What Went Wrong With… The Public’s Reaction To Caitlyn Jenner (p.k.a. Bruce Jenner)?

Caricatures of Caitlyn Jenner and Bruce Jenner side by side by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

If you take a look at the mainstream media, it seems we as a culture are at the stage where we patronise transsexuals, transvestites, and the transgender community. Most people would agree that post-plastic-surgery Bruce Jenner was a weird looking man, but now that he’s transformed into Caitlyn Jenner, everybody seems to be keeping up a pretence that she’s somehow “beautiful”. But let’s all back-up from the sympathy wagon a second and face facts; that cut and stretched exterior of hers hasn’t improved one iota, in fact that face is so odd my caricatures look nothing like him or her.

If a few years back someone had said “Bruce Jenner’s face looks like he’s been bobbing for Parma ham in a tub of Vaseline” everyone would have laughed their arse off, so why can’t we mock him now that he’s a woman? It shows how false the mainstream is, when someone who obviously looks plain, is trussed-up in a corset, pulls a weird expression with their arms behind their back (almost as if they’re being forced) and everybody yells “wow, she’s gorgeous!”.

It gets quite sickening to see the masses falling over themselves to look approving of a celebrity trans woman, especially since only a few months back these same suck-ups were quite disparaging of Bruce Jenner the man; but so not to appear bigoted they’re now kissing her arse now that it’s decked in Zac Posen. These same people who were probably transphobic only a decade ago are now embracing her so not to look prejudice among a varied population, but it’s pretty obvious that this widespread “acceptance” isn’t at all genuine.

If the arse-kissing masses wanted to ingratiate themselves with someone going through a gender transition, why not pick someone less fake? The mainstream media and the public at large didn’t cause a hoo-ha about Writer-Director Lana Wachowski for instance, maybe because she transitioned without any pomp or ceremony (like any normal human being would).

Forget keeping up an act and harping on about how she looks “attractive” just ’cause the fucker’s famous. Maybe before some Plastic Surgeon destroyed his face, back when he was an Olympic champion, he would have made a pretty woman. I guess he didn’t have the balls to say he felt like he was in the wrong body back then, maybe because he didn’t want his fame to disappear. Either that or Mr. Bruce “Christian Republican” Jenner was probably too afraid to admit he suffered from gender dysphoria in a world where his own political and religious leanings were disapproving to say the least.

Changing sex now, at a time when it’s acceptable is ultimately pointless news, why was he not one of the first celebrities to say “this is who I am” back when it would have taken real courage? At a time when he’d have faced real criticism, you know, back when the acronyms LGBT or LGBTQ didn’t exist? Many people have been transgender since time immemorial, but back even a decade or so ago what these marginalised people needed was a public figure to act as an ambassador for their community, to say “look, if someone in the public eye can be transsexual, then there’s nothing wrong with you”. But no, I guess these coward celebs didn’t want truth affecting their bank balance, and now that he’s waited so long to switch, nobody but fake sub-culture adulators give a shit. And while I’m on the subject of real, everyday transgender people; who in the real world would be able to confide in Diane frigging Sawyer and have Annie fucking Leibovitz do a photo-shoot for them? So while real people change sex, face real scorn, and go through real emotions, Hollywood types can pay to have their ego boosted by having social media and broadcast media fawning over them.

The Kardashians and the Jenners are attention-seeking, fame-obsessed lames. If they feel their celebrity status is waning or if they feel slightly unattractive they can buy new tits, new buttocks, new lips, and now a new sex, but all those appendages don’t stop them from being vile, vapid celebrities. So just because Bruce is now Caitlyn, I refuse to be one of the posturing public, I mean she’s hardly in the same league as Inès-Loan Rau. Bruce was an unattractive man, and now Caitlyn’s an unattractive woman.


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  1. until he gets a sex change im thinking this is just publicity for the new show I AM CAIT on e

  2. Exactly! Don’t forget the fact that she caused a fatal crash February last year. She is ugly as a fuck! Changing gender didn’t change her one bit. The media wants us to say she is beautiful or else be called transphobic, like they never heard the phrase “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. I will call her ugly! She is pushing her looks, so I have the right to critique her looks. I also hate her as a person. She is everything we hate about the Kardashians. She is a fake, selfish, attention seeking fame whore. Yet she won the woman of the year award! She didn’t deserve it! She will never face the scorn and the hatred normal transsexuals have to face. Caitlyn is already rich and will continue her rich lifestyle.

    You’re right! Caitlyn Jenner has nothing on Ines Loan Rau! Ines is pretty attractive! If she was interested in me, I would definitely date her.

  3. The first time I heard that Bruce was becoming Cait, I just thought it was a stunt the Kardashian/Jenner women had cooked up to try and desperately claw their way back into the spotlight. Just goes to show the lows that reality TV has brought to society when It wouldn’t surprise you to hear that someone was undergoing a sex change for the attention and publicity…

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