What Went Wrong With… Rebel Wilson?

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Before she rose to fame, Rebel Wilson was a chubby, nondescript woman with black, curly hair, but to succeed in mainstream entertainment, I guess you have to be an arse-kisser or a stereotype… or both. So after a quick spruce up by some Hollywood twat, Wilson is now an over-exaggerated, wannabe sexy, caricature of an overweight woman; a comedian whose sole purpose is to be the brunt of the obvious “fat” joke, to be gawked at like some sideshow freak.

It seems that Rebel is fine with being the big butt of the joke, just look at her filmography. Every role she plays is embarrassingly one dimensional, with most of her characters being an overweight supporting role who is readily relegated to the sidelines. From playing the obese (and offensively stereotypical) Greek character in “Pizza”, to playing the “I’m attractive to black men because I’m an overweight white blonde” character in Michael Bay‘s “Pain And Gain”, Wilson seems to continually play the token “fat girl” character in every movie she appears in. To top it all off, in “Pitch Perfect” she actually plays a character called “Fat Amy”; welcome to the great world of showbiz, where an overweight person can’t play a character unless it brings attention to their outward appearance.

Even outside of the scripted world of film, Rebel seems to perpetuate her filmic characters. Whether she’s in a sketch or the host of an award show, she is happy to play the same “laugh at me because I’m fat” character, sometimes even stripping down to highlight her flab (as she did at the MTV Movie Awards and at the Video Music Awards). Because more often than not her weight is the subject of mockery rather flattery, this persona is without a doubt detrimental to the image of obese people, particularly women.

Plus, isn’t the main function of a “funny woman” to be funny? Rebel Wilson is hardly a talented comedian, she usually delivers an annoying, fake-spontaneous, Apatow-esque, fumbling and mumbling vernacular without even once uttering a genuinely funny punchline. Without any comedic talent, Wilson is simply there to be laughed at rather than with, and her outward appearance is somehow supposed to distract from her inability to deliver funny lines. It seems to me that her entire repertoire is to incessantly declare “Look I’m fat, I’m definitely fat, did I mention I’m fat?”, I guess being funny-looking rather than being funny is okay with Rebel; how credible she must feel constantly playing a stereotype.

This act is now beginning to wear thin, thinner than the tight-arse clothes Rebel routinely wears to attract attention to the only thing she’s known for. Maybe she should stop tarting herself up in gaudy, body-hugging, sequinned shite that makes her look like an Easter Egg that’s been decorated by a colour-blind lunatic. Maybe if she wasn’t so attention-seeking and fame-hungry she’d abandon all this conventional and conspicuous crap and try to play something more subtle and against type, I mean doesn’t it get tiring being a walking, talking, annoying cliché?

Not A Rebel.

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  1. i agree 100%. rebel is now in a bt ad where the tagline is ‘bigger’.she appears in anything that brings attentiion to her body and weight.and i also agree shes not funny 🙂

  2. You’re right when you say all her roles revolve around her weight, but you’re just completely wrong if you think you can critizice her outfits just because she’s fat. People should be able to wear whatever the hell they want, it has nothing to do with weight or your personal opinion.

    • Changing your screen-name so you can repeat your assumptive point of view, doesn’t make your opinion any weightier (pardon the pun). People, fat or thin can wear whatever the fuck they like, but a celebrity in the public eye will get criticised because they have become a product.

      A celebrity’s appearance sells their films/books/shows etc. so they themselves are open to criticism. Commenting on an overweight person’s appearance is the same as commenting on someone who is thin, the criticism comes because of their fame not because of their weight. I have answered this topic more succinctly in the other reply you left. Maybe check that out…

  3. Well nothing went wrong with her she still has the same lack of talent she showed us in Australia’s fluncked scetch show The Wedge .
    The key to her success however is all about the money . Her family is LOADED !!!! Not only that she is directly related to Walt Disney. So she has pretty much got the golden ticket to working in Hollywood. We have a lot of true female talent in Aus and it’s a shame nepotism has let the scum being picked above the cream of our talent. As shown above she is one dementional and simply speaks her lines in a conversation tone. Which wouldn’t be so bad but it’s every character she plays could be swapped into any other piece of her body of work. I know someone asked if she is putting on a dumb accent and here is the weird part … she is . Thats not how Aussies sound , we are quite well spoken as a whole. She seems to change her Aussie accent to psuedo Cockney blend.
    In closing ild like to apologize on behalf of The Great Southern Land , there is nothing we can do to reverse the damage she will do to your veiwing pleasure. Yours truly Matt . W

    • I’m no longer surprised when someone tells me that money is the reason behind some moron becoming popular. It seems to be the preferred method of celebrity-making these days, forget talent as long as your parents are connected. Either that or be rich enough to pay for your talentless sprogs to become famous.

  4. She reminds me of Melissa McCarthy. Funny for the first 30 seconds of one movie, then it gets old and predictable really quick. Same role in every part she plays. But then again, I guess there are plenty of pretty skinny hot actresses who sole job is being the hot chick. Whatever works for you I guess.

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