What Went Wrong With… Madonna & Rebel Heart?

Caricature of Madonna wearing a satanic Illuminati style red costume by whatwentwrongwith.comMadonna has always been a strange celebrity creation. She was once very attractive but she can’t really sing, she can’t really dance, she’s never really wrote or composed the majority of her songs,  and yet she is hailed as the greatest female singer and performer of all time. Very similar to singers like Rihanna, these beautiful but talentless hacks seem to attain fans based solely on their looks, and their prettiness seems like a calculated distraction from their mediocre output. Unfortunately for these celebs, since all they have is their looks, at some point when the crow’s feet begin to show and the skin on their neck begins to gather, the magic cloak of sexuality is removed from their music and it’s finally revealed as the sham it always was.

Ever since her self titled album in 1983 (and especially after “Like A Virgin” the following year) Madonna has been sold to the public as the “Queen of Pop”. Judging her solely by her album sales that’s probably correct, but surely even her fans can agree that after “True Blue”, “Like A Prayer”, and “Erotica” her albums have become weaker and weaker. With her ear-drum-damaging vocals in Evita (not to mention her continual bad acting), her songs and albums have progressively gotten worse. And as she whored “Ray Of Light” to Microsoft for a Windows XP advert, fannied about with Sacha Baron Cohen in “Music”, and pissed about with Justin Timberlake in “4 Minutes”, not only did her music become tired and repetitive, but so too did she.

Proving she’s now in the midst of a mid-life crisis (only if she lives to age 112) she now seems to be channelling some inner-wigger. After calling her white son “my nigga” on Instagram, wearing tired-ass SSUR “Comme Des Fuckdown” hats and corny out-of-date grillz, she couldn’t be more contrived and middle-aged if she did a track Kanye West… oh wait she has. If you saw her on The Graham Norton Show a few years ago, it was pretty obvious that everybody around her (including other celebrities) routinely kiss her ass. No wonder she acts the way she does, she’s surrounded by arse-licking yes-men, and it’s in that type of environment that you end up creating soulless mediocrity like “Rebel Heart”.

To be fair, Madonna has always sought out the latest “in” thing in order to market her songs. She has for instance, enlisted the skills of Jellybean, Nile Rodgers, Babyface, William Orbit, Pharrell, and Timbaland for producing duties in the past. Unbeknownst to her and her fans however, she’s always picked these “modern” producers half and sometimes a full decade too late to have any effect on her lacklustre output. Sucking-up to the latest overrated Pop Producer in an attempt at capturing the musical zeitgeist (but failing every time) has been a constant for Madge, and with her latest album “Rebel Heart” surprise, surprise, she’s done it again; this time with Kanye West and Diplo.

“Rebel Heart” opens with “Living For Love”, a song so lousy that it sounds like the recipient of “nul points” at Eurovision. With this song, Diplo proves his production is getting more prosaic by the day, and the song is an unsatisfactory way of opening Madonna’s thirteenth album. But the substandard songs don’t end there, for next up is “Devil Pray” with its Country-ish acoustic intro and some horrid echoing, low-pitch Gregorian chants. The end result sounds like a failed sea shanty and even if you were “sniffing glue, doing E, and dropping acid” this garbage wouldn’t sound any better.

Then it’s “Ghosttown” a nasty, tacky track that sounds like it was robbed from some tween Pop act, and this is followed by “Unapologetic Bitch” a horrendous electronic mess blended with a faux-reggae rhythm. “Unapologetic Bitch” is so bad it makes “Mysterious Girl” sound like “No Woman, No Cry”, and hints of a quick Trap-esque flow and corny air-horns just makes for a horrible addition to this already trashy LP.

The next song “Illuminati” is the epitome of lame middleclass Hip-Pop. Kanye West‘s shitty Fruityloops-style production, which includes some Euro-Pop bridges and some downright disgusting faux-Hip-Hop noises, makes a musical travesty like “Wham Rap” sound like the Wu-Tang Clan. And this isn’t the last time we hear lame Hip-Pop on this album, because then follows “Bitch I’m Madonna” which sounds like it was lifted from M.I.A.’s reject bin. The nasty fast tempo and corny claps are then made worse by Nicki Minaj‘s crummy raps, and this crappy feeling is compounded by the next two shits “Hold Tight” and “Joan Of Arc”. At this point, all this back-to-back shite begins to feel like full-blown aural diarrhoea, and just when you think you’ve wiped your ears clean, next comes “Iconic”.

“Iconic” weirdly includes Mike Tyson doing another “Second Round K.O.” vocal stint, but instead of Canibus we have the overrated-fake Chance The Rapper (someone who loves to continually appear with Pop whores like Madge and Justin Bieber). Absolutely nothing about this track suggests anything “iconic”, and as Madonna whips out her rhyming dictionary, she adeptly inserts the word “ironic” into the following line to form one of the worst couplets in music history.

Then some more back-to-back awfulness…

“HeartBreakCity” is next, and just like the title, there should have been no space for this song on the album. “Body Shop” just like the soap-peddling store of the same name, is a fake-natural, faux-down-to-earth mess (before anybody says anything, I know she was metaphorically referring to a car repair garage and not The Body Shop). Then it’s “Holy Water”; another shit song. Lines like “Bitch, get off my pole” just make you cringe, and then comes the arse-clenching line “Kiss it… don’t it taste like holy water?” The answer to this is surely yes, because just like Holy Water, this track is stale and powerless. And once Maddy has finished hawking back to her heyday by dragging “Vogue” bits into the mix, next comes “Inside Out” a song which comes straight from synth-Pop hell.

The album ends with the song “Wash All Over Me” which sounds like a funeral procession (probably for her career). With it’s “Rain” style themes, this last track makes you want to listen to that old song rather than this one. And even though “Rain” was pretty lame, this garbage is one hundred times worse.

…Thank fuck for that! That’s the end of the standard edition, but if you’re some sort of Madonna super-flunky go ahead and listen to the so-called “Deluxe Edition”, the “Super Deluxe Edition”, or the “Super-Duper Overblown Ultra Deluxe Edition” (and for all I know that actually exists).

The tracks “Messiah”, “Beautiful Scars”, “Borrowed Time”, “Graffiti Heart”, “Auto-Tune Baby”, and “Addicted” are all utterly atrocious. “Best Night” sounds like some discarded Timbaland beat (it might actually be him for all I know) and “S.E.X.” features some embarrassing fake-Trap-sounding bullshit. The track “Veni Vidi Vici” is a “let’s reminisce over what we used to be” contrived offering, and it also serves as proof that Nas has completely sold-out. There’s also some more fake Hip-Hop from Madonna on this song; proof that Eminem‘s not the only shitty white rapper from Michigan.

The title track (which weirdly doesn’t feature on the standard edition of the album) features a nasty guitar, and is another dull, story-of-my-life track. Ironically, this is the least “rebellious” sound she could have chosen for this song, and on that note; when the fuck has Madonna ever done anything rebellious? Fake masturbating on a tilted bed, posing nude, that’s about it. How does she even qualify in having a “Rebel Heart”? When I found her describing Miley Cyrus as “rebellious” in a Rolling Stone interview, I realised how she defines this word… as loose as her underarm skin.

The songs “Queen” and “Rebel Heart” should probably have been included on the standard edition if her fans still want that old-school ‘Madonna’ sound. But in an attempt at being relevant, these tracks aren’t present. So as it stands, the album “Rebel Heart” sounds like some decrepit has-been, Fag Hag trying to sound current… and I guess that’s kind of accurate.

So that’s her latest album; pretty much dreadful from beginning to end, but that’s not the only thing that Madonna’s made that’s been getting the internet into a frenzy. Madge (along with her modern counterparts) seem to be in a constant mission to push some kind of satanic-cum-Illuminati imagery on the public. Her latest Brit Award performance for example, had her dressed in a demonic-looking black Armani cape with a bunch of red devil-horned (or conveniently bull-horned) dancers writhing around next to her.

Now before I go on, this contemporary trend for searching for “Illuminati” signs seems to be a great distraction created by the establishment to make you look at symbolism and ignore the real evils of the world. In essence, the Illuminati represent evil rich people who control everything, and to that end I guess it’s true; evil rich people do control the world, just look at Governments, Royalty, and businesses. Illuminati is just a label, I just hate that the public seem to be on the look out for pyramids, eyes, and hand signals in music videos when all the while poor people are being exploited by rich people, we’re all being spied upon, and drones are killing innocent people across the globe (and that’s just a few of the real-life evils of the world).

These celebrities who know full well that this “Illuminati” construct is a great marketing tool for their capitalist agenda, insert more of it into their videos and performances. But whether the Illuminati actually exists or not, it was pretty funny that one of these Illuminati cock-suckers got their comeuppance for once. While attempting one of these Devilish performances at the Brit Awards this year, Madonna went arse over tit in her shitty long cloak. What’s more, her lyrics were hilariously apt for her fall…

“First you love me and I let you in
Made me feel like I was born again
You empowered me, you made me strong
Built me up and I can do no wrong
I let down my guard…”

…and Drop!

In the past Madonna’s been a fake Catholic, she’s dabbled in the Kabbalah, so I’m sure she wouldn’t turn down a little devil worship. But similar to Jay-Z and Rihanna, Madonna’s albums such as “Rebel Heart” are so one dimensional and hollow that you realise the satanic symbolism is just a façade to detract from her appalling music. In addition, in order to quash any real debate, her recent song “Illuminati” with Kanye seems to serve a dual purpose; as well as making money for two already rich people and an already rich Record Label, if you type “Madonna Illuminati” into Google (other search engines are available) the top results will now be her lame Kanye West produced song.

So whether she is or isn’t part of the Illuminati, the annoying thing is Madonna’s double-speak on the issue. Despite pissing and moaning about being called “Illuminati” by the public, similar to Jay-Z (yet again) she keeps promoting the Illuminati aesthetic with everything she does. I mean if they don’t exist, why call them “enlightened” in a Rolling Stone interview, does that not in turn confirm their existence? Also, why claim that you’re somehow saintly and non-satanic when every stage show you give these days resembles a demonic ritual? I mean Madonna’s performances couldn’t be more satanic if she was dripping in goat’s blood and spinning anticlockwise on a pentangle (although I’m sure one of her concert Director lackeys are working on that).

What Madonna needs to realise is the real reason we think she’s satanic is not because of her horned dancers at the Grammys and the Brits, or her Baphomet stance complete with golden crown at the Superbowl, it’s because these days her albums are so crap that they sound better when they’re played backward, and with her wrinkly skin, wizened face, and pointy nose, she looks like a fucking witch.

Not that Mad On Her any more.

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  1. The Illuminati craze is just the next level in Satanic Panic mythos that are supposed to scare the crap out of parents and make them want to take the albums from the kids. Sadly, the 80’s and 90’s were the last era of the Satanic myth that actually had music that scared people and made them freak out.
    If rock bands were smart these days, they’d be crafting imagery and using that shock factor to sell and create a new Satanic Panic that sells.

    It’s a shame Madonna is using it and no one else up and coming is using the idea and applying it similar to how the Stones figured this out in the 60’s when they sang about the devil and people bought their records after Sympathy For The Devil came out.

    I don’t think the Illuminati crap is a distraction at all created by some evil ruler. No, it’s all a joke like Satanic Panic. That stuff has been around for a long time. That’s just my opinion though. Capitalism is the real problem in this world. It is true, there is a small handful of people that control everything, and it always comes back to the class war, and that’s what it is.
    If rock bands wanted to get exposure these days, they’d find a creative way to exploit the Illuminati crap as an image like 70’s and 80’s rock bands did. That is all a joke. Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, and those guys, none of them really believed the silly devil stuff they wrote. It was all part of being a piece of entertainment.
    Rock is in a very bad place right now, cause no one is taking advantage of this. No one is trying to make the joke fun again.

    Thank you for giving credit to Nile Rodgers in this article and Jelly Bean. Nile Rodgers being one of the best producers ever, you can totally tell he wrote ALL the music on Like A Virgin. That’s totally Chic style riffs all over that record. I have always had tremendous respect for that man., he’s a brilliant funky guitar player too.

    Patrick Leonard arguably wrote over 70% of her lyrics in her prime (80’s) and his name constantly appeared on her songs years later after they had disputes and fought, cause that guy got no credit for it.

    Madonna had 5 great albums: Like A Virgin, True Blue, Like A Prayer, Ray of Light and Confessions

    I really like Ray of Light, but again that credit goes to William Orbit, who produced that record and gave it the up beat electronic sound on it. IMO, that’s one of her best records.

    I also enjoyed Confessions. It was sorta like a throwback dance record, but that’s mostly due to the awesome production by Stuart Price (Thin White Duke/Paper Faces) and I think that album was her last big hit, cause the singles on it were popular (Hung Up) and it sold a lot.

    The one album she put the most work into is Like A Prayer, and it’s a matter of opinion if it’s really her best album or not. (IMO her best record is Like A Virgin).

    It’s actually sad to see her these days and how she slams Lady Gaga and created this little rivalry out of her. You can tell, she feels threatened by someone else with creative output that probably reminds her of her past.

    The last album of hers I checked out was MDNA, and it had some really bad lyrics on it (I’m Addicted) and I didn’t like it at all.

    I’ve always got the impression that Madonna has felt threatened of her pop status over the years. back in the early 2000’s, she hooked up with Britney Spears and used her for a bit to keep her spotlight image going (right before she dropped Confessions, perfect timing and perfect timing with Britney cause everyone started hating her after 2006) and now she’s created this silly drama rivalry out of Lady Gaga, which I think is because she feels threatened by her, which is silly.

    Gaga has been accused of “plagiarism” of Madonna, again a baseless claim cause if you go through plagiarism, Madonna is pretty guilty of this herself. Debbie Harry (Blondie) has even called her out on it before. Led Zeppelin will always be the kings of plagiarism, and of course, no one ever calls them out on it ironically.

    I respect her, and I really like some of her records but I find her overrated. Her producers do not get enough credit, especially Patrick Leonard. And BTW, Leonard had a lot to do with Like A Prayer. That might be her most artistic output in music, but he still had a lot to do with it.

    Sorry for this novel I’ve written you, I am a music nerd and I listen to and enjoy many different types of music 😉


    • Actually one of Slipknot’s songs+videos from 2010 scared the crap out of me, so scary music is still around. You just have to search hard for it.

  2. I agree with every word you’ve written she isn’t all what people make out she is…certainly not Queen of Pop. But this falling situation is very suspicious to me…I think it was a publicity stunt, to get more people talking about ‘poor Madonna falling. boo hoo’.
    It got everyone talking about her didn’t it? Now this years Brits thingy will always be known as the old bag falling….
    Well done Madonna, NOT!!!!! Shame you didn’t break your hip.

  3. This piece of ‘article’ is total rubbish. Madonna didn’t write her own songs? She can’t dance? LOL get informed before spreading absolute useless bullshit. Thanks,

    • Apart from writing around half the songs on her début album, all her albums from then on are co-written. From Like A Virgin, True Blue, Like A Prayer, all the tracks were co-written by people like Stephen Bray and Patrick Leonard. And by the way, if she amended one line that would make her a “co-writer”.

      Her latest shitfest Rebel Heart has multiple credits on each track. So if it takes two to four other people to pen each of her songs, then my line “she’s never really wrote or composed the majority of her songs” is correct… NOTICE THE WORDS “REALLY” and “MAJORITY”?

      Her dancing is a matter of opinion, she’s not the greatest and her dancing is hardly awe inspiring. So again, the words “she can’t really dance” is accurate… notice the word “really” again?

      What’s funny is that as a fan (I assume) you moan about my criticism of her writing and dancing, but you didn’t argue with the “she can’t really sing” line; for a so-called singer, surely that’s the most important fucking thing?

      Thanks for your useless bullshit reply!

  4. I read a lot of articles from your website. You sound like a totally sane and balanced person. You’ll probably be famous very soon i bet….for shooting random people with a gun on the street. Yeah, you totally sound like that type.

    • How side-splittingly hilarious.

      Taking into account you’re in France, I’m not surprised that you’re undermining free speech. A minute ago you were pissing and moaning about Charlie Hebdo and now you’re busy quashing anybody with a different opinion… how free and equal. Equating non-populist views with gun violence is exactly the kind of idiotic bullshit that has your country dishing out “Apology For Terrorism” laws. But I guess that’s “sane” and “balanced” to you?

      What a prick.

  5. Dude you are totaly reductive, who the fuck are you to critic and being so fucking ridiculous with arguments thats has no relevance?! If she was a disaster for sure she wasnt on music today! To say ghosttown and Heartbreak city are bulshits songs,you must be totaly out of your mind, and about dancing c’mon did you see mdna tour,sticky and sweet tour, confessions tour and many other performances of her live? She is doing better than many younger wannabes! And about live singin have a sit and watch la vie en Rose from her last tour,true love,whos that girl and many older performances! If you hate her(thats very obvious) at least writte critics that are totaly real not what you are dreaming în the night! She is somewere were you will never be man! Get a life!

    • Regardless of whether your comment was rhetorical or not, I’m going to answer it….

      When you ask “who the fuck are you?”, my answer is I’M A CONSUMER just like you. Madonna isn’t doing this shit to personally please you, she makes money from her output and that makes her a product. The same way I can say a certain food or drink doesn’t taste good, I can say Madonna can’t really sing or dance; that’s my right AS A CONSUMER, and my opinion is just as valid as yours.

      But, since you can’t tell the difference between the words “critic” and “critique”, I guess you can’t tell the difference between good and bad music either. I can see why such mediocre music appeals to you. Get a dictionary!

  6. Madonna sucks plain and simple. She can’t sing to save her life and nothing she made is worth remembering. It’s amazing that she has become one of the best selling artists of all time. Nostalgia is blinding a lot of people; just because you are from a particular era doesn’t mean that you are great. Whenever the 80s and 90s are brought up, the media hypes up the mediocre. In 20 years time, Elle Goulding and Drake will probably be sold as legends. No recognition for Tech N9ne or BJ The Chicago Kid. Even though I believe music is subjective and there is good music in the mainstream and underground, it is all about image nowadays and it all started with Madonna.

  7. In my opinion Madonna only became hugely popular in the 1980’s when Blondie weren’t recording and Debbie Harry was nursing Chris Stein. So Madonna has relatively recently bought into rap. Blondies Rapture was released in 1980, the first rap to get into the charts. Debbie Harry and Blondie were the real deal, Madonna was and is vastly over rated

  8. Woe unto them who argue, bicker defending their position….the irony is that not one speaks truth. You have all ….like most of the world, been deceived. You probably laugh and ridicule in the face of Truth…
    Woe unto them completly ignorant of Truth, God’s Truth
    You are tricked …fooled and controlled by evil….it is because we live in a fallen world …everything we know is a lie told by the satanic cult puppets ….who give u illusion of democracy.
    There are only 2 choices Good or evil, ……don’t be a fool, stop making it so easy for satan to enslave you.
    Oh and Trump is very good actor, he has fooled some of to think he cares evil controls both sides….the cabal controls what u think…everything u see is smoke and mirrors to make u think a certain way. Social engineering. Devil hates God and God’s image, that is why over centuries control of society he has destroyed gods name and God’s children…..but don’t take my word for it…..stay ignorant., or do some research ….our CREATOR- God of everything good is Law and judge. Forgive them father for they know not what they do.
    FACT: Any entertainer who gains big fame made a blood oath to satan and rapes, tortures and sacrifices children, and much more. EVERY political leader as well….and now these evil puppets have covertly infiltrated every fabric and institution…eroding our freedom,,…..RCC IS A SATANIC CULT FOOLING PEOPLE…..We are being lied to about everything. You are enslaved….yet don’t know it.
    Soon u will.
    Foolish, pagan arrogance.
    BIBLE-GOD’s Word…..the TRUE story of mankind …from beginning to end …..everything u ever want to know about yourself, your creator, civilization.
    Your purpose in this life is to wake up from evils spell that distorts your vision corrupts your mind , enslaves you in a fear frequency, brings suffering sorrow, makes u pay for destruction of mankind, .while, at same time convinces you that this fake reality….of endless horror suffering and injustice is “normal” part of life.
    If you could only see the hypocrisy and the lies…..Hollywood…run by satans minions can even convince u millions of jews were gassed….”rolling!”

    • What-the-flying-flip-flopping-fuck!

      If all this were true, why is your God allowing evil Satanists to control and dominate his children and/or innocent people?

      Plus since you’re so adamant about your “FACT”, got any proof of your celebrity “blood oaths”?

  9. Answers to all your questions are in the Bible….but seeing as though the Satanic cabal has occupied our media, ….propoganda…culture, medicine science, schools etc resulting in people, especially youth, programmed convincing you 1. Bible is not cool, 2. A fable….and then both subliminally and overtly brainwashing you to think God and Satan don’t really exist.
    My friend, I am 46 yrs old and because I too was brought up in beast system in fallen world, I was conditioned in lies too…..
    Up until 2012 I was non believer like u….it took me over 5 years researching EVERY DAY for hours, compiling evidence…being a rational, critical thinker my sensible, astute brain could not ignore the OCEANS of evidence. This was all before I even looked at Bible, but when I did….well, no reasonably intelligent person could deny Truth…..if your lost on a trail and u come across signs that point u right way, would u walk in opposite direction?
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    .Because satan been working, plotting Christianity annihilation for thousands years….the master deceiver has infiltrated our society and presented a world where evetything is opposite of Gods teachings, and we dont even question….because most of time Evil is disquied by wearing a costume that looks like Our Lord.
    We think this hell on earth is just way the world works. I call bullshit!
    Most of society has been purposely dumbed down by poison satan puts in our food supply, medicine, air etc, conditions us to obey by injecting us with constant fear frequency…then keeps us distracted by all the shiny evil toys, and mind numbing propoganda.
    When u study the evil occult u learn it’s language of signs/symbols …when u connect the dots and wake up to the fact we are being USED, LIED TO, MANIPULATED, MIND CONTROLLED with the end goal of death….you will begin to see the tricky, subltle, subliminal darkness in everything…
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    I suggest to start with “Papacy is antichrist”……
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    God Bless you friend, I will pray for you.

    • Firstly, for all your accusatory statements and assumptions, I actually believe that our world was designed, for all intents and purposes that makes the designer or creator a God. I do not believe in any religion however, because they are all man-made. And that brings me to…

      Contradiction 1: People like me who believe in a “God” but do not follow a religion are in your eyes “sinners” even though they live sin-free lives. If your “God” condemns people who live righteously but don’t follow a religion, then he/she/it is hypocritical, biased, and corrupt.

      Contradiction 2: There are numerous religions that pre-date the Abrahamic religions, and that being the case, surely the older the religion, the closer they are to the truth and God? Therefore why should we hold the 10 Commandments and tenants of Christianity in higher regard than Hinduism for example? If on the other hand you think the newer religions are better because they’ve been updated and revised, then shouldn’t you put Islam on a higher standing than Christianity? Either way, the main principles of any religion is peace, love, and understanding, so I don’t understand that if people live peacefully (like me) we’re still the same as a sinner (a murderer for example) in the eyes of your God. Besides that lunacy, if you God picks and chooses “sinners” based on their affiliation with a particular sect he/she/it’s an idiot too.

      Contradiction 3: You say the Satanic media tricks the public and lies to us, but you believe their news regarding Jimmy Saville. Again, where’s your proof of anything other than crap from the very media sources you say are liars? Blood-oaths, sacrifices etc. are all pieces of information that are readily available to the public on YouTube or Google, but surely if mainstream information is a lie, i.e. created by Satan, then why believe ANY of it? Surely it’s ALL bullshit cooked up by the Devil?


  10. Dinosaurs are a fable to support evil controlled science of evolution.
    Hitler was a good, decent, caring God fearing man before evil TRICKED and corrupted and drugged him into playing main character of evils fabricated tale that would serve 3 fold:

    1. Positioned the fake jew, zionists as victims ..oh poor fake jews, don’t dare question anything they do or u will be labeled antisemitic, you bad person
    ..2.Sympathy..justify rational for more evil
    3. Divert blame away from source of evil… Jesuit Priests and roman catholic church….
    4. Terrorize and Occupy and build synagogue of satan in Israel….why? Because it’s Gods Holy land….what a suckerpunch.

    Fun fact: ISIS AND TALIBAN are solely created, funded by Jesuit Priests and RCC and these orders are carried out, facilitated by our governments, military,,,,, because they made an oath…..pledged to satan….chapters of evil,
    and by those of us …dumb fools who drink satans kool-aid and support wars, look the other way when millions of our children go missing, and refuse to acknowledge the big, evil elephant in the room.
    We should all hang our heads in shame.

  11. Correction to my second post:
    ‘every case of pedo, IMPLICATING the VIPS, for last CENTURY is quashed, covered up.

    • You live a ‘completly sin free life’ ?

      Oh ok….so you don’t lie?
      Or get jealous?
      you don’t get angry?
      You have never acted out of revenge , spite or arrogance?
      Ever been selfish?
      Never been full of pride?
      How about greedy?

      “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

      Sinners aren’t in my eyes, my friend, they are in God’s eyes

      Oh the irony…schools…what we are taugh, as mentioned, is controlled by, same group that controls everything else: Jesuits of the RCC….so therefore everything you claim to believe is because evil wants you to believe…even if it’s not true..why? To advance their plan for New World Order
      JFK was not killed by crazy person, nor John lennon, 911 was not middle easter terrorist….it was CIA who murdered on behalf of their orders from Jesuits….Titanic did not go down because of iceberg hit, it was order to sink. Pop culture from beattles, Dylan, civil rights movement, feminism EVERYTHING WE EXPERIENCE, SEE, HEAR, KNOW IS PLANNED LONG BEFORE IT HAPPENS …CREATED FOR ONE PURPOSE: TO MAKE U BELIEVE /THINK IN A AWAY THAT WILL ADVANCE EVILS AGENDA…..
      If everyone new our true history, and truth about world events, we would never have let evil get this far….mission almost complete

      Has nothing to do with ‘following religion’…..religions were made by evil Jesuits….to help confuse and take even further away from truth…GOD

      Has everything to do with living life according to what God asks us …

      .10 commandments, and stated above, and accepting that Jesus Christ lived, died, rose up from dead so that we may have eternal life.
      JESUS FORGIVES US FOR OUR SINS…..there are a few exceptions, but it is far too much energy to spend on deaf ears, blind eyes and defensive mouths.

      Not surprisingly you are so programmed: did you really say newer religions are better because they have been updated and revised? Oh boy, i see the brainwashing is working really well. What do u know about any of them?…u know about them what evil propoganda machine wants u to know and think.

      Question everything, do research, or stay a programmed fool serving evil. God gave us free will….he wants us to choose him……devil doesn’t make it easy.

      Truth is absolute. Truth ….the innerant word of God as written in bible .

      It is neither assumes, nor contradicts …it has nothing to do with what I think….it is what I know
      It was not spoon fed to me, it was not taught in a classroom….only lies are.

      Which other religion offers eternal life?
      Which religion only promotes love of everyone , kindness, humility, forgiveness, service/helping others,
      It is a complete, utter lie to say the main principles of all religions peace love, understanding
      TOTAL LIE!
      U THINK thia way because u are programmed to believe that….WITHOUT ANY IN DEPTH RESEARCH on any of the religions. Women are treated like slaves in some religions. But these finer points are not exposed on surface of doctrine.

      …Islam was manufactured to give evil an army to do fight kill for them….of course they don’t tell the poor impressionable boys that.

      Again, I don’t believe something because I read one or 2 article on Web….please it’s insulting.

      God does not pick and choose sinners my friend, We choose God.

      My work is done here, I led u to the water….your not thirsty

      And there are many who are lost and need help finding the path of TRUTH and salvation.

      Time is not long.
      God Bless you.

    • You didn’t lead me anywhere but in a circle of closed-minded thinking. You didn’t answer anything but reiterate what you’ve already said in previous comments.

      Firstly, you’re holding the seven deadly sins which were created by a 4th century monk as the word of God? Like I said before, God is much older than Christianity, he/she/it is infinite. Why tack on relatively new crap like “sin” to the eternal, pre-biblical concept of “being good”? Anger and pride on the same level as murder? Get the fuck out of here!

      You also missed the points that I made about your God and your religion; Christianity is young, so how is a book written by over 40 authors over a span of a few thousand years the word of an eternal God?

      You then failed to understand my question to you with regards to Hinduism (an older religion) and Islam (a younger religion). You then said the downright ridiculous “Which other religion offers eternal life? …promotes love of everyone, kindness, humility, forgiveness, service/helping others” – the answer is pretty much every single one, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainsim, but no, stay in your closed-minded, Christian-only mode of thinking.

      If Islam was “manufactured” then why not Christianity too? You do know that many of the stories in the Bible are re-tellings of Sumerian texts (the Noah’s Ark story can be traced back to a Sumerian Flood Myth) – your holy book is basically plagiarising much older works, but according to you it’s THE word of God. You say “question everything” so maybe do some of your own research.

      I can see that there’s no point in countering any more of your hypocrisy, especially since you have failed to answer your glaring contradiction regarding the media and “Satan”.

      Time by definition is long, very long (and so is trying to make sense of your senselessness).

  12. @ What Went Wrong With

    What’s with this “I’m spiritual but I don’t follow Organized Religion” stuff !? You sound like the underground English rapper Verbal Skillz when you say that . I very much like the music of Verbal Skillz and I own all his albums . I got into an argument with him on Facebook messenger because he claimed in a song that he is “spiritual but not religious” . Organized Religion puts mankind above all the lower tier creatures on the planet . K-Rino would not be the great lyricist he is today if didn’t have organized religion in his life . He follows The Nation Of Islam and attends their services and programs regularly / weekly . I am a Christian . But I think both me and K-Rino would agree that Organized Religion is mankind’s best tool . Religion IS NOT an invention of mankind . God created the universe / multiverse . This I (personally) belief was done through theistic evolution and intelligent design .

    Even Razzy Kazzy is turning his back on Organized Religion nowadays . He made several references to his newfound skepticism on the late-2015 album he made with Jack Splash called “Breakfast At Banksy’s” and on 2016’s “Intellectual Property” . I own several versions of both those albums .

    Madonna may be an idiot . But she has experienced Organized Religion in her life . She is not an atheist or agnostic . She studies Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah . Madonna makes terrible music . Madonna is a sell-out . Madonna may be in cahoots with Dark Forces (like many mainstream entertainers – Jay-Z , Kanye , Dr. Dre , Pharrell , Timbaland , Sean Combs etc. . ) If Madonna or any other of those sell-outs I’ve named repented for their wicked ways God would forgive them . I know God exists because I have seen God’s Divine Intervention in my own life . Madonna and the rest of those sell-outs have bonded with Dark Forces . This isn’t JUST the God of Christianity I’m talking about . God is older than the universe and human understanding . There have been Prophets all over the globe for (perhaps) millions of years .

    Grace is correct when she mentions Dark Forces and Jimmy Savile . These are the same Dark Forces that enabled Madonna and Dr. Dre to become near-billionaires . It’s too late for Jimmy Savile . He’s passed on from this physical , mortal coil and in life he used his wealth and influence to do unspeakable evil . Madonna and Dr. Dre still have a chance . They’re not dead yet .

    • Firstly, I wouldn’t be so quick to “agree” with Grace – she can’t differentiate between a Jew and a Zionist which puts her bullshit in the realms of anti-Semitism. Plus she said “Islam was manufactured to give evil an army” which again is anti-Semitic. Her horrid disrespect for other religions is exactly the kind of attitude that has people moving away from religion in droves. If God exists why would he/her/it be so vindictive as to send believers of other religions to Hell? The fundamental concept of peace and love is now lost thanks to people like her.

      Secondly, how is organised religion the only thing that “puts mankind above” all else? What about art, poetry, music, mathematics, doing things for pleasure – sex, drugs, murder etc.? There’s lots of shit that “separates” mankind from animals.

      That being said however, thinking of other species as “lower tier creatures” is exactly the kind of skewed, self-righteous thinking that has us treating animals like shit. When you have a “lower tier” you also become open to prejudice, let me point out that Native Americans, Africans, and other races/creeds were looked upon as “animals” and therefore were not worthy of respect. Everybody who wasn’t Christian was a “savage” or a “heathen”, hence missionaries trying to convert the “sub-human” people of the world. Thinking you’re better than an animal (a creation of God) is the same as thinking you’re better than another human (also a creation of God) and this can then lead to thinking your religion is better than the next man’s, and it’s exactly this kind of hierarchical, “I’m right and you’re wrong” attitude that has many people moving away from organised religion.

      In addition, for all our “human” qualities, how much destruction has mankind unleashed on Earth? War, famine, disease, humans have been more detrimental to what God has created than any animal. And if karma or hell exists, do you think it will affect humans or animals? Right up to the present day, war and genocide against “lower tier” or different religions/races is committed by or for “organised religion”.

      On a side note, since animals can’t talk, how do you know whether they’re spiritual or not? If spirituality is simply an extra sensory perception, then many animals possess it. For all you know they have a direct line to God, something that humans aren’t privy to.

      Since I’ve already stated that I believe this world was designed and therefore believe in a designer (what you would call God), what makes someone like me (someone not part of an organised religion) wrong or worse than someone who sins all day long but asks for forgiveness from their God, their religion, or their religious leader? You can beat your partner, molest your children, steal from others but then say a few “Hail Marys” and it’s all okay? Fuck that repenting bullshit. You can be part of organised religion but be the worst kind of human. Religious people need to get off their high horse.

      Atheists also piss me off because they act like they’re better than religious people – what you would see as “divine intervention” they see as “coincidence”. Many of them see fit to belittle religious people and act as though they’re better simply because of their perception of life’s construct. In the same way however, followers of religion act like atheists are foolish, and they look down on them with their sanctimonious and pious tone (just like Grace did in her comments). As far as I’m concerned, anybody who acts like other people are wrong for thinking a certain way about life (that can’t be proven by either one) is a dick.

      Finally, when something is “organised” it means it’s open to being corrupted and destroyed, people join up and interpret the religion differently and fuck it up for everybody else. You’re better off praying to God without locking yourself to a particular cult. In any case, God isn’t within man-made constructs such as books, preachers, and buildings – how can the infinite and the omnipresent be trapped in physical matter?

      I can feel an article coming on so I won’t go into any more depth. But since you’re a fan of Ras Kass then I’ll leave you with the lyrics to one of his songs…

      “This is how to kill God; Holocaust, Crusades, Zionism, Jihad”

      Fuck organised religion.

  13. I knew you were going to mention Ras Kass and the song “How To Kill God” . I mentioned him , too .

    He is still sucking up to Eminem and Dre .

    But what would K-Rino say ? …..

    Lecrae ? …..

    Andy Mineo ? ….

    Vinnie Paz ? ….

    You see how God has helped these rappers in their own lives . Listen to those songs .

  14. Please approve the other comment above. This comment is a continuation of it .

    Here are more rappers / hip hop artists who were helped – in their lives – by religion .

    Insane Clown Posse – Pass Me By


    Poetic Pilgrimage – Rebel Anthem


    A Tribe Called Red feat. Black Bear – Stadium Pow Wow


    Poor Righteous Teachers feat. Nine – Gods , Earths and 85ers


    Represent – Mere Saath Hoga


    Fres Thao and Kool Akiem – Buddhist Palm


    Necro feat. Shyne – Tough Jew / Rabbi Holding Guns


    AND SINCE I know you like Rakim this song sums it all up –

    Rakim – The Mystery (Who Is God ?)


    All of these men and women found comfort in Organized Religion . Madonna finds comfort in Religion . Do I like her music . No . Do I respect her spirituality . Yes .

    And , in my view , it’s God’s Plan that man can use animals for food , clothing , as pets and domesticated labor . Man has the ability to conserve nature . In the end the Good in mankind’s “collective nature” will prevail .

    • If you leave a comment with that many links, it automatically gets marked as spam. In addition, having this many links is frowned upon by Google who will move the ranking of this article lower because of the amount of unrelated links. I have therefore removed the links – if people are interested in the songs you’ve mentioned, they can always look them up.

      To follow on from your initial argument, you started by saying you argued with someone who said they were spiritual but who had no affiliation with organised religion, but since you’ve said you “respect [Madonna’s] spirituality” which seems like a contradiction. If that’s the case, then why not accept that many people are spiritual or believe in God (or both) but haven’t found a religion that represents their full spectrum of beliefs?

      In addition, you seem to be confusing God with religion – one is the creator and the other is a group of humans trying to illustrate their personal interpretation and feelings towards God. No, organised religion is not the work or the word of God, it’s the work and the word of humans. The fact that they all have multiple variations of God/Goddesses (as well as monotheistic and polytheistic concepts of deity) confirms that religion is merely an interpretation of the creator – they can’t all be correct so therefore they might all be wrong. Just like your opinion about “God’s plan” when it comes to animals, it might be wrong too, otherwise you’re shitting on Eastern Religions such as Jainism which promotes vegetarianism and preservation of animal life. This is where the bickering and feuding comes in – my book says such and such and your scripture says different – PEOPLE arguing with PEOPLE about what PEOPLE have written. God may or may not have spoken to any prophet or holy man, it might be true it might be bullshit, if you agree that every prophet who hears God is correct, then why not worship the many murderers who have said “God told them to kill”? You pick and choose who you think God has spoken to but many founders of religions might also have been schizophrenic but assumed were holy at the time, again it’s all an interpretation. (P.S. I like how you avoided the part of my comment where I spoke about repentance which basically places any wrong-doer who says “sorry” to God as higher than non-believers who are good but don’t commit to organised religion – that to me makes no sense whatsoever).

      The bottom line is that universal morals (peace, love, and understanding) are the fundamental building blocks of any religion, but you can live this way without any religion. I’m not saying you should abandon Christianity, it works for you and that’s great, but why get all tetchy with someone when they say they believe in God/are spiritual but have no religion? That’s what’s working for them. If you can be Christian and don’t believe all Muslims for example will “burn in hell for being non-believers” (unless you do which puts some of your song links into question) then why can’t you accept a spiritual person who doesn’t follow any organised religion? Someone says “God bless you”, another says “Barakallah”, another says “Hashem yevarech otha”, it really doesn’t matter, but if I say “may the Creator protect you” you’d take offence because I’m not a follower of organised religion? That makes no sense. For all we know you can’t bestow the blessings of a deity onto another human so the whole thing may be redundant, the point is we don’t know for sure.

      In closing I have to say, this is now getting way off topic for an article about Madonna, her fake “spirituality”, and her use of “Satanic” imagery. You’re never going to convince me about organised religion and similarly I can’t convince you, let’s just agree to disagree, otherwise I have to spend time defending something that neither of us will budge on.

  15. Speaking of religion,

    I don’t think religion is INHERENTLY awful

    Like anything, it can be positive or negative, depending on the culture that springs from it and a person’s individual relationship to it….

    I’m not religious (agnostic by the way), but I don’t blame the evils of the world on religion,….

    I blame them on people

  16. I love Madonna. But I love You more. This site and its articles have brought me unmitigated joy, whether I agree or disagree ❤️

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