What Went Wrong With… Sarah Silverman And The Rise Of Fake Irony & Satire?

Caricature of Sarah Silverman by

Sarah Silverman is one of the lamest hacks working in comedy today. During the noughties (a time when every talentless twat in the entertainment industry seemed to flourish) this mediocre dick rose up the ranks and seemed to be everywhere during the whole godforsaken decade. It was quite strange that someone so unfunny and so uncharismatic was given numerous writing jobs, her own TV Show, various movie roles, appearances in music videos, and even lauded for her “controversial” stand-up. Seeing all the praise during the last fifteen years or so (including Rolling Stone calling her “the funniest woman alive”) you just knew something was corrupt about the whole thing. I mean it’s as plain as Silverman’s face that she’s not amusing in the slightest, and when I say she’s not funny I mean not funny for a man, not funny for a woman, and not funny for someone alive or dead… fuck Rolling Stone and their prejudice compartmentalisation.

Looking like a rake covered in glue, that’s been dragged through a Barbershop floor, and with a voice that doesn’t match her exterior like a lumberjack who’s been inhaling helium, it’s anybody’s guess how the public have endured this whiny, shrill, so-called stand-up comedian for such a long time. Aside from her crappy TV work, she’s pretty much ruined every film she’s in; she was annoying in “School Of Rock”, in a shittier film like “A Million Ways To Die In The West” she was the shittiest, and even as an animated character her voice and self-absorbed personality leaked into “Wreck-It Ralph” and rendered it unwatchable. If you enjoy watching Silverman’s films, you can witness this clod playing amazingly varied roles such as the nagging-bitch girlfriend, the nagging-bitch wife, or the bitchy whore with an unattractive vagina. Maybe Sarah Silverman should recognise the roles she’s offered, and take a good hard look at how people even within the entertainment business perceive her. But forget this numpty’s annoying personality and her battered look, it’s her proclivity for prejudice that’s the most abhorrent aspect of Sarah Silverman the comedian.

For those of you who haven’t heard her comedy before, this is one of her so-called satirical songs from her show-slash-film “Jesus Is Magic”…

“I love you more than bears love honey,
I love you more than Jews love money,
I love you more than Asians are good at math.
I love you even if it’s not hip,
I love you more than black guys don’t tip,
I love you like Puerto Ricans need baths.”

Now this “joke” on the surface looks equally prejudice but when you take into account that Silverman is Jewish, she’s basically masking her prejudice within a gag that also appears to “mock her own race”, but compare her comment regarding Puerto Ricans to her comment about Jews and ask yourself who comes out worse in this scenario? It’s within these kinds of distractions that Sarah has thrived, and it renders the imbecilic masses in a confused state; they hear prejudice within a hint of self-loathing and everybody ignores the blatant bigotry.

Her crappy comedy can be seen as somewhat sarcastic and slightly satirical, but the more you hear Sarah’s routines and sketches, the more you realise that this is just the tip of the prejudice iceberg. I guess for her fans, the fact that Silverman isn’t discriminating when it comes to her discrimination, makes her illiberal act somehow liberal.

So going through a list of prejudice, she seems to gave ticked every box. She’s “joked” about homosexual people…

“Whether you’re gay, bisexual, it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, they’re both gross.”

She’s joked about the disabled and she routinely uses the word “retard”. Then when asked about it she said she has…

“a great love for retarded adults”

For fans of hatred she sometimes packages her prejudice together, she once said on her TV Show…

“I don’t mean gay like homosexual… I mean gay like retarded”

But the one demographic she keeps pestering and referencing is black people. To some, her racism against African-Americans could be seen as ironic, her line…

“Everybody blames the Jews for killing Christ, and the Jews try to pass it off on the Romans. I’m one of the few people who believes it was the blacks”

…can be seen as a comment about racism itself, but she also said this…

“I always think I should get on it if I want to have kids. Because once you hit thirty it can be difficult to conceive, it can be dangerous. The best time to conceive is when you’re a black teenager”

…and this…

“I learned that elderly black women are wise beyond their years… but younger black women are prostitutes”

Then, on the topic of slavery, she played a game of “one-upmanship” on her show and pitted the atrocity against the Holocaust. She said…

“Oh, I’m so sorry you guys get to have like amazing dance moves and singing voices while we got… oh yeah… murder showers”

There was also the time she appeared in blackface, although many defend this unpleasantness as “irony” too. In fact more often than not, her fans use the ever popular excuse of “satire” to glaze over her continual use of obvious racism.

Irony and satire seems to be a popular cover these days especially for white, able-bodied, heterosexuals, and under its protection these people can conveniently be openly prejudice to minorities and nobody seems to bat an eyelid. It’s great that only this section of society feels the need to mock others whilst whining about their right to be offensive, and yet they thrive in a business where their own ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion never seems to be the target. These white racists masquerading as satirists don’t just stop with Sarah Silverman, there’s also the super-shitty Natasha Leggero and the sly wanker Sacha Baron Cohen. It seems that these wannabe Lenny Bruce’s with their fake-ironic pretence are on the rise within mainstream comedy.

The one thing to say in defence of people like Sacha Baron Cohen, is the fact that any time he says something racist he’s in obvious character (the fact that his entire repertoire is prejudice is another matter altogether) but when it comes to people like Silverman and Leggero, they’re quite obviously themselves; they perform stand-up looking, speaking, and acting like the same person we see in public. Silverman in an interview for instance is the same as she is on stage or on screen, so at what point is this hateful tit’s routine “satire”, “parody”, or “irony”? It seems that when a comedian isn’t funny, they resort to hatred to bolster their lack of talent. Silverman with her forgettable face and mediocre comedic skills has to stand out somehow, so saying something like “chink” on a talk show makes you remember her whilst you simultaneously ignore her complete lack of wit. For someone who wet the bed until age 16, it’s quite ironic that her hateful jokes have never made anyone piss themselves with laughter… for Silverman’s fans that sentence is an example of real irony.

Sarah Silverman strangely took offence when she was called “old” at a roast a while back, despite her dishing out disses like they were going out of style. And speaking of “out-of-style”, you can routinely catch this wrinkled, 44-year-old twat dressed like a $10 hooker from the early noughties as she drags her mouldy frame across various red carpets looking like a pin-up for the Prosopagnosic community. It’s pretty weird that although she looks like the offspring of Mr. Ed and the Wicked Witch Of The West, Silverman somehow made Maxim’s “Hot 100” list. It was probably the year that the list was compiled by a blind, white, lesbian, Jewish, retard… and if you think that joke is offensive, blame Sarah Silverman and her reinvention of “satire”.

Piss Poor.

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  1. I have only seen her stand-ups on a couple of Comedy Central Roasts and she nearly put me in a coma. Silverman is completely lame!! She tries to copy Greg Giraldo’s style, but fails.

    • Yes! Thank you! Finally! I used to hate SS with much venom, slightly less recently, seeing as how her highly irritating presence somewhat diminished. Either she started falling off the radar or I became more of a hermit and almost alyogether stopped watching TV, listening to the radio and eeading mainstream press – too much exposure to various cretins, from SS to KK to Azalea and so on and I am not young anymore and have to watch my blood pressure. I never understood how anyone thought this woman was funny or in any way entertaining… I stumbled upon this website yesterday and LOVING all the articles so far. Every point, every word! Thank you, God bless you

    • She reminds me of a lovely apple that has actually got a wormy, rotten, stinking core at it’s center. She tries to do what only the great comics of the past have done (Don Rickles, etc) but is pathetically deficit due to her glaringly lack of talent, decorum and poise. Not sure why she was even ever given a platform to start with? We would all be a happier world if this old maid retired somewhere obscure and never showed her acidic mouth in public again.

  2. Thank you!!!! I fucking can’t stand her! And now all she does is bash Trump on Twitter; the irony. I can’t imagine what would be going down now if he used the word “retarded” to describe a person.

  3. This piece perfectly articulates the subtext of what has been going on in Hollyweird for years. Silverman obviously knows or blows someone to get where she’s gotten because an empty cab drove up and she got out.

  4. Hear…hear!!!
    A long overdue indictment of how low the ‘entertainment’ field has fallen of which Sarah Silverman serves as the premiere poster child.
    Thank you.

  5. You’re an English pile of shit. What about this cunt’s tits? You don’t wanna fuck ‘em, You faggot’s dick? What about all that in eaten hair pie? There are Children starving in Africa and your gonna take the piss outta her while you sit with a table full of bangers and mash you tosser?

    • Is that your attempt at humour? Maybe construct your sentences properly before you berate the country that gave you your fucking language. What the pissing hell does “what about all that in eaten hair pie” mean? And what do starving children in Africa have to do with anything?

      While you’re defending Sarah Silverman as you gobble down a tray of Twinkies, lathering yourself in high-fructose corn syrup and singing “Camptown Races”, do you realise that you’re a daft Yank cunt with no skills in comedy? Rather like Silverman.

    • OMG FINALLY, someone who gets it. I’ve been saying the same about Silverman fir years and have been accused as being overly sensitive because I’m Black. um What???
      That racist talentless pig dedicated a disturbing amount of time into pondering why she is not allowed to say the N word. I couldn’t understand why no one understood that her obsession with the word is disturbing.

  6. This article nails it. Her generation of comedians was filled with soulless, cruel, self-absorbed cunts. In their attempts to be edgy, most came off as disordered and aimless, lashing out in desperation, but with no comedic point and zero understanding of irony, and yes, an ever-present air of racism. I miss the comedic warriors like Carlin and Pryor who could be 1,000 times more ruthless than a twit like Silverman but in the process blow your mind, teach you something, and change culture. Silverman doesn’t matter, she won’t be remembered. Racist cunt.

  7. Agree totally, when she eventually dies a death, the caption on her grave stone should read ‘Here Lies A Racist Cunt’

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