What Went Wrong With… Chris French & Mainstream Science?

A caricature of Professor Chris French with a ghost and an alien hiding behind him by

Chris French is a condescending, know-it-all prat who pops up on any mainstream medium (no not that kind of medium) just to denigrate all things unexplained. He’s not picky, he’s not selective, to Professor Christopher Charles French pretty much everything unexplainable is the work of charlatans and con-artists. If you’ve never heard of the man you can catch him on numerous anti-numinous “documentaries” as he debunks everything from aliens to palm readers. He’s the type of person who makes it his life’s work to confute conspiracy theories, mock metaphysics, poo-poo the paranormal, and scoff at psychics. His Guardian articles too, are overflowing with his constant belittling, he is a one-man methodical army, a saviour of all things scientific, this super-skeptic is here to crusade against all strange phenomena and mock all things supernatural, Chris French is here to save us all from the unknown.

Moving away from French for a moment, it seems that mainstream science is slowly becoming the incontestable doctrine of today. And yet if we unequivocally believed in all of science’s claims, we’d still be piddling about on a Flat Earth in a Static Universe, waiting for Spontaneous Generation, believing in the existence of Phlogiston, and taking Phrenology seriously; Scientists aren’t always correct. Science which has become contemporary society’s clandestine religion encourages everybody to wait for proof rather than rely on belief and yet within these moronic restraints, they want us all to believe in the existence of things such as the Missing Link, oh yes… without any frigging proof… more hypocritic than Hippocratic don’t you think? Mainstream Scientists seem to be the modern equivalent of an infallible religious leader, in the past we had Krishna, Moses, and Jesus, and now we have Darwin, Einstein, and Hawking. But if science can’t explain something as simple as the yawn, why do they expect us all to wait on tenterhooks until one of their scientific saints solves the realms of the paranormal? If masses of us can see it or feel it, surely we don’t need a scientist to tell us it’s real?

As science progresses, slowly it seems to co-opt certain aspects of the greater spiritual world. Branches of science such as quantum mechanics and notions such as string theory slowly incorporate ideas most humans already thought or felt. The soul and the afterlife may be proven by quantum physics, ghosts, apparitions, déjà vu, and premonitions may be glimpses of parallel dimensions, I guess these clever dicks can keep extending the five senses beyond the ten or twenty they have today to account for everything they currently label as “Extra Sensory Perception”. So until some state-approved boffin with a clipboard and a stick up his arse proves the inklings and gut feelings we all have, people like Chris French will continue to sit atop their high horse, gazing down at the spiritual and theological scum that litters their completely explainable scientific Earth.

It isn’t healthy to believe everything you’re told, but being a knee-jerk sceptic is just as bad, I’m not even a religious person, but after seeing and hearing French speak, I’m more inclined to say I believe in everything supernatural and spiritual just out of spite.

With a smug expression and a smirk that has the ability to scare away spooks and ghouls, French seems to revel in being the face of scepticism even though he’s more qualified to be the face of condescension. Although it can’t be scientifically proven, the man is a Grade-A twat.

Pardon My French.

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  1. I’ve never noticed this article before . But here it is . What a jejune clodhopper this egg head fuck is .

    Middle class to upper class liberals / elites like to drag Vinnie Paz , Bill Schnoebelen , Professor Griff , Chuck D , Tom Cruise , Lord Jamar , Reza Aslan , W. Kamau Bell and Canibus through the mud . Yet no one says anything if Chris French , Richard Dawkins , Tim Minchin , Sam Harris , Sarah Silverman or Penn Jillette say or do anything bigoted or Islamophobic because they are considered to represent “reason” and “science” .

    It seems Chris French – in his always condescending manner – enjoys belittling people whose faith and traditions give them comfort and hope . Ever notice how many of these “gullible proletariats” are non-white , have a disabilty or are poor ? Doesn’t that seem a little suspect or bigoted ? Now I know that not everyone can be compassionate like Eddie Izzard (who rightly called out Bill Maher’s homophobia and transphobia on the show when he last appeared on it in 2017) .

    I only have the channel “BBC World” but I suspect the corrupt administration there and at other British mass media outlets give Chris French big free reign to spew the veiled bigotry he does .

    In relation to this a good idea for a future article would be DJ Star or Greg Graffin of Bad Religion . Much like French they spew hatred under the guise of being “learned men” .

  2. If you look up DJ Vlad’s YouTube channel and type in “Star” or “DJ Star” into the search results you will find several videos of this Chris French-esque douchebag . Star is a radio host at a big internationally syndicated commercial hip pop station located in NYC . In one DJ Vlad interview he appears alongside the legendary Lord Jamar . They are talking about Whitney Houston’s daughter being in a coma (she has now passed) . Star actually said that Bobbi Kristina Houston in a comatose state on life support should be toured around to make money for the Houston Family . You can literally see Lord Jamar’s disgust via his facial expressions during the interview . Even shock jock and provocateur Vlad asks him if he’s serious . Star also says in this interview – and others – “There is no God ! ” . It’s become his catchphrase . When Vlad asks him if he’s being closed minded he asserts that he has “science” and “reason” on his side .

    Yes , much like Chris French , DJ Star is a callous and cruel individual . Both men take pleasure in belittling other people’s religious beliefs in order to make money .

    Rest in Paradise to Whitney Houston and her daughter .

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