What Went Wrong With… Our Susceptibility To War-Mongering?

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The Government exploits almost anything in order to garner support. The mainstream media exploits and glorifies any news story in order to attain more viewers. This coupling of the corrupt and the unscrupulous has resulted in many incorrectly reported stories which the public have unfortunately bought into, and it takes years for these lies to finally be uncovered.

It took almost a decade for the general public to wake up to the fake and pointless Wars that were fought in the name of “Overthrowing Terrorism”. And despite the majority of the public finally coming to terms with the lies told to us in the wake of 9/11, when new and improved “evil” is re-branded and relaunched; the very same people buy into similar falsities once more.

Today, all it takes is a news report of a few people (as long as they’re our nationality) being killed for everybody to forget the events of the last 13 years. A gang of fake Muslims behead somebody, shoot somebody, or blow themselves up and everybody’s back into war-mode; what a bunch of demented fuckers the public are. The mainstream media can’t even be bothered to stick to one name for these caricatured “bad-guys”, first it was I.S.I.S., then I.S.I.L., now it’s simply “Islamic State”. If our Government and News Corporations can’t even work out what to call them, if they can’t even accurately say who they are or where they came from, can we rely on their accuracy when it comes to bombing a Country? But no, we shouldn’t worry, because the last time the public went along with a Middle Eastern Invasion, the Military only killed those who were guilty, right?

From the Government‘s point of view, The Islamic State is a great construct. It isn’t a “Bin Laden” (a person with an identity who must be captured or killed) and it isn’t a “Saddam Hussein” (a Dictator who is control of an actual area of the World). I.S. are a bunch of masked evildoers who move from region to region, so once our Military start bombing or shelling innocent people, the Military or Intelligence Services don’t even have to tell us whether they’ve killed the “right” people. They’ll be like “you see those Middle Eastern people we’re killing on black and white shitty resolution screens; they’re definitely I.S.I.S… or I.S.I.L… or Islamic State… err… well, they were wearing black… errr… well, they were definitely Muslim.”

Give the West some fake-Muslims dressed up like The League Of Shadows and everybody begins to back the Government and Military in their sabre-rattling once more. I never knew the general public could be so stupid as to buy the mainstream media’s bias this quick after the last debacle of War. As long as our latest “enemy” is advertised as the personification of evil, I guess we should bomb everybody in the Middle East just to be sure.

This is an absurd situation indeed, I mean how can anybody even be certain that I.S. are even Muslim or even Middle Eastern? Somebody could go out there and kill someone in the name of “Allah” and the mainstream media would accept them as a devout Muslim without checking any facts. I mean someone could commit violence wearing a Chelsea shirt, and the media would blame Football Violence; but who really knows whether they were in reality a Chelsea Fan? You could dress up in any outfit and claim to be a member of anything just to set your opposition up. But oh no, set-ups never happen in war.

By extension, if an employee of Walmart were to rob someone, or an Amazon employee rapes someone, we don’t label the whole brand as thieves and criminals. And when someone like David Bieber (who was an ex-Marine from America) came to England and shot a couple of Police Officers, we didn’t act like all Americans were killers, nor did we class it as an Act Of War by The United States. When Timothy McVeigh bombed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the US Military didn’t order air strikes on New York (McVeigh’s birthplace) or demonize Christians or Catholics. But I guess when it’s a law-breaking person of colour, we act like it’s the whole demographic that’s to blame.

And if I.S. do believe in Islam, so what? That’s like saying the Ku Klux Klan was the definitive representation of Christianity or that the I.R.A. were representing all Catholics. If that wasn’t the case with those organisations; then why act like a faction made of alleged people from the Middle East represent all people of the Middle East? But I digress.

The foolish question always arises; “How then do you stop Islamic State?”. The answer; stay the fuck out of other people’s problems. The only reason Islamic State exists in the first place, is because we fucked the Middle East and killed Saddam Hussein. The only reason we killed Hussein was because of fake evidence after 9/11. The only reason 9/11 happened was because we’ve been systematically fucking with Muslim Countries and siding with their enemies. We could probably trace this back for centuries. If anything is to be learned, it’s that violence only begets more violence, and the real reason for any War is World Domination and the creation of Empires, and Empires don’t benefit anyone but the rich. We need to nip this warmongering in the bud.

It’s idiotic to think that the public call Tony Blair and George Bush War Criminals, and acknowledge the pointless slaughter of millions in Iraq and Afghanistan. And yet, the same public are so quick to go along with any new military action as though the last decade never happened. If this is how gullible the human race is; we all deserve to die.

A Sad State.

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  1. Its made that much more infuriating with how the same imbeciles LITERALLY believe this to be black and white, like some comic book story. Made worse yet by how they, without an ounce of shame, state “nuke the middle east to oblivion!” and think they are the good guys? Theres dumbfounded ignorance and then theres full on delusion, they will rationalise anything and use mental gymnastics to justify in their minds that whatever they do is not only right but also heroic. Its mindboggingly demented.

    • Exactly. It seems that every time they want the public to buy into a war, they ramp-up the cartoon villainy of a person or people. It’s so frustrating that just when you think the masses have turned a corner and realised they were sold a bunch of lies; they go and believe the next “evil” that is advertised to them by the media and Government. Germans, Russians Communists, Latin Communists, Asian Communists, Right-Wing Muslims blah blah blah it’s the same story over and over again. Then decades pass, and the same fuckers are like “we made a mistake” and “it wasn’t like we thought” etc. Completely idiotic.

  2. This can be traced back to the late 19th and early 20th century. A time where south used minstrel shows and racist caricature to gain support. Today everyone complains about immigration without knowing that immigration is the result of years of colonisation. The West invaded other countries, imposed their culture on people, stole all their resources, and exploited minorities. This is happening in the middle east. The end result is that the countries became a mess. The people leave those countries to escape war and suffering. The west is supposed to be the champion of democracy. The west is supposedly tolerant of other religions and cultures. What do minorities get? They get treated like trash!
    The media plays a part in the xenophobia. They promote stereotypes of muslims such as linking muslims with gang rape and terrorist attacks. Because of this people will believe this perception of muslims is true. Soon there will be the rise of right wing groups such as UKIP, EDL, and the BNP. Muslims will feel alienated from society and become vunerable to radicalisaton. Once radicalised, they go to syria for training and then commit terrorist attacks once they return to the west. The west sees this as justification for mass survailance and illegal wars. This will further increase xenophobia and islamophobia. This means further hostilities towards muslims. The Charlie Hebdo shooting is an obvious example. The fact that people saying “Je Suis Charlie” is really disturbing since this is a racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic magazine which made a living out of mocking and insulting the already disadvantaged french muslims. I’m not saying that they deserved to die, but if they mocked the holocaust, would people really be walking in solidarity? Insulting muslim has become a trend, but if you insult jews you will be seen as anti semitic and the world will come down on you like a ton of bricks. This is the hypocrisy of the west.
    ISIS are the rebels the west supported in the syrian civil war. Al-Quaeda and ossama bin laden were funded by the CIA and Reagan Administration. The War on Terror is blatant example of Imperialism.

    The west conducts illegal war in the middle east, africa, and south america. They destroy people’s homes. They kill innocent civillians. They torture prisoners in guatanamo bay and other prisons. They steal resources from the countries. Then they wonder why the rest of the world hates them. Then they have the audacity to complain about immigration and the so called “islamisation of the west”.
    This is a dark place, a very dark place. A place where it is okay to demonise minorities. Take for example youtube comments. They are now a place for people to post their prejudice.
    Whatwentwrong, thank you for exposing the hypocrisies of the west. I’m a fan of your site. I enjoy reading your articles eveb though I don’t agree with all of them. Keep it up.

  3. It is happening again after the Paris attacks. The media and the right wing pricks exploited this tragedy to justify racism, xenophobia, and hatred towards refugees. Anti-immigrant sentiments are rising in Europe and USA. Right-wing parties have benefited from this.
    Just take a look at this blog. It is one of the most racist, xenophobic articles that I have ever read. Note how the author applauds the politician with Nazi ideals by referring to him as a “patriot”.
    Here is the link:

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