What Went Wrong With… Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, & The Interview?

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Seth Rogen is a perfect example of how the most mediocre and bland people are making it into mainstream Hollywood these days. Anyone not brown-nosing this clown will surely admit that as an Actor he’s so indistinctive he almost blends into the set, in fact his face is so mind-numbingly dull that watching Rogen in a movie is like watching some nerd visiting Comic-Con, I mean he looks more excited and elated with his surroundings than we the audience are watching him. It really is a stretch when he’s sold to us as a leading man.

After appearing in a few turds by Judd Apatow, Seth has since carved a niche for himself in Hollywood as the middle-American man-child in every middle-of-the-road comedy made in the last decade. You can catch this twat appearing alongside equally lame fannies to form a cluster of unfunny cunts, whether it’s James “Lame James Dean Wannabe” Franco, Craig “Lame Eggplant” Robinson, or Danny “Lame Hick” McBride, they’re all so annoying that you’d rather watch a Paul Feig movie. When not hanging around these lames, Rogen is usually littering the world of film with his partner-in-crime Evan Goldberg. These two 30-something dweebs have created some piss-poor examples of comedy with “The Interview” being the epitome of their collective excrement, in fact the film was so shite that Sony had to use that bullshit hacking story to market the movie (like Kim Jong-un would give a toss about a crappy throwaway flick).

Aside from the banal script, the clichéd plot, and the sub-par acting, there was the tacky and offensive anti-North Korean and anti-Asian gags that made you wince with embarrassment. I guess these two Jews enjoy stereotyping and mocking other races and creeds but would probably find jokes about Israel or Jews offensive, what a pair of hypocritical sellouts. Resorting to the most hackneyed racist jokes about North Koreans and Asians in general, the film was like a check-list of worn-out comedy racism; Asians speak differently… queue the contrived “L” and “R” mix-up joke, Asian words sound a bit like rude English stuff… queue the “Dong” joke, and let’s not forget every racist’s favourite; the Asian dog eating joke. Although this type of prejudice may have been acceptable a couple of decades ago, these days it’s offensive, contrived, and downright lazy. Then, on top of the ethnic enmity, there was the plethora of out-of-style references, from mentioning lame pop acts like Katy Perry to asking the tired-arsed Eminem for a cameo. The sheer amount of out-of-touch elements in this movie were staggering, I had to pinch myself to check this wasn’t the frigging noughties.

Ignoring the non-talents of Evan Goldberg, it is Seth Rogen that is the most annoying since it’s his face I have to endure every time I walk into the cinema. With his Austin Powers specks and his $2 haircut, making him look like some Tech Support worker that’s wondered onto set, it’s mind-boggling how this tit has made it in the world of film. Laughing and snorting like Gracie Hart in “Miss Congeniality” and with a face that resembles pubes stuck to a balloon, this chubby-faced, walking scrotum makes someone like Jason Segel look handsome, fuck knows why this prick is allowed to ruin the literal face of film comedy.

So let’s face facts, Seth Rogen is an overrated piss-ant; “This Is The End” and “The Interview” proves he can’t direct, “This Is The End”, “Green Hornet”, and “The Watch” proves he can’t write, and his entire filmography proves he can’t act, so why the fuck is he still working?

Super Bad.

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  1. I agree with you 100%. The dude sucks. Nearly every movie he makes is so similar that they might as well be called the “Seth Rogen the middle class man-child franchise” because he plays the same guy over and over again. Funny People was just awful and the title is so ironic because there is nothing funny about Rogen. The Green Hornet was one of the worst comic book adaptations and might possibly be one of the worst movies of all time. I found myself cringing at the horrible dialogue, generic plot and shitty acting. Easily his worst movie. I’m surprised that he made it with such little skills, but when you have lame fucks like Kevin Hart and Adam Sandler, it is kind of expected. So far, I haven’t seen that many Rogen-Franco movies, so I won’t be able to judge on them fully.

    Is it me or do I think that Superbad is massively overrated? There doesn’t seem to be anything original about this film because some of the plot points and gags are ripped off from American Pie. Even then, the jokes were mostly hit or miss. Since it was praised by the critics, we were bombarded with more Seth Rogen shitfests in the late-2000s and beyond.

    • Exactly, when the current state of film comedy is Kevin Hart and offspring of The Frat Pack, then Seth Rogen probably doesn’t stick out as “the worst”. But compare all these lames to Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy etc. and it’s obvious that the genre has nose-dived into mediocrity. There are some talented comedy actors out there like Dan Fogler, but people with good timing and delivery have been passed over since the noughties in favour of these bland morons.

      I also agree with what you said about Superbad, it is definitely overrated, I remember people laughing a bit too much at the name McLovin on the fake ID, it wasn’t that funny at all. But because of it Christopher Mintz-Plasse went on to star in movies like Kick Ass even though he has no star quality whatsoever.

  2. I wouldn’t exactly call American Pie a classic ,because it stereotyped teenagers and glamorised the message that losing your virginity was more important than leaving school with any qualifications; but it was still a funnier and more enjoyable movie than Superbad or any Seth Rogen movie could ever be. Hell Project X was funnier than that mediocre film. I guess that film comedy will be much better without him and the rest of the wannabe-Frat Pack crew.

    Kevin Hart is another hack that needs to be gone. I’m sick of seeing him in nearly every comedy movie. He is genuinely not funny and has no charisma. He tries to copy Chris Rock, but fails. Nearly every movie he is in was a total flop, critically and commercially. Proving that he has no star quality. So why is he being hyped up by the media? I wish these bozos would slip into irrelevance, but I suspect it will not happen anytime soon.

  3. Although I agree with the substance of the article (i.e, lame mediocre crap passing for entertainment these days)… you do seem to take a lot of cheap shots at a person’s appearance. Stick with the good points and avoid easy and cruel jokes about weight, haircuts, physical unattractiveness etc. That’s rather shallow (and effectively in spirit is tantamount to being sexist/racist).

    • Like it or not, an Actor is talent, personality, AND appearance, they put their complete package out there for adoration and profit. If you don’t like the Actor in question it can be because of their performance but it can also be because of their looks and that’s a valid criticism in the world of entertainment.

      These aren’t “cheap shots” they’re a comedic addition to an article which may otherwise be lost in the deluge of other articles on the internet, “cruel jokes” as you put it are this site’s U.S.P., would you have read this article and commented if it was just another dull essay?

      Lastly, I completely disagree with you likening mocking an Actor’s appearance to “sexism” and “racism”, I have to point out your stance on the comment you left on the Sacha Baron Cohen article where you stated “What kind of good/aspiring artist cares what other people feel, especially groups of people? Or more to the point, what they SAY they feel?. Nobody can make good art under such subjective preoccupations.”.

      Why then apply these “subjective preoccupations” to me and my article? A little contradictory don’t you think?

  4. This is the guy who was once described as the poor man’s Will Ferrell. Same stchik – though I think Ferrell could actually play against type if his appearance in the last Lego movie is anything to go by. He doesn’t because ‘oafish man-child’ gets butts on seats. Rogan, he just does it because it’s all he’s got.

  5. Thank you so much for this awareness. As Apatow’s psuedopod, Rogen is literally ruining comedy. That’s…like….a crime, man.

  6. Couldn’t agree with you more. Just an objective observation here but it seems like the Jews in Hollywood have select chosen ones they’ve artificially propped up recently, Jonah Hill being another perfect example. As they say, it’s obviously not what you know, it who you know.

  7. Well, you sumbed up every irritation I had with this actor impeccably, if the populus were treated to real talented actors Hollywood would have to change its script, it’s a travesty that Hollywood has such a monopoly on films, albeit there is one or two great films that can still be made, but the vast majority are absolute dog toffee, maybe there is more of a feeling in the lyrics of John Lyndon ‘Burn Hollywood, Burn’.
    That’s a film I’d watch ‘Burning down tinsel town’
    Your a great, accurate critic, breath of fresh air.

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