardant documentation, the very idea of a terrorist getting ready that day like “let me check I’ve packed correctly… automatic weapon… check, explosives… check, and err… passport… check” is completely nonsensical, what do they think, we’re idiots? Whether the Syrian Passport was planted or fake, it just goes to show how the government, the news outlets, and the mainstream media in general will use any small issue to bolster their prejudicial agenda. So now we have arse-scrapers like Rob Lowe tweeting “Oh, NOW France closes its borders #Hollande”, we have David Cameron urging us all to back military strikes on Syria, and we also have various American Governors opposing refugees settling in their State; what happened to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”? Why don’t these people just admit that they wanted to take over the Middle East or that they wanted to halt refugees or curb immigration, I guess all these arseholes now have a convenient excuse for their war-mongering and xenophobia.

I hate the racist stand-up Carlos Mencia but when he said prejudice was like a game of tag he was right. In today’s society Muslims are “it” and apparently nobody wants to openly admit that this widespread Islamophobia is wrong and no different to the racism and xenophobia of the past century. Despite an incessant media barrage making us aware that we’re in 2015, as though this year or time represents an evolution of culture and an advancement of morals, in reality how far have we progressed if we simply redirect our racism, bigotry, and hatred to another section of society? Will we ever ameliorate mankind’s prejudicial hang-ups? Not if we keep repeating history.

Dark Times.

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    Earlier this year we had every demented sheep stating “Je Suis Charlie” (for the Charlie Hebdo shooting) and today we have the Twitter hashtag #JeSuisChien (for the Police dog that was killed during today’s raid). But while everybody seems to blindly play follow the leader, consider what they’re actually saying…



    1. a fool.




    1. follow (someone) closely and persistently.

    2. act lazily; fail to try one’s hardest.

    …so every one of these moronic door mats are expressing that they’re “fools” and now “lazy followers”, the propaganda is working like a motherfucker.

  2. The propaganda is everywhere! Everyone was changing their profile picture on Facebook, like WTF? What was the point of doing that? It did not change shit! There was the Muslim guard at the Stade of France who stopped an attack, but he isn’t mentioned by the media. Back in January, there was a Muslim casualty during the Charlie Hebdo attacks, again he is not mentioned. Finally how on earth did the police find a Syrian passport after the terrorist blew himself up? Wow these passports are made of fireproof material. Strongest passport around. In reality, it was probably planted just like those fake “Palestinians celebrating 9/11”. The likes of Fox News and The Sun are making a meal of it. You can expect right wing twats like Britain First to exploit this shit!

    Humanity hasn’t changed much since the stone ages. First it was blacks, then Jews, then women, then gays, and now Muslims. Different target, same shit.

    • That’s true the majority of the time, but you can have a female leader and the societal prejudice would remain. Margaret Thatcher didn’t do away with hatred or prejudice, and neither will Hilary Clinton. The same is true of race, if you lived under Idi Amin then you would be in a society that hated Indians, Omar Al-Bashir committed ethnic genocide against the Masalit and Zaghawa groups, there are many countries controlled by people of colour who hate or kill other ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, genders etc.

      If it were just white, straight, males marginalising everybody else, the rest of the world would be some type of utopia. A hateful twat can come in many colours and both sexes, and when we have a homosexual or transgender leader, they’re gonna be just as hateful as a white, straight, male. Like it or not, prejudice is a human trait, and the idiotic masses just go along with who their leaders tell them to hate.

      P.S. You’re the one who wrote “humanity” in your previous comment, I was agreeing with you

  3. The media’s response to terrorism is so fundamentally wrong that it sickens me. Instead of any real coverage or fact based reporting, all we get is the usual biased rhetoric bent on creating even more political turmoil and hate between groups. Rather than take a larger look at how terrorism affects the real victims in the Middle East, or in East Africa, we focus all our attention to the attacks that will make western media more entertaining.

    Plus, the 9/11-esque xenophobia that has resulted from this event has been so strong that it reignited the false patriotism of 2001 in the form of hate directed towards Syrian refugees. Because apparently, being patriotic means not sharing the things that make America great. The right has taken this hate as an opportunity to convince the braindead masses of America that the refugees, after undergoing years of vetting and examination under extreme caution, would still pose more of a threat than your average white male American. So as Americans, we now seek to exclude women and children fleeing from war, but refuse to indict freaks like George Zimmerman? I’m sure our forefathers would be smiling upon us.

    My request to the people who are so outspoken about blocking Syrians from the US is: If you hate or are scared of Islam, just say it. That way people will know what a bigot you are. Don’t try and hide behind your lies.

    • It really infuriates me that people don’t learn from past mistakes. If we look back we can plainly see that starting a war with Iraq using the false evidence of WMD’s was completely and utterly wrong. There was absolutely no reason to attack a country over an act of terrorism, not only because there was no connection, but because an entire country is never responsible for the actions of a few. Overreacting to 9/11 has not only destabilised the Middle East, it has killed masses of innocent civilians for no reason at all. And despite the people baying for blood once more, dropping bombs on Syria is only going to kill more innocent men, women, and children who have nothing to do with the Paris Attacks.

      Getting rid of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, and trying to get rid of Bashar al-Assad has birthed ISIS. If we didn’t attack the Middle East after 9/11 there wouldn’t be an “Islamic State” today. Nobody thinks of the ramifications of war, the loss of innocent lives and also giving rise to more terrorism, let’s not forget that terrorism has increased by 60% or more since 9/11. Violence only begets more violence, why the masses seem to be supportive of more war when the last few haven’t worked out as promised I’ll never know. It can only be that many people are consciously or subconsciously Isalmophobic. If our governments and military said let’s declare war on a Christian country I bet there’d be more careful consideration.

    • All the media do is spread panic, fear and hatred.

      What boggles my mind though is how there is no reasoning with most conservative folk. The ones that are pro-war are truly brainwashed. When you try and reason with them like “Hey, most people in the Middle East aren’t terrorists or radical Islamists, they are just regular people trying to survive, trying to live everyday life the best they can, just like everyone else. You cannot lump all the innocent civilians together with a handful of radicals and blame everyone for the actions of a few” you get such horseshit in response. “Well then why don’t these moderate Muslims denounce the actions of the radical fundamentalists? Where is that open denunciation?” Makes me so mad! For one, how do you know they don’t, you living in Oklahoma and watching nothing but Fox news? And two, go live there, give it a try. Denounce something openly living under a brutal regime, get yourself killed. People there are already victimised by tyrannical regimes they live under, then they also get blamed for the actions of terrorists and get bombs dropped on them. And in the average Joe’s mind that is completely justified because he or she didn’t hear “open denunciation” on Fox channel in Bumfuck, Colorado. Arrrggh sorry bout the incoherent post, it just makes my blood boil how prejudiced towards Islam and Muslims our general population is. And that prejudice stems from nothing but ignorance and fear. None of them has ever been to a predominantly Muslim country or knows a single Muslim person. They know nothing about Islam except what the media force feeds them.

    • Great points as always. I agree, even without a brutal regime I didn’t see all the people of Kentucky denounce Robert Lewis Dear’s act of terrorism, oh I forgot, it isn’t called terrorism when it’s a middle-aged, heterosexual Caucasian. Hey, since Dear was born in Charleston why don’t Colorado declare war on Kentucky and drop bombs on Charleston. It’s that type of logic that has idiots wanting air-strikes on Syria.

    • They don’t even speak on white American or white European terrorists! It’s all hushed-hushed, quickly forgotten, never to be mentioned again.

      Remember Norway summer camp attacks? Oh the venom that immediately started being spewed before the terrorist’s identity was even revealed! Islam and Muslims were blamed right away, with all the racist cretins screaming about “Muslims taking over Europe”, “nuke the Middle East” etc etc …then it was revealed that the perpetrator was white, non-Muslim. You’d think they’d realise how brainwashed, afraid and ignorant they are (or have become)…but no.

      The saddest part is they truly believe that every single person in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon or whichever country they seek to target, wakes up every day hating and wishing death on Joe Shit for Brains in Kentucky, his family and everyone else in America. Well, keep it up with the war mongering and make that a reality – make every single person in the world hate America, its people and everything it stands for.

    • Ugh just reread this comment of mine and realised that I (of course) didn’t finish making the point I was trying to make. Do forgive me, I usually get on at the end of a long day spent working and otherwise being immersed into our lovely society and then rant and rage incoherently 😂

      Was going to write – “Once it was revealed that Norway terrorist attack perpetrator was white and non-Muslim it was conveniently forgotten and swept under the rug to never be mentioned again. Now if he had been even remotely related to Islam or Middle East in any way, the media and all of the prejudiced ignorant twatbags in our society would never shut up about it and would bring it up whenever they felt they needed to add weight to their anti-Islamic rants and propaganda”. There, better 😃

  4. I guess you’re right. Hatred is a human trait and does come in all races and genders. I was trying to point out that most of the hatred came from white, Christian, straight males. But you’re right, a person of colour can also be a hateful prick. Just look at the regime in Saudi Arabia. They show complete contempt for women and treat foreign workers like slaves. They pay the workers a pittance and take their papers to stop them from leaving. There is also the Zionist, right wing government in Israel. Look at what they have done to Gaza and Palestinians. It is as if they don’t deserve their human rights. It is completely ironic that 70 years ago they were victims of the holocaust. The line “the oppressed become the oppressors” is especially true for Israel. I guess prejudice is not going away any time soon.

  5. U know somethings suspect when a death metal band are crying 😉

    THE DEVIL yeah! DEATH yeah! TERROR boo! Sob sob sob…

    The Eagles Of Death Metal are fakes no doubt about it

    • The Eagles of Death Metal sound like a right bunch of Nazi twats, Why on earth were they allowed to do another gig in Paris ?

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