What Went Wrong With… School?

What Went Wrong With... School? An image of barbed wire surrounding a brain by

School is your first step in the dehumanisation process of life. Just as you’re at your most imaginative, creative, and open-minded, they cart you off to some cloaked prison to suck that free-thinking out of you. You learn from the State-controlled modules, you read from the State-approved textbooks; don’t question anything, just memorise and regurgitate. Learn what they tell you, how they tell you, then recite it back in order to become one of the sheep-like masses. Most of school life is geared toward repetition rather than reflection and remonstrating. Test after fucking test until you hate the subject itself, until you forget why you loved the subject in the first place. Just keep aiming for some superficial and specious score as they wash the love you have for learning away from your very being.

Right from the First Grade, you’re herded into a population of wankers, school is just a pen for the workers’ offspring, a compound to house the sprogs of the masses. A school isn’t choosy and it isn’t selective. You’re a certain age? …Then go and hang around with everybody your age from the surrounding area. Whereas life slowly filters out the arseholes around you, school is indiscriminate; every future rapist, future murderer, and future Politician is allowed entry. After all, the concept of the “innocence of youth” precludes any selectiveness; surely all children think and act alike? Then there’s the stereotypical faculty from the fake-liberal Art Teacher to the Nazi-Drill Sergeant P.E. Teacher. The age-old maxim is true, those who can’t, teach; and those who can’t teach, teach Phys. Ed.

Through the years that follow, the indoctrination increases, the monotony increases, and the children themselves are slowly moulded into soulless young adults. Most go into school as non-prejudice kids, but upon graduation many have been transformed into sexist, racist, homophobic, authority-loving sheep that you see around you every day. School is very successful in marginalising and segregating kids, that’s the whole point so-called skill-levels are measured and then used to separate students. In fact that’s the reason subjects are separated too; Art will never crossover into Maths, Science will never crossover into Religion. You’re told to stay inside these forced, compartmentalised confinements in order to keep you from thinking and questioning.

School is a stifling place to be. Forget recognising talent or a gift for a certain subject, the focus of the School System is to move you through the conveyor belt of life in the swiftest and most efficient way possible. Get your grades and go out there, find some dead-end job that your Career’s Advisor has pigeon-holed you into, then go and pair up into dull, beige, couples who litter the Earth with more mindless drones. Making everybody dress in school uniform suppresses individuality and sets you on this path of conformity and docility; arrive at a set time, leave at a set time, obey orders, learn to respect authority, be a follower not a leader, and carry these lessons on into adulthood until you eventually die. Like M1 of Dead Prez once said “School is like a twelve step brainwash camp”, it’s only purpose is to prepare you for the mundane life that follows. It isn’t there to teach, it isn’t there to educate, it’s there to keep you from exploring, from experimenting, from thinking for yourself… Fuck school.

Institutional Lies.

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  1. 13 years in school = 13 years of hell!!! Constant homework, boring ass uniform, lining up in the yard just because some idiot (probably the head teacher) felt the need to press a fire alarm, bullies, shitty pointless subjects, dickhead teachers. I’m glad that it is finally over, but then again there is university with £9,000 a year price tag.

  2. My mother, and several other people in my life have said “School grades don’t measure how smart you are, or how much potential you have, or how hard you work. They just measure how much effort you can put into conforming.” (Not in those exact words)

    Isn’t it kind of a red flag when someone says something like that? When something we base our society off of, education, is so fundamentally flawed that it doesn’t even provoke thought, or make people better human beings? Our public school system in the US is the reason we have Donald Trump as a serious presidential contender.

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