What Went Wrong With… Jimmy Fallon & The Tonight Show?

Caricature of Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show by what

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is one of the most uninteresting talk shows on television. The show is a mix of the terrible and the tedious, with Fallon exhibiting an ineptitude for nearly every aspect of the broadcast. Tune in and you’ll almost certainly witness him fluffing his lines during his monologue-slash-intro, and then you’ll probably catch him umming and erring throughout his interviews. His conversational technique is so bad that he is routinely forced into some kind of game, song, or sketch in order to detract from his lack of presenting skills. The equally lame Steve Higgins who looks like a Butler masquerading as an announcer, serves as Jimmy’s hype-man and partner-in-crime. Higgins is no Andy Richter, and along with Fallon, this dull duo do their very best to create the very worst kind of television.

When not slurring his lines or fumbling his punchlines, Jimmy Fallon is usually giggling like a schoolgirl as he sucks-up to any and everybody he interviews. Watching him pretend-laugh at everything his guests say, makes you cringe with embarrassment and annoyance, and his penchant for non-stop sycophancy makes someone like Alex Zane look sincere and professional. So let’s sum Jimmy Fallon up; he has zero interviewing skills, he isn’t that funny, and he’s an unashamed sycophantic suck-up… so why is he presenting an internationally broadcast, multi-million dollar talk show?

Not that Jay Leno was some kind of comedy genius, but when he was being replaced, why hire the most convenient, most conventional, and most mainstream choice available? God forbid these TV Executives search for some actual talent; it seems that these days every gig is handed over to the nearest kiss-arse, flunky, hack. I mean did some Exec watch the film Taxi, see Fallon doing a contrived Cuban-accent-cum-Tony-Montana-impression and think “this guy’s hilarious, we should pay him $11 Million for a talk show”? The thought process involved in making Jimmy Fallon the presenter of The Tonight Show is mind-boggling, and if he as the replacement is less funny, less watchable, and less edgy than Jay Leno, then something is definitely wrong with NBC’s hiring policy.

Fallon and Higgins aren’t the only things wrong with The Tonight Show, there’s also the ex-Jazz-Hop sell-outs The Roots as the in-house band. Why do I call them “sell-outs” you ask? Because this once credible Hip-Hop group who rapped “the principles of true Hip-Hop have been forsaken, it’s all contractual and about money makin’” are now performing with lame guests like the un-true and money-centric Trinidad James. Not only that, but I once witnessed them singing Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” when Taylor Swift walked on to the show (simply because the song contained the word “1989” and that matched Swift’s album title). This kind of falseness just goes to show how shitty today’s entertainers have become. I mean, The Roots can sell-out as much as they want, but don’t drag real Hip-Hop into your quest for fakery. But I digress, back to Jimmy Fallon…

With his corny predictable jokes and his faux stoner’s voice like a college drop-out stuck in the early noughties, Jimmy Fallon first popped up on Saturday Night Live around the time it became lousy, and his career in shittery took off from there. Like some kind of lanky Hannibal Lecter, Fallon has always looked to me like he’s wearing the flayed face of Robert Romanus, but unfortunately he doesn’t possess any of his charisma or personality. Jimmy Fallon is a walking contradiction; he’s a presenter but he sucks at presenting, he’s a comedian but his comedy is lame, and he’s an impressionist but most of his impressions are mediocre. So I reiterate, why is this ferret in a suit still on TV?

Poor Little Jimmy Wouldn’t Let Go.

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    • Nothing “went wrong” with Jimmy Fallon he sucked on SNL and still sucks he must give a great blowjob because he certainly didn’t get where he is on his talent !

  1. i can’t watch Jimmie Fallon. He and the show are way too boring. He’s possibly funny in the “once in a while, hanging out with friends, annoying as hell, won’t stop making stupid comments, so rather than ruin the party I’ll chuckle, wishing he’d just shut up and leave” setting; but really not ever at any other time. His claim to fame is the friendship he has with Justin Timberlake, who’s carried him through every skit they’ve ever done. Sorry to remind everyone of his crappy Barry Gibb impression… So many untalented millionaires in the world. Drew Barrymore needs to have a sit down with this idiot, and tell him to move to Iceland or Norway or Egypt or somewhere far far away.

  2. Some how they must have hacked the Nelson ratings. All NBC CARES ABOUT IS THAT ADVERTISERS KEEP PAYING. Unless they are selling Pot they are wasting their Advertising money because none of the people who actually would buy their products really watch the show.

  3. Fallon lacks interview techniques, he does not appear to have the confidence to interview people without throwing in ridiculous events.
    His so-called-comedy is lame and staying up late to watch his also lame impressions turns me off completely. Granted, he will never
    replace Carson or Letterman…..but let’s get real here….he needs to be replaced…..for the betterment of late night tv!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Just watched a few SNL skits featuring Fallon. The skits didn’t crack me up. Jimmy Fallon is absolutely not funny and it is a mystery how a below average “comedian” made it this far. Says it all about the state of comedy.

  5. I agree with every single word you said. I can’t stand Jimmy Fallon. His only talent that I find admirable since his SNL days is singing parodies. He sucked at comedy. Others would do the skit and he would be giggling. He sucks even more as a talk show host.

    Jay Leno was criticized for being a poor replacement for Johnny Carson. Once again, NBC has managed to find an even worse replacement. His interviews are atrocious. All he does is say “Oh My God!” and giggle like a fanboy! Its annoying as hell.

  6. Thank you! I can’t stand him either! What’s worse is every time I open my youtube home page his stupid face is there! And I stopped watching his stupid show after a couple times. Please let him go!

  7. Just watched my first episode with Fallon, and subsequently I ended up here after googling “Jimmy Fallon sucks”.

    • Hahahahah same here!! I gave him the benefit of the doubt one more time… but no more…I needed to know that wasn’t the only one that shares this passion of hatred for this poor excuse for a comedian…i appreciated whatnhe did in SNL but e is the worst thing to happen to late night tv

  8. I think that Jimmy is fairly entertaining, but I get sick of listening the the wasted first minute of the monologue ” you’re here, you made it, this is it”, then that horrible noise from that band. Seriously, rap? …and “Hey, hey, hey, hey”… Unless there is somebody I really want to see, the Roots have me looking elsewhere.

    • What about the his constant repeating “that’s what I’m talkin’ about”- he’s such an idiot.

  9. Came here after googling “jimmy fallon boring” lol. I agree with everything you wrote. I’ve watched his show like 10 times and i’m trying to understand what he says and why all the idiots in the audience keep laughing but I’m wondering ‘what did he just say’. I don’t understand a word he says, he’s like talking to himself and audience is programmed to laugh and scream after anything he says, whether they understand it or not. He is not really funny, i dont know why people like this annoying piece of shit, I assume NBC is responsibility for this crap, they need to kick him out and Comedy Central should stop calling him ‘undisputed king of ln tv’ and stop broadcasting his horrible show -.-

  10. Wow, I found this page after watching part of Fallon’s show and wondering “why” He’s just not funny and his sidekick annoys the hell out of me! I switched to Conan’s app to watch and episode and started cracking up! Conan and Andy, now that’s a funny duo! They’re quick and witty, just as Ferguson was.

  11. Jimmy Fallon represents everything that is wrong with America. A non-millenial acting like a wannabeminellial. His” i’m so cute” and fake “I’m msking it up as I go along” attitude mdkes me wanna puke

    • Right on servicemen swear. He has a valley girl/surfer dude anti-intellectual mentality while thinking he’s America’s sweetheart. The opposite of the smart grown ups Seth Myers and Colbert.

    • Being a “valley girl/surfer dude” is actually part of the generation known as “generation x” and not the millennials. I really can’t see how Fallon “acts like a wannabe millennial” if anything the millennial generation is copying gen x.

  12. He’s an imbecile and the most annoying guy on TV. Talentless asshole who probably appeals to 20 year old college dropouts. I agree with all of above comments. Get him the hell off the air. I’m so sick of his idiot games. Just GO

  13. I used to love jimmy and laugh at his SNL sketches but watching him try and try as a late night host has made me despise him as a human vein….and has also made me realiza he was never funny to begin with…I got back at his snl sketches and no longer laugh cause now I learned all his awkward imperfections and fakeness and it shows in everything he does..and the kissing ass and fake laughing…omgg I literally lose a little respect for mankind when I see that..a total disgrace to late night…Conan and Jon stewart will always be the kings

  14. Watched tonight show for 25 yrs . I was happy when he got show MISTAKE guess I didn’t no him like I thought .he is a picture of what’s wrong in this country..when misfits go main stream. No back bone a big goofy little boy that should be a man. Bad politics .out and out liberal,no republican should watch his show,and most left that’s why his ratings are dropping, OH let’s not forget his racist band.

  15. Jimmy Fallon should wear a girls cheerleader out fit, His Obama, Hillary, Bernie ,Trump crap is sickening. If I wanted to see that crap I’d turn on the News. I turn on late night TV to get a few laughs. I don’t find any with Fallon, It’s Conan for me from now on. He skims over the political crap, but he doesn’t try to make a career out of it like Fallon does. Hey Jimmy the whole country isn’t New York., Try being more main stream like Carson and Leno.

  16. I just read your post and all of the comments. Sense of humor is personal just as aesthetic sense. I have recently started watching full episodes of Jimmy Fallon’s show. I used to watch clips on YouTube previously. I have become a fan now. Why? Because of his many talents, which you guys think he lacks completely. I agree that he stumbles a lot during interviews, he stutters often and mostly congratulates people on their projects, without asking too many questions that possibly could ask. However, he has admitted to being bad at interviews and when he was being handed the late night hosting gig the first time round in 2009, he said he doesn’t know how to interview people and he used to run out of questions and there was still time left to fill the program’s entire slot. Gradually he began to get a bit better to the extent that he fills the slot appropriately. He is not perfect. Beyond from it. But, he is actually good. If you would look at the talent and potential of Jimmy Fallon, you would find him the best replacement of Johnny Carson available. I agree that his sidekick, Steve Higgins, is annoying and drags Jimmy into a lot of nonsense. And Jimmy responds because he is a nice guy and also because he can’t go on ignoring his sidekick. I think Jimmy should get a new sidekick to improve the comedic banter. Steve Higgins is totally lame with his dirty jokes which are so overused by him that they are boring. Jimmy’s laughs are genuine. He really does laugh that much. At times though it seems that when he stutters or stumbles, he is personally having a bad day, or is mentally preoccupied with something, because he really does work under a lot of pressure to carry on The Tonight Show’s duties. And everything that you see him doing is not always his idea. He has to include others too on his writing team and work on what they “creatively” come up with. He could hire better writers, and he should. But, he can’t go on hiring and firing people. That is not just the type of person he is. Overall, in the last analysis, if you give him a little pass on his stutters, his laughs and at times his silly sketches, you would really find his show a good lighthearted comedy fest and feel better after laughing along with him. Don’t expect heavy intellectual stuff, because the others cater to that. He won’t. 🙂

  17. You guys don’t get it. Nobody in New York City or LA is watching the Tonight Show. The demographic for this show is middle america, geriatric and boring. My god, who is home laying in bed at 11:30pm watching TV in NYC?

  18. Spot on! Well written my friend. I’ve been saying these exact things for years. It’s mind boggling how anyone truly and honest to themselves can consider him funny. But to be fair…Kimmel and Colbert are atrocious as well.

  19. I can’t think of a single talk-show that is entertaining, but Fallon’s is by far the most insufferable. The forced happy personality, the kissing up to guests, the liberal spewing and politician slandering, the uninteresting skits and shit–it is just all so mundane.

  20. I think Steve Higgins is much funnier than Jimmy Fallon his ad-libs are better.Jimmy always interrupts him because I think he knows his lines are better than his. Jealousy??

    • “At the cost of not sounding PC”? Just say what you’re opinion is. The only people who bring “political correctness” into an argument before anybody’s even said anything are those who deep down know they’re prejudiced. Why would you assume people will think you’re racist just because you said “The Roots suck”? Get a grip.

  21. To be fair, The Tonight Show has always sucked. Johnny Carson’s brand of suck, however, went along with most TV of that period, and it was then that the network were able to convince sponsors to pay them money by being bland. I bet The Tonight Show has never lost a sponsor due to controversy in it’s entire lifespan. That is the bar that is set. Neilsen ratings are a farce, so it’s all about convincing some guy at a big corporation to give you millions of dollars that aren’t his to begin with to advertise on your show. Once you’ve got them on the tit, the only thing you have to do is not lose them. Thus, Jimmy Fallon.

  22. I’ve only watched a clip of the show where he talks with A-F-R-O, man is my boy ‘Fro dope. I’ve also only watched Trevor Noah clips of the show. Man, you should check out the ‘Fro clip tho.

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