What Went Wrong With… The General Election?

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Was there any discernible difference between Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, or Cameron? So what makes you think that our next Prime Minister will be any different? The Conservatives are inherently right-wing, and UKIP even more so, but the last time we voted for a left-wing Labour Leader he joined forces with the United State’s Republican President and went headlong into two illegal wars and backed the idea of Identity Cards; are those the actions of someone who’s left-wing? Then in the last Election, when a Liberal Democrat became part of the Coalition Government, he sold-out big-time and did the bidding of the Conservatives; along with Cameron he abandoned students, deserted the poor, and back-stabbed the disabled. It seems that if we vote left, they eventually go right, and if we vote right they stay right. So what will change if you vote today? …Nothing, the whole thing is a con.

Vote For Change?

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  1. The same in US no matter who you vote for it always seems like the only people listen too are the lobbyists with the biggest pockets. I hope that won’t be the case for Bernie Sanders though.

    • 6 months? It’s been going on for years and years…way back before even I can remember. When has any PM done what he promises he will do? They’ll promise anything whilst he/she is begging for votes….
      The voting people must have amnesia!!! Maybe the NHS and all the charity organisation should try to sort amnesia….then maybe society might start to see through all this bullshit……not holding my breathe though
      …maybe after the cure for cancer eh?

  2. The last PM that I admired was Harold Wilson, if only for the fact that he wouldn’t donate troups to go and fight in Vietnam

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